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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has established a doctoral fellowships program for the recruitment of superior students. Fellowships are available in the areas of Applied Language and Speech Sciences, Cognitive Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, English, Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, Francophone Studies, and Mathematics. The academic-year renewable awards include a minimum stipend of $15,775, waiver of tuition and most fees (approximately $11,350 for nonresident students), and low-cost, on-campus housing (if available). Board of Regents fellowships are also available in certain areas. Completed applications must be submitted by February 15. A completed application includes this form, an application to the Graduate School, official transcripts, GRE scores (TOEFL or IELTS scores, if applicable), and three letters of recommendation from academic references familiar with the applicants scholarly accomplishments and potential for success in a doctoral program. The University is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Please send all application material to: The UL Lafayette Graduate School P.O. Box 44610 Lafayette, Louisiana 70504-4610

I. Mr. Ms.


Social Security No.: 433-73-8866

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

Mailing Address: Home Address:

No. & Street

Fontenot Rd

Opelousas, LA


589 Fontenot Rd
No. & Street

Opelousas, LA
City State


Phone: II.



Date of Birth: 01/16/1983

EDUCATION List all Colleges attended and degrees earned:

Degree Year Major Minor Institution Name and Location

M.A. B.A

2012 2006

English Literature n.a. English Sociology

McNeese State, Lake Charles U.L.L., Lafayette

GRE Scores Verbal Quantitative Analytical Analytical Writing Advanced (not required) TOEFL or IELTS Scores (if applicable)

Raw Score


(%) (%) (%) (%) (%)

If you have not yet been graduated, what is the proposed date of your graduation and degree to be awarded? n.a. In which department do you plan to earn a degree? English Graduate Program

III. RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE List the most recent positions held.
Employers Name Address Dates of Employment Title

Crystal Simms

Lake Charles, LA


Lang. Arts Aide

Lafayette Examiner

Lafayette, LA




RECOGNITION & AWARDS List any honors and awards received.




Sigma Tau Delta


PUBLICATIONS (Include Thesis Title, Presentations or Exhibits)

&: A Serial Poem A Critical Review Anne Tyler: A Southern Transplant Anne Tyler: Southern Author By Choice, Louisiana Author By Right Colettes Cheri: Sexual Identity Crises Corpus Linguistics and Teaching Modern Grammar Death of the Literati: Literary Fiction in the 21st Century Floris & Blancheflour: Subversive Imagery in the Middle English Romance Mary Oliver: A Critical Analysis

VII. Briefly describe your research interests, including a tentative plan for your dissertation project. (Attach additional sheet if necessary)
My research interest lies in the genre of Southern Literature. I believe that Southern Literature is much more rich and complex than is often ascribed, and should be examined as such. Too often, it is labeled as a type of regionalism, its tropes and topics listed off as on a checklist. Southern Literature and its authors embody much more than a subgenre of regionalist literature. I hope to further my research and studies into the nuances and intricacies of such literature. I have spent much of my research focusing on Anne Tyler as a southern writer, but I would like to widen my perspective a bit and perhaps find another author with which to compare their works, similarities, and methods within the scope of Southern literature. This is ultimately the direction I wish to take my dissertation in.

VIII. CERTIFICATION I certify the information provided on this application is true and complete. I will use the fellowship funds for educational purposes only.
Mandy Hatman Signature of Applicant Date