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Astrology Tarot Forecast

October 2013

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1 Aries - 21 Mar to 20 Apr:

Eight of Pentacles

Work/Career Expect to run into a bit of difficulty in terms of your work life. You may be presented with a heavy workload that will require all your effort to satisfy before a deadline. Coworkers might make your job more troublesome than it already is. This is to be expected, Aries. In truth, you've had a rather positive year so far as far as work is considered. But we all have lulls every now and then, and this is yours. Do your best to keep your head down and push through this difficult phase. It'll be over before you know it. Single If you didn't find anybody last month who piqued your interest, this is most likely the month in which it will happen. For the past sixty days or so, you've begun to manifest a different outlook on love than what is typical for an Aries. Your usual Aries often looks at relationships in one of two ways: One set likes the physical passion and doesn't go for anything deeper than a fleeting, superficial attraction. The other type of Aries likes to be in a relationship with someone who is more of a parent or caretaker than a real, true lover. This is due to the Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac and all the infantile tendencies that go with being the baby of astrology. But you're going through a phase wherein you are starting to mature emotionally, and a true connection without any kind of psychological pretense is waiting around the corner for you. In Love Aries in a relationship will also feel that similar tug toward a growing -up phase. You won't look at your partner as someone to complain to or to cuddle with on a cold night. Rather, you'll see them as a person who is worthy of your care and protection. This is a very exciting period for you, Aries, and while it can be daunting to truly give your heart to someone else, it will be quite rewarding for you. We all have to grow up sometimes. Finances After a couple of uneven months regarding your finances, October should bring with it a smooth sailing period in which you'll have a much easier time keeping your checkbook in check. You won't feel the drive to waste money on useless things, and you'll be a bit more responsible with your investments. The best part is that you should be feeling this frugality and responsibility within yourself throughout the rest of the year. Expect to go into 2014 in a much more positive state, financially.

2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 21 May:

Knight of Pentacles

Work/Career Misunderstandings are likely to arise this month for you at the workplace. It may come from issues with a language barrier; you might have to deal with someone who doesn't speak the same language as you, for instance. There's also a good chance that orders will be followed

incorrectly because there wasn't enough clarity on the part of the one giving the orders. This could just as easily be an order that you gave an underling or an order given to you by one of your superiors. By all accounts, then, make sure to strive for complete and total understanding with both coworkers and bosses. Single For Tauruses who aren't in a relationship, this could be a difficult month. You'll likely feel a longing for somebody special to share your life with. It will be easier to become depressed and lonely if you often sleep alone, and there's a good chance that you'll try to fill this void of despair by bedding multiple partners throughout the month, if only to have a warm body to lay next to on the cold nights. A better idea, though, is to learn to love yourself and realize that sometimes solitude can be a wonderful gift indeed. In Love As for the Taurus already in a committed relationship, don't think that you're getting off scotfree this month either. You'll most likely encounter a lot of friction between you and your partner, and there's a high possibility that one or both of you might even be considering a breakup or separation. The best way to come out of this month unscathed is to not add fuel to the fire: If your partner is giving you strife, try to walk away and let them have their momentary victory. Don't exacerbate any arguments. Of course, sometimes a break up is the best thing when a relationship isn't as peaceful and harmonious as it used to be. Finances At least your money matters will remain stable this month, Taurus. In truth, you might even see the act of balancing your checkbook or consolidating your debt as a great little reprieve from the other problems in your life. You might immerse yourself in finances in an effort to take your mind off of everything that is causing you stress this month. This is perfectly fine, and in fact it can go a long way toward giving you an even healthier financial outlook as the year comes to a close.

3 Gemini - 21 May to 20 Jun:

Four of Wands

Work/Career You'll be more likely to be influenced by others this month at the workplace. This can be a good thing, because Geminis often prefer their own plans and ideas and can be very dismissive of the ideas of others, even when they're better than Gemini's own. But you also may run the risk of following the crowd on an idea that might not be as profitable or productive as everybody planned. Use your best judgment this month: If an idea really does seem better than yours, go with it, but if there is any shred of a doubt, try to escape the situation. Single New romance has a great chance of blossoming for you this month. Keep all your options open because this person can enter your life in virtually any kind of circumstance. It MIGHT happen at a singles mixer or from an online dating site, but it could just as easily arise when you're at the Post Office or pumping gas. Either way, don't be afraid that it will pass you by without you knowing: When you meet this person, it will truly seem like sparks are literally flying, and you'll start to wonder if all those old romance about love actually might have a ring of truth about them.

In Love You'll feel more spontaneous with your partner this month, and he or she will likely reciprocate your attitude of free-wheeling fun. This will be a great month in which to get to know your significant other better, and the two of you will feel closer and more connected than you have in a while. Things like physical attraction and lust will take a back seat to emotions related to kinship and togetherness. If the two of you haven't yet said those three little words, this is quite possibly the month that it will happen. Finances You'll want to be more flexible with your finances this month. If you've been stuck with a rigid plan that you refuse to deviate from, it's quite likely that you may not be saving as much money as you could by switching up your plans. This goes for things like phone bills, cable bills, credit card debt, and so forth. You might find a cheaper APR for your card, or you might find that if you refinance your car you'll be able to pay it off quicker and not have as much interest to pay off.

4 Cancer - 21 Jun to 20 Jul:

King of Pentacles

Work/Career You'll feel an urge this month to be by yourself at work. Other employees will seem more irritating to you than usual, and in truth you'll be a lot more productive working solo. But this comes with its own set of risks: You might be viewed as a loner by your work mates, which can have negative effects on your chances of promotion down the road. Try to maintain a friendly rapport with your associates, even if you have to bite your tongue every now and then to keep from telling them off. Single There won't be such a drive to find that special someone in your life this month. Rather, you'll be more inclined to just go out with friends and have a good time, not worrying about the crazy game of love. But love is the kind of thing that can sneak up anywhere anytime. And sure enough, you just might find someone this month who causes your heart to swell, despite the fact that you had no intention of finding someone like that this month. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants, doesn't it? In Love If you have children, you'll find yourself paying more attention to them this month than usual. You'll be more doting and caring, which is saying a lot, because Cancers are already the sign most associated with smothering their children and being sometimes overbearing in their devotion to their little ones. If this excess of attention to the kids starts to make your partner feel neglected, try to tone it down and share some of the love with him or her. Also, your kids will likely feel that you're being a bit too clingy, so it would behoove you to take it down a notch if it seems you're overdoing it. Finances Some unforeseen expenses may arise this month in relation to your family duties. A son or daughter might require a costly purchase on your part for school or some kind of extramural activity. You might have to help a spouse out with some debt as well. As such, it would be a

good idea to try to curb your own personal spending in October just in case any situations like these arise and become too much for you to handle. If you make it through the month without having to deal with these issues, consider yourself lucky.

5 Leo - 21 Jul to 21 Aug:

Knight of Swords

Work/Career Expect restlessness to rear its head this month, as work becomes slightly more of a chore for you. It isn't that you'll be less productive at the workplace; on the contrary, you'll be just as effective as usual and your energy levels will remain stable as well. The problem, however, will lie in the routine of your daily grind. You'll be more bored and the work day will seem to pass more slowly. Tedium will be the watchword. But this sort of feeling plagues us all every now and then. Push through the boredom and by the end of October there will be some interesting changes around your place of business and they will help you to get out of the doldrums in a big way. Single Travel will play a part in your love life this month. Either you may meet somebody on a trip out of town (perhaps for business but more likely for pleasure), or somebody who is in your town for a while will come into your life. No matter how it happens, this looks to be a pretty exciting, fun little fling that has the potential to teach you a little bit about yourself and the way you look at the world. Enjoy a slice of the exotic, Leo! In Love The same crippling restlessness (oxymoronic as that sounds) will plague you at home in much the same way that it is likely to at work. Fortunately, this is an easier fix. You can't really tell your boss that you want to perform your job differently, but you can let your partner know that it would be nice to have a little spontaneity and fun in your relationship. Go out to a new restaurant, or take a trip somewhere neither of you have been before. Just try something different and the odds are good that this ennui will wash away very rapidly. Finances You'll be more confident in regards to money matters this month, and quite likely for the rest of the year. You're entering a period wherein you aren't so intimidated with finances. On the contrary, your mind is very acutely tuned right now to all things mathematical and monetary, and it is a perfect time to get your financial house in order. If you take a little time out over the next couple months to handle your debt, loans, taxes, and so forth, you'll start of 2014 with a very healthy bank account indeed.

6 Virgo - 22 Aug to 22 Sept:

V The Hierophant

Work/Career Another very positive month of work awaits you in October, Virgo, but you'll want to keep an

eye on how hard you're pushing yourself. While it is true that you do have more energy than usual, and your workload is slightly increased, it will be very easy for you to overdo it and this can lead to burnout, fatigue, and other things that can negatively affect your output at work. Don't try to imitate Atlas, holding the entire world on your shoulders. Even a sign as inherently efficient and productive as Virgo needs to take a rest sometimes. Single This month you'll be more attracted to a potential suitor's mind rather than their body. This isn't to say that you'll fall for a calculus professor with a pocket protector and dandruff, exactly, but you will notice that physical beauty isn't as important to you as a sharp mind that can challenge and enlighten you. Of course, that doesn't mean that you won't meet somebody who is both brilliant and easy on the eyes. But it will be that person's, well, 'personality' that will really hook you, no matter how dazzling their eyes may be. In Love Virgos in a relationship are expected to have a very positive, comfortable October that should be free of any kind of marital strife. You'll enjoy the comfort and peace of your home life and your partner will seem like a safe port away from the storms of life. Your partner, too, will reciprocate your sense of calm and the two of you will be very agreeable with one another in terms of needs and wants. If you have kids, it's quite likely that you and your lover will enjoy the moments you spend together as a family. Finances You should be coming into more money than usual this month, and though normally we recommend that you save any extra income that you accrue by chance or fortune, the fact is that you'll have a pretty healthy financial situation for the rest of the year. Why not spend a little extra dough to treat yourself to something nice? It's been a pretty uneven year for you so far, Virgo, and sometimes a little gift to yourself is just the thing to keep your spirits up. Of course, if you want to save your money that's fine too. Just remember that if anybody deserves a reward every now and then, it's you.

7 Libra - 23 Sept to 22 Oct:

Seven of Pentacles

Work/Career Caution will rear its head at work throughout the month. You'll be second-guessing some of the decisions that you would typically make on a whim. You'll have doubts about the effectiveness of some of your projects, products, and your general output. This isn't necessarily a bad thing: Sometimes Libras can be prone to missing the details in certain situations, and this extra bit of attention paid to your goings-on at work might just help you from making a crucial error in your career. Being careful is rarely a bad thing. Single One night stands and flings won't seem very appealing to you this month. You'll be far more interested in meeting someone who can hold your interest for more than just one or two nights. You'll be a bit more distant to suitors who clearly only have one thing on their minds, which is always a good thing. Most likely, you will be attracted to people who seem friendly and kind but also have a detached sensibility. This is definitely a time when an encounter with a stranger can lead to a long-lasting relationship down the road.

In Love If you have a partner that is particularly dependent or needy, you will feel somewhat smothered by them this month. It may be all you can do to avoid yelling at them when they're smothering you. Libras who are in a relationship with a Cancer or an Aries are at a particular risk for this. To keep from blowing up at your partner, try to get a little private time to yourself this month so that you can escape the enveloping grip of your emotionally fraught lover. By November things should be back to normal and your partner's clinginess will once again seem endearing. Finances You'll strive to rid yourself of debt this month, and to be sure the idea of owing other people money will really stick in your craw. You'll crave financial independence, which is always a good thing, but you'll need to be careful that you don't overdo it with paying back loans and debts. You don't want to spread yourself too thin just so that you won't ever have to make another payment on that car, for instance. If your bank account isn't too hefty, there's nothing wrong with spreading out these repayments so that you can continue to live comfortably in October and November.

8 Scorpio - 23 Oct to 22 Nov:

IV The Emperor

Work/Career Scorpios, for all their great character traits, are easily among the most sarcastic and sardonic signs. Usually, this makes them very entertaining and hilarious. But every now and then, a Scorpio can become too critical and cruel. This month at work, you might chafe some of your coworkers by being a bit more mean-spirited than usual. You'll say things that you know you should keep to yourself, only to get a rise out of somebody. Avoid these urges, Scorpio, and try to think about the feelings of others before you let loose with a torrent of insults. Single When it comes to the dating scene, Scorpios are often a bit too sharp for their own good. If you're at a singles mixer, you can spot the Scorpio in the corner, laughing about how ridiculous the whole rigmarole is. Things like pickup lines, forced banter, and other stalwarts of the dating game are just a little too silly for Scorpios to take seriously. But this month, you'll be even more critical of by-the-numbers dating. As such, you might consider eschewing the whole Saturday night out, so that your friends can enjoy the club or bar without you having to put your two cents in. In Love As for Scorpios in a relationship, you'll also notice that you're a bit more sardonic and snide than usual. But the good thing is that most Scorpios end up with a person who fully understands your pithy personality and most likely loves you all the more for it. This means that, surprisingly, you and your partner may actually have a quite enjoyable October despite the fact that you may both be sharing a laugh about how stupid the whole idea of love is, all the while falling in love even more deeply than before. Finances Money matters may not seem as important to you this month; in truth, you might even be disgusted at how important finances are to all of our lives. That being said, you'll still be responsible with paying your bills on time, but you'll most likely avoid dealing with anything on top of your monthly duties. This is a month in which you won't be concerned about balancing

your checkbook or getting all your debt squared away. And if there really are no pressing financial matters for you, then why not take a break from all this monetary stress?

9 Sagittarius - 23 Nov to 20 Dec:

Two of Swords

Work/Career If you have to work with a partner or multiple partners this month, you can expect to run into some troubles. Sagittarius is one of the most gregarious signs in the Zodiac, and people who fall under the sign are known for being able to relate to just about anyone. But in October you may find that you simply don't click with your coworkers when it comes to a big project that must be finished. Keep your head down and try your best; it's likely that you'll have to take on the brunt of the work just to make sure that everything is up to par. Single You'll be more confident in yourself as you enter October, and this will manifest most markedly in Single Sagittarians. Most people under your sign are physically attractive, though few of them are aware of just how good they look to others. This month, however, you'll remember that you're quite a catch, and that confidence will be projected outward, luring many interested parties your way. Try not to become too vain during this period, and it can be a very fruitful time for your love life indeed. In Love This is a time in which you'll start to be more open and honest toward both your partner and your children, if you have any. Emotions that you've kept bottled up will be released, but in a good way. Anger and grudges will fall by the wayside and only the good will leak out of you, much to the pleasant surprise of your lover, who might have felt that you were a bit distant in the past couple months. Ride this wave of positive energy as far as it can take you, Sagittarius. Finances Your fiscal situation will continue to improve, and part of this is due to the fact that Jupiter is smiling on your sign right now and blessing you with a little extra folding money, which in all honesty you kind of deserve. It has been quite a trying year for you, Sagittarius. But there's another reason why your pocketbook feels fatter: In the last couple months, you've managed to be a bit more frugal and you've improved your ability to save money. This is a very good trait to possess, and it should help you to be much more financially stable as you enter 2014.

10 Capricorn - 21 Dec to 19 Jan:

King of Wands

Work/Career There may be a little rivalry in store for you at work this month, Capricorn. Jupiter is in your seventh house and it rules, among other things, competition and enemies. And all of these issues revolve around careers. You might meet a new hire who is gunning for your position, or a long time coworker might start rising up the ranks and threatening your security. But few people can

compete with a Capricorn when it comes to hard work, and when your head is down and you're focused, there is nothing that can get in your way. Single If you're looking for someone who you can begin a long, solid, committed relationship with, it may be a disappointing month. The people you encounter during this period are more likely to be interested in short-lived flings and quickies rather than anything durable and permanent. The problem is that it's a character trait of Capricorn to prefer a true connection over an empty, meaningless affair. But if you're the kind of Capricorn who doesn't mind adding a few notches to your belt, then you can expect October to be fairly generous to you. In Love This is a time when communication between you and your partner is relatively high. If the two of you get into arguments that arise from misunderstandings, you can be sure that such problems won't be so prevalent this month. Even better, your ability to understand your partner's point of view, and why he or she may feel a certain way about any given situation, will be more acute, and in turn you'll be better able to express your own point of view to your partner. Finances Your period of healthy financial activity will continue this month, and Capricorns who are good at saving their money will find much to be happy about, as your bank account becomes even more blessed by the cosmos. But it isn't just Kismet that's to thank for this period of fortuitous gain. You've entered a phase recently in which you're better able to budget your leisure spending, and this expert rationing will continue to help strengthen your monetary situation. But that doesn't mean that you should completely deny yourself those little things in life that brighten up your day.

11 Aquarius - 20 Jan to 18 Feb:

Nine of Swords

Work/Career Don't be surprised if you crave a little more privacy at work this month. Yes, it is rather uncommon for an Aquarius to want to be alone; after all, you're a sign that thrives on things like friendship, togetherness, and conversation. But even a social butterfly needs the comfort of a cocoon every now and then. You'll still be friendly and amiable to your coworkers, but you may find yourself preferring to take a solo lunch break. This is perfectly fine and healthy, and by the end of the month you'll find yourself more than happy to rejoin the crowd. Single It looks fairly quiet on the dating front for Aquarius this month, although there is the chance that somebody who is already a part of your life in a fairly significant way may entice you into a romantic attraction. This is likely to be one of those situations where a friend becomes more than a friend. While there is typically nothing wrong with friends trying to take things to the next level, it doesn't look as if this romance will have much of a shelf life. If giving this fling a go means risking a good friendship that may never be exactly the same afterward, you may want to consider putting your foot on the brake. In Love You may feel a bit overloaded this month when it comes to domestic duties. Even Aquarians who don't have the full plate of both a spouse and children will find it difficult to fulfill the role

of being a boyfriend or girlfriend. While this may not be too much of a problem for some signs, Aquarius is the type that will see such pressure as a valid reason for getting out of a relationship. People under your sign are notorious for having short-lived couplings that end as soon as things become stale. As such, you may want to think about whether the relationship truly deserves to be ended or if this is just a dry patch that the two of you will be able to weather. Finances October brings with it the opportunity to make more money outside of your regular job. You might get another job offer, or some form of temp work that can be easily handled on top of your immediate duties. You also might be presented with an investment that appears very sound and reasonable. If you have the time and energy to go forth with a new venture, the stars should be very helpful to you in this endeavor. After all, the holidays are right around the corner and who couldn't use a little extra spending money at this time?

12 Pisces - 19 Feb to 20 Mar:

III The Empress

Work/Career Expect to have a much more solid and focused demeanor at work. In the last couple months you may have felt some dissatisfaction with your job, despite the fact that things have been running more smoothly for you than for the better part of the year. In October your attitude will match your output, and you'll take more pride in the work that you do for your company. Your ability to cooperate with other employees will also be much better than it was in August. Single Your enthusiasm for the night life will start to wane ever so slightly this month, and if you're the type of Pisces who is a regular at a few places around town, it's quite possible that you might become a bit tired of the same old scene and desire a change of locale. Of course, it's equally likely that you might actually prefer staying in and having a good time with close friends instead of making the rounds at the local spots. Either way, a change of pace is always a nice way to keep things fresh and interesting. In Love For the Pisces in a relationship, October looks to be generally favorable toward you and your mate. There don't appear to be any major problems on the horizon and it's quite likely that you will be able to grow even closer during this calm, relaxed period. There is the chance that family members may play a part in your lives this month. You might get a visit from your relations, or your partner may go visit his or her family. These events shouldn't have a negative effect on your relationship, though, and may actually help strengthen it in some capacity. Finances As with last month, you'll have a better grasp over your finances and you'll be more adept at handling all of your various money matters. If you didn't use last month to get some of your more pressing monetary affairs in order (debt, loans, bills, balancing your checkbook, and so forth) it is recommended that you do so this month. The stars are smiling on you during this phase and proper action now can help you kick off 2014 in a much more comfortable setting, financially speaking.