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Human Population and the Environment Kristen Price SCI/275 September 22, 2013 Mr. Phillips

Human Population and the Environment Introduction In this paper that I am writing about I will be describing the four things that have the benefits and the challenges of the Urbanization. The four things are: Factors, Benefits and Challenges, Current or Historical events and what I believe outweighs each one or the other. I will be discussing that the four factors that will change the population and the urbanization. The urbanization is where people move from a small city into a bigger so they can find a better job and have a better life for themselves and their families. Urbanization could seem better when people are getting a life started but we have to realize that there will be times in that challenges are going to come up. I will also be discussing the current, historical or both events that could be good or bad for the urbanization and the people. Factors The factors that could make a produce change in the population as well as the urbanization. I will list the four factors that could cause this then I will talk about each one in detail that way everyone can understand. Here is the list of the factors: Birth rates, Death rates, Emigration and the last would be immigration. These four factors actually gave me insights that I had no idea about. I have learned a lot about the four factors. I will start the factors by giving a definition of each factor as I go writing them. The first one is the Birth rate is usually expressed as the number of births per 1000 people per year. (Berg, Hager, & Hassenzahl, 2011) Birth rates came from England in the 1859s. (Wikipedia, 2013) I think that the Birth rates are going up due to the fact that kids are having kids themselves. Or those women are getting raped and having kids which to me is a better choice then killing an unborn child. There are other ways that the Birth rate can produce a change on the population is when we humans add to a family

size. This is good in a way but bad in another ways. The good ways are that they want children to have a bigger size family but the bad thing is the size of the families start to over populate. If the growth rate is equal to zero, births and deaths match, and population size is stationary. (Berg, Hager, & Hassenzahl, 2011) Now Birth rate in the urbanization can produce changes by human that have the right to bring up their kids in a life style that will better their selves for their children and their children lives with a better job. Parents going back to school are a good benefit for them as well. Death rates is the number of the deaths per 1000 people per year. (Berg, Hager, & Hassenzahl, 2011) Death rates can produce a change in the Urbanization by the diseases and the health problems that have occurred. I believe that if the government would come up off the anti medication for HIV, AIDS or any disease then people would live healthier and longer lives. But see with them go letting the anti medication be gotten then they can control the Birth and Death rates. This is controlling the population change as well. It can also produce a change in the population by the death of humans to cause the rates to go down. Supposedly when a human dies it makes a change on the population. But now I want to take a moment and talk about what I have been taught and belief in, I have been told that when someone dies a baby life is born. I believe this is true and will always believe this. So to me they both really do not affect either one or each other. Now onto the other two factors that have an effect on the urbanization and the population. The two other factors are emigration and immigration. Emigration is where humans leave one place of population to live in another and it cuts down the size of the population in the city. This means that the people would leave their country or city to move to another making the size lower. Now in the urbanization this is people leaving to make a better life for them and their families. Immigration that produces change in the population could be them adding to the

increasing rate. It causes the job rates to go higher because immigrates work for the cheap. Now onto the urbanization and how it makes a change in this is where they move into a new city or country making the rate go up. Benefits and Challenges I will be identifying three benefits and the three challenges of the urbanization are. I start off with the benefits of the urbanization. I will list all three of these. The first one would be the vertical development which makes the land small and easier to use and to work on. The second one is the housing development that people have to share things less. And third would be that the urbanization will make it easier for people to get things. Now onto the challenges of the urbanization. I will be listing all three of these things. The first one would be that the heat called the urban heat island which makes the cities hotter than the others. The second one would be that the water and the air are polluted. And third would be use of things making it easier could cause the neighborhood to start a problem. Current or historical events Some of the examples of the events of the beneficial and the challenges. The first example will be for the benefits. Diversity of the land that people work on is a good one. This is where people are learning new things about different cultural. The second one is that of the housing this is like apartments and people have to share things less. There are different races in this as well. This also causes a challenge as well. Trash is another thing. Another challenge would be over population. My beliefs I believe that really both benefits and challenges are the same. This is because they help each other in one way or another. But if I must choose to explain whether I believe that the

benefits outweigh the challenges or the challenges outweigh the benefits. I would go with the first one which is the benefits outweigh the challenges. I say this because the challenges are less than the benefits. The benefits are more helpful and useful then the challenges. The benefits help the population and the urbanization. Humans now can do things easier because there are more transportation now then there was years ago. I say these transportations like bus, trains, cars, airplanes, subways and more. There are ways to have better foods now as well. They have food markets and flea markets that way people can but fresh produce or other foods. The other benefit would be that the population is okay. Conclusion Now that I have explained the factors, the three benefits and the three challenges of the urbanization, the current or historical event examples of each benefit and challenge, and what I believe in as well. The factors are the Birth rate, Death rate, Emigration, and immigration. The benefits and challenges of the urbanization are what is bad and what is good. And what I believe in. I think people fully do not understand science at all.

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