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This is a condition in which menstruation has not begun in girls over 18 years of age,
or with menstruation discontinued over three months in women having regular
menstruation in the past.

Amenorrhea in modern medicine can be divided into primary and secondary types.
The latter type is secondary to various diseases which should be properly
administered to specific treatment. The cessation of menstruation in pregnant and
breast-feeding women is a normal phenomenon and not included in pathological
amenorrhea. Amenorrhea in patients with congenital absence of uterus, ovaries, or
vagina and imperforate hymen is due to special organic lesions and cannot be cured
by hand therapy.

Applications of hand therapy:

Massage therapy:

Location: Reproductive area, kidney area, wrist and uterus reflective points, and Hegu
(LI 4).

Method of manipulation: Both hands are rubbed to produce a hot sensation. Rubbing
maneuver applied to wrists; grinding and pushing maneuvers at reproductive area and
kidney area; and digit-pressing and kneading maneuvers at uterus point and Hegu (LI

Acupuncture therapy:

At regular and extra acupoints:

Location: Hegu (LI 4) and Houxi (SI 3) acupoints.

Method of manipulation: The strong stimulation is applied and the needles are
retained for 30 minutes.

At reflective points:

Location: Kidney point, spine point, and liver point.

Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 1.3 cm and retained for five
minutes after medium stimulation.

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At acupoint beside the second metacarpal bone:

Location: Lower abdomen acupoint.

Method of manipulation: The needle is inserted for 1.6-3.3 cm and retained for 20

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