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Guidelines for Summer Project Report

Title Page Format is shown in the separate page. Important thing to note is that Project guide has to be the Company person(s), who were responsible for guiding the students in a major way, during the project. Certificate Certificate has to be given by the company. If required, Format of the certificate is given below Declaration From the student(s), saying that this project report is their bonafide work and it has not been copied from elsewhere. Preface Acknowledgement It is written to express gratitude to all the people, who have directly or indirectly contributed towards completion of this project. This document gives an idea about the number, title and page numbers of the different parts of the project report starting with Executive Summary. Table of contents Table of illustrations, charts ( If necessary ) This document gives an idea about the number, title and page references of the illustrations used in the project. Chapter 1: Introduction: It is an introduction to the project. It talks about reasons behind taking this project and is supported by data from the general environment. Chapter 2: Industry Profile: It talks about the industry related to the company selected for the project. It includes data like major players and their main products, market shares of company and competitors, recent developments and future prospects Chapter 3: Company Profile:

It describes companys activities in terms of historical developments, products, markets served, marketing policies, technology and financial performance (atleast of the last financial year) Chapter 4: Theoretical Aspects of the study: It includes literature review, theories and models used in the project along with the reference of the theories and models from where they are originally published Chapter 5: Research Methodology: i) Objectives of the Study: ii) Scope of the study: It talks about the area or region covered in the project report or may talk about the period of study etc. iii) Data Collection: a) Primary data b) Secondary data If Primary data is not used, do not mention about primary data iv) Sample Design: (If primary survey is done) Type of Research, Type of sampling, Sample Size (With Justification) show the calculation used for deciding the sample size, Sample Frame or unit ( Population covered with specifications like salaried, businessmen etc. if required) v) Data Analysis Tools: Statistical models like chi-square test, regression analysis, correlation etc., Concepts like SWOT analysis, Porters Five Force Model, BCG Matrix etc. (Use these statistical models and concepts according to necessity) Chapter 6: Data Analysis Analysis of the data graphically as well as using statistical tools like t test, chi square, ANOVA, regression etc. Chapter 7 Findings With the support of tables and graphical analysis (pie charts, bar charts etc), figures are to be interpreted. Recommendations:\ limitations Conclusion

Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Chapter 10:

What was the objective of the study? What method was used? What are your overall findings from the project and recommendations and what further research can be done related to this topic?

Bibliography: Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Websites etc. In case of Journals, Magazines, Newspapers: Start with the Authors name, followed by title of the article, name of the journal/magazine/newspaper, month, year and any other details, if necessary. In case of website, mention the full name In case of Book: Start with the Authors name, followed by title of the chapter or the note, name of the book, edition, publication year and any other details, if necessary. Annexure: Questionnaire (If any); Reference articles from newspapers/magazines/journals, Reference tables or figures from published sources