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Cheat Codes Start the game with the -console parameter.

In single player mode, press "~" to bring up the console. Type in any of the codes listed below: Code god 0/1 xp # freecasting 0/1 cash # dropcash # ai addalldisciplines # revive killme totals addthing # advancement framerate 0/1 poisonme shapeshift freeze pause resume diseaseme vault freeammo stakme damage me whereis frenzyme maxfps # shapeshift # emit # jump Get experience points Most items and weapons Result 1=God Mode on, 0=God Mode off Add # to XP Cast disciplines without using blood, 1=On, 0=Off Change cash to # Drops cash amount # Turns off AI for enemy and your party Increases all disciplines to # Full health (Can be done after death) True death (Revive cannot bring back) List scene info (XP, Gold, etc) Spawn item # (ie: Vitae, Dagger, etc) Brings up advancement window 1 = Show, 0=Off Poison self Shapeshift back to normal Freezes body, but can still move around level Pauses action Resumes action Disease self Open personal vault from anywhere in-game No need for ammo Stake self Damage self Location stats Put Christof into frenzy Set maximum FPS to # Shapeshift into # (ie: bat) Emit # from character's feet (ie: fire, gas) Jump to level/waypoint (See below) giftxp <number> impulse 101

Spawn weapon; cursor up or down to scroll console list give item_w_ Spawn vampire artifact or book; cursor up or down to give item_p_ scroll console list Spawn item; cursor up or down to scroll console list give item_g_ Spawn clothing; cursor up or down to scroll console give item_a_ list Spawn money item; cursor up or down to scroll give item_m_ console list Exit to the desktop quit God mode god Invisible to everyone notarget Increase some female breast size by indicated amount money <number> List console commands cmdlist Set player character's blood pool to approximately 75% blood full Set player character's blood pool to indicated amount blood <number> List items that can be spawned vitems List all console commands vhelp Set indicated attribute to indicated value vstats get <stat> <0-5> vstats get automatic_soak_successes Add indicated value to all soak rolls <1-10> Add indicated value to unarmed and melee combat feat vstats get automatic_str_successes <1rolls 10) 1 Sell off dots in any attribute for experience points vstats sell Use up any xp pooled from the vstats sell code vstats buy Can give character a history during creation vchar_edit_histories 1 Unlimited ammo for all weapons except flamethrower debug_infinite_ammo 2 Skip sequence when sire is executed vskip_intro Clan Chocula2 vclan player_chocula No clipping mode noclip Skip the "The Ghost That Haunts Midnight" mission oceanhousequestcomplete()