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ASESSEMENT EXAM # 1 Name: _________________________ SENTENCES Directions: Choose the best answer.

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1. Singing is Martina Arroyo's profession. Is is the _____. a. subject b. linking verb c. direct object 2. Latisha washed and ironed her clothes in preparation for her upcoming trip. Latisha is _____. a. verb b. subject c. indirect object 3. The spider crawled across my leg. Crawled is _____. a. subject b. direct object c. verb 4. Jake gave his spouse a new diamond ring. Spouse is the _____. a. indirect object b. direct object c. subject 5. Running is an enjoyable sport. Running is _____. a. verb b. indirect object c. subject NOUNS Directions: Underline all nouns in the following paragraph. Francis Macomber had, half an hour before, been carried to his tent from the edge of the camp in triumph on the arms and shoulders of the cook, the personal boys, the skinner and the porters. The gun-bearers had taken no part in the demonstration. When the native boys put him down at the door of his tent, he had shaken all their hands, received their congratulations, and then gone into the tent and sat on the bed until his wife came in. She did not speak to him when she came in and he left the tent at once to wash his face and hands in the portable wash basin outside and go over to the dining tent to sit in a comfortable canvas chair in the breeze and the shade. PRONOUNS Directions: Choose the correct pronoun in each sentence below. 1. A child can increase _____ self-confidence greatly by participating in physical activity. a. his b. their c. his or her 2. The money spent on athletes salaries _____ hurting the integrity of professional sports leagues. a. is b. has c. are 3. Shipping and oil drilling _____ with the risks of oil spills and the pollution of our oceans. a. come b. comes c. came 4. Genes are the microscopic parts of a living organism that _____ _____ structure and functions. a. determines its b. determine their c. determine its 5. The effects of Dissociative Identity Disorder on ____ victims _____ catastrophic. a. its . . . are b. their . . . are c. their . . . is 6. The everyday stresses of students, such as labs and essay deadlines, _____ them to manage their time wisely. a. teach b. teacher c. teaches 7. Teachers can create podcasts for each child, helping _____ learn how to work in groups as well as plan _____ own project. a. him or her . . . his or her b. him...his c. them...their 8. Radiation as well as moderate doses of chemotherapy _____ given prior to a bone marrow transplant to suppress the immune system. a. is b. are c. has SPEAK

9. A study by the Toronto Adoption Society and Health Canada _____ that infants exposed to cocaine in utero often have birth defects. a. has revealed b. had revealed c. have revealed 10. Open and honest communication _____ to a happy relationship. a. contributes b. contribute c. will contribute ADJECTIVES Directions: Choose the best answer. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. She has only (a few, a little) nuts to feed the monkeys. The stray dog has (few, little) food to eat. My mother is as (strong, stronger) as her mother. That pond is the (shallow, shallowest) in this area. Of the two paths, this is (shortest, shorter) to get there. It's sometimes (embarrassed, embarrassing) when you have to ask people for money. She has really learnt very fast. She has made (astonished, astonishing) progress. What (attracted, attracting) me most to the job was the chance to travel. It was a really (terrified, terrifying) experience. Afterwards everybody was very (shocking, shocked).

ADVERBS Directions: Select the adverb of the sentence. 1. Darren accidentally deleted three hours of homework with one click. a. deleted b. homework c. accidentally 2. Emily worked briefly on her report. a. report b. briefly c. her 3. We went to the beach yesterday. a. yesterday b. we c. beach 4. The kayak was speeding wildly through the rapids. a. kayak b. wildly c. through 5. My brother always picks on me. a. always b. picks c. me 6. The children worked enthusiastically on their first art project. a. enthusiastically b. project c. worked 7. The horse was galloping fast, and Cassandra was frightened. a. galloping b. fast c. frightened 8. Kaitlyn often practices her beam routine at gymnastics. a. often b. beam c. gymnastics. 9. Noah shouted angrily at his sister. a. shouted b. Noah c. angrily 10. We will be there soon. a. soon b. will c. there