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Syrian Arab Republic

Ministry of Information
The Directorate of Electronic Information

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )177(


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Terrorist attacks on gas and fuel lines in the southern region.

An armed group was attack on gas and fuel lines this morning which fueling a stations power in the southern region which led to exit the stations from the service and outages the power, while the Ministry of Electricity was able secure about 20% of the electricity pending rehabilitation of pipes by the repair and maintenance workshops.

Mortars Shells in Damascus and its countryside . A field hospital in Barzah

Three citizens were martyred and others were injured because of explosion of booby trapped car in Knaker in the countryside of Damascus. A child was martyred and others were injured because of mortar which fell on a house in Mazzeh. Another mortar fell on a sport yard , Faihaa in Damascus which caused material damage. Syrian Arab Army proceeded in Al Qaboun,killed terrorists including members of Jabhat Al Nusra in Doma, Harasta and Zabadani in the countryside of Damascus and smashed their weapons. Unites of Army found a field hospital contains medical devices in Barzah.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )177(


Page NO .2

Smashing of weapons from Turkey

In Aleppo and its countryside , Unites of army killed many terrorists in Al Sakhor neighborhood and smashed weapons and ammunition which arrived from Turkey.

Huge loses in the ranks of terrorists

Two workers in the Radio and TV Center in AL Karam Al Shami neighborhood in Homs were injured because of mortar shell. Unites of Army killed many terrorists including members of Jabhat Al Nusra and smashed their weapons.

Army continues their operations in Hama and Adlib

Unites of Syrian Arab Army smashed weapons and ammunition and killed many terrorists in Howaeez in the countryside of Hama. The armed forces confronted a try of terrorists who tried to attack on a military point in the countryside of Adlib .

Army kills Arab terrorists in Dara

In Dara and its countryside, Syrian Arab Army killed Jordanian , Palestinian, Libyan and Saudi terrorists including the deputy of Emir of Jabhat Al Nusra inside their hideouts and smashed their weapons.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )177(


Page NO .3

Iran denies sending weapons to Syriato destroying the Syrian state

The spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Arakji denied that his country sent arms to Syria, adding that the senior officials and the Iranian aircraft inspection teams in Iraq, confirmed that the goods are sent to Syria was just food and medical aid.

Mitrofanov .. The West finances and orchestrates the war on Syria at the request of Gulf states

Head of the Dumas committee on information policy, information technology and communications Alexei Mitrofanov said, The West finances and orchestrates the war on Syria at the request of Gulf states, especially Qatar, which changed its stance after changing the power, which indicates that the feverish antiSyria activism will decrease as the requesting powers wont have the same momentum as before to inflame it further. He pointed that America began pressure on the Syrian opposition to attend Geneva 2 conference.

Kerry.. we send a massive aid to the opposition.

the American Secretary of State John Kerry in a joint press conference with his Jordanian counterpart Nasser Al jouda held yesterday in Amman: I am proud to say that the United States has provided a huge humanitarian aid and the other directly to the opposition coalition, also offered a support to coalition military, apologizing for the delay support sometimes, because the decisions are passed through the Congress. Al jouda emphasized that his countrys position which calling for a political solution for the crisis in Syria in a manner that preserves the sovereignty of Syria and the dignity of its people.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )177(


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Jaafari.. Syrian media exposed to silence and prevent to covering the facts.
Dr. Bashar Jaafari delegate Syrian Permanent Representative in the United Nations in his speech yesterday, during a session of the Security Council about the situation of civilians and journalists in armed conflicts that the Syrian media is being targeted by terrorist groups and the countries supporting them to silence him and prevent him from revealing the objectives that risks facing Syria, in addition to the tremendous informational machine which Incite on violence, terrorism and fabricate lies, pointing referring to that the terrorist acts resulted in the death of 9 journalists and 23 workers in media institutions Syrian Furthermore, also ther are 39 journalist were kidnapping and attacks, adding that the Ministry of Information has allowed officially to enter the correspondents of the global media and warning of the illegal entry of told reporters who bear alone legal and what resulting the responsibility for this like illegally act.

Akkad more than 100 trucks of basic materials to Aleppo

Aleppo Governor Mhammad Waheed Akkad confirmed that more than 100 trucks loaded with different basic materials as fuel food and flour arrived Aleppo during the last 24 hours .

al-Shammat .. To remain neutral and non-exploitation of children

Minister of Social Affairs, Kinda al-Shammat, during her tour with UN Secretary-Generals special representative for Children Affairs and Armed Conflict, Leila Zarrouki, pointed out to the necessity of UN representatives commitment to neutrality and to avoid exploiting such important issue childhood politically. She regretted Zarroukis lack of interest concerning the opinions of women and children at the center, what confirms that they came to play a predetermined role.

An Agreement between the Ministries of Economy and Labour about the events to finance small and medium projects.
Ministry of Labour and Economy and Foreign Trade agreed on the project of establishing a body to finance small and medium enterprises made by the Ministry of Economy to the Government, that the Ministry of Labour training and rehabilitation through the operation and development projects and the Ministry of Economy to funded trainees who wish to set up projects individually.