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To implement the concept of the mosque as a " Mosque Institutions " , then we must have the view ahead

and make the mosque as the Islamic Development Centre which includes all activities that can be translated as worship . Mosque Institution must posses at least 50 major roles , namely : ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT CENTER Mosque institutions should serve as a center of Islamic expansion and development , where it all began and evolved from the mosque. HOUSES AS A SYMBOL glory for Islam As a symbol of Islamic completeness , eat each new town projects , residential areas , hotels and shopping complexes should be started with the construction of the mosque or if the area is an old area , then the area should have a mosque to attract more Muslims converge on the place. CENTRE expansion of knowledge Mosque institutions must be the springboard of knowledge, where the mosque should have a complete library provides not only religious books , but also books related to worship and muamalah.Begitu also books on social sciences , economics, politics and so should be placed in a library masjid.Buku -book can be obtained easily and cheaply if the mosque leaders are willing to ask of certain bodies such as the House language and library , printing companies and sebagainya.Selain of the Parish Committee may also request a donation of books from the county population or district. THE ISLAMIC CENTRE Mosque institutions should serve as a center of Islamic civilization , the spirit of the golden age of Islam and glory for Islam can be restored and preserved for generations to terkemudian.masjid must have an adequate space to symbolize the glory for , the grandeur of Islamic civilization in the past , particularly in the achievement of Knowledge medicine , science , astronomy , mathematics , philosophy and sebagainya.Justeru it should display the pictures and life history of Ibn Sina , Al - Jabir , Imam Ghazali and others. Brainstorming CENTRE Mosque institutions should be used as a place to mempercambahkan mind with the dialogue , talks, seminars and sebagainya.Kumpulan small groups may be set up to use the mosque as a place to improve thinking and menajam sense. HOLY HOUSE Institutions Mosque is a sacred place that is the backbone of Islamic purity without tainted by negative elements that contradict the teachings of Islam which occur not only in the mosque, but also in the county or district where the mosque is located . CARE CENTRE HOLY VERSES Mosque institutions can be a place to keep reading scriptures . Friends Mosque should be exposed to the opportunity to be a priest who can broadcast their voices. If the Imam can withdraw in a day to make way for talented people to become Imam , then the Imam can admonish those who make mistakes in reading , especially in accordance with the concept of Institutional Tajwid.Amatlah

Mosque as guardian reading scriptures . STUDY CENTRE QURAN AND commentary ( QURAN ULUM ) Most of the mosque was used as a center of learning the Quran . Practice should be continued , but it's good if we add not only as practice teach the Quran to children , but also explains the meaning or interpretation of the Quran given to them so that their own reading verses . EDUCATION CENTRE Institutions should be used as a central mosque where the education of children, and families can be educated in masjid.Masjid could also serve as a center for knowledge consolidation . CENTER FILLING SOUL Institutions should be used as a central mosque filling in the broad sense : Filling Independence Center , Center for Spiritual Filling , Filling Knowledge Center and others. BUILDING CENTRE faith and devotion Institutional strengthening of the central mosque should be faith and devotion and spiritual strengthening of the center . Complements CENTRE Tia Every design can embrace the sanctity of Islam. ECONOMIC CENTRE Mosques should be located within a large area , where around to be met with economic activity and sosial.Kedai is an economic activity that is promoted by Islam.Oleh the mosque should have a shop or bazaar that sells a variety of needs from the masyarakat.Selain , souvenir shops which sell artifacts connected with the county . DISTRICT CENTRE PRODUCT PENGGEDARAN State Government of Orissa has been introduced each county shall issue a mosque produk.Institusi should be one of the places to promote goods produced in the area as a ibadat.Dengan way, bertambah.Insya - income residents will of God. MOSQUE IN PARKS Mosques should have open spaces in and around the area of the green dipenihi to allow the pilgrims get clean air before or after sembahyang.Konsep have not seen done in Orissa may be due to the absence of land or many mosques located in sempit.Tetapi if the new mosque to be built , then the area where the mosque was built to be built should have a pretty beautiful view and was decorated with a beautiful garden .