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The concept of usability has been around for genera9ons. In general, usability refers to how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals and how sa9sed they are with that process.. The informa9on technology growth of the last few decades and the Internet boom of the last twenty years has allowed this concept to expand greatly and the eld of usability and user experience has evolved as a separate and dis9nct profession.



General Goals

The evolu9on of the telephone from heavy instrument to lightweight intui9ve machine is one of the rst examples of modern usability at work. has sold thousands of products while making it easy to search and nd specic products. This is done by maintaining a constant focus on usability.

Donald Norman The Design of Everyday Things

Mark Pearrow Web Usability Handbook

Rosenfeld & Morville Informa;on Architecture for the World Wide Web Jakob Nielsen Usability Engineering

Map product to users understanding and expecta9ons Make product capabili9es discoverable to users Increase eciency and sa9sfac9on with overall product experience

Apple products are examples of technology designed with the users needs considered at every level and is part of the reason they are so successful. .

Web Sites
Jakob Nielsens Web site hJp:// UX MaJers hJp:// Boxes and Arrows hJp:// COI Usability Toolkit hJp:// Usability Professionals Associa9on (UPA) hJp:// Usability Body of Knowledge (Beta) /

Videos (on YouTube)

Chauncey Wilson User Experience Re-Mastered Bill Buxton Sketching User Experiences

IS&T Accessibility & Usability -

What is Usability? hJp:// Paper Prototyping Usability Test hJp:// Rocket Surgery Made Easy (Steve Krug) hJp:// 3 Ways that Good Design Makes You Happy (Don Norman) hJp://

Accessibility & Usability Team

Typical Development Timeline

Requirements Gathering & Specication Creation"
Project Start!

Overall Product Development Cycles "

Alpha/Beta Release, QA, ! Documentation & Training"

Project End!


User ! Research! "

Early/Lo-Fi! Prototypes"

Prototyping, ! Design, & UI ! Design"

Reviews ! (Expert & ! Heuristic)"

Traditional ! Usability! Testing & Evaluation"

These methods can be used at different points in the development process, ! but this is the most traditional (and efcient) time to use this framework."

Typical Usability Timeline!

IS&T Accessibility & Usability -