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LIST SOALAN TEMUDUGA MARA: 1)Tell me about yourself/Describe about yourself/hometown/family background/ Tell about your history.

/ What kind of person are u?/ What skills do you have? 2)Why Mara and not JPA? 3)Which country do you prefer to pursue your studies and why/ Which country would you like to study?/ Which University??/ What is the advantage the place u choose? 4)Which country do you wanna go?Other than that??Why??/ Why do you want to go UK not US?/ Why do u choose UK instead of middle east? 5)Why do you want to be a doctor/pharmacist/engineer?/ Why are you becoming a doctor/ pharmacist, not an accountant or engineer?(tell alot of thing) 6)Tell me a little bit about nervous system?(a bit knowledge bio or che) 7)Why do you choose Medic/pharmacy?/Why medicine/pharmacy not accounting??/ Do you think medic/pharmacy is suitable for you? 8)Tell me briefly about medical/pharmacy. 9)Why UK/Ireland? 10)What field of medicine/pharmacy do you want to specialize in?/ Why you choose the specialization???Tell a bit about your specialization u choose?? 11)Why wouldn't you consider the option of studying in India or Indonesia??/ What if we give you other countries?Will you accept?? 12)Where would you see yourself in 10 years time? 13)Will you continue serving the goverment or open up your own clinic?/ Are you willing to work with government hospitals? 14)Should a doctor/pharmacist live a glamorous life? 15)If we were send you to Australia/ middle east would you accept?? 16)Would you perform abortion? 17)Are you nervous? 18)Do you have boyfriend?( Don laugh, this is really experience from mara scholar..hahaa)

19)Do you listen to music? 20)What kind of music you prefer? 21)Who inspire you to become a doctor/pharmacist/ who encorage you? 22)As a Muslim, what can you do about this field? 23)What do you do in your spare time?/ What have you been doing at home? 24)Do you have any question for us..(must ask to show your interest for the scholarship) 25)How are you today? 26)What are u going to do upon compltetion of your study? 27)How can you contribute to MARA? 28)Tell us about some health issue. 29)What is your secret to success? 30)How does your friend describe you?? 31)Why do you think you can be a good doctor/pharmacist?? 32)Tell me about the program you have chosen(IB , A-lvel) 33)Sports?/ What sports are you active in?? 34)How's your sibling?? 35)Highest achievement?/ Tell us about your achievement and what u have done in the past?? 36)Describe what sort of person we are looking for in the candicate. 37)Where do you live?? 38)How will you contribute to Bumiputra? 39)Who is your mom?dad? 40)Why should we give you the scholarship?/ Why do you think that you are more

special from other candicates so we should give you the scholarship?/Why you and not other people?/ Why do u want this scholarship and why u are the right candicate for it? 41)Anda seorang yang pemalas(Dia tnya BI sja bagi BM snang cket) 42)What is your weakness??/Apakah selling point anda/bad point(untuk bad point bagi dlm konteks positive macam saya ni kurang sabar dalam mencari kejayaan ..say sanggup korbankan byk masa demi capai2 cita)/What is your strength? 43)Medic/Pharmacy ni bukan bidang mudah.Anda kena study je.Korbankan masa lapang awak, waktu bersosial awak dan sebagainya. What is your opinion? 44)Kenapa nak lanjutkan pelajaran di luar negara , tidak di dalam negara? 45)Sejarah MARA, Objektif, Pengerusi MARA,Pengarah MARA?? 46)Apa pendapat anda tentang pelajar2 yg enggan pulang ke tanah air selepas tamat belajar? 47)Whose is your role model??Why?? 48)Tell me about your co-curicular activities. 49)Adakah wang itu penting.? 50)Apakah perbezaan schlarship MARA dgn JPA? 51)Tell me about qualities to be a doctor/pharmacist. Dou have the quality? 52)Is medical/pharmacy in ______ is better than other country?Why? 53)What is mission that u have set yourself? Your short and long term goals? 54)Why do u think u can achieve your mission with this scholarship?/Why did u choose

The topics are:1.What is Vision 2020 to you? What are the challenges in reaching Vision 2020? 2.Which movie do you like the most and why? 3.why education is important 4.Steven Hawking's "The Brief History of Time" 5.How Malaysians students can do better abroad 6.Malaysia's younger generation prefer to watch entertainment program than to watch serious programs such as news and current affairs 7.Belajar di luar negara memberi kelebihan berbanding belajar di dalam negara. 8.Healthy Lifestyle. Way of promoting healthy lifestyle while studying abroad 9.Rising oil prices is a threat to our country's economy 10.Major achievements and developments of Malaysia from the past 50 over years since independence 11.What is the best sports achievement in Malaysia 12.PhD Scholars: do they serve purpose for the development of community and country or it is for namesake? 13.Ko-kurikulum sedikit-sebanyak menjejaskan pelajaran. Setuju atau tidak? 14.China and India are rising stars of economy in Asia. Do u agree with that? will this growth help Malaysian economy or pose a threat to the economy? In your opinion, what should be done to improve malaysia's economy to compete with them? 15.Reality TV programme 16.why local graduates can't find job? 17.One thing you wish to change about your school life; what would it be and why 18.Patriotism / How and what should you do to show patriotism 19.Telefon mudah alih-keperluan atau kemewahan / Is mobile phones a necessity or luxury 20.Do you agree that there's been a decline in reading among the young? 21.banyak palajar yang telah dihantar overseas tidak mahu balik ke malaysia untuk kerja selepas graduate. apa langkah yang boleh JPA ambil untuk tarik mereka balik ke msia. 22.How can Malaysian students studying abroad promote Malaysia 23.Do u agree that our education system is too exam-orientated 24.Housewife as the first line in the development of human capital resources. 25.The recent cases of child abduction have increased public awareness on the lack of security in the country. 26.visit malaysia year 2007 27.sekolah kluster / cluster school 28.NAM/ PBB /OIC / ASEAN to be a good leader 30.Who aspires &inspires you 31.Why government still send students abroad when we Malaysia intend to be an education hub in our region? 32.The secret of success 33.What are your proudest achievements in life to this date 34.Do you think those who got 10 a1 and above should automatically granted a scholarship 35.RMK9 - 9th Malaysia Plan 36.Dewan Rakyat

37.Constitution/Perlembagaan 34. Is money everything? 35. Disadvantage of internet 37. should we have limitation on freedom of expression 38. Suruhanjaya REID 39. How do you describe a developed country? What should be used as an indicator to a developed nation? 40. Proton is our locally produced cars. However, efforts by the government to promote Proton have been deemed a burden to the people. In your opinion, should or should not Proton be manufactured? 41. Children nowadays are spoiled, unruly and indiscipline. Is it true. 42. Palestine-Israel Issue 43. GE 2008 44. Pelan Integriti Nasional 45. Pirated cds affect entertainment industry 46. Benifits of participation of cocuriculum-based activities? 47. Technology is a Double-edged Sword 48. AFTA 49. IMF 50. What type of person do you think JPA is looking for? 51. pada pendapat anda, apakah bidang yang memberi impak terbesar kepada negara? 52. Rules are mend to be broken, Give your opinion 53. Unemployment among graduates.

1.Yang Dipertuan Agong's name 2.What is JPA minister name 4.Prime ministers fathers name 5.Minister's/Menteri Besar/Chief Minister's/JPA DG Name 6.What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time. What would you contribute to the country 7.Which country would you choose to study oversea? Why? 8.Why do you think you deserve the scholarship? 9.What strength do you have to go study overseas 10.What income do you expect when you graduated 11.what would you do if JPA does not offer you a scholarship two lines from Rukun Negara 13.Talk about a mistake you made and what you learnt from it 14.Singing of patriotic song (Keranamu Malaysia, Khidmat Negara)