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Ge!"e Re#$%y& L'#'
Scanned at sacred-tets.c!", #$%& '(((. #. B. Hare, redact!r. Re)!r"atted
A$*$st '((+. T,-s tet -s -n t,e .$/%-c d!"a-n. T,ese 0%es "a& /e
$sed )!r an& n!n-c!""erc-a% .$r.!se, .r!1-ded t,-s n!t-ce !)
attr-/$t-!n -s .reser1ed -ntact.

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Plate I.

IN presenting this celebrated magical work to the student of occult science some few
prefatory remarks are necessary.
he !ey of "olomon# sa$e for a curtailed and incomplete copy published in %rance in the
se$enteenth century# has ne$er yet been printed# but has for centuries remained in
&anuscript form inaccessible to all but the few fortunate scholars to whom the inmost
recesses of the great libraries were open. I therefore consider that I am highly honoured in
being the indi$idual to whose lot it has fallen to usher it into the light of day.
he fountain'head and storehouse of (abalistical &agic# and the origin of much of the
Ceremonial &agic of mediae$al times# the )!ey) has been e$er $alued by occult writers as a
work of the highest authority* and notably in our own day +lipha, -.$i has taken it for the
model on which his celebrated )Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie) was based. It must be
e$ident to the initiated reader of -e$i# that the !ey of "olomon was his te/t book of study#
and at the end of this $olume I gi$e a fragment of an ancient 0ebrew manuscript of the
)!ey of "olomon#) translated and published in the )Philosophie 1cculte#) as well as an
In$ocation called the )(abalistical In$ocation of "olomon#) which bears close analogy to
one in the %irst 2ook# being constructed in the same manner on the scheme of the
he history of the 0ebrew original of the )!ey of "olomon) is gi$en in the Introductions#
but there is e$ery reason to suppose that this has been entirely lost# and Christian# the pupil
of -.$i# says as much in his )0istoire dc la &agie.)
p. $iii
I see no reason to doubt the tradition which assigns the authorship of the )!ey) to !ing
"olomon# for among others 3osephus# the 3ewish historian# especially mentions the magical
works attributed to that monarch* this is confirmed by many +astern traditions# and his
magical skill is fre4uently mentioned in the 5rabian Nights.
here are# howe$er# two works on 2lack &agic# the )Grimorium Verum#) and the )Clavicola
di Salomone ridolta#) which ha$e been attributed to "olomon# and which ha$e been in some
cases especially mi/ed up with the present work* but which ha$e nothing really to do
therewith* they are full of e$il magic# and I cannot caution the practical student too strongly
against them.
here is also another work called )-emegeton or the -esser !ey of "olomon the !ing#)
which is full of seals of $arious "pirits# and is not the same as the present book# though
e/tremely $aluable in its own department.
In editing this $olume I ha$e omitted one or two e/periments partaking largely of 2lack
&agic# and which had e$idently been deri$ed from the two 6oetic works mentioned abo$e
I must further caution the practical worker against the use of blood the prayer# the pentacle#
and the perfumes# rightly used# are sufficient and the former $erges dangerously on the e$il
path. -et him who# in spite of the warnings of this $olume determines to work e$il# be
assured that that e$il will recoil on himself and that he will be struck by the refle/ current.
his work is edited from se$eral ancient &"". in the 2ritish &useum# which all differ from
each other in $arious points# some gi$ing what is omitted by the others# but all
unfortunately agreeing in one thing# which is the e/ecrable mangling of the 0ebrew words
through the ignorance of the transcribers. 2ut it is in the Pentacles that the 0ebrew is worst#
the letters being so $ilely scribbled as to be actually undecipherable in some instances# and
it has been part of my work for se$eral years to correct and reinstate the proper 0ebrew and
&agical characters in the Pentacles. he student may therefore safely rely on their being
now as nearly correct in their present reproduction as it is possible for them to be. I ha$e
therefore# where$er I could# corrected the 0ebrew of the &agical Names in the
Con7urations and Pentacles* and in the few instances where it was not possible' to do so# I
ha$e put them in the most usual form* carefully collating throughout one &". with another.
he Chapters are a
p. i/
little differently classed in the $arious &"".# in some instances the matter contained in
them being transposed# etc. I ha$e added notes where$er necessary.
he &"". from which this work is edited are8''5dd. &"".# 19#8:;* "loane &"".# 1<9= and
<9>1* 0arleian &"".# <>81* !ing)s &"".# ;88* and -ansdowne &"".# 1;9; and 1;9<*
se$en codices in all.
1f all these 19#8:; 5dd. &"". is the oldest# its date being about the end of the si/teenth
century* <>81 0arleian is probably about the middle of the se$enteenth century* the others
of rather later date.
5dd. &"". 19#8:; is written in contracted -atin# and is hard to read# but it contains
Chapters which are omitted in the others and also an important Introduction. It is more
concise in its wording. Its title is short# being simply )he !ey of "olomon# translated from
the 0ebrew language into the -atin.) 5n e/act copy of the signature of the writer of this
&". is gi$en in %igure ><. he Pentacles are $ery badly drawn.
<>81 0arleian &"".* ;88 !ing)s &"".* and <9>1 "loane &"".# are similar# and contain the
same matter and nearly the same wording* but the latter &". has many errors of
transcription. hey are all in %rench. he Con7urations and wording of these are much
fuller than in 19#8:= 5dd. &"". and 1;9; -ansdowne &"". he title is )he !ey of
"olomon !ing of the 0ebrews# translated from the 0ebrew -anguage into Italian by
5braham Colorno# by the order of his most "erene 0ighness of &antua* and recently put
into %rench.) he Pentacles are much better drawn# are in coloured inks# and in the case of
<9>1 "loane &"".# gold and sil$er are employed.
1<9= "loane &"". is in Italian* its itle is )-a Cla$icola di "alomone ?edotta et epilogata
nella nostra materna lingua del dottissimo 6io Peccatri/.) It is full of 2lack &agic# and is a
7umble of the !ey of "olomon proper# and the two 2lack &agic books before mentioned.
he Pentacles are badly drawn. It# howe$er# gi$es part of the Introduction to 19#8:; 5dd.
&"".# and is the only other &". which does# sa$e the beginning of another Italian $ersion
which is bound up with the former &".# and bears the title )@ecorbenei.)
1;9; -ansdowne &"". is )he rue !eys of !ing "olomon# by 5rmadel.) It is beautifully
written# with painted initial letters# and the Pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks.
It is more concise in style# but omits se$eral Chapters. 5t the end are some short e/tracts
from the
p. /
[paragraph continues] Grimorium Verum with the "eals of e$il spirits# which# as they do not belong
to the )!ey of "olomon) proper# I ha$e not gi$en. %or the e$ident classification of the )!ey)
is in two books and no more.
1;9< -ansdowne &"". is )he Aeritable !eys of "olomon translated from the 0ebrew into
the -atin language by the ?abbin 5bogna,ar BC5ben +,raD.) It is in %rench# e/4uisitely
written in printing letters# and the Pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks. hough
containing similar matter to the others# the arrangement is utterly different being all in one
book# and not e$en di$ided into chapters.
he anti4uity of the Planetary sigils is shown by the fact that# among the 6nostic talismans
in the 2ritish &useum# there is a ring of copper with the sigils of Aenus# which are e/actly
the same as those gi$en by the mediae$al writers on &agic.
Ehere Psalms are referred to I ha$e in all instances gi$en the +nglish and not the 0ebrew
numbering of them.
In some places I ha$e substituted the word 5@10 for )5lpha and 1mega#) e.g.# on the
blade of the !nife with the 2lack 0ilt# Figure :;. I may remark that the &agical "word
may# in many cases# be used instead of the !nife.
In conclusion I will only mention# for the benefit of non'0ebraists# that 0ebrew is written
from right to left# and that from the consonantal nature of the 0ebrew 5lphabet# it will
re4uire fewer letters than in +nglish to e/press the same word.
I take this opportunity of e/pressing my obligations to Fr. Eynn Eestcott for the $aluable
assistance he has gi$en me in the reconstruction of the 0ebrew of the Pentacles.
". -IFF+-- &5C6?+61? &50+?".
-1NF1N# October# 1888.

I. Frontispiece
II. o %ace :=
III. G :8
IA. G :>
A. G =9
AI. G =1
AII. G =;
AIII. G =<
IH. G =I
H. G =J
HI. G =:
HII. G ==
HIII. G >:
HIA. G >=
HA. G At the end o the boo!

From "ansdo#ne MSS. $%&'( ) *)he Veritable Clavicles o Solomon( translated rom the
Hebre# into the "atin language b+ the Rabbi Abogna,ar.) $
+A+?K one knoweth in the present day that from time immemorial "olomon possessed
knowledge inspired by the wise teachings of an angel# to which he appeared so submissi$e
and obedient# that in addition to the gift of wisdom# which he demanded# he obtained with
profusion all the other $irtues* which happened in order that knowledge worthy of eternal
preser$ation might not be buried with his body. 2eing# so to speak# near his end# he left to
his son ?oboam a estament which should contain all Bthe EisdomD he had possessed prior
to his death. he ?abbins# who were careful to culti$ate Bthe same knowledgeD after him#
called this estament the Cla$icle or !ey of "olomon# which they caused to be engra$ed on
Bpieces ofD the bark of trees# while the Pentacles were inscribed in 0ebrew letters on plates
of copper# so that they might be carefully preser$ed in the emple which that wise king had
caused to be built.
his estament was in ancient time translated from the 0ebrew into the -atin language by
?abbi 5bogna,ar# who transported it with him into the town of 5rles in Pro$ence# where by
a notable piece of good fortune the ancient 0ebrew Cla$icle# that is to say this precious
translation of it# fell into the hands of the 5rchbishop of 5rles# after the destruction of the
3ews in that city* who# from the -atin# translated it into the $ulgar tongue# in the same terms
which here follow# without ha$ing either changed or augmented the original translation
from the 0ebrew.
181 I fancy this &ust be a corruption of )5ben +,ra.)
From Add. MSS. $&-.%.( )/he 0e+ o Solomon( translated into "atin rom the Hebre#
?+5"L?+ Lp# 1 my son ?oboamM the wisdom of my words# seeing that I# "olomon#
ha$e recei$ed it from the -ord.
hen answered ?oboam# and said8 0ow ha$e I deser$ed to follow the e/ample of my father
"olomon in such things# who hath been found worthy to recei$e the knowledge of all li$ing
things through Bthe teaching ofD an 5ngel of 6odC
5nd "olomon said8 0ear# 1 my son# and recei$e my sayings# and learn the wonders of 6od.
%or# on a certain night# when I laid me down to sleep# I called upon that most holy Name of
6od# I50# and prayed for the Ineffable Eisdom# and when I was beginning to close mine
eyes# the 5ngel of the -ord# e$en 0omadiel# appeared unto me# spake many things
courteously unto me# and said8 -isten# 1 "olomonM thy prayer before the &ost 0igh is not
in $ain# and since thou hast asked neither for long life# nor for much riches# nor for the
souls of thine enemies# but hast asked for thyself wisdom to perform 7ustice. hus saith the
-ord8 5ccording to thy word ha$e I gi$en unto thee a wise and understanding heart# so that
before thee was none like unto thee# nor e$er shall arise.
5nd when I comprehended the speech which was made unto me# I understood that in me
was the knowledge of all creatures# both things which are in the hea$ens and things which
are beneath the hea$ens* and I saw that all the writings and wisdom of this present age were
$ain and futile# and that no man was perfect. 5nd I composed a certain work wherein I
rehearsed the secret of secrets# in which I ha$e preser$ed them hidden# and I ha$e also
therein concealed all secrets whatsoe$er of magical arts of any masters* any secret or
e/periments# namely# of these sciences which is in any way worth being accomplished.
5lso I ha$e written them in this !ey# so that like as a key openeth a treasure'house# so this
B!eyD alone may open the knowledge and understanding of magical arts and sciences.
herefore# 1 my sonM thou mayest see e$ery e/periment of mine or
p. <
of others# and let e$erything be properly prepared for them# as thou shalt see properly set
down by me# both day and hour# and all things necessary for without this there will be but
falsehood and $anity in this my work* wherein are hidden all secrets and mysteries which
can be performed* and that which is Bset downD concerning a single di$ination or a single
e/periment# that same I think concerning all things which are in the Lni$erse# and which
ha$e been# and which shall be in future time.
herefore# 1 my son ?oboam# I command thee by the blessing which thou e/pectest from
thy father# that thou shall make an I$ory Casket# and therein place# keep# and hide this my
!ey* and when I shall ha$e passed away unto my fathers# I entreat thee to place the same in
my sepulchre beside me# lest at another time it might fall into the hands of the wicked. 5nd
as "olomon commanded# so was it done.
5nd when# therefore BmenD had waited for a long time# there came unto the "epulchre
certain 2abylonian Philosophers* and when they had assembled they at once took counsel
together that a certain number of men should renew the "epulchre in his B"olomon)sD
honour* and when the "epulchre was dug out and repaired the I$ory Casket was disco$ered#
and therein was the !ey of "ecrets# which they took with 7oyful mind# and when they had
opened it none among them could understand it on account of the obscurity of the words
and their occult arrangement# and the hidden character of the sense and knowledge# for they
were not worthy to possess this treasure.
hen# therefore# arose one among them# more worthy Bthan the othersD# both in the sight of
the gods# and by reason of his age# who was called Ioh. 6re$is# 1 and said unto the others8
Lnless we shall come and ask the interpretation from the -ord# with tears and entreaties# we
shall ne$er arri$e at the knowledge of it.
herefore# when each of them had retired to his bed# Ioh. indeed falling upon his face on
the earth# began to weep# and striking his breast# said8
Ehat ha$e I deser$ed Babo$e othersD# seeing that so many men can neither understand nor
interpret this knowledge# e$en though there were no secret thing in nature which the -ord
hath hidden from meM Eherefore are these words so obscureC Eherefore am I so ignorantC
5nd then on his bended knees# stretching his hands to hea$en# he said8
1 6od# the Creator of all# hou Eho knowest all things# Eho ga$est so great Eisdom unto
"olomon the "on of Fa$id the !ing* grant unto me# I beseech hee# 1 0oly 1mnipotent
and Incffable %ather# to recei$e
p. I
the $irtue of that wisdom# so that I may become worthy by hine aid to attain unto the
understanding of this !ey of "ecrets.
5nd immediately there appeared unto me# 1 the 5ngel of the -ord# saying8
Fo thou remember if the secrets of "olomon appear hidden and obscure unto thee# that the
-ord hath wished it# so that such wisdom may not fall into the hands of wicked men*
wherefore do thou promise unto me# that thou art not willing that so great wisdom should
e$er come to any li$ing creature# and that which thou re$ealest unto any let them know that
they must keep it unto themsel$es# otherwise the secrets are profaned and no effect can
5nd Ioh. answered8 I promise unto thee that to none will I re$eal BthemD# sa$e to the
honour of the -ord# and with much discipline# unto penitent# secret# and faithful BpersonsD.
hen answered the 5ngel8 6o and read the !ey# and its words which were obscure
throughout shall be manifest unto thee.
5nd after this the 5ngel ascended into 0ea$en in a %lame of %ire.
hen Ioh. was glad# and labouring with a clear mind# understood that which the 5ngel of
the -ord had said# and he saw that the !ey of "olomon was changed# so that it appeared
4uite clear unto him plainly in all parts. 5nd Ioh. understood that this Eork might fall into
the hands of the ignorant# and he said8 I con7ure him into whose hands this secret may
come# by the Power of the Creator# and 0is Eisdom# that in all things he may# desire# intend
and perform# that this reasure may come unto no unworthy BpersonD# nor may he manifest
it unto any who is unwise# nor unto one who feareth not 6od. 2ecause if he act otherwise# I
pray 6od that he may ne$er be worthy to attain unto the desired effect.
5nd so he deposited the !ey# which "olomon preser$ed# in the I$ory Casket. 2ut the Eords
of the !ey are as follows# di$ided into two books# and shown in order.
<81 I think this is correct# but the name is $ery indistinctly written in the &".# which is
difficult to decipher. In another copy of the Cla$icle it is written Iroe 6recis# but I think this
is an error.
I81 )&ihi) in &".# probably a slip for )unto him#) )ei.)
From "ansdo#ne MSS. $%&'( )/he Veritable Clavicles o Solomon( translated rom the
Hebre# into the "atin language b+ the Rabbi Abogna,ar.)
1 my "on ?oboamM seeing that of all "ciences there is none more useful than the
knowledge of Celestial &o$ements# I ha$e thought it my duty# being at the point of death#
to lea$e thee an inheritance more precious than all the riches which I ha$e en7oyed.) 5nd in
order that thou mayest understand how I ha$e arri$ed at this degree Bof wisdomD# it is
necessary to tell thee that one day# when I was meditating upon the power of the "upreme
2eing# the 5ngel of the 6reat 6od appeared before me as I was saying# 1 how wonderful
are the works of 6odM I suddenly beheld# at the end of a thickly'shaded $ista of trees# a
-ight in the form of a bla,ing "tar# which said unto me with a $oice of thunder8 "olomon#
"olomon# be not dismayed* the -ord is willing to satisfy thy desire by gi$ing thee
knowledge of whatsoe$er thing is most pleasant unto thee. I order thee to ask of 0im
whatsoe$er thou desirest. Ehereupon# reco$ering from my surprise# I answered unto the
5ngel# that according to the Eill of the -ord# I only desired the 6ift of Eisdom# and by the
6race of 6od I obtained in addition the en7oyment of all the Celestial treasures and the
knowledge of all natural things.
It is by this means# my "on# that I possess all the $irtues and riches of which thou now seest
me in the en7oyment# and in order that thou mayest be willing to be attenti$e to all which I
am about to relate to thee# and that thou mayest retain with care all that I am about to tell
thee# I assure thee that the 6races of the 6reat 6od will be familiar unto thee# and that the
Celestial and errestrial Creatures will be obedient unto thee# and a science which only
works by the strength and power of natural things# and by the pure 5ngels which go$ern
them. 1f which latter I will gi$e thee the names in order# their e/ercises and particular
employments to which they are destined# together with the days o$er which they
particularly preside# in order that thou mayest arri$e at the accomplishment of all# which
thou wilt find in this my estament. In all which I promise thee success# pro$ided that all
thy works only tend unto the honour of 6od# Eho hath gi$en me the power to rule# not only
o$er errestrial but also o$er Celestial things# that is to say# o$er the 5ngels#
p. :
of whom I am able to dispose according to my will# and to obtain from them $ery
considerable ser$ices.
%irstly. It is necessary for thee to understand that 6od# ha$ing made all things# in order that
they may be submitted unto 0im# hath wished to bring 0is works to perfection# by making
one which participates of the Fi$ine and of the errestrial# that is to say# &an* whose body
is gross and terrestrial# while his soul is spiritual and celestial# unto whom 0e hath made
sub7ect the whole earth and its inhabitants# and hath gi$en unto 0im means by which 0e
may render the 5ngels familiar# as I call those Celestial creatures who are destined8 some to
regulate the motion of the "tars# others to inhabit the +lements# others to aid and direct
men# and others again to sing continually the praises of the -ord. hou mayest then# by the
use of their seals and characters# render them familiar unto thee# pro$ided that thou abusest
not this pri$ilege by demanding from them things which are contrary to their nature* for
accursed be he who will take the Name of 6od in $ain# and who will employ for e$il
purposes the knowledge and good wherewith 0e hath enriched us.
I command thee# my "on# to carefully engra$e in thy memory all that I say unto thee# in
order that it may ne$er lea$e thee. If thou dost not intend to use for a good purpose the
secrets which I here teach thee# I command thee rather to cast this estament into the fire#
than to abuse the power thou wilt ha$e of constraining the "pirits# for I warn thee that the
beneficent 5ngels# wearied and fatigued by thine illicit demands# would to thy sorrow
e/ecute the commands of 6od# as well as to that of all such who# with e$il intent# would
abuse those secrets which 0e hath gi$en and re$ealed unto me. hink not# howe$er# 1 my
"on# that it would not be permitted thee to profit by the good fortune and happiness which
the Fi$ine "pirits can bring thee* on the contrary# it gi$es them great pleasure to render
ser$ice to &an for whom many of these "pirits ha$e great liking and affinity# 6od ha$ing
destined them for the preser$ation and guidance of those errestrial things which are
submitted to the power of &an.
here are different kinds of "pirits# according to the things o$er which they preside* some
of them go$ern the +mpyrean 0ea$en# others the Primum &obile# others the %irst and
"econd Crystalline# others the "tarry 0ea$en there are also "pirits of the 0ea$en of "aturn#
which I call "aturnites there are 7o$ial# &artial# "olar# Aenerean# &ercurial . and -unar
"pirits there are also B"piritsD in the +lements as well as in the 0ea$ens# there are some in
the %iery ?egion# others in the 5ir# others in the Eater# and others upon the +arth# which
can all render ser$ice to that man who shall ha$e the good fortune to understand their
nature# and to know how to attract them.
p. =
%urthermore# I wish to make thee understand that 6od hath destined to each one of us a
"pirit# which watches o$er us and takes care of our preser$ation* these are called 6enii#
who are elementary like us# and who are more ready to render ser$ice to those whose
temperament is conformed to the +lement which these 6enii inhabit* for e/ample#
shouldest thou be of a fiery temperament# that is to say sanguine# thy genius would be fiery
and submitted to the +mpire of 2aNl. 2esides this# there are special times reser$ed for the
in$ocation of these "pirits# in the days and hours when they ha$e power and absolute
empire. It is for this reason that thou wilt see in the following tables to what Planet and to
what 5ngel each Fay and 0our is submitted# together with the Colours which belong unto
them# the &etals# 0erbs# Plants# 54uatic# 5Nrial# and errestrial 5nimals# and Incense#
which are proper to each of them# as also in what 4uarter of the Lni$erse they ask to be
in$oked. Neither are omitted# the Con7urations# "eals# Characters# and Fi$ine -etters#
which belong to them# by means of which we recei$e the power to sympathise with these
52-+ 1% 0+ P-5N+5?K 01L?"
Sunda+. Monda+. /uesda+. 1ednesda+. Hours
Sunset to
to Midight.
/hursda+. Frida+. Saturda+.
&erc. 3up. Aen. "at. 8 1 "un. &oon. &ars.
&oon. &ars. &er. 3up. > ; Aen. "at. "un.
"at. "un. &oon. &ars. 19 < &er. 3up. Aen.
3up. Aen. "at. "un. 11 I &oon. &ars. &er.
&ars. &er. 3up. Aen. 1; J "at. "un. &oon.
"un. &oon. &ars. &er. 1 : 3up. Aen. "at.
Aen. "at. "un. &oon. ; = &ars. &er. 3up
&er. 3up. Aen. "at. < 8 "un. &oon. &ars.
&oon. &ars. &er. 3up. I > Aen. "at. "un.
"at. "un. &oon. &ars. J 19 &er. 3up. Aen.
3up. Aen. "at. "un. : 11 &oon. &ars. &er.
&ars. &er. 3up. Aen. = 1; "at. "un. &oon.
"un. &oon. &ars. &er. 8 1 3up. Aen. "at.
Aen. "at. "un. &oon. > ; &ars. &er. 3up.
&et. 3up. Aen. "at. 19 < "un. &oon. &ars.
&oon. &ars. &et. 3up. 11 I Aen. "at. "un.
"at. "un. &oon. &ars. I; J &er. 3up. Aen.
3up. Aen. "at. "un. 1 : &oon. &ars. &er.
&ars. &er. 3up. Aen. ; = "at. "un. &oon.
"un. &oon. &ars. &er. < 8 3up. Aen. "at.
Aen. "at. "un. &oon. I > &ars. &er. 3up.
&er. 3up. Aen. "at. J 19 "un. &oon. &ars.
&oon. &ars. &er. 3up. : 11 Aen. "at. "un.
"at. "un. &oon. &ars. = 1; &er. 3up. Aen.

p. 8
/able o the Magical 2ames o the Hours( and o the Angels #ho rule them( commencing at
the irst hour ater Midnight o each da+( and ending at the ensuing Midnight.
Hours. Sunda+. Monda+. /uesda+. 1ednesda+. /hursda+. Frida+. Saturda+.
1. Kayn ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael
;. Kanor 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael
<. Nasnia Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael
I. "alla "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael
J. "adedali @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel
:. hamur &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel
=. 1urer 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @asnael ?aphael "achiel
8. hain. ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael
>. Neron 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael
19. Kayon Cassiel &ichael 6ablriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael
11. 5bai "achiel 5nael Caiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael
@amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel
1. 2eron &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel
;. 2arol 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel
<. hanu ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael
I. 5thor 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael
J. &athon Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael
:. ?ana "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael
=. Netos @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel
8. afrac &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel
>. "assur 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel
19. 5gla ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael
11. COerra 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael Cassiel &ichael
1;. "alam Cassiel &ichael 6abriel @amael ?aphael "achiel 5nael
/able o the Archangels( Angels( Metals( Da+s o the 1ee!( and Colours attributed to each
Da+s. Saturda+. /hursda+. /uesda+. Sunda+. Frida+. 1ednesda+. Monda+.
5rchangel ,aph4iel ,adi4el !haniael ?aphael 0aniel &ichael 6abriel
5ngel Cassiel "achiel @amael &ichael 5nael ?aphael 6abriel
Planet "aturn 3upiter &ars "un Aenus &ercury &oon
&etal -ead in Iron 6old Copper &ercury "il$er
Colour 2lack 2lue ?ed Kellow 6reen Purple or

p. >
N1+ 2K +FI1?
hese ables ha$e been collated and compared with $arious e/amples of them both &".
and printed. hey are to be used thus8''"upposing the student wishes to disco$er the
properties of the hour from 1; to 1 1)clock p.m. on a uesday# let him look in the )able of
the Planetary 0ours#) and ha$ing found the hour marked 1 in the column headed) 0ours
from &idnight to &idnight#) he will see in the column headed )0ours from "unset to
"unset#) on the same line the figure 8# showing it to be the eighth hour of the day* and in the
column headed uesday# the name &ars# showing that it is under the dominion of the planet
&ars. 1n consulting the )able of the &agical Names of the 0ours#) etc.# he will find under
the number 1# the name 2eron# and in the column )uesday#) the name of the 5ngel @amael
o$er against it on the same line# showing that the ruler of the hour is the 5ngel @amael# and
that its &agical Name is 2eron. %urther# on referring to the third able he will see that
uesday is under the rule of the planet &ars# whose 5rchangel is !hamael# 5ngel @amael#
&etal Iron# and Colour ?ed. "imilarly it will be found that the hour from 19 to 11 p.m. on
"aturday is the si/th hour of the night# under the dominion of the "un# that its &agical
Name is COerra# and that the 5ngel &ichael rules it* while "aturday itself is under the
dominion of the 5rchangel ,aph4iel# of the 5ngel Cassiel# of the Planet "aturn# and that
the &etal -ead and the Colour 2lack are applicable to it.
he ensuing e/t is taken from the following &"".# collated and compared with each other.
"loane &"". 1<9=* "loane &"". <9>1* 0arleian &"". <>81* 5dd. &"". 198:;* !ing)s
&"". ;88* -ansdowne &"". 1;9;.
+/tracts ha$e also been made from -ansdowne &"". 1;9<# which differs considerably
from the others in general arrangement# though containing $ery similar matter.
In cases where the &"". $aried from each other I ha$e taken the $ersion which seemed
most likely to be correct# in some cases mentioning the $ariant readings in footnotes. I ha$e
also# where$er it was possible to do so# corrected the 0ebrew names in the Incantations# for
these were in some cases so marred as to be hardly recognisable* e.g. 4enard# written for
/,abaoth# etc.
"1-1&1N# the "on of Fa$id# !ing of Israel# hath said that the beginning of our !ey is to
fear 6od# to adore 0im# to honour 0im with contrition of heart# to in$oke 0im 1 in all
matters which we wish to undertake# and to operate with $ery great de$otion# for thus 6od
will lead us in the right way. Ehen# therefore# thou shalt wish to ac4uire the knowledge of
&agical 5rts and "ciences# it is necessary to ha$e prepared the order of hours and of days#
and of the position of the &oon# without the operation of which thou canst effect nothing*
but if thou obser$est them with diligence thou mayest easily and thoroughly arri$e at the
effect and end which thou desirest to attain.
1981 1;9; -ansdowne &"". omits the concluding part of this sentence.
E0+N 1 thou wishest to make any e/periment or operation# thou must first prepare#
beforehand# all the re4uisites which thou wilt find described in the following Chapters8
obser$ing the days# the hours# and the other effects of the Constellations which may be
found in this Chapter.
It is# therefore# ad$isable to know that the hours of the day and of the night together# are
twenty'four in number# and that each hour is go$erned by one of the "e$en Planets in
regular order# commencing at the highest and descending to the lowest. he order of the
Planets is as follows8 "h2h5I# "habbathai# "aturn* beneath "aturn is ,F(# ,ede4#
3upiter* beneath 3upiter is &5FI&# &adim# &ars* beneath &ars is "h&"h# "hemesh# the
"un* beneath the "un is NA60# Nogah# Aenus* beneath Aenus is !A!2# !oka$# &ercury*
and beneath &ercury is -2N0# -e$anah# the &oon# which is the lowest of all the Planets.
It must# therefore# be understood that the Planets ha$e their dominion o$er the day which
approacheth nearest unto the name which is gi$en and attributed unto them'$i,.# o$er
"aturday# "aturn* hursday# 3upiter* uesday# &ars* "unday# the "un* %riday# Aenus*
Eednesday# &ercury* and &onday# the &oon.
he rule of the Planets o$er each hour begins from the dawn at the rising of the "un on the
day which takes its name from such Planet# and the Planet which follows it in order#
succeeds to the rule o$er the ne/t hour. hus Bon "aturdayD "aturn rules the first hour#
3upiter the second# &ars the third# the "un the fourth# Aenus the fifth# &ercury the si/th# the
&oon the se$enth# and "aturn returns in the rule o$er the eighth# and the others in their
turn# the Planets always keeping the same relati$e order.
Note that each e/periment or magical operation should be performed under the Planet# and
usually in the hour# which refers to the same. %or e/ample8''
p. 1;
In the Fays and 0ours of "aturn thou canst perform e/periments to summon the "ouls from
0ades# but only of those who ha$e died a natural death. "imilarly on these days and hours
thou canst operate to bring either good or bad fortune to buildings* to ha$e familiar "pirits
attend thee in sleep* to cause good or ill success to business# possessions# goods# seeds#
fruits# and similar things# in order to ac4uire learning* to bring destruction and to gi$e
death# and to sow hatred and discord.
he Fays and 0ours of 3upiter are proper for obtaining honours# ac4uiring riches*
contracting friendships# preser$ing health* and arri$ing at all that thou canst desire.
In the Fays and 0ours of &ars thou canst make e/periments regarding Ear* to arri$e at
military honour* to ac4uire courage* to o$erthrow enemies* and further to cause ruin#
slaughter# cruelty# discord* to wound and to gi$e death.
he Fays and 0ours of the "un are $ery good for perfecting e/periments regarding
temporal wealth# hope# gain# fortune# di$ination# the fa$our of princes# to dissol$e hostile
feeling# and to make friends.
he Fays and 0ours of Aenus are good for forming friendships* for kindness and lo$e* for
7oyous and pleasant undertakings# and for tra$elling.
he Fays and 0ours of &ercury are good to operate for elo4uence and intelligence*
promptitude in business* science and di$ination* wonders* apparitions* and answers
regarding the future. hou canst also operate under this Planet for thefts* writings* deceit*
and merchandise.
he Fays and 0ours of the &oon are good for embassies* $oyages en$oys* messages*
na$igation* reconciliation* lo$e* and the ac4uisition of merchandise by water. 1
hou shouldest take care punctually to obser$e all the instructions contained in this chapter#
if thou desirest to succeed# seeing that the truth of &agical "cience dependeth thereon.
he 0ours of "aturn# of &ars# and of the &oon are alike good for communicating and
speaking with "pirits* as those of &ercury are for reco$ering thefts by the means of "pirits.
he 0ours of &ars ser$e for summoning "ouls from 0ades# ; especially of those slain in
he 0ours of the "un# of 3upiter# and of Aenus# are adapted for preparing any operations
whatsoe$er of lo$e# of kindness# and of in$isibility# as is hereafter more fully shown# to
which must be added other things of a similar nature which are contained in our work.
p. 1<
he 0ours of "aturn and &ars and also the days on which the &oon is con7unct 1 with
them# or when she recei$es their opposition or 4uartile aspect# are e/cellent for making
e/periments of hatred# enmity# 4uarrel# and discord* and other operations of the same kind
which are gi$en later on in this work.
he 0ours of &ercury are good for undertaking e/periments relating to games# raillery#
7ests# sports# and the like.
he 0ours of the "un# of 3upiter# and of Aenus# particularly on the days which they rule# are
good for all e/traordinary# uncommon# and unknown operations.
he 0ours of the &oon are proper for making trial of e/periments relating to reco$ery of
stolen property# for obtaining nocturnal $isions# for summoning "pirits in sleep# and for
preparing anything relating to Eater.
he 0ours of Aenus are furthermore useful for lots# poisons# all things of the nature of
Aenus# for preparing powders pro$ocati$e of madness and the like things.
2ut in order to thoroughly effect the operations of this 5rt# thou shouldest perform them not
only on the 0ours but on the Fays of the Planets as well# because then the e/periment will
always succeed better# pro$ided thou obser$est the rules laid down later on# for if thou
omittest one single condition thou wilt ne$er arri$e at the accomplishment of the 5rt.
%or those matters then which appertain unto the &oon# such as the In$ocation of "pirits# the
Eorks of Necromancy# and the reco$ery of stolen property# it is necessary that the &oon
should be in a errestrial "ign# $i,.8''aurus# Airgo# or Capricorn.
%or lo$e# grace# and in$isibility# the &oon should be in a %iery "ign# $i,.8''5ries# -eo# or
%or hatred# discord# and destruction# the &oon should be in a Eatery "ign# $i,.8''Cancer#
"corpio# or Pisces.
%or e/periments of a peculiar nature# which cannot be classed under any certain head# the
&oon should be in an 5iry "ign# $i,.8''6emini# -ibra# or 54uarius.
2ut if these things seem unto thee difficult to accomplish# it will suffice thee merely to
notice the &oon after her combustion# or con7unction with the "un# especially 7ust when
she ; 4uits his beams and appeareth $isible. %or then it is good to make all e/periments for
the construction and operation of any matter. hat is why the time from the New unto the
%ull &oon is proper for performing any of the e/periments of which
p. 1I
we ha$e spoken abo$e. 2ut in her decrease or wane it is good for Ear# Fisturbance# and
Fiscord. -ikewise the period when she is almost depri$ed of light# is proper for
e/periments of in$isibility# and of Feath.
2ut obser$e in$iolably that thou commence nothing while the &oon is in con7unction with
the "un# seeing that this is e/tremely unfortunate# and that thou wilt then be able to effect
nothing* but the &oon 4uitting his beams and increasing in -ight# thou canst perform all
that thou desirest# obser$ing ne$ertheless the directions in this Chapter.
%urthermore# if thou wishest to con$erse with "pirits it should be especially on the day of
&ercury and in his hour# and let the &oon be in an 5iry "ign# 1 as well as the "un.
?etire ; thou then unto a secret place# where no one may be able to see thee or to hinder
thee# before the completion of the e/periment# whether thou shouldest wish to work by day
or by night. 2ut if thou shouldest wish to work by night# perfect thy work on the succeeding
night* if by day# seeing that the day beginneth with the rising of the "un Bperfect thy work
onD the succeeding day. 2ut the 0our of Inception is the 0our of &ercury.
Aerily# since no e/periments for con$erse with "pirits can be done without a Circle being
prepared# whatsoe$er e/periments therefore thou wishest to undertake for con$ersing with
"pirits# therein thou must learn to construct a certain particular Circle* that being done
surround that Circle with a Circle of 5rt for better caution and efficacy.
1181 his first paragraph is omitted in 1<9= "loane &"".# and in 198:; 5dd. &"".
1;81 &uch of these foregoing instructions is omitted in the 198:; 5dd. &"".# but gi$en in
a different way in the ensuing paragraphs.
1;8; In the %rench )des +nfers#) in the -atin )Inferis.)
1<81 Con7unction means being in the same degree of the @odiac* opposition is being 189
degrees# and 4uartile >9 degrees apart from each other.
1<8; i.e. New &oon.
1I81 In 5dd. &"". 198:;* )or in an +arthy "ign# as hath been before said.)
1I8; he following paragraphs to the end of this Chapter are only found in the -atin
$ersion# 5dd. &"". 198:;.
I% thou wishest to succeed# it is necessary to make the following +/periments and 5rts in
the appropriate Fays and 0ours# with the re4uisite solemnities and ceremonies contained
and laid down in the following Chapters.
+/periments# then# are of two kinds* the first is to make trial of what# as I ha$e said# can be
easily performed without a Circle# and in this case it is not necessary to obser$e anything
but what thou wilt find in the proper Chapters. he second can in no way be brought to
perfection without the Circle* and in order to accomplish this perfectly it is necessary to
take note of all the preparations which the &aster of the 5rt and his Fisciples must
undertake before constructing 1 the Circle.
2efore commencing operations both the &aster and his Fisciples must abstain with great
and thorough continence during the space of nine days from sensual pleasures and from
$ain and foolish con$ersation* as plainly appeareth in the "econd 2ook# Chapter I. "i/ of
these nine days ha$ing e/pired# he must recite fre4uently the Prayer and Confession as will
be told him* and on the "e$enth Fay# the &aster being alone# let him enter into a secret
place# let him take off his clothes# and bathe himself from head to foot in consecrated and
e/orcised Eater# saying de$outly and humbly the prayer# )1 -ord 5donai#) etc.# as it is
written in the "econd 2ook# Chapter ;.
he Prayer being finished# let the &aster 4uit the water# and put upon his flesh raiment of
white linen clean and unsoiled* and then let him go with his Fisciples unto a secret place
and command them to strip themsel$es naked* and they ha$ing taken off their clothes# let
him take e/orcised water and pour it upon their heads so that it flows down to their feet and
bathes them completely* and while pouring this water upon them let the &aster say8'')2e ye
regenerate# renewed# washed# and pure#) etc.# as in 2ook II.# Chapter <.
Ehich ; being done# the Fisciples must clothe themsel$es# putting
p. 1:
upon their flesh# like their &aster# raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled* and the three
last days the &aster and his Fisciples should fast# obser$ing the solemnities and prayers
marked in 2ook II.# Chapter ;.
Note that the three last days should be calm weather# without wind# and without clouds
rushing hither and thither o$er the face of the sky. 1n the last day let the &aster go with his
Fisciples unto a secret fountain of running water# or unto a flowing stream# and there let
each of them# taking off his clothes# wash himself with due solemnity# as is rehearsed in
2ook II. 5nd when they are clean and pure# let each put upon him garments of white linen#
pure# and clean# using the prayers and ceremonies described in 2ook II. 5fter which let the
&aster alone say the confession. he which being finished# the &aster in sign of penitence
will !iss 1 the Fisciples on the forehead# and each of them will !iss the other. 5fterwards
let the &aster e/tend his hands o$er the Fisciples# and in sign of absolution absol$e and
bless them* which being done he will distribute to each of his Fisciples the Instruments
necessary for &agical 5rt# which he is to carry into the Circle.
he %irst Fisciple will bear the Censer# the Perfumes and the "pices the "econd Fisciple
will bear the 2ook# Papers# Pens# Ink# and any stinking or impure materials* the hird will
carry the !nife and the "ickle of &agical 5rt# the -antern# and the Candles* the %ourth# the
Psalms# and the rest of the Instruments* the %ifth# the Crucible or Chafing'dish# and the
Charcoal or %uel* but it is necessary for the &aster himself to carry in his hand the "taff#
and the Eand or ?od. he things necessary being thus disposed# the &aster will go with his
Fisciples unto the assigned place# where they ha$e proposed to construct the Circle for the
&agical 5rts and e/periments* repeating on the way the prayers and orations which thou
wilt find in 2ook II.
Ehen the &aster shall ha$e arri$ed at the place appointed# together with his Fisciples# he
ha$ing lighted the flame of the fire# and ha$ing e/orcised it afresh as is laid down in the
"econd 2ook# shall light the Candle and place it in the -antern# which one of the Fisciples
is to hold e$er in his hand to light the &aster at his work. Now the &aster of the 5rt# e$ery
time that he shall ha$e occasion for some particular purpose to speak with the "pirits# must
endea$our to form certain Circles which shall differ somewhat# and shall ha$e some
particular reference to the particular e/periment under consideration. Now# in order to
succeed in forming such a Circle concerning &agical 5rt# for the greater assurance and
efficacy thou shalt construct it in the following manner8''
p. 1=
ake thou the !nife# the "ickle# or the "word of &agical 5rt consecrated after the manner
and order which we shall deli$er unto thee in the "econd 2ook. Eith this !nife or with the
"ickle of 5rt thou shalt describe# beyond the inner Circle which thou shalt ha$e already
formed# a "econd Circle# encompassing the other at the distance of one foot therefrom and
ha$ing the same centre. 1 Eithin this space of a foot in breadth between the first and the
second circumferential ; line# thou shalt trace towards the %our (uarters of the +arth# < the
"acred and Aenerable "ymbols of the holy -etter au I. 5nd between the first and the
second Circle# J which thou shalt thyself ha$e drawn with the Instrument of &agical 5rt#
thou shalt make four he/agonal pentacles# : and between these thou shalt write four terrible
and tremendous Names of 6od# $i,.8''
2etween the +ast and the "outh the "upreme Name I0A0# etragrammaton*''
2etween the "outh and the Eest the +ssential etragrammatic Name 50I0# +heieh*''
2etween the Eest and the North the Name of Power 5-IAN# +lion*''
5nd between the North and the +ast the 6reat Name 5-0# +loah*''
Ehich Names are of supreme importance in the list of the "ephiroth# = and their "o$ereign
%urthermore# thou shalt circumscribe about these Circles two "4uares# the 5ngles of which
shall be turned towards the %our (uarters of the +arth* and the space between the -ines of
the 1uter and Inner "4uare shall be half'a'foot. he e/treme 5ngles of the 1uter "4uare
shall be made the Centres of four Circles# the measure or diameter of which shall be one
foot. 5ll these are to be drawn with the !nife or consecrated Instrument of 5rt. 5nd within
these %our Circles
p. 18
thou must write these four Names of 6od the &ost 0oly 1ne# in this order8''
5t 1 the +ast# 5-# +l*
5t the Eest# I0# Kah*
5t the "outh# 56-5# 5gla*
5nd at the North 5FNI# 5donaP.
2etween the two "4uares the Name etragrammaton is to be written in the same way as is
shown in the plate. B"ee %igure ;.D
Ehile constructing the Circle# the &aster should recite the following Psalms8''Psalm ii.*
Psalm li$.* Psalm c/iii.* Psalm l/$ii.* Psalm /l$ii.* Psalm l/$iii.
1r he may as well recite them before tracing the Circle.
he which being finished# and the fumigations being performed# as is described in the
chapter on %umigations in the "econd 2ook# the &aster should reassemble his Fisciples#
encourage them# reassure them# fortify them# and conduct them into the parts of the Circle
of 5rt# where he must place them in the four 4uarters of the earth# encourage them# and
e/hort them to fear nothing# and to keep in the places assigned to them. 5lso# the Fisciple
who is placed towards the +ast should ha$e a pen# ink# paper# silk# and white cotton# all
clean and suitable for the work. %urthermore# each of the Companions should ha$e a new
"word drawn in his hand Bbesides the consecrated &agical "word of 5rtD# and he should
keep his hand resting upon the hilt thereof# and he should on no prete/t 4uit the place
assigned to him# nor mo$e therefrom.
5fter this the &aster should 4uit the Circle# light the fuel in the earthen pots# and place
upon them the Censers# in the %our (uarters of the +arth* and he should ha$e in his hand
the consecrated taper of wa/# and he should light it and place it in a hidden and secret place
prepared for it. -et him after this re'enter and close the Circle.
he &aster should afresh e/hort his Fisciples# and e/plain to them all that they ha$e to do
and to obser$e* the which commands they should promise and $ow to e/ecute.
-et the &aster then repeat this Prayer8''
Ehen we enter herein with all humility# let 6od the 5lmighty 1ne enter into this Circle# by
the entrance of an eternal happiness# of a Fi$ine prosperity# of a perfect 7oy# of an abundant
charity# and of an eternal salutation. -et all the demons fly from this place# especially those
who are opposed unto this work# and let the 5ngels of Peace assist and protect
p. 1>
this Circle# from which let discord and strife fly and depart. &agnify and e/tend upon us# 1
-ord# hy most 0oly Name# and bless our con$ersation and our assembly. "anctify# 1 -ord
our 6od# our humble entry herein# hou the 2lessed and 0oly 1ne of the +ternal 5gesM
5fter this# let the &aster say upon his knees# as follows8''
1 -ord 6od# 5ll Powerful and 5ll &erciful# hou Eho desirest not the death of a sinner#
but rather that he may turn from his wickedness and li$e* gi$e and grant unto us hy grace#
by blessing and consecrating this earth and this circle# which is here marked out with the
most powerful and holy names of 6od. 5nd thee# I con7ure# 1 +arth# by the &ost 0oly
Name of 5"0+? +0+I+0 entering within this Circle# composed and made with mine
hand. 5nd may 6od# e$en 5F1N5I# bless this place with all the $irtues of 0ea$en# so that
no obscene or unclean spirit may ha$e the power to enter into this Circle# or to annoy any
person who is therein* through the -ord 6od 5F1N5I# Eho li$eth eternally unto the 5ges
of the 5ges. 5men.
I beseech hee# 1 -ord 6od# the 5ll Powerful and the 5ll &erciful# that hou wilt deign to
bless this Circle# and all this place# and all those who are therein# and that hou wilt grant
unto us# who ser$e hee# and rehearse nothing but the wonders of hy law# a good 5ngel
for our 6uardian* remo$e from us e$ery ad$erse power* preser$e us from e$il and from
trouble* grant# 1 -ord# that we may rest in this place in all safety# through hee# 1 -ord#
Eho li$est and reignest unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
-et the &aster now arise and place upon his head a Crown made of paper Bor any other
appropriate substanceD# on the which there must be written Bwith the Colours and other
necessary things which we shall describe hereafterD# these four Names 56-5# 56-5I#
56-55# 56-55I. he which Names are to be placed in the front# behind# and on either
side of the head.
%urthermore# the &aster ought to ha$e with him in the Circle those Pentacles or &edals
which are necessary to his purpose# which are described hereinafter# and which should be
constructed according to the rules gi$en in the Chapter on Pentacles. hey should be
described on $irgin paper with a pen* and ink# blood# or colours# prepared according to the
manner which we shall hereafter show in the Chapters on these sub7ects. It win be sufficient
to take only those Pentacles which are actually re4uired# they should be sewed to the front
of the linen robe# on the chest# with the consecrated needle of the 5rt# and with a thread
which has been wo$en by a young girl.
p. ;9
5fter this# let the &aster turn himself towards the +astern (uarter Bunless directed to the
contrary# or unless he should be wishing to call "pirits which belong to another 4uarter of
the Lni$erseD# and pronounce with a loud $oice the Con7uration contained in this Chapter.
5nd if the "pirits be disobedient and do not then make their appearance# he must arise and
take the e/orcised !nife of 5rt wherewith he hath constructed the Circle# and raise it
towards the sky as if he wished to beat or strike the 5ir# and con7ure the "pirits. -et him
then lay his right hand and the !nife upon the Pentacles or &edals# constructed of# and
described upon $irgin paper# which are fastened to or sewn upon his breast# and let him
repeat the following Con7uration upon his knees8''
1 -ord# hear my prayer# and let my cry come unto hee. 1 -ord 6od 5lmighty# Eho has
reigned before the beginning of the 5ges# and Eho by hine Infinite Eisdom hast created
the hea$ens# the earth# and the sea# and all that in them is# all that is $isible# and all that is
in$isible by a single word* I praise hee# I bless hee# I adore hee# I glorify hee# and I
pray hee now at the present time to be merciful unto me# a miserable sinner# for I am the
work of hine hands. "a$e me# and direct me by hy 0oly Name# hou to Ehom nothing
is difficult# nothing is impossible* and deli$er me from the night of mine ignorance# and
enable me to go forth therefrom. +nlighten me with a spark of hine Infinite Eisdom. ake
away from my senses the desire of co$etousness# and the ini4uity of mine idle words. 6i$e
unto me# hy ser$ant# a wise understandingD penetrating and subtle heart# to ac4uire and
comprehend all "ciences and 5rts* gi$e unto me capacity to hear# and strength of memory
to retain them# so that I may be able to accomplish my desires# and understand and learn all
difficult and desirable "ciences* and also that I may be able to comprehend the hidden
secrets of the 0oly Eritings. 6i$e me the $irtue to concei$e them# so that I may be able to
bring forth and pronounce my words with patience and humility# for the instruction of
others# as hou hast ordered me.
1 6od# the %ather# 5ll Powerful and 5ll &erciful# Eho hast created all things# Eho
knowest and concei$est them uni$ersally# and to Ehom nothing is hidden# nothing is
impossible* I entreat hy 6race for me and for hy ser$ants# because hou seest and
knowest well that we perform not this work to tempt hy "trength and hy Power as if in
doubt thereof# but rather that we may know and understand the truth of all hidden things. I
beseech hee to ha$e the kindness to be fa$ourable unto us* by hy "plendour# hy
&agnificence# and hy 0oliness# and by hy 0oly# errible# and Ineffable Name I50# at
which the whole world doth
p. ;1
tremble# and by the %ear with which all creatures obey hee. 6rant# 1 -ord# that we may
become responsi$e unto hy 6race# so that through it we may ha$e a full confidence in and
knowledge of hee# and that the "pirits may disco$er themsel$es here in our presence# and
that those which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us# so that they may be obedient
unto hy commands# through hee# 1 &ost 0oly 5F1N5I# Ehose !ingdom is an
e$erlasting !ingdom# and Ehose +mpire endureth unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
5fter ha$ing said all these words de$outly# let the &aster arise# and place his hands upon
the Pentacles# and let one of the Companions hold the 2ook open before the &aster# who#
raising his eyes to hea$en# and turning unto the %our (uarters of the Lni$erse# shall say8''
1 -ord# be hou unto me a ower of "trength against the appearance and assaults of the
+$il "pirits.
5fter this# turning towards the %our (uarters of the Lni$erse# he shall say the following
hese be the "ymbols and the Names of the Creator# which can bring error and %ear unto
you. 1bey me then# by the power of these 0oly Names# and by these &ysterious "ymbols
of the "ecret of "ecrets.
he which being said and done# thou shalt see them draw near and approach from all parts.
2ut if they be hindered# detained# or occupied in some way# and so that they cannot come#
or if they are unwilling to come# then# the "uffumigations and Censings being performed
anew# and Bthe FisciplesD ha$ing anew# by especial order# touched their "words# and the
&aster ha$ing encouraged his Fisciples# he shall reform the Circle with the !nife of 5rt#
and# raising the said !nife towards the "ky# he shall as it were strike the air therewith. 5fter
this he shall lay his hand upon the Pentacles# and ha$ing bent his knees before the &ost
0igh# he shall repeat with humility the following Confession* the which his Fisciples shall
also do# and they shall recite it in a low and humble $oice# so that they can scarcely be
heard. 1
1J81 "loane &"". <9>1 says# )before they come to the Circle.)
1J8; his paragraph is omitted in -ansdowne &"". 1;9;.
1:81 Note the )holy kiss ) in the New estament. )6reet ye one another with a holy kiss.)
1=81 i.e. two Circles enclosed between three circumferential lines.
1=8; i.e. within the first Circle.
1=8< i.e. the four Cardinal points of the compass.
1=8I he letter au represents the Cross# and in 198:; 5dd. &"". in the drawing of the
Circle# the 0ebrew letter is replaced by the Cross* in 1<9= "loane &"". by the or au'
1=8J i.e. in the 1uter Circle# bounded by the second and third circumferential lines.
1=8: 198:; 5dd. NI"". is the only copy which uses the word he/agonal# but the others
show four he/agrams in the drawing* in the drawing# howe$er# 198:; gi$es the he/agrams
formed by $arious differing interlacements of two triangles# as shown in %igure ;.
1=8= he "ephiroth are the ten (abalistical +manations of the Feity. he "o$ereign
+4ui$alents are the Fi$ine Names referred thereto. "ee my )!abbalah Ln$eiled.)
1881 he &"". $ary as to the point whereat each Name is to be placed# but I think the
abo$e will be found to answer.
;181 "o as not to interfere with the direction of the Eill'currents of the &aster.
1 -1?F of 0ea$en and of +arth# before hee do I confess my sins# and lament them# cast
down and humbled in hy presence. %or I ha$e sinned before hee by pride# a$arice# and
boundless desire of honours and riches* by idleness# gluttony# greed# debauchery# and
drunkenness* because I ha$e offended hee by all kinds of sins of the flesh# adulteries# and
pollutions# which I ha$e committed myself# and consented that others should commit* by
sacrilege# thefts# rapine# $iolation# and homicide* by the e$il use I ha$e made of my
possessions# by my prodigality# by the sins which I ha$e committed against 0ope and
Charity# by my e$il ad$ice# flatteries# bribes# and the ill distribution which I ha$e made of
the goods of which I ha$e been possessed* by repulsing and maltreating the poor# in the
distribution which I ha$e made of the goods committed to my charge# by afflicting those
o$er whom I ha$e been set in authority# by not $isiting the prisoners# by depri$ing the dead
of burial# by not recei$ing the poor# by neither feeding the hungry nor gi$ing drink to the
thirsty# by ne$er keeping the "abbath and the other feasts# by not li$ing chastely and
piously on those days# by the easy consent which I ha$e gi$en to those who incited me to
e$il deeds# by in7uring instead of aiding those who demanded help from me# by refusing to
gi$e ear unto the cry of the poor# by not respecting the aged# by not keeping my word# by
disobedience to my parents# by ingratitude towards those from whom I ha$e recei$ed
kindness# by indulgence in sensual pleasures# by irre$erent beha$iour in the emple of 6od#
by unseemly gestures thereat# by entering therein without re$erence# by $ain and
unprofitable discourse when there# by despising the sacred $essels of the temple# by turning
the holy Ceremonies into ridicule# by touching and eating the sacred bread with impure lips
and with profane hands# and by the neglect of my prayers and adorations.
I detest also the crimes which I ha$e committed by e$il thoughts# $ain and impure
meditations# false suspicions# and rash 7udgments* by
p. ;<
the e$il consent which I ha$e readily gi$en unto the ad$ice of the wicked# by lust of impure
and sensual pleasures* by my idle words# my lies# and my deceit* by my false $ows in
$arious ways* and by my continual slander and calumny.
I detest also the crimes which I ha$e committed within* the treachery and discord which I
ha$e incited* my curiosity# greed# false speaking# $iolence# malediction# murmurs#
blasphemies# $ain words# insults# dissimulations* my sins against 6od by the transgression
of the ten commandments# by neglect of my duties and obligations# and by want of lo$e
towards 6od and towards my neighbour.
%urthermore# I hate the sins which I ha$e committed in all my senses# by sight# by hearing#
by taste# by smell# and by touch# in e$ery way that human weakness can offend the Creator*
by my carnal thoughts# deeds# and meditations.
In which I humbly confess that I ha$e sinned# and recognise myself as being in the sight of
6od the most criminal of all men.
I accuse myself before hee# 1 6od# and I adore hee with all humility. 1 ye# 0oly 5ngels#
and ye# Children of 6od# in your presence I publish my sins# so that mine +nemy may ha$e
no ad$antage o$er me# and may not be able to reproach me at the last day* that he may not
be able to say that I ha$e concealed my sins# and that 1 be not then accused in the presence
of the -ord* but# on the contrary# that on my account there may be 7oy in 0ea$en# as o$er
the 7ust who ha$e confessed their sins in thy presence.
1 &ost &ighty and 5ll Powerful %ather# grant through hine unbounded &ercy that I may
both see and know all the "pirits which I in$oke# so that by their means I may see my will
and desire accomplished# by hy "o$ereign grandeur# and by hine Ineffable and +ternal
6lory# hou Eho art and Eho wilt be for e$er the Pure and Ineffable %ather of 5ll.
he Confession ha$ing been finished with great humility# and with the inward feeling of the
heart# the &aster will recite the following prayer8''
1 -ord 5ll Powerful# +ternal 6od and %ather of all Creatures# shed upon me the Fi$ine
Influence of hy &ercy# for I am hy Creature. I beseech hee to defend me from mine
+nemies# and to confirm in me true and steadfast faith.
1 -ord# I commit my 2ody and my "oul unto hee# seeing I put my trust in none beside
hee* it is on hee alone that I rely* 1 -ord my 6od aid me* 1 -ord hear me in the day and
hour wherein I shall in$oke
p. ;I
[paragraph continues] hee. I pray hee by hy &ercy not to put me in obli$ion# nor to remo$e me
from hee. 1 -ord be hou my succour# hou Eho art the 6od of my sal$ation. 1 -ord
make me a new heart according unto hy lo$ing !indness. hese# 1 -ord# are the gifts
which I await from hee# 1 my 6od and my &aster# hou Eho li$est and reignest unto the
5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
1 -ord 6od the 5ll Powerful 1ne# Eho hast formed unto hyself great and Ineffable
Eisdom# and Co'eternal with hyself before the countless 5ges* hou Eho in the 2irth of
ime hast created the 0ea$ens# and the +arth# the "ea# and things that they contain* hou
Eho hast $i$ified all things by the 2reath of hy &outh# I praise hee# I bless hee# I
adore hee# and I glorify hee. 2e hou propitious unto me who am but a miserable sinner#
and despise me not* sa$e me and succour meD e$en me the work of hine hands. I con7ure
and entreat hee by hy 0oly Name to banish from my "pirit the darkness of Ignorance#
and to enlighten me with the %ire of hy Eisdom* take away from me all e$il desires# and
let not my speech be as that of the foolish. 1 hou# 6od the -i$ing 1ne# Ehose 6lory#
0onour# and !ingdom shall e/tend unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
1 -1?F 6od# 0oly %ather# 5lmighty and &erciful 1ne# Eho hast created all things# Eho
knowest all things and can do all things# from Ehom nothing is hidden# to Ehom nothing
is impossible* hou Eho knowest that we perform not these ceremonies to tempt hy
power# but that we may penetrate into the knowledge of hidden things* we pray hee by
hy "acred &ercy to cause and to permit that we may arri$e at this understanding of secret
things# of whate$er nature they may be# by hine aid# 1 &ost 0oly 5F1N5I# Ehose
!ingdom and Power shall ha$e no end unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
he Prayer being finished# let the +/orcist lay his hand upon the Pentacles# while one of the
Fisciples shall hold open before him the 2ook wherein are written the prayers and
con7urations proper for con4uering# subduing# and repro$ing the "pirits. hen the &aster#
turning towards each (uarter of the +arth# and raising his eyes to 0ea$en# shall say8
1 -ord# be hou unto me a strong tower of refuge# from the sight and assaults of the +$il
5fter which let him turn again towards the %our (uarters of the +arth# and towards each let
him utter the following words8
2ehold the "ymbols and Names of the Creator# which gi$e unto ye for e$er error and %ear.
1bey then# by the $irtue of these 0oly Names# and by these &ysteries of &ysteries.
5fter this he shall see the "pirits come from e$ery side. 2ut in case they are occupied in
some other place# or that they cannot come# or that they are unwilling to come8 then let him
commence afresh to in$oke them after the following manner# and let the +/orcist be
assured that e$en were they bound with chains of iron# and with fire# they could not refrain
from coming to accomplish his will.
p. ;:
1 ye "pirits# ye I con7ure by the Power# Eisdom# and Airtue of the "pirit of 6od# by the
uncreate Fi$ine !nowledge# by the $ast &ercy of 6od# by the "trength of 6od# by the
6reatness of 6od# by the Lnity of 6od* and by the 0oly Name of 6od +0+I+0# which is
the root# trunk# source# and origin of all the other Fi$ine Names# whence they all draw their
life and their $irtue# which 5dam ha$ing in$oked# he ac4uired the knowledge of all created
I con7ure ye by the Indi$isible Name I1F# which marketh and e/presseth the "implicity
and the Lnity of the Nature Fi$ine# which 5bel ha$ing in$oked# he deser$ed ; to escape
from the hands of Cain his brother.
I con7ure ye by the Name +?56?5&&51N +-10I&# which e/presseth and
signifieth the 6randeur of so lofty a &a7esty# that Noah ha$ing pronounced it# sa$ed
himself# and protected himself with his whole household from the Eaters of the Feluge.
I con7ure ye by the Name of 6od +- "trong and Eonderful# which denoteth the &ercy and
6oodness of 0is &a7esty Fi$ine# which 5braham ha$ing in$oked# he was found worthy to
come forth from the Lr of the Chaldeans.
I con7ure ye by the most powerful Name of +-10I& 6I21?# which showeth forth the
"trength of 6od# of a 6od 5ll Powerful# Eho punisheth the crimes of the wicked# Eho
seeketh out and chastiseth the ini4uities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and
fourth generation* which Isaac ha$ing in$oked# he was found worthy to escape from the
"word of 5braham his father.
I con7ure ye and I e/orcise ye by the most holy Name of +-150 A5'F550# which
3acob in$oked when in great trouble# and was found worthy to bear the Name of Israel#
which signifieth Aan4uisher of 6od and he was deli$ered from the fury of +sau his brother.
I con7ure ye by the most potent Name of +- < 5F1N5I @52510# which is the 6od of
5rmies# ruling in the 0ea$ens# which 3oseph in$oked# and was found worthy to escape
from the hands of his 2rethren.
I con7ure ye by the most potent name of +-10I& @52510# which e/presscth piety#
mercy# splendour# and knowledge of 6od# which &oses
p. ;=
in$oked# and he was found worthy to deli$er the People Israel from +gypt# and from the
ser$itude of Pharaoh.
I con7ure ye by the most potent Name of "05FF5I# which signifieth doing good unto all*
which &oses in$oked# and ha$ing struck the "ea# it di$ided into two parts in the midst# on
the right hand and on the left. I con7ure ye by the most holy Name of +- 1 C05# which is
that of the -i$ing 6od# through the $irtue of which alliance with us# and redemption for us
ha$e been made* which &oses in$oked and all the waters returned to their prior state and
en$eloped the +gyptians# so that not one of them escaped to carry the news into the -and of
-astly# I con7ure ye all# ye rebellious "pirits# by the most holy Name of 6od 5F1N5I
&+-+!0# which 3oshua in$oked# and stayed the course of the "un in his presence# through
the $irtue of &ethratton# ; its principal Image* and by the troops of 5ngels who cease not to
cry day and night# (5F1"C0# (5F1"C0# (5F1"C0# 5F1N5I +-10I&
@52510 Bthat is# 0oly# 0oly# 0oly# -ord 6od of 0osts# 0ea$en and +arth are full of
hy 6loryD* and by the en 5ngels who preside o$er the en "ephiroth# by whom 6od
communicateth and e/tendeth 0is influence o$er lower things# which are !+0+?#
C01!&50# 2IN50# 6+FL-50# 6+2L?50# IP0+?+0# N+@5C0# 01F#
K+"1F# and &5-!L0.
I con7ure ye anew# 1 "pirits# by all the Names of 6od# and by all 0is mar$ellous work* by
the hea$ens* by the earth* by the sea* by the depth of the 5byss# and by that firmament
which the $ery "pirit of 6od hath mo$ed* by the sun and by the stars* by the waters and by
the seas# and all which they contain* by the winds# the whirlwinds# and the tempests* by the
$irtue of all herbs# plants# and stones* by all which is in the hea$ens# upon the earth# and in
all the 5bysses of the "hades.
I con7ure ye anew# and I powerfully urge ye# 1 Femons# in whatsoe$er part of the world ye
may be# so that ye shall be unable to remain in air# fire# water# earth# or in any part of the
uni$erse# or in any pleasant place which may attract ye* but that ye come promptly to
accomplish our desire# and all things that we demand from your obedience.
I con7ure ye anew by the two ables of the -aw# by the fi$e books of &oses# by the "e$en
2urning -amps on the Candlestick of 6old before the face of the hrone of the &a7esty of
6od# and by the 0oly of 0olies wherein the !10+N 05'65FL- was alone permitted to
enter# that is to say# the 0igh'Priest.
I con7ure ye by 0im Eho hath made the hea$ens and the earth# and Eho hath measured
those hea$ens in the hollow of 0is hand# and enclosed
p. ;8
the earth with three of 0is fingers# Eho is seated upon the !erubim and upon the
"eraphim* and by the !erubim# which is called the !erub# which 6od constituted and
placed to guard the ree of -ife# armed with a flaming sword# after that &an had been
dri$en out of Paradise.
I con7ure ye anew# 5postates from 6od# by 0im Eho alone hath performed great wonders*
by the 0ea$enly 3erusalem* and by the &ost 0oly Name of 6od in %our -etters# and by
0im Eho enlighteneth all things and shineth upon all things by his Aenerable and Ineffable
Name# +0+I+0 5"0+? +0+I+0* that ye come immediately to e/ecute our desire#
whate$er it may be.
I con7ure ye# and I command ye absolutely# 1 Femons# in whatsoe$er part of the Lni$erse
ye may be# by the $irtue of all these 0oly Names8''
5F1N5I# 1 K50# 015# +-# +-105# +-10INL# +-10I&# +0+I+0# &5?1N#
!5P0L# +"C0# INN1N# 5A+N# 56-5# 05@1?# +&+0# K5II# 5?5?I05# K1A5#
05'!52I?# &+""I5C0# I1N50# &5-'!5# +?+-# !L@L# &5@P5@# +-
"05FF5I* and by all the 0oly Names of 6od which ha$e been written with blood in the
sign of an eternal alliance.
I con7ure ye anew by these other Names of 6od# &ost 0oly and unknown# by the $irtue of
which Names ye tremble e$ery day8''25?LC# ; 25CL?521N# P55C+-#
5-C0++60+-# 5(L5C05I# 01&1?I1N# +0+I+0# 52251N# C0+A1N# C+21N#
1K@?1K&5"# C05I# +0+I+0# 5-25&5C0I# 1?56L# N5-+# 52+-+C0 Bor
0+-+C0D# K+@+ Bor "+C0+@@+D* that ye come 4uickly and without any delay into our
presence from e$ery 4uarter and e$ery climate of the world wherein ye may be# to e/ecute
all that we shall command ye in the 6reat Name of 6od.
;:81 here is an In$ocation bearing the title of )he (abalistical In$ocation of "olomon#)
gi$en by +liphas -.$i# which differs in many points from the one gi$en abo$e# though
resembling it in some particulars. -.$i)s is more e$idently constructed on the plan indicated
in the )"iphra Ft,enioutha#) C. III.* 5nnotation QJ# sub Q8# >* while the one abo$e more
follows that laid down# ibid. QJ# sub Q<. I see no reason to suppose that -.$i)s is
unauthentic. It will be noted by the (abalistical reader# that the abo$e Con7uration rehearses
the Fi$ine Names attached to the en "ephiroth.
;:8; In the %rench# )merita d).chapper.)
;:8< &ore usually the Name K+?565&&51N @5251? is attributed to the
"e$enth "ephira.
;=81 2oth this Name and )"haddai) are attributed to the Ninth "ephira# and I ha$e therefore
put the two in$ocations in the same paragraph.
;=8; he 5rchangel# who is called also the Prince of Countenances.
;881 I ha$e made these Names as correct as possible* as in all the original &"". the 0ebrew
is much mutilated. hese names are some of them ordinary titles of 6od* others &agical
and (abalistical names compounded from the initials of sentences# etc.* and other
permutations of other names.
;88; I gi$e these Names as they stand# they do not all appear to be 0ebrew* some of them
suggest the style of the barbarous names in the 6rRco'+gyptian &agical Papyri.
I% they then immediately appear# it is well* if not# let the &aster unco$er the consecrated
Pentacles which he should ha$e made to constrain and command the "pirits# and which he
should wear fastened round his neck# holding the &edals Bor PentaclesD in his left hand# and
the consecrated !nife in his right* and encouraging his Companions# he shall say with a
loud $oice8''
0ere be the "ymbols of "ecret things# the standards# the ensigns# and the banners# of 6od
the Con4ueror* and the arms of the 5lmighty 1ne# to compel the 5erial Potencies. I
command ye absolutely by their power and $irtue that ye come near unto us# into our
presence# from whatsoe$er part of the world ye may be in# and that ye delay not to obey us
in all things wherein we shall command ye by the $irtue of 6od the &ighty 1ne. Come ye
promptly# and delay not to appear# and answer us with humility.
If they appear at this time# show them the Pentacles# and recei$e them with kindness#
gentleness# and courtesy* reason and speak with them# 4uestion them# and ask from them all
things which thou hast proposed to demand.
2ut if# on the contrary# they do not yet make their appearance# holding the consecrated
!nife in the right hand# and the Pentacles being unco$ered by the remo$al of their
consecrated co$ering# strike and beat the air with the !nife as if wishing to commence a
combat# comfort and e/hort thy Companions# and then in a loud and stern $oice repeat the
following Con7uration8''
0ere again I con7ure ye and most urgently command ye* I force# constrain# and e/hort ye to
the utmost# by the most mighty and powerful
p. <9
[paragraph continues] Name of 6od +-# strong and wonderful# and by 6od the 7ust and Lpright# I
e/orcise ye and command ye that ye in no way delay# but that ye come immediately and
upon the instant hither before us# without noise# deformity# or hideousness# but with all
manner of gentleness and mildness.
I e/orcise ye anew# and powerfully con7ure ye# commanding ye with strength and $iolence
by 0im Eho spake and it was done* and by all these names8 +- "05FF5I# +-10I&#
+-10I# @52510# +-I&# 5"0+? +0+I+0# K50# +?56?5&&51N#
"05FF5I# which signify 6od the 0igh and 5lmighty# the 6od of Israel# through Ehom
undertaking all our operations we shall prosper in all the works of our hands# seeing that the
-ord is now# always# and for e$er with us# in our heart and in our lips* and by 0is 0oly
Names# and by the $irtue of the "o$ereign 6od# we shall accomplish all our work.
Come ye at once without any hideousness or deformity before us# come ye without
monstrous appearance# in a gracious form or figure. Come ye# for we e/orcise ye with the
utmost $ehemence by the Name of I50 and 1N# which 5dam spake and heard* by the
Name +-# which Noah heard# and sa$ed himself with all his family from the Feluge* by the
Name I1F# which Noah heard# and knew 6od the 5lmighty 1ne* by the Name 56-5
which 3acob heard# and saw the -adder which touched 0ea$en# and the 5ngels who
ascended and descended upon it# whence he called that place the 0ouse of 6od and the
6ate of 0ea$en* and by the Name +-10I&# and in the Name +-10I&# which &oses
named# in$oked# and heard in 0oreb the &ount of 6od# and he was found worthy to hear
0im speak from the 2urning 2ush* and by the Name 5IN "1P0# which 5aron heard# and
was at once made elo4uent# wise# and learned* and by the Name @52510# which
&oses named and in$oked# and all the ponds and ri$ers were co$ered with blood
throughout the land of +gypt* 1 and by the Name I1F# which &oses named and in$oked#
and striking upon the dust of the earth both men and beasts were struck with disease* ; and
by the Name# and in the Name P?I&+L&51N which &oses named and in$oked# and
there fell a great and se$ere hail throughout all the land of +gypt# destroying the $ines# the
trees# and the woods which were in that country* and by the Name I5P05?# which &oses
heard and in$oked# and immediately a great pestilence began to appear through all the land
of +gypt# striking and slaying the asses# the o/en# and the sheep of the +gyptians# so that
they all died* and by the Name 525FF1N which &oses in$oked and sprinkled the dust
towards hea$en# and immediately there fell so great rain upon the men# cattle# and flocks#
that they all died
p. <1
throughout the land of +gypt* and by the Name +-I1N which &oses in$oked# and there
fell so great hail as had ne$er been seen from the beginning of the world unto that time# so
that all men# and herds# and e$erything that was in the fields perished and died throughout
all the land of +gypt. 5nd by the Name 5F1N5I# which &oses ha$ing in$oked# there
came so great a 4uantity of locusts which appeared in the land of +gypt# that they de$oured
and swallowed up all that the hail had spared* and by the Name of P50+1N# 1 which
ha$ing in$oked# there arose so thick# so awful# and so terrible darkness throughout the land
of +gypt# during the space of three days and three nights# that almost all who were left ali$e
died* and by the Name K+"1F# and in the Name K+"1F# which &oses in$oked# and at
midnight all the first'born# both of men and of animals# died* and by the Name 1f
K+"0I&1N# which &oses named and in$oked# and the ?ed "ea di$ided itself and
separated in two* and by the Name 0+"I1N# which &oses in$oked# and all the army of
Pharaoh was drowned in the waters* and by the Name 5N521N5# which &oses ha$ing
heard upon &ount "inai# he was found worthy to recei$e and obtain the tables of stone
written with the finger of 6od the Creator* and by the Name +?K6I1N# which 3oshua
ha$ing in$oked when he fought against the &oabites# he defeated them and gained the
$ictory* and by the Name 015# and in the Name 015# which Fa$id in$oked# and he was
deli$ered from the hand of 6oliath* and by the Name K1F# which "olomon ha$ing named
and in$oked# he was found worthy to ask for and to obtain in sleep the Ineffable Eisdom of
6od* and by the Name KI5I# which "olomon ha$ing named and in$oked# he was found
worthy to ha$e power o$er all the Femons# Potencies# Powers# and Airtues of the 5ir.
2y these# then# and by all the other Names of 6od 5lmighty# 0oly# -i$ing# and rue# we
powerfully command ye# ye who by your own sin ha$e been cast down from the +mpyreal
0ea$en# and from before 0is hrone* by 0im Eho hath cast ye down unto the most
profound of the 5bysses of 0ell# we command ye boldly and resolutely* and by that terrible
Fay of the "o$ereign 7udgment of 6od# on which all the dry bones in the earth will arise to
hear and listen unto the Eord of 6od with their 2ody# and will present themsel$es before
the face of 6od 5lmighty* and by that -ast %ire which shall consume all things* by the
BCrystalD "ea which is known unto us# which is before the %ace of 6od* by the indicible and
ineffable $irtue# force# and power of the Creator 0imself# by 0is 5lmighty power# and by
the -ight and %lame which emanate from 0is Countenance# and which are before 0is %ace*
by the 5ngelical Powers which are in the 0ea$ens# and by the most great Eisdom of
p. <;
[paragraph continues] 5lmighty 6od* by the "eal of Fa$id# by the ?ing and "eal of "olomon#
which was re$ealed unto him by the &ost 0igh and "o$ereign Creator* and by the Nine
&edals or Pentacles# which we ha$e among our "ymbols# which proceed and come from
0ea$en# and are among the &ysteries of &ysteries or "ecrets of "ecrets# which you can
also behold in my hand# consecrated and e/orcised with the due and re4uisite Ceremonies.
2y these# then# and by all the "ecrets which the 5lmighty encloseth in the reasures of the
"o$ereign and 0ighest Eisdom# by 0is hand# and by 0is mar$ellous power* I con7ure#
force# and e/orcise ye that ye come without delay to perform in our presence that which we
shall command ye.
I con7ure ye anew by that most 0oly Name which the whole Lni$erse fears# respects# and
re$eres# which is written by these letters and characters# I1F# 0+# A5L# 0+* and by the
last and terrible 7udgment* by the "eat of 25-F5C0I5* 1 and by this 0oly Name# KI5I#
which &oses in$oked# and there followed that great 7udgment of 6od# when Fathan and
5biram were swallowed up in the centre of the earth. 1therwise# if ye contra$ene and resist
us by your disobedience unto the $irtue and power of this Name KI5I# we curse ye e$en
unto the Fepth of the 6reat 5byss# into the which we shall cast# hurl# and bind ye# if ye
show yoursel$es rebellious against the "ecret of "ecrets# and against the &ystery of
&ysteries. 5&+N# 5&+N. %I5# %I5.
his Con7uration thou shalt say and perform# turning thyself unto the +ast# and if they
appear not# thou shalt repeat it unto the "pirits# turning unto the "outh# the Eest# and the
North# in succession# when thou wilt ha$e repeated it four times. 5nd if they appear not
e$en then# thou shalt make the "ign of 5L ; upon the foreheads of thy companions# and
thou shalt say8''
2ehold anew the "ymbol and the Name of a "o$ereign and Con4uering 6od# through
which all the Lni$erse fears# trembles# and shudders# and through the most mysterious
words of the "ecret &ysteries and by their Airtue# "trength# and Power.
I con7ure ye anew# I constrain and command ye with the utmost $ehemence and power# by
that most potent and powerful Name of 6od# +-# strong and wonderful# by 0im Eho spake
and it was done* and by the Name I50# which &oses heard# and spoke with 6od* and by
the Name 56-5# which 3oseph in$oked# and was deli$ered out of the hands of his
brethren* and by the Name A5L# which 5braham heard# and knew 6od the 5lmighty 1ne*
and by the Name of %our -etters# +?56?5&&51N#
p. <<
which 3oshua named and in$oked# and he was rendered worthy and found deser$ing to lead
the 5rmy of Israel into the Promised -and* and by the Name 5N521N5# by which 6od
formed &an and the whole Lni$erse* and by the Name 5?P0+1N# 1 and in the Name
5?P0+1N# by which the 5ngels who are destined to that end will summon the Lni$erse#
in $isible body and form# and will assemble Ball peopleD together by the sound of the
rumpet at that terrible and awful Fay of 7udgment# when the memory of the wicked and
ungodly shall perish* and by the Name 5F1N5I# by which 6od will 7udge all human flesh#
at Ehose $oice all men# both good and e$il# will rise again# and all men and 5ngels will
assemble in the air before the -ord# Eho will 7udge and condemn the wicked* and by the
Name 1N+IP0+1N# ; by which 6od will summon the dead# and raise them up again unto
life* and by the Name +-10I&# and in the Name +-10I&# by which 6od will disturb and
e/cite tempests throughout all the seas# so that they will cast out the fish therefrom# and in
one day the third part of men about the sea and the ri$ers shall die* and by the Name
+-10I# < and in the Name +-10I# by which 6od will dry up the sea and the ri$ers# so that
men can go on foot through their channels* and by the Name 1N# and in the Name 1N# by
which 6od will restore and replace the sea# the ri$ers# the streams# and the brooks# in their
pre$ious state* and by the Name &+""I5C0# I and in the Name &+""I5C0# by which
6od will make all animals combat together# so that they shall die in a single day* and by the
Name 5?I+-# by which 6od will destroy in a single day all buildings# so that there shall
not be left one stone upon another* and by the Name I50# J by which 6od will cast one
stone upon another# so that all people and nations will fly from the sea'shore# and will say
unto them co$er us and hide us* and by the Name +&5NL+-# by which 6od will perform
wonders# and the winged creatures and birds of the air shall contend with one another* and
by the Name 5N5+-# : and in the Name 5N5+-# by which 6od will cast down the
mountains and fill up the $alleys# so that the surface of the earth shall be le$el in all parts*
and by the Name @+F+?+@5# = and in the Name @+F+?+@5# by which 6od will cause
the "un and &oon to be darkened# and the "tars of hea$en to fall* and by the Name
"+P0+?I+-# 8 by which 6od will come to Lni$ersal 7udgment#
p. <I
like a Prince newly crowned entering in triumph into his capital city# girded with a ,one of
gold# and preceded by 5ngels# and at 0is aspect all climes and parts of the Lni$erse shall
be troubled and astonished# and a fire shall go forth before 0im# and flames and storms
shall surround 0im* and by the Name au# 1 by which 6od brought the Feluge# and the
waters pre$ailed abo$e the mountains# and fifteen cubits abo$e their summits* and by the
Name ?L5C0I50# ; by which 6od ha$ing purged the 5ges# 0e will make 0is 0oly "pirit
to descend upon the Lni$erse# and will cast ye# ye rebellious "pirits# and unclean beings#
into the Fepths of the -ake of the 5byss# in misery# filth# and mire# and will place ye in
impure and foul dungeons bound with eternal chains of fire.
2y these Names then# and by all the other 0oly Names of 6od before Ehom no man can
stand and li$e# and which Names the armies of the Femons fear# tremble at# and shudder*
we con7ure ye# we potently e/orcise and command ye# con7uring ye in addition by the
terrible and tremendous P50" < of 61F and by 0is 0oly habitation wherein 0e reigneth
and commandeth unto the eternal 5ges. 5men.
2y the $irtue of all these aforesaid# we command ye that ye remain not in any place
wherein ye are# but to come hither promptly without delay to do that which we shall en7oin
ye. 2ut if ye be still contumacious# we# by the 5uthority of a "o$ereign and Potent 6od#
depri$e ye of all 4uality# condition# degree# and place which ye now en7oy# and precipitate
ye into and relegate ye unto the !ingdom of %ire and of "ulphur# to be there eternally
tormented. Come ye then from all parts of the earth# wheresoe$er ye may be# and behold
the "ymbols and Names of that riumphant "o$ereign Ehom all creatures obey# otherwise
we shall bind ye and conduct ye in spite of yoursel$es# into our presence bound with chains
of fire# because those effects which proceed and issue from our "cience and operation# are
ardent with a fire which shall consume and burn ye eternally# for by these the whole
Lni$erse trembleth# the earth is mo$ed# the stones thereof rush together# all creatures obey#
and the rebellious "pirits are tormented by the power of the "o$ereign Creator.
hen it is certain that they will come# e$en if they be bound with chains of fire# unless
pre$ented by affairs of the $ery greatest importance# but in this latter case they will send
ambassadors and messengers by whom thou shalt easily and surely learn what occupies the
"pirits and what they are about. 2ut if they appear not yet in answer to the abo$e
Con7uration# and are still disobedient# then let the &aster of the 5rt or +/orciser arise and
e/hort his Companions to be of good cheer and not to despair of the
p. <J
ultimate success of the operation* let him strike the air with the Consecrated !nife towards
the %our (uarters of the Lni$erse* and then let him kneel in the midst of the Circle# and the
Companions also in their se$eral places# and let them say consecuti$ely with him in a low
$oice# turning in the direction of the +ast# the following
I con7ure and pray ye# 1 ye 5ngels of 6od# and ye Celestial "pirits# to come unto mine aid*
come and behold the "igns of 0ea$en# and be my witness before the "o$ereign -ord# of the
disobedience of these e$il and fallen "pirits who were at one time your companions.
his being done# let the &aster arise# and constrain and force them by a stronger
con7uration# in manner following.
;>81 his Con7uration is almost identical with one gi$en in the )-emegeton#) or -esser !ey#
a different work# also attributed to "olomon.
<981 "ome &"". add# )et furent purifi.s.)
<98; "ome &"". substitute# )les hommes furent reduits en cendre# comme aussi les bSufs#
betail# et troupeau/ des +gyptiens.)
<181 his is often written P50L&1N in similar Con7urations# but the &"". before me
agree in gi$ing this form.
<;81 "ometimes# but as I think erroneously# written 2as'dathea. I imagine the word to mean
)-ord of -ife.)
<;8; 1r the Cross.
<<81 5lso written Hipeton* and I belie$e sometimes replaced by Anapheneton or
<<8; his word is gi$en $ariously in the &"".# as One+pheon# Ona+epheton# and
Donecepheron# etc.
<<8< 1r 6lia.
<<8I Ehat is said here refers symbolically to the rooting out of the +$il "pirits# and "hells#
from the Lni$erse by !ing &essiach# which is spoken of in the (abalah. he (abalah
sometimes e/presses the +$il "pirits by the words animals# or beasts# and creeping things.
<<8J he oldest &"". gi$es the abo$e form# in the others it is changed into 7aphat# /aphat#
and e$en 8aphet. It is probably a corruption of Achad Lnity.
<<8: his is also the name of the 5ngel of Aenus.
<<8= "o written in the oldest &".# the others gi$e it as 4edeesia# 4edee,ia# and 4ede,ias.
<<88 &eaning )emanating from 6od.) It is corrupted into Sephosiel# etc.# in the &"".
<I81 7aha# in 198:; 5dd. &"".
<I8; &eaning "pirit of Iah.
<I8< hat is# the hidden and occult grades and links of emanation in the "ephiroth. he later
&"". ha$e put# by a mistake# voi5 for voies* the oldest -atin &". gi$es "emitis.
2+01-F us again prepared to con7ure ye by the Names and "ymbols of 6od# wherewith
we are fortified# and by the $irtue of the 0ighest 1ne. Ee command ye and potently ordain
ye by the most strong and powerful Names of 6od# Eho is worthy of all praise# admiration#
honour# glory# $eneration# and fear# that ye delay not longer# but that ye appear before us
without any tumult or disturbance# but# on the contrary# with great respect and courtesy# in a
beautiful and human form.
If they then appear# let them see the Pentacles# and say8
1bey ye# 1bey ye# behold the "ymbols and Names of the Creator* be ye gentle and
peaceable# and obey in all things that we shall command ye.
hey will then immediately talk with thee# as a friend speaketh unto a friend. 5sk of them
all that thou desirest# with constancy# firmness# and assurance# and they will obey thee.
2ut if they appear not yet# let not the &aster on that account lose his courage# for there is
nothing in the world stronger and of greater force to o$erawe the "pirits than constancy. -et
him# howe$er# re'e/amine and reform the Circle# and let him take up a little dust of the
earth# which he shall cast towards the %our (uarters of the Lni$erse* and ha$ing placed his
!nife upon the ground# let him say on his knees# turning towards the direction of the North8
In the Name of 5F1N5I +-10I& @52510 "05FF5I# -ord 6od of 5rmies
5lmighty# may we successfully perform the works of our hands# and may the -ord be
present with us in our heart and in our lips.
hese words ha$ing been said kneeling upon the earth# let the &aster shortly after arise and
open his arms wide as if wishing to embrace the air# and say8
2y the 0oly Names of 6od written in this 2ook# and by the other 0oly and Ineffable
Names which are written in the 2ook of -ife# we
p. <=
con7ure ye to come unto us promptly and without any delay# wherefore tarry not# but appear
in a beautiful and agreeable form and figure# by these 0oly Names8 5F1N5I#
@52510# +-# +-10I# +-10I&# "05FF5I* and by +0+I+0# K1F 0+ A5L
0+#which is the 6reat Name of 6od +?56?5&&51N written with %our -etters#
5N5P01FI1N# and Ineffable* by the 6od of those Airtues and Potencies# Eho dwelleth
in the 0ea$ens# Eho rideth upon the !erubim# Eho mo$eth upon the Eings of the Eind#
0e Ehose Power is in 0ea$en and in +arth# Eho spake and it was done# Eho commanded
and the whole Lni$erse was created* and by the 0oly Names and in the 0oly Names# I50#
I50# I50# 5F1N5I @52510* and by all the Names of 6od# the -i$ing# and the rue#
I reiterate the Con7uration# and I con7ure ye afresh ye +$il and rebellious "pirits# abiding in
the 5bysses of Farkness.
I con7ure# I address# and I e/orcise ye# that ye may approach unto and come before the
hrone of 6od# the -i$ing and the rue# and before the ribunal of the 7udgment of 0is
&a7esty# and before the 0oly 5ngels of 6od to hear the sentence of your condemnation.
Come ye then by the Name and in the Name 1f "05FF5I# which is that of 6od 5lmighty#
strong# powerful# admirable# e/alted# pure# clean# glorified# $irtuous# great# 7ust# terrible#
and holy* and by the Name and in the Name of +-# I50# I50# I50# Eho hath formed and
created the world by the 2reath of 0is &outh# Eho supporteth it by 0is Power# Eho ruleth
and go$erneth it by 0is Eisdom# and Eho hath cast ye for your pride into the -and of
Farkness and into the "hadow of Feath.
herefore# by the Name of the -i$ing 6od# Eho hath formed the hea$ens abo$e# and hath
laid the foundations of the earth beneath# we command ye that# immediately and without
any delay# ye come unto us from all places# $alleys# mountains# hills# fields# seas# ri$ers#
fountains# ponds# brooks# ca$erns# grottos# cities# towns# $illages# markets# fairs#
habitations# baths# courtyards# gardens# $ineyards# plantations# reser$oirs# cisterns# and from
e$ery corner of the terrestrial earth where ye may happen to be in your assemblies# so that
ye may e/ecute and accomplish our demands with all mildness and courtesy* by that
Ineffable Name which &oses heard and in$oked# which he recei$ed from 6od from the
midst of the 2urning 2ush# we con7ure ye to obey our commands# and to come unto us
promptly with all gentleness of manner.
5gain we command ye with $ehemence# and we e/orcise ye with constancy# that ye and all
your comrades come unto us in an agreeable and gracious manner like the bree,e# to
accomplish successi$ely our $arious commands and desires. Come ye# then# by the $irtue of
these Names by the which we e/orcise ye* 5N5I# TC005F# ?5N"IN# +&+0#
C05I5# I1N5# P?1%5# I5C0+# 2+N 5NI# 2?I50# 0+I* all which names are
p. <8
written in 0ea$en in the characters of &alachim# 1 that is to say# the tongue of the 5ngels.
Ee then# by the 7ust 7udgment of 6od# by the Ineffable and 5dmirable Airtue of 6od# 7ust#
li$ing# and true# we call ye with power# we force and e/orcise ye by and in the admirable
Name which was written on the ables of "tone which 6od ga$e upon &ount "inai* and by
and in the wonderful Name which 5aron the 0igh Priest bare written upon his breast# by
which also 6od created the Eorld# the which name is 5HIN+1N* and by the -i$ing 6od
Eho is 1ne throughout the 5ges# whose dwelling is in the Ineffable -ight# Ehose Name is
Eisdom# and Ehose "pirit is -ife# before Ehom goeth forth %ire and %lame# Eho hath
from that %ire formed the firmament# the "tars and the "un* and Eho with that %ire will
burn ye all for e$er# as also all who shall contra$ene the Eords of 0is Eill.
Come ye# then# without delay# without noise# and without rage# before us# without any
deformity or hideousness# to e/ecute all our will* come ye from all places wherein ye are#
from all mountains# $alleys# streams# ri$ers# brooks# ponds# places# baths# synagogues* for
6od# strong and powerful# will chase ye and constrain ye# being glorious o$er all things* 0e
will compel ye# both ye and the Prince of Farkness. Come ye# come ye# 5ngels of
Farkness* come hither before this Circle without fear# terror# or deformity# to e/ecute our
commands# and be ye ready both to achie$e and to complete all that we shall command ye.
Come ye# then# by the Crown of the Chief of your +mperors# and by the "ceptres of your
power# and of "IF# the 6reat Femon# your &aster* by the Names and in the Names of the
0oly 5ngels who ha$e been created to be abo$e you# long before the constitution of the
world* and by the Names of the two Princes of the Lni$erse# whose Names are I1NI+- and
"+%1NI+-* by the rod of &oses# by the staff of 3acob* by the ring and seal of Fa$id#
wherein are written the Names of "o$ereign 6od* and by the Names of the 5ngels by
which "olomon has linked and bound ye* and by the sacred bonds by which 5N5+- hath
en$ironed and hath con4uered the "pirit* and by the Name of the 5ngel who ruleth potently
o$er the rest# and by the praise of all creatures who cry incessantly unto 6od# Eho spake#
and immediately all things# e$en the 5ges# were made and formed* and by the Name 05'
(5F1"C0 2+?5!05# which signifieth the 0oly and 2lessed 1ne* and by the en
Choirs of the 0oly 5ngels# C05I10 05'(5F+"0# 5LP05NI&# 5?5-I&#
C05"0&5-I&# "+?5P0I&# &5-5C0I&# +-10I&# 2+NI +-10I&# !+?L2I&#
and I"0I&* and by and
p. <>
in the "acred name of wel$e -etters of which each -etter is the Name of an 5ngel# and the
letters of the Name are 5-+P0# 1 2+0# 2+0# NLN# A5L# ?+"0# A5L# C0+0# 0+#
(1P0# F5-+0# "0IN.
2y these Names therefore# and by all the other 0oly Names# we con7ure ye and we e/orcise
ye by the 5ngel @+C0I+-* by the 5ngel FLC0I+-* by the 5ngel F1N5C0I+- and by
the 6reat 5ngel &+5?1N# Eho is the Prince of the 5ngels# and introduceth the "ouls
before the %ace of 6od* and by the 5ngel "5N65?I+-# by whom the portals of 0ea$en
are guarded* and by the 5ngel !+?L2# who was made the 6uardian of the errestrial
Paradise# with a "word of %lame# after the e/pulsion of 5dam our forefather* and by the
5ngel &IC05+- by whom ye were hurled down from the 0eight of the 0?1N+ into the
Fepth of the -ake and of the 5byss# the same Name meaning# )Eho is like 6od upon
+arth)* and by the 5ngel 5NI+-* and by the 5ngel 1P0I+-* and by the 5ngel 2+F5-I+-*
wherefore# by these and by all the other 0oly Names of the 5ngels# we powerfully con7ure
and e/orcise ye# that ye come from all parts of the world immediately# and without any
delay# to perform our will and demands# obeying us 4uickly and courteously# and that ye
come by the Name and in the Name of 5-+P0# F5-+0# NLN# I1F# for we e/orcise ye
anew by the application of these -etters# by whose power burning fire is 4uenched# and the
whole Lni$erse trembleth.
Ee constrain ye yet again by the "eal of the "un which is the Eord of 6od* and by the "eal
of the &oon and of the "tars we bind ye* and by the other 5nimals and Creatures which are
in 0ea$en# by whose wings 0ea$en cleanseth itself# we force and attract ye imperiously to
e/ecute our will without failure. 5nd we con7ure# oblige# and terribly e/orcise ye# that ye
draw near unto us without delay and without fear# as far as is possible unto ye# here before
this Circle# as supplicants gently and with discretion# to accomplish our will in all and
through all. If ye come promptly and $oluntarily# ye shall inhale our perfumes# and our
suffumigations of pleasant odour# which will be both agreeable and delightful unto ye.
%urthermore ye will see the "ymbol of your Creator# and the Names of his 0oly 5ngels#
and we shall afterwards dismiss ye# and send ye hence with thanks. 2ut if# on the contrary#
ye come not 4uickly# and ye show yoursel$es self'opinionated# rebellious# and
contumacious# we shall con7ure ye again# and e/orcise ye ceaselessly# and will repeat all the
aforesaid words and 0oly Names of 6od and of the 0oly 5ngels* by the which Names we
shall harass you# and if that be not sufficient we will add thereunto
p. I9
yet greater and more powerful ones# and we will thereunto again add other Names which ye
ha$e not yet heard from us# which are those of an 5lmighty 6od# and which will make ye
tremble and 4uake with fear# both ye and your princes* by the which Names we con7ure
both you and them also# and we shall not desist from our work until the accomplishment of
our will. 2ut if perchance ye yet shall harden yoursel$es# and show yoursel$es self'
opinionated# disobedient# rebellious# refractory# and contumacious# and if ye yet resist our
powerful con7urations# we shall pronounce against you this warrant of arrest in the Name of
6od 5lmighty# and this definite sentence that ye shall fall into dangerous disease and
leprosy* and that in sign of the Fi$ine Aengeance ye shall all perish by a terrifying and
horrible death# and that a fire shall consume and de$our you on e$ery side# and utterly crush
you* and that by the Power of 6od# a flame shall go forth from 0is &outh which shall burn
ye up and reduce ye unto nothing in 0ell. Eherefore delay ye not to come# for we shall not
cease from these powerful con7urations until ye shall be' obliged to appear against your
hus then# therefore# we anew con7ure and e/orcise ye by and in the 0oly Name 1f 1N#
which is interpreted and called 6od* by the Name and in the Name of +0+I+0# which is
the true Name of 6od# )I am 0e Eho is)* by and in the Ineffable Name of %our -etters K1F
0+ A5L 0+# the !nowledge and understanding of which is hidden e$en from the 5ngels*
by the Name and in the Name of +-# which signifieth and denoteth the powerful and
consuming fire which issueth from 0is Countenance# and which shall be your ruin and
destruction* and by the -ight of the 5ngels which is kindled and taken ineffably from that
flame of Fi$ine ardour.
2y these then# and by other &ost 0oly Names which we pronounce against you from the
bottom of our hearts# do we force and constrain ye# if ye be yet rebellious and disobedient.
Ee con7ure ye powerfully and strongly e/orcise ye# that ye come unto us with 7oy and
4uickness# without fraud or deceit# in truth and not in error.
Come ye then# come ye# behold the "igns and the Names of your Creator# behold the 0oly
Pentacles by the $irtue of which the +arth is mo$ed# the trees thereof and the 5bysses
tremble. Come ye* come ye* come ye.
hese things being thus done and performed# ye shall see the "pirits come from all sides in
great haste with their Princes and "uperiors* the "pirits of the %irst 1rder# like "oldiers#
armed with spears# shields# and corslets* those of the "econd 1rder like 2arons# Princes#
Fukes# Captains# and 6enerals of 5rmies. %or the hird and last 1rder their !ing will
appear# before whom go many players on instruments of
p. I1
music# accompanied by beautiful and melodious $oices which sing in chorus.
hen the +/orcist# or &aster of the 5rt# at the arri$al of the !ing# whom he shall see
crowned with a Fiadem# should unco$er the 0oly Pentacles and &edals which he weareth
upon his breast co$ered with a cloth of silk or of fine twined linen# and show them unto
him# saying8''
2ehold the "igns and 0oly Names by and before whose power e$ery knee should bow# of
all that is in 0ea$en# upon +arth# or in 0ell. 0umble ye yoursel$es# therefore# under the
&ighty hand of 6od.
hen will the !ing bow the knee before thee# and will say# )Ehat dost thou wish# and
wherefore hast thou caused us to come hither from the Infernal 5bodesC)
hen shall the +/orcist# or &aster of &agical 5rt# with an assured air and a gra$e and
imperious $oice# order and command him to be tran4uil# to keep the rest of his attendants
peaceable# and to impose silence upon them.
-et him# also# renew his fumigations# and offer large 4uantities of Incense# which he should
at once place upon the fire# in order to appease the "pirits as he hath promised them. 0e
should then co$er the Pentacles# and he will see wonderful things# which it is impossible to
relate# touching worldly matters and all sciences.
his being finished# let the &aster unco$er the Pentacles# and demand all that he shall wish
from the !ing of the "pirits# and if there are one or two "pirits only# it will be the same* and
ha$ing obtained all his desire# he shall thus license them to depart8''
In the Name of 5F1N5I# the +ternal and +$erlasting 1ne# let each of you return unto his
place* be there peace between us and you# and be ye ready to come when ye are called.
5fter this he should recite the first chapter of 6enesis# )9erashith 9ara 6lohim# In the
beginning# etc.)
his being done# let them all in order 4uit the Circle# one after the other# the &aster first.
%urthermore let them bathe their faces with the e/orcised water# as will be hereafter told#
and then let them take their ordinary raiment and go about their business.
ake notice and obser$e carefully that this last con7uration is of so great importance and
efficacy# that e$en if the "pirits were bound with chains of iron and fire# or shut up in some
strong place# or retained by an oath# they could not e$en then delay to come. 2ut supposing
that they were being con7ured in some other place or part of the Lni$erse by some other
+/orcist or &aster of the 5rt# by the same con7uration* the &aster
p. I;
should add to his con7uration that they should at least send him some &essengers# or some
indi$idual to declare unto him where they are# how employed# and the reason why they
cannot come and obey him.
2ut if Bwhich is almost impossibleD they be e$en yet self'opinionated and disobedient# and
unwilling to obey* in this case their names should be written on $irgin paper# which he
should soil and fill with mud# dust# or clay. hen he shall kindle a fire with dry rue# upon
which he shall put powdered assafStida# and other things of e$il odour* after which let him
put the aforesaid names# written on parchment or'$irgin paper# upon the fire# saying8''
I con7ure thee# 1 Creature of %ire# by 0im who remo$eth the +arth# and maketh it tremble#
that thou burn and torment these "pirits# so that they may feel it intensely# and that they
may be burned eternally by thee.
his being said# thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the fire# saying8''
2e ye accursed# damned# and eternally repro$ed* and be ye tormented
with perpetual pain# so that ye may find no repose by night nor by day# nor for a single
moment of time# if ye obey not immediately the command of 0im Eho maketh the
Lni$erse to tremble* by these Names# and in $irtue of these Names# the which being named
and in$oked all creatures obey and tremble with fear and terror# these Names which can
turn aside
lightning and thunder* and which will utterly make you to perish# destroy# and banish you.
hese Names then are 5leph# 2eth# 6imel# Faleth# 0e# Aau# @ayin# Cheth# eth# Kod# !aph#
-amed# &em# Nun# "amekh# 5yin# Pe# ,addi# (oph# ?esh# "hin# au. 1
2y these secret Names# therefore# and by these signs which are full of &ysteries# we curse
ye# and in $irtue of the power of the hree Principles# 5leph# ; &em# "hin# we depri$e ye of
all office and dignity which ye may ha$e en7oyed up till now* and by their $irtue and power
we relegate you into a lake of sulphur and of flame# and unto the deepest depths of the
5byss# that ye may burn therein eternally for e$er.
hen will they assuredly come without any delay# and in great haste# crying8 ) 1 1ur -ord
and Prince# deli$er us out of this suffering.)
5ll this time thou shouldest ha$e near thee ready an e/orcised pen#
p. I<
paper# and ink# as will be described hereinafter. Erite their Names afresh# and kindle fresh
fire# whereon thou shalt put gum ben7amin# olybdanum# and stora/ to make therewith a
fumigation* with these odours thou shalt afresh perfume the aforesaid paper with the
Names* but thou shouldest ha$e these names ready prepared beforehand. hen show them
the 0oly Pentacles# and ask of them what thou wilt# and thou shalt obtain it* and ha$ing
gained thy purpose# send away the "pirits# saying8''
2y the $irtue of these Pentacles# and because ye ha$e been obedient# and ha$e obeyed the
commandments of the Creator# feel and inhale this grateful odour# and afterwards depart ye
unto your abodes and retreats* be there peace between us and you* be ye e$er ready to come
when ye shall be cited and called* and may the blessing of 6od# as far as ye are capable of
recei$ing it# be upon you# pro$ided ye be obedient and prompt to come unto us without
solemn rites and obser$ances on our part.
hou shouldest further make a 2ook of $irgin paper# and therein write the foregoing
con7urations# and constrain the Femons to swear upon the same 2ook that they will come
whene$er they be called# and present themsel$es before thee# whene$er thou shalt wish to
consult them. 5fterwards thou canst co$er this 2ook with sacred "igils on a plate of sil$er#
and therein write or engra$e the 0oly Pentacles. hou mayest open this 2ook either on
"undays or on hursdays# rather at night than by day# and the "pirits will come.
?egarding the e/pression )night#) understand the night following# and not the night
preceding the aforesaid days. 5nd remember that by day Bthe FemonsD are ashamed# for
they are 5nimals of Farkness.
<881 he &ystic 5lphabet known as the )Eriting of &alachim) is formed from the positions
of the "tars in the hea$ens# by drawing imaginary lines from one star to another so as to
obtain the shapes of the characters of this 5lphabet.
<>81 Ehich -etters I ha$e# with much care# corrected# for in the &"". the letters are
7umbled together in hopeless confusion# Se+m is written for Shin# Res for 9eth# etc. he
Name is Ab# 9en# Ve Ruach Ha:;adesch# %ather# "on# and 0oly "pirit# here are two other
Names of wel$e -etters fre4uently employed# 0(FA"h 2?A! 0A5# 0oly and 2lessed
be 0e* and 5FNI 0&-! N5&N# he -ord# the faithful !ing* besides other forms.
I;81 Ehich are the Names of the -etters of the 0ebrew 5lphabet# to each of which a
special mystic meaning and power is attached# besides its ordinary application.
I;8; he -iteral "ymbols of 5ir# Eater# and %ire* which are called by the "epher Ket,irah
the hree &other -etters.
5s we ha$e already made mention of the Pentacles# it is necessary that thou shouldest
understand that the whole "cience and understanding of our !ey dependeth upon the
operation# !nowledge# and use of Pentacles.
0e then who shall wish to perform any operation by the means of the &edals# or Pentacles#
and therein to render himself e/pert# must obser$e what hath been hereinbefore ordained.
-et him then# 1 my "on ?oboam# know and understand that in the aforesaid Pentacles he
shall find those Ineffable and &ost 0oly Names which were written by the finger of 6od in
the ablets of &oses* and which I# "olomon# ha$e recei$ed through the &inistry of an
5ngel by Fi$ine ?e$elation. hese then ha$e I collected together# arranged# consecrated#
and kept# for the benefit of the human race# and the preser$ation of 2ody and of "oul.
he Pentacles should then be made in the days and hours of &ercury# when the &oon is in
an aerial 1or terrestrial sign* she should also be in her increase# and in e4ual number of days
with the "un.
It is necessary to ha$e a Chamber or Cabinet specially set apart and newly cleaned# wherein
thou canst remain without interruption# the which ha$ing entered with thy Companions#
thou shalt incense and perfume it with the odours and perfumes of the 5rt. he sky should
be clear and serene. It is necessary that thou shouldest ha$e one or more pieces of $irgin
paper prepared and arranged ready# as we shall tell you more fully later on# in its place.
hou shalt commence the writing or construction of the Pentacles in the hour aforesaid.
5mong other things# thou shalt chiefly use these colours8 6old# Cinnabar or Aermilion ?ed#
and celestial or brilliant 5,ure 2lue. %urthermore# thou shalt make these &edals or
Pentacles with e/orcised pen and colours# as we shall hereafter show thee.
p. IJ
Ehensoe$er thou constructest them# if thou canst complete them in the hour wherein thou
didst begin them# it is better. 0owe$er# if it be absolutely necessary to interrupt the work#
thou shouldest await the proper day and hour before re'commencing it.
he Pentacles being finished and completed# take a cloth of $ery fine silk# as we shall
hereafter ordain thee# in the which thou shalt wrap the Pentacles. 5fter which thou shalt
take a large Aessel of +arth filled with Charcoal# upon the which there must be put
frankincense# mastic# and aloes# all ha$ing been pre$iously con7ured and e/orcised as shall
hereafter be told thee. hou must also be thyself pure# clean# and washed# as thou shalt find
gi$en in the proper place. %urthermore# thou shouldest ha$e the "ickle or !nife of &agical
5rt# with the which thou shalt make a Circle# and trace within it an inner circle# and in the
space between the two thou shalt write the Names of 6od# 1 which thou shalt think fit and
proper. It is necessary after this that thou shouldest ha$e within the Circle a $essel of earth
with burning coals and odoriferous perfumes thereon* with the which thou shalt fumigate
the aforesaid Pentacles* and# ha$ing turned thy face towards the +ast# thou shalt hold the
said Pentacles o$er the smoke of the Incense# and shalt repeat de$outly the following
Psalms of Fa$id my %ather8 Psalms $iii.# //i.# //$ii.# //i/.# ///ii.# li.# l//ii.# c///i$. ;
B%or a con$enient form of Circle which may be used for preparing Instruments and other
things of the same kind# as well as for consecrating the Pentacles# see Figure '.D
5fter this thou shalt repeat the following 1ration8''
1 5F1N5I most powerful# +- most strong# 56-5 most holy# 1N &ost righteous# the
5-+P0 < and the 5L# the 2eginning and the +nd* hou Eho hast established all things in
hy Eisdom* hou Eho has chosen 5braham hy faithful ser$ant# and hast promised that
in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed# which seed hou hast multiplied as the
"tars of 0ea$en* hou Eho hast appeared unto hy ser$ant &oses in flame in the midst of
the 2urning 2ush# and hast made him walk with dry feet through the ?ed "ea* hou Eho
ga$est the -aw to him upon &ount "inai* hou Eho hast granted unto "olomon hy
"er$ant these Pentacles by hy great &ercy# for the preser$ation of "oul and of 2ody* we
most humbly implore and supplicate hy 0oly &a7esty# that these Pentacles may be
consecrated by hy power# and prepared in such manner that
p. I:
they may obtain $irtue and strength against all "pirits# through hee# 1 &ost 0oly
5F1N5I# Ehose !ingdom# +mpire# and principality remaineth and endureth without end.
hese words being said# thou shalt perfume the Pentacles with the same sweet scents and
perfumes# and afterwards ha$ing wrapped them in a piece of prepared silk cloth# thou shalt
put them in a place fit and clean# which thou mayest open whene$er it shall please thee# and
close it again# at thy pleasure and according unto thy will. Ee will hereafter show thee the
method and manner of preparing the aforesaid place# of perfuming it with scents and sweet
odours# and of sprinkling it with the Eater and Eater'"prinkler of &agical 5rt* for all these
things contain many good properties# and innumerable $irtues# as e/perience will easily
teach thee.
Ee ha$e already said sufficient regarding the "olemn Con7uration of "pirits.
Ee ha$e also spoken enough in our present !ey# regarding the manner in which it is
necessary to attract the "pirits so as to make them speak. Now# by Fi$ine aid# I will teach
thee how to perform certain e/periments with success.
!now# 1 1 my "on ?oboam# that all the Fi$ine "igils# Characters# and Names Bwhich are
the most precious and e/cellent things in Nature# whether errestrial or CelestialD# should
be written by thee each separately#
when thou art in a state of grace and purity# upon $irgin parchment# with ordinary ink# in
the beginning of the month ; of 5ugust before sunrise# raising thine eyes unto hea$en# and
turning towards the east. hou shalt preser$e them to suspend from thy neck# whiche$er
thou wilt# on the day and hour wherein thou wast born# after which thou shalt take heed to
name e$ery day ten times# the Name which is hung from thy neck# turning towards the +ast#
and thou mayest be assured that no enchantment or any other danger shall ha$e power to
harm thee.
%urthermore thou shalt $an4uish all ad$ersities# and shalt be cherished and lo$ed by the
5ngels and "pirits# pro$ided that thou hast made their characters and that thou hast them
upon thee* I assure thee that this is the true way to succeed with ease in all thine operations#
for being fortified with a Fi$ine Name# and the -etters# Characters# and "igils# applicable
unto the operation# thou shalt disco$er with what supernatural e/actitude and $ery great
promptitude# both errestrial and Celestial things will be obedient unto thee. 2ut all this
will only be true# when accompanied by the Pentacles which hereinafter follow# seeing that
the "eals# Characters# and Fi$ine Names# ser$e only to fortify the work# to preser$e from
unforeseen accidents# and to attract the familiarity of the 5ngels and "pirits
p. I=
which is one reason# my "on# that before making any e/periment# I order thee to read and
re'read my estament# not once only but many times# so that being perfectly instructed In
the se$eral Ceremonies thou mayest in no way fail# and that thus what shall ha$e pre$iously
appeared to thee difficult and lengthy# may become in process of time easy and of $ery
great use.
I am about to endow thee with many secrets# which I charge thee ne$er to employ for an
e$il purpose# for 5CCL?"+F 2+ 0+ E01 5!+0 0+ N5&+ 1%5-&I60K 61F
IN A5IN* but thou mayest without any other ceremonies make use of them# pro$ided that#
as I ha$e already said# thou hast only the 6lory of +ternal 6od for thine ob7ect. hus# after
ha$ing taught thee all the Ceremonies which concern the manner of performing the
1perations# I am at length determined to make thee a partaker in the secrets of which I ha$e
particular knowledge# unknown to this day unto the generality of men* but# ne$ertheless#
only on the condition that thou attemptest not the ruin and destruction of thy neighbour# for
his blood will cry for $engeance unto 6od# and in the end thou and thine shall feel the 7ust
wrath of an offended Feity. 0owe$er# 6od not ha$ing forbidden honest and lawful
pleasures# thou mayest perform boldly the 1perations which follow# it being always
especially necessary to distinguish between the good and the e$il# so as to choose the
former and a$oid the latter# which is why I command thee to be attenti$e to all that is
contained in this my estament.
II81 i.e. in 6emini# -ibra# 54uarius# aurus# Airgo# or Capricorn.
IJ81 Preferably those ha$ing some reference to the work in hand.
IJ8; I ha$e gi$en the numbers of the Psalms according to the 6nglish# not the Hebre#
IJ8< he (abalistic word 5@10 may be substituted for )the 5leph and the au.)
I:81 %rom here to the end of the Chapter is only gi$en in -ansdowne &"". 1;9<.
I:8; i.e. Ehen the "un is in the "ign -eo.
&y belo$ed "on# if thou findest any heft# thou shalt do as is hereinafter ordained# and with
the help of 6od thou shalt find that which hath been taken away.
If the hours and days be not otherwise ordained in this operation# thou must refer to what
hath already been said. 2ut before commencing any operation whatsoe$er for the reco$ery
of things stolen# after ha$ing made all necessary preparations# thou shalt say the following
5teh 1 5donai +lohim 5sher 0a'"hamain Ae'0a'5ret,# etc.
hou# 1 -ord# Eho hast made both 0ea$en and +arth# and hast measured them in the
hollow of hy hand* hou Eho art seated upon the !erubim and the "eraphim# in the high
places# whereunto human understanding cannot penetrate* hou Eho hast created all things
by hine agency# in Ehose Presence are the -i$ing Creatures# of which four are
mar$ellously $olatile# which ha$e si/ wings# and who incessantly cry aloud8 )(5F1"C0#
(5F1"C0# (5F1"C0# 5F1N5I +-10I& @52510# 0ea$en and +arth are full of
hy glory)* 1 -ord 6od# hou Eho hast e/pelled 5dam from the errestrial Paradise# and
Eho hast placed the !erubim to guard the ree of -ife# hou art the -ord Eho alone doest
wonders* show forth I pray hee hy 6reat &ercy# by the 0oly City of 3erusalem# by hy
wonderful Name of four letters which are K1F# 0+# A5L# 0+# and by hy 0oly and
5dmirable Name# gi$e unto me the power and $irtue to enable me to accomplish this
e/periment# and to come unto the desired end of this operation* through hee Eho art -ife#
and unto Ehom -ife belongeth unto the eternal ages. 5men.
5fter this perfume and cense the place with good scents and sweet
p. I>
odours. his aforesaid place should be pure# clean# safe from interruption or disturbance#
and proper to the work# as we shall hereafter show. hen sprinkle the aforesaid place with
consecrated Eater# as is laid down in the Chapter concerning Circles.
he 1peration being in such wise prepared# thou shalt rehearse the Con7uration necessary
for this e/periment# at the end of which hou shalt say as follows8''
1 5lmighty %ather and -ord# Eho regardest the 0ea$ens# the +arth# and the 5byss#
mercifully grant unto me by hy 0oly Name written with four letters# K1F# 0+# A5L# 0+#
that by this e/orcism I may obtain $irtue# hou Eho art I50# I50# I50# grant that by hy
power these "pirits may disco$er that which we re4uire and which we hope to find# and
may they show and declare unto us the persons who ha$e committed the theft# and where
they are to be found.
I con7ure ye anew# ye "pirits abo$e named# by all the aforesaid Names# through which all
things created tremble# that ye show openly unto me Bor unto this child here present with
us 1D those things which we seek.
hese things being accomplished they will make thee to see plainly that which thou
seekest. ake note that the +/orcist# or &aster of the 5rt# should be such as is ordained in
the Chapter concerning the +/orcist and his Companions* and if in this e/periment it should
be necessary to write down characters or Names# thou shalt do that which it is necessary to
obser$e regarding the pen# ink# and paper# as is duly prescribed in the Chapters concerning
%or if thou dost not regard these things# thou wilt neither accomplish that which thou
desirest# nor arri$e at thy desired end.
ake a "ie$e and suspend it by a piece of cord wherewith a man has been hung# which
should be fastened round the circumference of the rim. Eithin the rim write with blood in
the four di$isions thereof the characters gi$en in Figure <. 5fter this take a basin of brass
perfectly clean which thou shalt fill with water from a fountain# and ha$ing pronounced
these words8 FI+" &I+" K+"'C0+ 2+N+ F1N+ %+ F1NNI&5 &++&5L@# make
the sie$e spin round with thy left hand# and at the same time turn with thy right hand the
water in the basin in a contrary direction# by stirring it with a twig of green laurel. Ehen the
water becometh still and the sie$e no longer whirls# ga,e fi/edly into the water# and thou
shalt see the form of him who hath committed the theft* and in order that
p. J9
thou mayest the more easily recognise him# thou shalt mark him in some part of his face
with the &agical "word of 5rt* for that sign which thou shalt ha$e cut therewith in the
water# shall be really found thereafter upon his own person.
ake a "ie$e and stick into the outside of the rim the open points of a pair of scissors# and
ha$ing rested the rings of the said opened scissors on the thumb'nails of two persons# let
one of them say the following Prayer8''
FI+" &I+" K+"'C0+ 2+N+ F1N+ %+ F1NNI&5 &++&5L@* 1 -ord# Eho
liberatedst the holy "usanna from a false accusation of crime* 1 -ord# Eho liberatedst the
holy hekla* 1 -ord# Eho rescuedst the holy Faniel from the den of lions# and the hree
Children from the burning fiery furnace# free the innocent and re$eal the guilty.
5fter this let him or her pronounce aloud the names and surnames of all the persons li$ing
in the house where the theft hast been committed# who may be suspected of ha$ing stolen
the things in 4uestion# saying8''
)2y "aint Peter and "aint Paul# such a person hath not done this thing.)
5nd let the other reply
)2y "aint Peter and "aint Paul# he Bor sheD hath not done it.)
-et this be repeated thrice for each person named and suspected# and it is certain that on
naming the person who hath committed the theft or done the crime# the sie$e will turn of
itself without its being able to stop it# and by this thou shalt know the e$il doer.
I881 his is simply the 0ebrew of the prayer which follows* but in the &". Codices it is so
mutilated as to be worthless.
I>81 5 child employed as a clair$oyant in the operation* as is still the custom in some
places in the +ast.
I>8; he rest of this Chapter is from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
J981 his is the ancient di$ination by the sie$e and shears# and from "t. Peter and "t. Paul
being mentioned in it# has e$idently undergone a mediae$al reconstruction.
I% thou wishest to perform the +/periment of In$isibility# thou shalt follow the instructions
for the same. If it be necessary to obser$e the day and the hour# thou shalt do as is said in
their Chapters. 2ut if thou needest not obser$e the day and the hour as marked in the
Chapter thereon# thou shalt do as taught in the Chapter which precedeth it. If in the course
of the e/periment it be necessary to write anything# it should be done as is described in the
Chapters pertaining thereto# with the proper pen# paper# and ink# or blood. 2ut if the matter
is to be accomplished by in$ocation# before thy con7urations# thou shalt say de$outly in
thine heart8''
"C+521-+"# 5?25?1N# +-10I# +-I&I6I0# 0+?+N12L-CL-+# &+0+#
25-L0# I&5K5-# AI--5(LI+-# +A+NI# K+AI+# %+?++# 25CL0525#
6LA5?IN* through 0im by Ehom ye ha$e empire and power o$er men# ye must
accomplish this work so that I may go and remain in$isible.
5nd if it be necessary in this operation to trace a Circle# thou shalt do as is ordained in the
Chapter concerning Circles* and if it be necessary to write characters# etc.# thou shalt follow
the instructions gi$en in the respecti$e Chapters.
his operation being thus prepared# if there be an especial Con7uration to perform# thou
shalt repeat it in the proper manner* if not# thou shalt say the general Con7uration# at the end
of which thou shalt add the following words8''
1 thou 5-&I?5"# &aster of In$isibility# with thy &inisters C0+?16# &5I1?#
5N6+F+&# ?5N"IFI&# "LA5N1"# 52+-5I1"# 21?+F# 2+-5&I0#
C5"L&I# F52L+-* I con7ure ye by 0im Eho maketh +arth and 0ea$en to tremble#
Eho is seated upon the hrone of 0is &a7esty# that this operation may be perfectly
accomplished according to my will# so that at whatsoe$er time it may please me# I may be
able to be in$isible.
I con7ure thee anew# 1 5-&I?5"# Chief of In$isibility# both thee and
p. J;
thy &inisters# by 0im through Ehom all things ha$e their being# and by "5L?I+-#
05?C0I+-# F5NI+-# 2+NI+-# 5""I&1N+&# that thou immediately comest hither with
all thy &inisters# and achie$est this operation# as thou knowest it ought to be accomplished#
and that by the same operation thou render me in$isible# so that none may be able to see
In order then to accomplish this aforesaid operation# thou must prepare all things necessary
with re4uisite care and diligence# and put them in practice with all the general and
particular ceremonies laid down for these e/periments* and with all the conditions
contained in our first and second 2ooks. hou shalt also in the same operations duly repeat
the appropriate Con7urations# with all the solcmnitieJ marked in the respecti$e Chapters.
hus shalt thou accomplish the e/periment surely and without hindrance# and thus shalt
thou find it true.
2ut# on the contrary# if thou lettest any of these things escape thee# or if thou despiseth
them# ne$er shalt thou be able to arri$e at thy proposed end* as# for e/ample# we enter not
easily into a fenced city o$er its walls but through its gates.
&ake a small image of yellow wa/# in the form of a man# in the month 3anuary and in the
day and hour of "aturn# and at that time write with a needle abo$e the crown of its head and
upon its skull which thou shalt ha$e adroitly raised# the character following. BSee Figure =.D
5fter which thou shalt replace the skull in proper position. hou shalt then write upon a
small strip of the skin of a frog or toad which thou shalt ha$e killed# the following words
and characters. BSee Figure ..D hou shalt then go and suspend the said figure by one of thy
hairs from the $ault of a ca$ern at the hour of midnight# and perfuming it with the proper
incense thou shalt say8''
&+5?1N# &+-+!0# 2+?10# N10# A+NI22+0# &5C0# and all ye# I con7ure
thee# 1 %igure of wa/# by the -i$ing 6od# that by the $irtue of these Characters and words#
thou render me in$isible# where$er I may bear thee with me. 5men.
5nd after ha$ing censed it anew# thou shalt bury it in the same place in a small deal bo/#
and e$ery time that thou wishest to pass or enter into any place without being seen# thou
shalt say these words# bearing the aforesaid figure in thy left pocket8''
Come unto me and ne$er 4uit me whithersoe$er I shall go.
5fterwards thou shalt take it carefully back unto the before'mentioned place and co$er it
with earth until thou shalt need it again.
J;81 he rest of this Chapter is from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
5!+ a stick of green elder# from the two ends of which thou shalt clean out the pith. In
each end place a strip of parchment of hare'skin# ha$ing written thereon with the blood of a
black hen the following character and word. BSee Figure *.D 0a$ing made two of these
slips# place one in each end of the stick and close the apertures up with pith# afterwards on a
%riday in the month of %ebruary thou shalt fumigate the aforesaid stick with suitable
incense thrice in the air# and ha$ing taken it thence thou shalt bury it in the earth under an
elder'tree. 5fterwards thou shalt e/pose it in the pathway by which the sportsman will pass#
and once he has passed by it# he need not hope to kill any game during that day. If thou
shalt wish a second time to lay a spell upon him in like manner# thou needest but to e/pose
the stick again in his path* but take care to bury it again in the earth under an elder'tree# so
as to be able to take it from thence each time that thou shalt ha$e need of it* and to take it
up each time as soon as the sportsman shall ha$e passed.
J<81 his Chapter is taken from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
5!+ enough of the skin of a stag to make two hollow tubular 6arters# but before stitching
them up thou shalt write on the side of the skin which was ne/t the flesh the words and
characters shown in Figure -# with the blood of a hare killed on the;Jth of 3une# and ha$ing
filled the said 6arters with green mugwort gathered also on the ;Jth of 3une before sunrise#
thou shalt put in the two ends of each the eye of the fish called barbel* and when thou shalt
wish to use them thou shalt get up before sunrise and wash them in a brook of running
water# and place them one on each leg abo$e the knee. 5fter this thou shalt take a short rod
of holm'oak cut on the same ;Jth of 3une# turn in the direction thou wishest to go# write
upon the ground the name of the place# and commencing thy 7ourney thou wilt find it
accomplished in a few days and without fatigue. Ehen thou wishest to stop thou hast only
to say 5&+C0 and beat the air with the aforesaid wand# and incontinently thou shalt be on
firm ground.
JI81 his Chapter is also taken from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
&5!+ a Carpet of white and new wool# and when the &oon shall be at her full# in the "ign
of Capricorn and in the hour of the "un# thou shalt go into the country away from any
habitation of man# in a place free from all impurity# and shalt spread out thy Carpet so that
one of its points shall be towards the east# and another towards the west# and ha$ing made a
Circle without it and enclosing it# thou shalt remain within upon the point towards the east#
and holding thy wand in the air for e$ery operation# thou shalt call upon &IC05+-# ;
towards the north upon ?5P05+-# towards the west upon 652?I+-# and towards the
south upon &L?I+-. 5fter this thou shalt return unto the point of the +ast and de$outly
in$oke the 6reat Name 56-5# and take this point of the Carpet in thy left hand* turning
then towards the North thou shalt do the same# and so continuing to the other points of the
Carpet# thou shalt raise them so that they touch not the ground# and holding them up thus#
and turning anew towards the +ast thou shalt say with great $eneration the following
56-5# 56-5# 56-5# 56-5* 1 6od 5lmighty Eho art the -ife of the Lni$erse and
Eho rulest o$er the four di$isions of its $ast form by the strength and $irtue of the %our
-etters of hy 0oly Name etragrammaton# K1F# 0+# A5L# 0+# bless in hy Name this
co$ering which I hold as hou hast blessed the &antle of +li7ah in the hands of +lisha# so
that being co$ered by hy Eings# nothing may be able to in7ure me# e$en as it
p. J:
is said8'')0e shall hide thee under 0is Eings and beneath 0is feathers shall thou trust# 0is
truth shall be thy shield and buckler.)
5fter this thou shalt fold it up# saying these words following8''?+C52L"I?5#
C52L"I?5# 2L"I?5# I?5# ?5# 5* and shall keep it carefully to ser$e thee at need.
Ehen thou shalt be desirous to make thine interrogations# choose the night of full or of new
moon# and from midnight until daybreak. hou shalt transport thyself unto the appointed
spot if it be for the purpose of disco$ering a treasure* if not# any place will ser$e pro$ided it
be clean and pure. 0a$ing had the precaution on the preceding e$ening to write upon a slip
of $irgin parchment coloured a,ure'blue# with a pen made from the feather of a do$e# this
Character and Name Bsee Figure >D* taking thy carpet# thou shalt co$er thy head and body
therewith# and taking the censer# with new fire therein# thou shalt place it in or upon the
proper place# and cast thereon some incense. hen shalt thou prostrate thyself upon the
ground# with thy face towards the earth# before the incense beginneth to fume# keeping the
fire of the same beneath the carpet# holding thy wand upright# against which to rest thy
chin* thou shalt hold with thy right hand the aforesaid strip of parchment against thy
forehead# and thou shalt say the following words8''
A+65-+# 05&IC55# L&"5# +?55# K+0# F50# &5# 25H5"1H5# LN#
01?50# 0I&+"+?+* 1 1 6od the Aast 1ne send unto me the Inspiration of hy -ight#
make me to disco$er the secret thing which I ask of hee# whatsoe$er such or such a thing
may be# make me to search it out by the aid of hy holy ministers ?5@I+-# @5P0NI+-#
&5&1NI+-* -o# hou hast desired truth in the young# and in the hidden thing shalt hou
make me know wisdom. ?+C52L"I?5# C52L"I?5# 2L"I?5# I?5# ?5# 5#
!5?!50I5# !50I5# 0I5# 5.
5nd thou shalt hear distinctly the answer which thou shalt ha$e sought.
JJ81 his Chapter is also taken from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
JJ8; I ha$e usually found &ichael attributed to the "outh* ?aphael to the +ast* 6abriel to
the Eest* and 5uriel to the North. -ikewise I think the operator should turn following the
course of the "un# and not contrariwise as in the te/t.
J:81 hese are probably corrupted 0ebrew words deri$ed from the prayer itself.
0+ +arth being inhabited# as I ha$e before said unto thee# by a great number of Celestial
2eings and "pirits# who by their subtilty and pre$ision know the places wherein treasures
are hidden# and seeing that it often happeneth that those men who undertake a search for
these said treasures are molested and sometimes put to death by the aforesaid "pirits# which
are called 6nomes* which# howe$er# is not done through the 5$arice of these said 6nomes#
a "pirit being incapable of possessing anything# ha$ing no material senses wherewith to
bring it into use# but because these "pirits# who are enemies of the passions# are e4ually so
of 5$arice# unto which men are so much inclined* and foreseeing the e$il ends for which
these treasures will be employed ha$e some interest and aim in maintaining the earth in its
condition of price and $alue# seeing that they are its inhabitants# and when they slightly
disturb the workers in such kind of treasures# it is a warning which they gi$e them to cease
from the work# and if it happen that the greedy importunity of the aforesaid workers oblige
them to continue# notwithstanding the aforesaid warnings# the "pirits# irritated by their
despising the same# fre4uently put the workmen to death. 2ut know# 1 my "on# that from
the time that thou shalt ha$e the good fortune to be familiar with such kinds of "pirits# and
that thou shalt be able by means of what I ha$e taught thee to make them submit unto thine
orders# they will be happy to gi$e thee# and to make thee partaker in that which they
uselessly possess# pro$ided that thine ob7ect and end shall be to make a good use thereof.
1n a "unday before sunrise# between the 19th of 3uly and the ;9th of 5ugust# when the
moon is in the "ign of the -ion# thou shalt go unto
p. J8
the place where thou shalt know either by interrogation of the Intelligences# or otherwise#
that there is a treasure* there thou shalt describe a Circle of sufficient si,e with the "word of
&agical 5rt wherein to open up the earth# as the nature of the ground will allow* thrice
during the day shalt thou cense it with the incense proper for the day# after which being
clothed in the raiment proper for the 1peration thou shalt suspend in some way by a
machine immediately abo$e the opening a lamp# whose oil should be mingled with the fat
of a man who has died in the month of 3uly# and the wick being made from the cloth
wherein he has been buried. 0a$ing kindled this with fresh fire# thou shalt fortify the
workmen with a girdle of the skin of a goat newly slain# whereon shall be written with the
blood of the dead man from whom thou shalt ha$e taken the fat these words and characters
Bsee Figure $&D* and thou shalt set them to work in safety# warning them not to be at all
disturbed at the "pectres which they will see# but to work away boldly. In case they cannot
finish the work in a single day# e$ery time they shall ha$e to lea$e it thou shalt cause them
to put a co$ering of wood o$er the opening# and abo$e the co$ering about si/ inches of
earth* and thus shalt thou continue unto the end# being all the time present in the raiment of
the 5rt# and with the &agic "word# during the operation. 5fter which thou shalt repeat this
5F1N5I# +-10I&# +-# +0+I+0 5"0+? +0+I+0# Prince of Princes# +/istence of
+/istences# ha$e mercy upon me# and cast hine eyes upon hy "er$ant BN.D# who in$okes
hee most de$outedly# and supplicates hee by hy 0oly and tremendous Name
etragrammaton to be propitious# and to order hine 5ngels and "pirits to come and take
up their abode in this place* 1 ye 5ngels and "pirits of the "tars# 1 all ye 5ngels and
+lementary "pirits# 1 all ye "pirits present before the %ace of 6od# I the &inister and
faithful "er$ant of the &ost 0igh con7ure ye# let 6od 0imself# the +/istence of +/istences#
con7ure ye to come and be present at this 1peration# I# the "er$ant of 6od# most humbly
entreat ye. 5men.
0a$ing then caused the workmen to fill in the hole# thou shalt license the "pirits to depart#
thanking them for the fa$our they ha$e shown unto thee# and saying8''
1 ye good and happy "pirits# we thank ye for the benefits which we ha$e 7ust recei$ed from
your liberal bounty* depart ye in peace to go$ern the +lement which 6od hath destined for
your habitation. 5men.
J=81 his is also taken from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
I% thou wishest to perform the +/periment of seeking fa$our and lo$e# obser$e in what
manner the +/periment is to be carried out# and if it be dependent upon the day and the
hour# perform it in the day and the hour re4uired# as thou wilt find it in the Chapter
concerning the hours* and if the +/periment be one that re4uireth writing# thou shalt write
as it is said in the Chapter concerning the same* and if it be with penal bonds# pacts# and
fumigations# then thou shalt cense with a fit perfume as is said in the Chapter concerning
suffumigations* and if it be necessary to sprinkle it with water and hyssop# then let it be as
in the Chapter concerning the same* similarly if such +/periment re4uire characters# names#
or the like# let such names be written as the Chapter concerning the writing of characters#
and place the same in a clean place as hath been said. hen thou shalt repeat o$er it the
following 1ration8''
1 5F1N5I# most 0oly# &ost ?ighteous# and most &ighty 6od# Eho hast made all things
through hy &ercy and ?ighteousness wherewith hou art filled# grant unto us that we
may be found worthy that this +/periment may be found consecrated and perfect# so that
the -ight may issue from hy &ost 0oly "eat# 1 5F1N5I# which may obtain for us
fa$our and lo$e. 5men.
his being said# thou shalt place it in clean silk# and bury it for a day and a night at the
7unction of four cross'roads* and whensoe$er thou wishest to obtain any grace or fa$our
from any# take it# ha$ing first properly consecrated it according to the rule# and place it in
thy right hand# and seek thou what thou wilt it shall not be denied thee. 2ut if thou doest
not the +/periment carefully and rightly# assuredly thou shalt not succeed in any manner.
p. :9
%or obtaining grace and lo$e write down the following words
"51?# 1 5?+P1# +N+# 1P+?5# ?15"# I50# I50# I50# +N5&# I50# I50# I50#
!+0+?# C01!&50# 2IN50# 6+FL-50# 6+2L?50# IP0+?+0# N+@5C0#
01F# K+"1F# &5-!L0# 52?505&# I"55C# 35C12# "05F?5C0# &+"05C0#
52+FN+61# be ye all present in my aid and for whatsoe$er I shall desire to obtain.
Ehich words being properly written as abo$e# thou shalt also find thy desire brought to
J>81 his Chapter is taken from 198:; 5dd. &"".
:981 his Incantation is also gi$en in 1<9= "loane &"".# page =:.
+HP+?I&+N" relating to tricks# mockeries# and deceits# may be performed in many
ways. Ehen thou shalt wish to practise these e/periments with regard to any person# thou
shalt obser$e the day and the hour as we ha$e already said. "hould it be necessary to write
Characters or Eords# it should be done upon $irgin paper# as we shall show farther on. 5s
for the ink# if it be not specially ordained in this operation# it is ad$isable to use the blood of
a bat with the pen and the needle of art. 2ut before describing or writing the Characters or
Names# all the necessary rules should be obser$ed as gi$en in the proper Chapters# and
ha$ing carefully followed out all these# thou shalt pronounce with a loud $oice the
following words 8''
525C# 5-F5-# I5# 0LF5C# 6L05C# 6L01?# 61&+0# I"51?# F+?I"1?#
F+"5L?# come hither all ye who lo$e the times and places wherein all kinds of
mockeries and deceits are practised. 5nd ye who make things disappear and who render
them in$isible# come hither to decei$e all those who regard these things# so that they may
be decei$ed# and that they may seem to see that which they see not and hear that which they
hear not# so that their senses may be decei$ed# and that they may behold that which is not
Come ye then hither and remain# and consecrate this enchantment# seeing that 6od the
5lmighty -ord hath destined ye for such.
Ehen this +/periment is completed in this manner in the hour and time which we ha$e
shown and taught# also the foregoing words 525C# 5-F5-# etc.# should be written with
the pen as hereinafter ordained* but if the +/periment be performed in a different way# yet
shalt thou always say the aforesaid words# and they should be repeated as before gi$en.
If thou practisest these things in this manner correctly# thou shalt arri$e at the effect of thine
operations and e/periments# by the which thou mayest easily decei$e the senses.
:181 his Chapter is gi$en in 198:; 5dd. &"".# <>81 0arleian &"".# ;88 !ing)s &"".#
<9>1 "loane &"".# and 1<9= "loane &"".# but is wanting in 1;9; -ansdowne &"".# as are
all the Chapters of the %irst 2ook after Chap. 8.
E+ ha$e spoken in the preceding Chapters of common e/periments and operations# which
it is more usual to practise and put in operation# and therein thou mayest easily see that we
ha$e told thee sufficient for their perfection. In this Chapter we treat of e/traordinary and
unusual e/periments# which can also be done in many ways.
None the less should those who wish to put in practice the like e/periments and operations
obser$e the days and hours as is laid down in the proper Chapters# and should be pro$ided
with $irgin paper and other necessary things. 0a$ing prepared a similar e/periment thou
shalt say
1 6od Eho hast created all things# and hast gi$en unto us discernment to understand the
good and the e$il* through hy 0oly Name# and through these 0oly Names8''I1F# I50#
A5L# F5-+0# A5L# @52510# @I1# 5&51?# C?+51?# do hou# 1 -ord# grant
that this e/periment may become true and $eritable in my hands through hy 0oly "eal# 1
5F1N5I# Ehose reign and empire remaineth eternally and unto the 5ges of the 5ges.
his being done# thou shalt perform the e/periment# obser$ing its hour# and thou shalt
perfume and incense as is laid down in the proper Chapter* sprinkling with e/orcised water#
and performing all the ceremonies and solemnities as we shall instruct thee in the "econd
2ook of our !ey.
0+ &edals or Pentacles# which we make for the purpose of striking terror into the "pirits
and reducing them to obedience# ha$e besides this wonderful and e/cellent $irtue. If thou
in$okest the "pirits by $irtue of these Pentacles# they will obey thee without repugnance#
and ha$ing considered them they will be struck with astonishment# and will fear them# and
thou shalt see them so surprised by fear and terror# that none of them will be sufficiently
bold to wish to oppose thy will. hey are also of great $irtue and efficacy against all perils
of +arth# of 5ir# of Eater# and of %ire# against poison which hath been drunk# against all
kinds of infirmities and necessities# against binding# sortilege# and sorcery# against all terror
and fear# and wheresoe$er thou shalt find thyself# if armed with them# thou shalt be in
safety all the days of thy life.
hrough them do we ac4uire grace and good'will from man and woman# fire is
e/tinguished# water is stayed# and all Creatures fear at the sight of the Names which are
therein# and obey through that fear.
hese Pentacles are usually made of the metal the most suitable to the nature of the Planet*
and then there is no occasion to obser$e the rule of particular colours. hey should be
engra$ed with the instrument of 5rt in the days and hours proper to the Planet.
"aturn ruleth o$er -ead* 3upiter o$er in* &ars o$er Iron* the "un o$er 6old* Aenus o$er
Copper* &ercury o$er the mi/ture of &etals* and the &oon o$er "il$er.
hey may also be made with e/orcised $irgin paper# writing thereon with the colours
adopted for each Planet# referring to the rules already laid down in the proper Chapters# and
according to the Planet with which the Pentacle is in sympathy.
Eherefore unto "aturn the colour of 2lack is appropriated* 3upiter ruleth o$er Celestial
2lue* &ars o$er ?ed* the "un o$er 6old# or the colour of Kellow or Citron* Aenus o$er
6reen* &ercury o$er &i/ed Colours* the &oon o$er "il$er# or the colour of 5rgentine
p. :I
he &atter of which the Pentacle is constructed should be Airgin# ne$er ha$ing been used
for any other purpose* or if it be metal it should be purified by fire.
5s regards the si,e of the Pentacles it is arbitrary# so long as they are made according to the
rules# and with the re4uisite solemnities# as hath been ordained.
he 1 $irtues of the 0oly Pentacles are no less ad$antageous unto thee than the knowledge
of the secrets which I ha$e already gi$en unto thee* and thou shouldest take particular care
if thou makest them upon $irgin parchment to use the proper colours* and if thou engra$est
them upon metal# to do so in the manner taught thee* and so shalt thou ha$e the satisfaction
of seeing them produce the promised effect. 2ut seeing that this "cience is not a "cience of
argument and open reasoning# but that# on the contrary# it is entirely mysterious and occult#
we should not argue and deliberate o$er these matters# and it is sufficient to belie$e firmly
to enable us to bring into operation that which hath already been taught.
Ehen thou shalt construct these Pentacles and Characters# it is necessary ne$er to forget the
Incense# nor to employ anything beyond that of which mention is made.
It is necessary# abo$e all things# to be attenti$e to the operation# and ne$er to forget or omit
those things which contribute to the success which the Pentacles and +/periments promise#
ha$ing e$er in thy mind no other intention than the 6lory of 6od# the accomplishment of
thy desires# and lo$ing'kindness towards thy neighbour.
%urthermore# my belo$ed "on# I order thee not to bury this "cience# but to make thy friends
partakers in the same# sub7ect howe$er to the strict command ne$er to profane the things
which are Fi$ine# for if thou doest this# far from rendering thee a friend of the "pirits# it
will but be the means of bringing thee unto destruction.
2ut ne$er must thou la$ish these things among the ignorant# for that would be as blameable
as to cast precious gems before swine* on the contrary# from one "age the secret knowledge
should pass unto another "age# for in this manner shall the reasure of reasures ne$er
descend into obli$ion.
5dore ; and re$ere the &ost 0oly Names of 6od which are found in these Pentacles and
Characters# for without this ne$er shalt thou be able to come to the end of any enterprise#
nor to accomplish the &ystery of &ysteries.
5bo$e all things# remember that to perform any of these operations
p. :J
thou must be pure in body and in mind# and without blemish# and on not any of the
his !ey# full of &ysteries# hath been re$ealed unto me by an 5ngel.
5ccursed be he who undertaketh our 5rt without ha$ing the 4ualities re4uisite to
thoroughly understand our !ey# accursed be he who in$oke the Name of 6od in $ain# for
such an one prepareth for himself the punishments which await the unbelie$ers# for 6od
shall abandon them a relegate them unto the depths of 0ell amongst the impure "pirits.
%or 6od is great and Immutable# 0e hath been for e$er# and 0e shall remain e$en unto the
end of the 5ges.
5CCL?"+F 2+ 0+ E01 5!+0 0+N5&+ 1%61F IN A5INM 5CCL?"+F 2+
0+ E01 L"+0 0I" !N1E-+F6+ LN1 5N +AI- +NF# 2+ 0+ 5CCL?"+F IN
0I" E1?-F 5NF IN 0+ E1?-F 1 C1&+. 5&+N. 2+ 0+ 5CCL?"+F 0+
N5&+ E0IC0 0+ 050 2-5"P0+&+FM
0+ +NF 1% 0+ %I?" 211!
:I81 his and the four following paragraphs are from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
:I8; he rest of the Chapter is from 1;9; -ansdowne &"".# e/cept the last sentence.
B1.D "e$en Pentacles consecrated to "aturn 2lack.
B;.D "e$en Pentacles consecrated to 3upiter 2lue.
B<.D "e$en Pentacles consecrated to &ars U ?ed.
BI.D "e$en Pentacles consecrated to the "un U Kellow.
BJ.D %i$e Pentacles consecrated to Aenus U 6reen.
B:.D %i$e Pentacles consecrated to &ercury U &i/ed Colours.
B=.D "i/ Pentacles consecrated to the &oon U "il$er.
6ditor)s 2ote on Figure $.''he &ystical %igure of "olomon.''his is only gi$en in the two
&"".# -ansdowne 1;9;and 1;9<. It was gi$en by -.$i in his )Fogme et ?ituel de la 0aute
&agie#) and by ycho 2rah. in his )Calendarium Naturale &agicum#) but in each instance
without the 0ebrew words and letters# probably berause these were so mangled by illiterate
transcribers as to be unrecognisable. 5fter much labour and study of the figure# I belie$e
the words in the body of the symbol to be intended for the en "ephiroth arranged in the
form of the ree of -ife# with the Name of "olomon to the right and to the left* while the
surrounding characters are intended for the twenty'two letters of the 0ebrew 5lphabet. I
ha$e# therefore# thus restored them. his %igure forms in each instance the frontispiece of
the &". referred to.
Plate II.

%igure 11.''he %irst Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle is of great $alue and utility for
striking terror into the "pirits. Eherefore# upon its being shown to them they submit# and
kneeling upon the earth before it# they obey.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he 0ebrew letters within the s4uare are the four great Names of 6od
which are written with four letters8''I0A0# Kod# 0e# Aau# 0e* 5FNI# 5donai* II5I# Kiai
Bthis Name has the same
p. :=
[paragraph continues] Numerical $alue in 0ebrew as the Name +-D* and 50I0# +heieh. he
0ebrew $ersicle which surrounds it is from Psalm l//ii. >8 )he +thiopians shall kneel
before 0im# 0is enemies shall lick the dust.)
%igure 1;.''he "econd Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle is of great $alue against
ad$ersities* and of especial use in repressing the pride of the "pirits.
+ditor)s Note.''his is the celebrated
the most perfect e/isting form of double acrostic# as far as the arrangement of the letters is
concerned* it is repeatedly mentioned in the records of mediR$al &agic* and# sa$e to $ery
few# its deri$ation from the present Pentacle has been unknown. It will be seen at a glance
that it is a s4uare of fi$e# gi$ing twenty'fi$e letters# which# added to the unity# gi$es twenty
si/# the numerical $alue of I0A0. he 0ebrew $ersicle surrounding it is taken from Psalm
l//ii. 8# )0is dominion shall be also from the one sea to the other# and from the flood unto
the world)s end.) his passage consists also of e/actly twenty'fi$e letters# and its total
numerical $alue Bconsidering the final letters with increased numbersD# added to that of the
Name +lohim# is e/actly e4ual to the total numerical $alue of the twenty'fi$e letters in the
%igure 1<.''he hird Pentacle of "aturn.''his should be made within the &agical Circle#
and it is good for use at night when thou in$okest the "pirits of the nature of "aturn.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he characters at the ends of the rays of the &ystic Eheel are &agical
Characters of "aturn. "urrounding it are the Names of the 5ngels8''1meliel# 5nachiel#
5rauchiah# and 5na,achia# written in 0ebrew.
Plate III.
%igure 1I.''he %ourth Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle ser$eth principally for e/ecuting
all the e/periments and operations of ruin# destruction# and death. 5nd when it is made in
full perfection# it ser$eth also for those "pirits which bring news# when thou in$okest them
from the side of the "outh.
p. :8
6ditor)s 2ote.''he 0ebrew words around the sides of the triangle are from Feut. Ai.
I8'')0ear# 1 Israel# I0A0 5-0INA is I0A0 5ChF.) he surrounding $ersicle is from
Psalm ci/. 188'')5s he clothed himself with cursing like as with a garment# so let it come
into his bowels like water# and like oil into his bones.) In the centre of the Pentacle is the
mystic letter Kod.
%igure 1J.''he %ifth Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle defendeth those who in$oke the
"pirits of "aturn during the night* and chaseth away the "pirits which guard treasures.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he 0ebrew letters in the angles of the Cross are those of the Name I0A0.
hose in the angles of the "4uare form 5-A0# +loah. ?ound the four sides of the "4uare
are the Names of the 5ngels8''5rehanah# ?akhaniel# ?oelhaiphar# and Noaphiel. he
$ersicle is8'')5 6reat 6od# a &ighty# and a errible.)''Feut. /. 1=.
%igure 1:.''he "i/th Pentacle of "aturn.''5round this Pentacle is each Name symbolised
as it should be. he person against whom thou shalt pronounce it shall be obsessed by
6ditor)s 2ote.''It is formed from &ystical Characters of "aturn. 5round it is written in
0ebrew8 )"et thou a wicked one to be ruler o$er him# and let "atan stand at his right hand.)
%igure 1=.''he "e$enth and -ast Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle is fit for e/citing
earth4uakes# seeing that the power of each order of 5ngels herein in$oked is sufficient to
make the whole Lni$erse tremble.
6ditor)s 2ote.''Eithin the Pentacle are the Names of the Nine 1rders of 5ngels# those of
si/ of them in ordinary 0ebrew Characters# and the remainder in the letters which are
known as )he Passing of the ?i$er.) hese Nine 1rders are8''1. C05I10 05'
(5F+"C0# 0oly -i$ing Creatures* ;. 5LP05NI&# Eheels* <. 5?5-I&# hrones* I.
C05"C0&5-I&# 2rilliant 1nes* J. "+?5P0I&# %iery 1nes* :. &+-5!I&# !ings* =.
+-10I&# 6ods* 8. 2+NI +-10I&# "ons of the +lohim* >. !+?L2I&# !erubim. he
$ersicle is from Psalm /$iii. =8'')hen the earth shook and trembled# the foundations of the
hills also mo$ed and were shaken# because 0e was wroth.)
P-5+ IA.
%igure 18.''he %irst Pentacle of 3upiter.''his ser$eth to in$oke the "pirits of 3upiter# and
especially those whose Names are written around the Pentacle# among whom Parasiel is the
-ord and &aster of reasures# and teacheth how to become possessor of places wherein
they are.
6ditor)s 2ote.''his Pentacle is composed of &ystical Characters of 3upiter. 5round it are
the Names of the 5ngels8''Netoniel# Fe$achiah# ,ede4iah# and Parasiel# written in
%igure 1>.''he "econd Pentacle of 3upiter.''his is proper for ac4uiring glory# honours#
dignities# riches# and all kinds of good# together with great tran4uillity of mind* also to
disco$er reasures and chase away the "pirits who preside o$er them. It should be written
upon $irgin paper or parchment# with the pen of the swallow and the blood of the screech'
6ditor)s 2ote.''In the centre of the 0e/agram are the letters of the Name 50I0# +heieh* in
the upper and lower angles of the same# those of the Name 52# the %ather* in the remaining
angles those of the Name I0A0. I belie$e the letters outside the 0e/agram in the re'
entering angles to be intended for those of the first two words of the $ersicle# which is taken
from Psalm c/ii. <8'')Eealth and ?iches are in his house# and his righteousness endureth for
%igure ;9.''he hird Pentacle of 3upiter.''his defendeth and protecteth those who in$oke
and cause the "pirits to come. Ehen they appear show unto them this Pentacle# and
immediately they will obey.
6ditor)s 2ote.''In the upper left corner is the &agical "eal of 3upiter with the letters of the
Name I0A0. In the others are the "eal of the Intelligence of 3upiter# and the Names 5donai
and I0A0.''5round it is the $ersicle from Psalm c//$. 18'')5 "ong of degrees. hey that
trust in I0A0 shall be as &ount @ion# which cannot be remo$ed# but abideth for e$er.)
%igure ;1.''he %ourth Pentacle of 3upiter.''It ser$eth to ac4uire riches and honour# and to
possess much wealth. Its 5ngel is 2ariel. It should be engra$ed upon sil$er in the day and
hour of 3upiter when he is in the "ign Cancer.
p. =9
6ditor)s 2ote.''5bo$e the &agical "igil is the Name I0# Iah. 2elow it are the Names of the
5ngels 5doniel and 2ariel# the letters of the latter being arranged about a s4uare of four
compartments. 5round is the $ersicle from Psalm c/ii. <8'')Eealth and ?iches are in his
house# and his righteousness endureth for e$er.)
P-5+ A.
%igure ;;.''he %ifth Pentacle of 3upiter.''his hath great power. It ser$eth for assured
$isions. 3acob being armed with this Pentacle beheld the ladder which reached unto hea$en.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he 0ebrew letters within the Pentacle are taken from the fi$e last words of
the $ersicle which surrounds it# each of which contains fi$e letters. hese are# then#
recombined so as to form certain &ystical Names. he $ersicle is taken from +,ekiel i. 18'')
5s I was among the capti$es by the ri$er of Chebar# the hea$ens were opened# and I saw
$isions of +lohim.) In my opinion the $ersicle should only consist of the fi$e last words
thereof# when the anachronism of 3acob using a Pentacle with a sentence from +,ekiel will
no longer e/ist.
%igure ;<.''he "i/th Pentacle of 3upiter.''It ser$eth for protection against all earthly
dangers# by regarding it each day de$outedly# and repeating the $ersicle which surroundeth
it. hus shalt thou ne$er perish.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he four Names in the 5rms of the Cross are "eraph# !erub# 5riel# and
harsis* the four ?ulers of the +lements. he $ersicle is from Psalm //ii. 1:# 1=8') hey
pierced my hands and my feet# I may tell all my bones.)
%igure ;I.''he "e$enth and last Pentacle of 3upiter.''It hath great power against po$erty# if
thou considerest it with de$otion# repeating the $ersicle. It ser$eth furthermore to dri$e
away those "pirits who guard treasures# and to disco$er the same.
6ditor)s 2ote.''&ystical Characters of 3upiter with the $erse8'')-ifting up the poor out of
the mire# and raising the needy from the dunghill# that he may set him with princes# e$en
with the princes of his people.)''Psalm c/iii# =.
p. =1
%igure ;J.''he first Pentacle of &ars.''It is proper for in$oking "pirits of the Nature of
&ars# especially those which are written in the Pentacle.
6ditor)s 2ote.''&ystical Characters of &ars# and the Names of the four 5ngels8''&adimiel#
2art,achiah# +schiel# and Ithuriel written in 0ebrew around the Pentacle.

P-5+ AI.
%igure ;:.''he "econd Pentacle of &ars.''his Pentacle ser$eth with great success against
all kinds of diseases# if it be applied unto the afflicted part.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he letter 0.# in the angles of the 0e/agram. Eithin the same the Names
I0A0# I0"0A0 Keheshuah Bthe mystic 0ebrew Name for 3oshua or 3esus# formed of the
ordinary I0A0 with the letter "0 placed therein as emblematical of the "piritD# and +lohim.
5round it is the sentence# 3ohn i. I8'')In 0im was life# and the life was the light of man.)
his may be adduced as an argument of the greater anti4uity of the first few mystical $erses
of the 6ospel of "t. 3ohn.
%igure ;=.''he hird Pentacle of &ars.''It is of great $alue for e/citing war# wrath#
discord# and hostility* also for resisting enemies# and striking terror into rebellious "pirits*
the Names of 6od the 5ll Powerful are therein e/pressly marked.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he -etters of the Names +loah and "haddai. In the Centre is the great letter
Aau# the signature of the (abalistic &icroprosopus. 5round is the $ersicle from Psalm
l//$ii. 1<8'')Eho is so great a 6od as our +lohimC)
%igure ;8.''he %ourth Pentacle of &ars.''It is of great $irtue and power in war# wherefore
without doubt it will gi$e thee $ictory.
6ditor)s 2ote.''In the Centre is the great Name 5gla* right and left# the letters of the Name
I0A0* abo$e and below# +l. ?ound it is the $ersicle from Psalm c/. J8'')he -ord at thy
right hand shall wound e$en !ings in the day of 0is Erath.)
%igure ;>.''he %ifth Pentacle of &ars.''Erite thou this Pentacle upon $irgin parchment or
paper# because it is terrible unto the Femons#
p. =;
and at its sight and aspect they will obey thee# for they cannot resist its presence.
6ditor)s 2ote.''5round the figure of the "corpion is the word 0A-. he $ersicle is from
Psalm /ci. 1<8'')hou shalt go upon the lion and adder# the young lion and the dragon shalt
thou tread under thy feet.)
P-5+ AII.
%igure <9.''he "i/th Pentacle of &ars.''It hath so great $irtue that being armed therewith#
if thou art attacked by any one# thou shalt neither be in7ured nor wounded when thou
fightest with him# and his own weapons shall turn against him.
6ditor)s 2ote.''5round the eight points of the radii of the Pentacle are the words )+lohim
4eber# +lohim hath co$ered Bor protectedD#) written in the "ecret 5lphabet of &alachim# or
the writing of the 5ngels. he $ersicle is from Psalm ///$ii. 1J8'')heir sword shall enter
into their own heart# and their bow shall be broken.)
%igure <1.''he "e$enth and last Pentacle of &ars.''Erite thou this upon $irgin parchment
or paper with the blood of a bat# in the day and hour of &ars* and unco$er it within the
Circle# in$oking the Femons whose Names are therein written* and thou shalt immediately
see hail and tempest.
6ditor)s 2ote.''In the centre of the Pentacle are the Fi$ine Names# +l and Kiai# which ha$e
the same numerical $alue when written in 0ebrew. he -etters in 0ebrew# and in the "ecret
5lphabet called the Celestial# compose the Names of "pirits. ?ound the Pentacle is8'')0e
ga$e them hail for rain# and flaming fire in their land. 0e smote their $ines also# and their
fig'trees.)''Psalm c$. <;# <<.
%igure <;.''he %irst Pentacle of the "un.''he Countenance of "haddaP the 5lmighty# at
Ehose aspect all creatures obey# and the 5ngelic "pirits do re$erence on bended knees.
6ditor)s 2ote.''his singular Pentacle contains the head of the great 5ngel &ethraton or
&etatron# the $ice'gerent and representati$e of "haddaP# who is called the Prince of
Countenances# and the right'hand masculine Cherub of the 5rk# as "andalphon is the left
and feminine. 1n
p. =<
either side is the Name )+l "haddaP.) 5round is written in -atin8)2ehold 0is face and form
by Ehom all things were made# and Ehom all creatures obey.)
%igure <<.''he "econd Pentacle of the "un.''his Pentacle# and the preceding and
following# belong to the nature of the "un. hey ser$e to repress the pride and arrogance of
the "olar "pirits# which are altogether proud and arrogant by their nature.
6ditor)s 2ote.''&ystical characters of the "un and the Names of the 5ngels8''"hemeshiel#
Paimoniah# ?ekhodiah# and &alkhiel.
P-5+ AIII.
%igure <I.''he hird Pentacle of the "un.''his ser$eth in addition Bto the effects of the
two precedingD to ac4uire !ingdom and +mpire# to inflict loss# and to ac4uire renown and
glory# especially through the Name of 6od# etragrammaton# which therein is twel$e times
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Name I0A0# twel$e times repeated* and a $ersicle somewhat similar to
Faniel i$. <I8'')&y !ingdom is an e$erlasting !ingdom# and my dominion endureth from
age unto age.)
%igure <J.''he %ourth Pentacle of the "un.''his ser$eth to enable thee to see the "pirits
when they appear in$isible unto those who in$oke them* because# when thou hast
unco$ered it# they will immediately appear $isible.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Names I0A0# 5donai# are written in the centre in 0ebrew* and round
the radii in the mystical characters of the )Passing of the ?i$er.) he $ersicle is from Psalm
/iii. <# I8'')-ighten mine eyes that I sleep not in death# lest mine enemy say# I ha$e
pre$ailed against him.)
%igure <:.''he %ifth Pentacle of the "un.''It ser$eth to in$oke those "pirits who can
transport thee from one place unto another# o$er a long distance and in short time.
6ditor)s 2ote.''Characters in the )Passing of the ?i$er) 5lphabet# forming "pirits) Names.
he $ersicle is from Psalm /ci. 11# 1;8'')0e shall gi$e 0is 5ngels charge o$er thee# to keep
thee in all thy ways. hey shall bear thee up in their hands.)
p. =I
%igure <=.''he "i/th Pentacle of the "un.''It ser$eth e/cellently for the operation of
in$isibility# when correctly made.
6ditor)s 2ote.''In the centre is the &ystical letter Kod# in the Celestial 5lphabet. he three
letters in the )Passing of the ?i$er) writing# in the 5ngles of the triangle# form the great
Name "haddaP. he words in the same characters round its three sides are# in my opinion#
from 6enesis 1. 18'')In the beginning the +lohim created#) etc.* but the characters are sadly
mangled in the &"". he $ersicle is from Psalms l/i/. ;<# and c///$. 1:8'')-et their eyes
be darkened that they see not and make their loins continually to shake. hey ha$e eyes and
see not.)
P-5+ IH.
%igure <8.''he "e$enth and last Pentacle of the "un.''If any be by chance imprisoned or
detained in fetters of iron# at the presence of this Pentacle# which should be engra$ed in
6old on the day and hour of the "un# he will be immediately deli$ered and set at liberty.
6ditor)s 2ote.''1n the 5rms of the Cross are written the Names of Chasan# 5ngel of 5ir*
5rel# 5ngel of %ire* Phorlakh# 5ngel of +arth* and aliahad# 5ngel of Eater. 2etween the
four 5rms of the Cross are written the names of the four ?ulers of the +lements8 5riel#
"eraph# harshis# and Cherub. he $ersicle is from Psalm c/$i. 1:# 1=8'')hou hast broken
my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgi$ing# and will call upon
the Name of I0A0.)
%igure <>.''he %irst Pentacle of Aenus.''his and those following ser$e to control the
"pirits of Aenus# and especially those herein written.
6ditor)s 2ote.''&ystical Characters of Aenus# and the Names of the 5ngels8 Nogahiel#
5cheliah# "ocodiah Bor "ocohiahD and Nangariel.
%igure I9.''he "econd Pentacle of Aenus.''hese Pentacles are also proper for obtaining
grace and honour# and for all things which belong unto Aenus# and for accomplishing all thy
desires herein.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he letters round and within the Pentagram form the Names of "pirits of
Aenus. he $ersicle is from Canticles $iii. :8'')Place me as a signet upon thine heart# as a
signet upon thine arm# for lo$e is strong as death.)
p. =J
%igure I1.''he hird Pentacle of Aenus.''his# if it be only shown unto any person#
ser$eth to attract lo$e. Its 5ngel &onachiel should be in$oked in the day and hour of
Aenus# at one o)clock or at eight.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he following Names are written within the %igure I0A0# 5donai# ?uach#
5chides# Tgalmiel# &onachiel# and Fegaliel. he $ersicle is from 6enesis i. ;88'')5nd the
+lohim blessed them# and the +lohim said unto them# 2e ye fruitful# and multiply# and
replenish the earth# and subdue it.)
(LATE *.
P-5+ H.
%igure I;.''he %ourth Pentacle of Aenus.''It is of great power# since it compels the "pirits
of Aenus to obey# and to force on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee.
6ditor)s 2ote.''5t the four 5ngles of the %igure are the four letters of the Name I0A0. he
other letters form the Names of "pirits of Aenus# e.g.8''"chii# +li# 5yib# etc. he $ersicle is
from 6enesis ii. ;<# ;I8'')his is bone of my bones# and flesh of my flesh. 5nd they two
were one flesh.)
%igure I<.''he %ifth and last Pentacle of Aenus.''Ehen it is only showed unto any person
soe$er# it inciteth and e/citeth wonderfully unto lo$e.
6ditor)s 2ote.''5round the central "4uare arc the Names +lohim# +l 6ebil# and two other
Names which I cannot decipher# and ha$e# therefore# gi$en them as they stand. he
characters are those of the )Passing of the ?i$er.) he surrounding $ersicle is from Psalm
//ii. 1I8'')&y heart is like wa/# it is melted in the midst of my bowels.)
%igure II.''he %irst Pentacle of &ercury.''It ser$eth to in$oke the "pirits who are under
the %irmament.
6ditor)s 2ote.''-etters forming the Names of the "pirits Kekahel and 5giel.
%igure IJ.''he "econd Pentacle of &ercury.''he "pirits herein written ser$e to bring to
effect and to grant things which are contrary unto the order of Nature* and which are not
contained under any other head. hey easily gi$e answer# but they can with difficulty be
p. =:
6ditor)s 2ote.''he -etters form the Names of 2Wel and other "pirits.
P-5+ HI.
%igure I:.''he hird Pentacle of &ercury.''his and the following ser$e to in$oke the
"pirits sub7ect unto &ercury* and especially those who are written in this Pentacle.
6ditor)s 2ote.''&ystical Characters of &ercury# and the Names of the 5ngels8 !oka$iel#
6hedoriah# "a$aniah# and Chokmahiel.
%igure I=.''he %ourth Pentacle of &ercury.''his is further proper to ac4uire the
understanding and !nowledge of all things created# and to seek out and penetrate into
hidden things* and to command those "pirits which are called 5llatori to perform
embassies. hey obey $ery readily.
6ditor)s 2ote.''In the centre is the Name of 6od# +l. he 0ebrew letters inscribed about the
dodecagram make the sentence# )I0A0# fi/ hou the Aolatile# and let there be unto the $oid
restriction.) he $ersicle is8'')Eisdom and $irtue are in his house# and the !nowledge of all
things remaineth with him for e$er.)
%igure I8.''he %ifth and -ast Pentacle of &ercury.''his commandeth the "pirits of
&ercury# and ser$eth to open doors in whate$er way they may be closed# and nothing it
may encounter can resist it.
6ditor)s 2ote.''Eithin the Pentacle are the Names +l 5b# and I0A0. he $ersicle is from
Psalm //i$. =8'')-ift up your heads# 1 ye gates# and be ye lift up ye e$erlasting doors# and
the !ing of 6lory shall come in.)
%igure I>.''he %irst Pentacle of the &oon.''his and the following ser$e to call forth and
in$oke the "pirits of the &oon* and it further ser$eth to open doors# in whate$er way they
may be fastened.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Pentacle is a species of hieroglyphic representation of a door or gate. In
the centre is written the Name I0A0. 1n the right hand are the Names I0A# I0A0# 5-#
and I00. 1n the left hand are the Names of the 5ngels8 "chioel# Aaol# Kashiel# and Aehiel.
he $ersicle abo$e the Names on either side is from Psalm c$ii. 1:8'')0e hath broken the
6ates of brass# and' smitten the bars of iron in sunder.)
P-5+ HII.
%igure J9.''he "econd Pentacle of the &oon.''his ser$eth against all perils and dangers
by water# and if it should chance that the "pirits of the &oon should e/cite and cause great
rain and e/ceeding tempests about the Circle# in order to astonish and terrify thee* on
showing unto them this Pentacle# it will all speedily cease.
6ditor)s 2ote.''5 hand pointing to the Name +l# and to that of the 5ngel 5bariel. he
$ersicle is from Psalm l$i. ii8'')In +lohim ha$e I put my trust# I will not fear# what can man
do unto me
%igure J1.''he hird Pentacle of the &oon.''his being duly borne with thee when upon a
7ourney# if it be properly made# ser$eth against all attacks by night# and against e$ery kind
of danger and peril by Eater.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Names 5ub and Ae$aphel. he $ersicle is from Psalm /l. 1<8'')2e
pleased 1 I0A0 to deli$er me# 1 I0A0 make haste to help me.)
%igure J;.''he %ourth Pentacle of the &oon.''his defendeth thee from all e$il sorceries#
and from all in7ury unto soul or body. Its 5ngel# "ophiel# gi$eth the knowledge of the $irtue
of all herbs and stones* and unto whomsoe$er shall name him# he will procure the
knowledge of all.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Fi$ine Name +heieh 5sher +heieh# and the Names of the 5ngels Kahel
and "ophiel. he $ersicle is8'')-et them be confounded who persecute me# and let me not be
confounded* let them fear#and not I.)
%igure J<.''he %ifth Pentacle of the &oon.''It ser$eth to ha$e answers in sleep. Its 5ngel
Iachadiel ser$eth unto destruction and loss# as well as unto the destruction of enemies. hou
mayest also call upon him by 5bdon and Fal. against all Phantoms of the night# and to
summon the souls of the departed from 0ades.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Fi$ine Names I0A0 and +lohim# a mystical character of the &oon#
and the Names of the 5ngels Iachadiel and 5,arel. he $ersicle is from Psalm l/$iii.
18'')-et 6od arise# and let 0is enemies be scattered* let them also who hate 0im flee before
%igure JI''he "i/th and -ast Pentacle of the &oon.''his is wonderfully good# and
ser$eth e/cellently to e/cite and cause hea$y rains# if it be engra$ed upon a plate of sil$er*
and if it be placed under water#
p. =8
as long as it remaineth there# there will be rain. It should be engra$ed# drawn# or written in
the day and hour of the &oon.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he Pentacle is composed of mystical characters of the &oon# surrounded
by a $ersicle from 6enesis $ii. 11# 1;8'')5ll the fountains of the great deep were broken up .
. . and the rain was upon the earth.)
[his is the end of the 0oly Pentacles# in all which I ha$e# to the best of my power# restored the 0ebrew
letters and mystical characters correctly. I ha$e further gi$en nearly e$ery $ersicle in pointed 0ebrew# instead
of in the -atin* so that the 1ccult student might not be incon$enienced by ha$ing to search out the same in a
0ebrew 2ible. he restoration of the 0ebrew letters in the body of the Pentacles has been a work of immense
difficulty# and has e/tended o$er se$eral years.X
0I" Eork of "olomon is di$ided into two books. In the first thou mayest see and know
how to a$oid errors in +/periments# 1perations# and in the "pirits themsel$es. In the
second thou art taught in what manner &agical 5rts may be reduced to the proposed ob7ect
and end.
It is for this reason that thou shouldest take great heed and care that this !ey of "ecrets fall
not into the hands of the foolish# the stupid# and the ignorant. %or he who is the possessor
hereof# and who a$aileth himself hereof according to the ordinances herein contained# will
not only be able to reduce the &agical 5rts herein unto their proposed end# but will# e$en if
he findeth certain errors herein# be able to correct them.
5ny 5rt or 1peration of this kind will not be able to attain its end# unless the &aster of the
5rt# or +/orcist# shall ha$e this Eork completely in his power# that is to say# unless he
thoroughly understand it# for without this he will ne$er attain the effect of any operation.
%or this reason I earnestly pray and con7ure the person into whose hands this !ey of "ecrets
may fall# neither to communicate it# nor to make any one a partaker in this knowledge# if he
be not faithful# nor capable of keeping a secret# nor e/pert in the 5rts. 5nd I most humbly
entreat the possessor of this# by the Ineffable Name of 6od in four -etters# K1F# 0+# A5L#
0+# and by the Name 5F1N5I# and by all the other &ost 0igh and 0oly Names of 6od#
that he $alues this work as dearly as his own soul# and that he makes no foolish or ignorant
man a partaker therein.
=>81 his Prefatory Note is only found in <>>1 0arleian &"".# <9>1 "loane &"".# and ;88
!ing)s &"".
0+ Fays and 0ours ha$e already been treated of# in general# in the %irst 2ook. It is now
necessary to notice in particular at what hour accomplishment and perfection should be
gi$en to the 5rts# all things necessary ha$ing been pre$iously prepared.
"hould it then happen that thou hast undertaken any secret operation for con$ersing with or
con7uring "pirits# in which the day and the hour are not marked# thou shalt put it in
e/ecution on the days and hours of &ercury# at the si/teenth or twenty'third hour# but it
will be still better at the eighth# which is the third 1 of the same night# which is called and
means before the morning# for then thou shalt be able to put in practice all the 5rts and
1perations which should be performed# according as it shall please thee by day or by night#
pro$ided that they ha$e been prepared at the hours suitable to them# as hath been already
said. 2ut when neither hour nor time of operation or in$ocation is specified# it is then much
better to perform these e/periments at night# seeing that it is more easy to the "pirits to
appear in the peaceful silence of night than during the day. 5nd thou shouldest in$iolably
obser$e# that wishing to in$oke the "pirits# either by day or by night# it is necessary that it
should be done in a place hidden# remo$ed# secret# con$enient# and proper for such 5rt#
where no man fre4uenteth or inhabiteth# as we shall relate more fully in its place.
If then thou shouldest operate touching anything which hath been stolen# in whate$er way it
be performed and whate$er way it may ha$e been prepared# it is necessary to practise it on
the days and hours of the &oon# being if possible in her increase# and from the first unto the
eighth hour of the day.
2ut if it be by night# then it should be at the fifth or at the third
p. 81
hour* but it is better by day than by the night# for the light 7ustifieth them# and maketh them
much more fit for publication.
2ut if the 1perations be regarding In$isibility# they should be put in practice at the first#
second# and third hour of &ars by day. 2ut if by night# until the third hour.
If they be 1perations of seeking lo$e# grace# or fa$our# they should be performed until the
eighth hour of the same day# commencing with the first hour of the "un* and from the first
hour of Aenus unto the first hour of the same day of Aenus.
5s for 1perations of destruction and desolation# we should practise and put them into
e/ecution on the day of "aturn at the first hour# or rather at the eighth or fifteenth of the
day* and from the first until the eighth hour of the night.
+/periments of games# raillery# deceit# illusion# and in$isibility# ought to be done at the first
hour of Aenus# and at the eighth hour of the day but by night at the third and at the se$enth.
5t all times of practising and putting into e/ecution &agical 5rts# the &oon should be
increasing in light# and in an e4ual number of degrees with the "un* and it is much better
from the first 4uarter to the 1pposition# and the &oon should be in a fiery "ign# and
notably in that of the ?am or of the -ion.
herefore# to e/ecute these +/periments in any manner whatsoe$er# it should be done when
the &oon is clear# and when she is increasing in light.
In order to put in e/ecution those of In$isibility after e$erything is properly prepared# the
&oon should be in the "ign of the %ishes# in the hours proper and fitting# and she should be
increasing in light.
%or e/periments of seeking lo$e and fa$our# in whate$er way it may be desired# they will
succeed# pro$ided that they ha$e been prepared at the proper hours# and that the &oon be
increasing in light and in the "ign of the wins.
"o e/act a preparation of days and hours is not necessary for those who are adepts in the
5rt# but it is e/tremely necessary for apprentices and beginners# seeing that those who ha$e
been little or not at all instructed herein# and who only begin to apply themsel$es to this
5rt# do not ha$e as much faith in the e/periments as those who are adepts therein# and who
ha$e practised them. 2ut as regards beginners# they should always ha$e the days and hours
well disposed and appropriate unto the 5rt. 5nd the Eise should only obser$e the precepts
of the 5rt which are necessary# and in obser$ing the other solemnities necessary they will
operate with a perfect assurance.
It is# ne$ertheless# necessary to take care that when thou shalt ha$e
p. 8;
prepared any e/periment thyself for the days and hours ordained# that it should be
performed in clear# serene# mild# and pleasant weather# without any great tempest or
agitation of the air# which should not be troubled by winds. %or when thou shalt ha$e
con7ured any "pirits in any art or e/periment# they will not come when the air is troubled or
agitated by winds# seeing that "pirits ha$e neither flesh nor bones# and are created of
different substances.
"ome are created from Eater.
1thers from Eind# unto which they are like.
"ome from +arth.
"ome from Clouds.
1thers from "olar Aapours.
1thers from the keenness and strength of %ire* and when they are in$oked or summoned#
they come always with great noise# and with the terrible nature of fire.
Ehen the "pirits which are created of Eater are in$oked# they come with great rains#
thunder# hail# lightning# thunder'bolts# and the like.
Ehen the "pirits which are created of Clouds are in$oked# they come with great deformity#
in a horrible form# to strike fear into the In$ocator# and with an e/ceeding great noise.
1thers 1 which are formed from Eind appear like thereunto and with e/ceeding swift
motion# and whensoe$er those which are created from 2eauty ; appear# they will show
themsel$es in a fair and agreeable form* moreo$er# whensoe$er thou shalt call the "pirits
created from 5ir# they will come with a kind of gentle bree,e.
Ehen the "pirits which are created from the Aapours of the "un are in$oked# they come
under a $ery beautiful and e/cellent form# but filled with pride# $anity# and conceit. hey
are cle$er# whence it comes that these last are all specified by "olomon in his book of
ornament# or of beauty. hey show great ostentation and $ainglory in their dress# and they
re7oice in many ornaments* they boast of possessing mundane beauty# and all sorts of
ornaments and decorations. hou shalt only in$oke them in serene# mild# and pleasant
he "pirits < which are created of %ire reside in the cast# those created of Eind in the south.
Note then that it will be much better to perform the e/periments or operations in the
direction of the east# putting e$erything necessary in practice towards that point.
2ut for all other operations or e/traordinary e/periments# and for
p. 8<
those of lo$e# they will be much more efficacious directed towards the north.
ake heed further# that e$ery time that thou performest any e/periment# to reduce it unto
perfection with the re4uisite solemnities# thou shalt recommence the former e/periment if
interrupted therein# without the preparation of hours or other solemnities8
If by chance it should happen that ha$ing performed an e/periment with due obser$ance of
days# hours# and re4uisite solemnities# thou shalt find it unsuccessful# it must be in some
manner false# ill'arranged and defecti$e# and thou must assuredly ha$e failed in some
matter* for if thou doest ill in one single point# these e/periments or these 5rts will not be
hus upon this Chapter dependeth this whole !ey of 5rts# +/periments# and 1perations#
and although e$ery solemnity be rightly obser$ed# no e/periment will be $erified# unless
thou canst penetrate the meaning of this Chapter.
8981 In 198:; 5dd. &"". it says )the second.)
8;81 his paragraph is only found in 198:; 5dd. &"".
8;8; he Name of the "i/th (abalistical "ephira or +manation from the Feity# which is
called iphereth# or 2eauty.
8;8< I ha$e usually found it said e/actly vice vers?.
0+ who wisheth to apply himself unto so great and so difficult a "cience should ha$e his
mind free from all business# and from all e/traneous ideas of whate$er nature they may be.
0e should then thoroughly e/amine the 5rt or 1peration which he should undertake# and
write it regularly out on paper# particularly set aside for that purpose# with the appropriate
con7urations and e/orcisms. If there be anything to mark or write down# it should be
performed in the manner specified regarding the paper# ink# and pen. 0e should also
obser$e at what day and at what hour this +/periment should be undertaken# and what
things are necessary to prepare for it# what should be added# and what can be dispensed
he which matters being prepared# it is necessary for thee to search out and arrange some
fitting place wherein the &agical 5rt and its +/periments can be put in practice. 5ll these
things being thus arranged and disposed# let the &aster of the 5rt go into a proper and
fitting place# or into his Cabinet or "ecret Chamber if it be con$enient for the purpose# and
he can there dispose and set in order the whole operation* or he can use any other
con$enient secret place for the purpose# pro$ided that no one knoweth where it is# and that
no man can see him when there.
5fter this he must strip himself entirely naked# and let him ha$e a bath ready prepared#
wherein is water e/orcised# after the manner which we shall describe# so that he may bathe
and purify himself therein from the crown of his head unto the sole of his foot# saying8''
1 -ord 5F1N5I# Eho hast formed me hine unworthy ser$ant in hine Image and
resemblance of $ile and of ab7ect earth* deign to bless and to sanctify this Eater# so that it
may be for the health and purification of my sotd# and of my body# so that no foolishness or
deceitfulness may therein in any way ha$e place.
1 &ost Powerful and Ineffable 6od# Eho madest hy people pass
p. 8J
dryshod through the ?ed "ea when they came up out of the -and of +gypt# grant unto me
grace that I may be purified and regenerated from all my past sins by this Eater# that so no
uncleanness may appear upon me in hy Presence.
5fter this thou shalt entirely immerse thyself in the Eater# and thou shalt dry thyself with a
towel of clean white linen# and then thou shalt put upon thy flesh the garments of pure
white linen whereof we shall speak hereafter.
0ereafter# for three days at least# thou shalt abstain from all idle# $ain# and impure
reasonings# and from e$ery kind of impurity and sin# as will be shown in the Chapter of fast
and of $igil. +ach day shalt thou recite the following prayer# at least once in the morning#
twice about noon# thrice in the afternoon# four times in the e$ening# and fi$e times before
lying down to sleep* this shalt thou do on the three ensuing days8''
0+?5C0I1# 5"5C# 5"5C?1# 2+F?I&L-5+-# I-50# 5?521N5"# I+?50-+&#
IF+1F1C# 5?C05?@+-# @1P0I+-# 2-5L+-# 25?5C55# +F1NI+-# +-10I&#
+&56?1# 52?565+0# "5&1+-# 6+2L?50+-# C5F51# +?5# +-10I#
5C0"50# +2&I"05# I&5C0+F+-# F5NI+-# F5&5# +-5&1"# I@5C0+-# 25+-#
"+61N# 6+&1N# F+&5".
1 -ord 6od# Eho art seated upon the 0ea$ens# and Eho regardest the 5bysses beneath#
grant unto me hy 6race I beseech hee# so that what I concei$e in my mind I may
accomplish in my work# through hee# 1 6od# the "o$ereign ?uler of all# Eho li$est and
reignest unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
hese three days ha$ing passed# thou must ha$e all things in readiness# as hath been said#
and after this a day appointed and set apart. It will be necessary for thee to wait for the hour
in which thou shouldest commence the 1peration* but when once it shall be commenced at
this hour# thou shalt be able to continue it unto the end# seeing that it deri$eth its force and
$irtue from its beginning# which e/tendeth to and spreadeth o$er the succeeding hours# so
that the &aster of the 5rt will be enabled to complete his work so as to arri$e at the desired
E0+N the &aster of the 5rt wisheth to put in practice any 1peration or +/periment#
especially one of importance# he should first consider of what Companions he should a$ail
himself. his is the reason why in e$ery 1peration whose +/perience should be carried out
in the Circle# it is well to ha$e three Companions. 5nd if he cannot ha$e Companions# he
should at least ha$e with him a faithful and attached dog. 2ut if it be absolutely necessary
for him to ha$e Companions# these Companions should be obligated and bound by oath to
do all that the &aster shall order and prescribe them# and they should study# obser$e# and
carefully retain# and be attenti$e unto all which they shall hear. %or those who shall act
otherwise shall suffer and endure many pains and labours# and run into many dangers#
which the "pirits will cause and procure for them# and for this cause sometimes they shall
e$en die.
he Fisciples then# being well and thoroughly instructed# and fortified with a wise and
understanding heart# the &aster shall take e/orcised water# and he shall enter with his
Fisciples into a secret place purified and clean# where he must strip them entirely naked*
after this# let him pour e/orcised water upon their heads# which he should cause to flow
from the crown of their head unto the sole of their feet# so as to bathe them entirely
therewith* and while bathing them thus# he should say8''
2e ye regenerate# cleansed# and purified# in the Name of the Ineffable# 6reat# and +ternal
6od# from all your ini4uities# and may the $irtue of the &ost 0igh descend upon you and
abide with you always# so that ye may ha$e the power and strength to accomplish the
desires of your heart. 5men.
5fter this let the Fisciples robe themsel$es as the &aster hath done# and fast like him for
three days# repeating the same prayer* let them act like him# and in the work let them
implicitly follow and obey him in all things.
p. 8=
2ut if the &aster of the 5rt wisheth to ha$e a dog for his Companion# he must bathe him
thoroughly with the e/orcised water in the same manner as the Fisciples# and let him
perfume him with the odours and incense of 5rt# and let him repeat the following
Con7uration o$er him8''
I con7ure thee# 1 thou Creature# being a Fog# by 0im Eho hath created thee# I bathe and I
perfume thee in the Name of the &ost 0igh# &ost Powerful# and +ternal 6od# so that thou
mayest be my true Companion in this operation# and that thou mayest be also my faithful
friend in whatsoe$er operation I may hereafter perform.
2ut if he wisheth to ha$e for his companion a little boy or girl# which will be still better# he
must ordain them as he hath ordained the dog* and he must pare and cut the nails of their
hands and of their feet# saying8''
I con7ure thee# 1 thou Creature# being a young girl Bor boyD# by the &ost 0igh 6od# the
%ather of all Creatures# by the %ather 5F1N5I +-10I&# and by the %ather +-I1N# that
thou shalt ha$e neither will nor power to hide from me anything# nor yet to keep back from
me the truth in all which I shall demand of thee# and that thou be obedient and faithful unto
me. 5men.
-et him purify# cleanse# and wash this young child anew# with the Eater of 5rt# saying8''
2e thou regenerate# cleansed# and purified# so that the "pirits may neither harm thee nor
abide in thee. 5men.
hen perfume the child with odours as abo$e.
Ehen the Companions shall be thus ordained and disposed# the &aster shall be able to
operate in surety together with them# e$ery time that it shall please him* and he shall
perform his operation happily# and shall attain his end.
2ut for the safety both of soul and of body# the &aster and the Companions should ha$e the
Pentacles before their breasts# consecrated# and co$ered with a silken $eil# and perfumed
with the proper fumigations. 2y the which being assured and encouraged# they may enter
into the matter without fear or terror# and they shall be e/empt and free from all perils and
dangers# pro$ided that they obey the commands of the &aster and do all that he ordain
them. If they shall act thus# all things shall go according unto their desires.
5ll being thus arranged# the &aster should take heed that 0is Fisciples are perfectly
instructed in those things which they ha$e to perform.
hese Companions or Fisciples should be three in number# without including the &aster.
hey may also be of the number of fi$e# of se$en# or of nine* but so that they e$er
implicitly obey the orders of their &aster* for thus only shall all things come to a successful
E0+N the &aster of the 5rt shall wish to perform his operations# ha$ing pre$iously
arranged all things which it is necessary to obser$e and practise* from the first day of the
+/periment# it is absolutely necessary to ordain and to prescribe care and obser$ation# to
abstain from all things unlawful# and from e$ery kind of impiety# impurity# wickedness# or
immodesty# as well of body as of soul* as# for e/ample# eating and drinking
superabundantly# and all sorts of $ain words# buffooneries# slanders# calumnies# and other
useless discourse* but instead to do good deeds# speak honestly# keep a strict decency in all
things# ne$er lose sight of modesty in walking# in con$ersation# in eating and drinking# and
in all things* the which should be principally done and obser$ed for nine days# before the
commencement of the 1peration. he Fisciples should do the same# and should e4ually put
in practice all things necessary to be obser$ed# if they wish to make use of all these
operations and e/periments.
2ut before the commencement of the work# it is absolutely necessary that the &aster with
his Fisciples repeat the following Con7uration once in the morning# and twice in the
1 -ord 6od 5lmighty# be propitious unto me a miserable sinner# for I am not worthy to
raise mine eyes unto hea$en# because of the ini4uity of my sins and the multitude of my
faults. 1 pitying and merciful %ather# who wouldest not the death of a sinner but rather that
he should turn from his wickedness and li$e# 1 6od ha$e mercy upon me and pardon all
my sins* for I unworthy entreat hee# 1 %ather of all Creatures# hou Eho art full of mercy
and of compassion# by hy great goodness# that hou deign to grant unto me power to see
and know these "pirits which I desire to behold and to in$oke to appear before me and to
p. 8>
accomplish my will. hrough hee Eho art Con4ueror# and Eho art 2lessed unto the 5ges
of the 5ges. 5men.
1 -ord 6od the %ather +ternal# Eho art seated upon the !erubim and the "eraphim# Eho
lookest upon +arth and upon "ea* unto hee do I raise my hands and implore hine aid
alone# hou Eho alone art the accomplishment of good works# hou Eho gi$est rest unto
those who labour# Eho humblest the proud# Eho art the 5uthor of -ife and the Festroyer
of Feath* hou art our rest# hou art the Protector of those who in$oke hee* protect#
guard# and defend me in this matter# and in this enterprise which I propose to carry out# 1
hou Eho li$est# reignest# and abidest unto the +ternal 5ges. 5men.
Furing the three last days before the commencement of this action# thou shalt content
thyself with only eating fasting diet# and that only once in the day* and it will be better still
if thou only partakest of bread and water. hou shalt also abstain from e$ery impure thing*
reciting the prayer abo$e written. 5nd on the last day# when thou shalt wish to commence
the 1peration# thou shalt remain all day without eating# and later on thou shalt go into a
secret place# where thou shalt confess all thy sins unto 6od with a contrite heart. he
Fisciples also# together with the &aster# shall recite the same confession with a low but
distinct $oice# as hath been already said in the %irst 2ook.
his ha$ing been done thrice with a de$out# pure# and contrite heart# in a place withdrawn
from men# cleansed# and pure# where thou canst not be seen# taking the water and the
hyssop# thou shalt say8''
Purify me# 1 -ord# with hyssop# and I shall be pure* wash me# and I shall be whiter than
5fter this# bathe thyself with the e/orcised water# and clothe thyself again with the
consecrated garment which thou hast taken off* cerise thyself# and surround thyself with
odours# as will be told farther on# when we speak of perfumes and suffumigations.
he which being done# thou shalt go unto the ordained place with thy Companions# and all
things being prepared# thou shalt make the Circle# as hath been already said# with all other
necessary ceremonies* then shalt thou commence to in$oke the "pirits by the +/orcisms*
thou shalt also repeat anew the foregoing Confession as hath been already said in the %irst
2ook. 5fter which# in sign of amendment and of repentance# each shall mutually kiss the
&ark well# that up to this point# the Fisciples should do the same things as the &aster.
-et the &aster now gi$e his commands unto his Fisciples# and pursue the course of the
+/periment# and work with all diligence to bring it unto perfection.
0+ 2ath is necessary for all &agical and Necromantic 5rts* wherefore# if thou wishest to
perform any e/periment or operation# ha$ing arranged all things necessary thereunto
according to the proper days and hours# thou shalt go unto a ri$er or running stream# or thou
shalt ha$e warm water ready in some large $essel or tub in thy secret cabinet# and while
disrobing thyself of thy raiment thou shalt repeat the following Psalms8''Psalms /i$. or Iiii.*
//$ii.* li$.* l///i.* c$.
5nd when the &aster shall be entirely disrobed let him enter into the water or into the 2ath#
and let him say8''
I e/orcise thee# 1 Creature of Eater# by 0im Eho hath created thee and gathered thee
together into one place so that the dry land appeared# that thou unco$er all the deceits of the
+nemy# and that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleannesses of the "pirits
of the Eorld of Phantasm# so they may harm me not# through the $irtue of 6od 5lmighty
Eho li$eth and reigneth unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
hen shalt thou begin to wash thyself thoroughly in the 2ath# saying8''
&+?5-I5# &L"5-I5# F1P05-I5# 1N+&5-I5# @I5N"+I5# 61-F5P05I?5#
F+FL-"5I?5# 60+AI5-5I?5# 60+&IN5I?5# 6+6?1P0+I?5# C+F50I#
6I-05?# 61FI+2# +@1II-# &L"I-# 6?5""I-# 5&+N# PL+?I# 61FL#
0L@N10# 5"5C010# @52510# 5F1N5I# 56-5# 1N# +-#
+?56?5&&51N# "0+&5# 5?+"I1N# 5N5P05H+1N# "+6I-51N#
5ll the which Names thou shalt repeat twice or thrice# until thou art completely washed and
clean# and when thou are perfectly pure thou shalt 4uit the 2ath# and sprinkle thyself with
e/orcised water# in the manner described later on# and thou shalt say8''
p. >1
Purge me# 1 -ord# with hyssop# and I shall be clean* wash me# and I shall be whiter than
Ehilst again clothing thyself# thou shalt recite the following Psalms8 Psalms cii.* li.* i$.*
///.* c/i/.# Mem# $. >=* c/i$.* c//$i.* c///i/.
5fter which thou shalt recite the following Prayer8''
+- "trong and Eonderful# I bless hee# I adore hee# I glorify hee# I in$oke hee# I
render hee thanks from this 2ath# so that this Eater may be able to cast from me all
impurity and concupiscence of heart# through hee# 1 0oly 5F1N5I* and may I
accomplish all things through hee Eho li$est and reignest unto the 5ges of the 5ges.
5fter this take the "alt and bless it in this manner8''
he 2lessing of the %ather 5lmighty be upon this Creature of "alt# and let all malignity and
hindrance be cast forth hence from# and let all good enter herein# for without hee man
cannot li$e# wherefore I bless thee and in$oke thee# that thou mayest aid me.
hen thou shalt recite o$er the "alt Psalm ciii.
hen taking the grains of the e/orcised "alt thou shalt cast them into the aforesaid 2ath*
and thou shalt again disrobe thyself# pronouncing the following words8''
I&5N+-# 5?N5&1N# I&51# &+&+1N# ?+C5C1N# &L121II# P5-+--1N#
F+C5I1N# K5&+N1N# K5?1N# 51N1N# A5P01?1N# 65?F1N# +HI"1N#
@56A+?1N# &1&+?1N# @5?&+"I1N# I-+I1N# IH&I1N.
5fter this thou shalt enter a second time into the 2ath and recite Psalms ci$. and l///i.
hen thou shalt 4uit the 2ath and clothe thyself as before in linen garments clean and
white# and o$er them thou shalt put the garments# of which we shall speak in the proper
Chapter# and thus clothed thou shalt go to finish thy work.
he Fisciples should wash themsel$es in like manner# and with like solemnities.
0+ e/terior habiliments which the &aster of the 5rt should wear ought to be of linen# as
well as those which he weareth beneath them* and if he hath the means they should be of
"ilk. If they be of linen the thread of which they are made should ha$e been spun by a
young maiden.
he characters shown in Figure == should be embroidered on the breast with the needle of
5rt in red silk.
he shoes should also be Ehite# upon the which the characters in Figure =. should be
traced in the same way.
he shoes or boots should be made of white leather# on the which should be marked the
"igns and Characters of 5rt. hese shoes should be made during the days of fast and
abstinence# namely# during the nine days set apart before the beginning of the 1peration#
during which the necessary instruments also should be prepared# polished# brightened# and
2esides this# the &aster of the 5rt should ha$e a Crown made of $irgin paper# upon the
which should be written these four Names8 K1F# 0+# A5L# 0+# in front* 5F1N5I
behind* +- on the right* and +-10I& on the left. BSee Figure =*.D hese Names should be
written with the ink and pen of the 5rt# whereof we shall speak in the proper Chapter. he
Fisciples should also each ha$e a Crown of $irgin paper whereon these Fi$ine symbols
should be marked in scarlet. BSee Figure =-.D
ake heed also that in clothing thyself with these aforesaid habiliments# that thou recite
these Psalms8''Psalms /$.* c///i.* c///$ii.* c/$ii.* l/$ii.* l/$iii.* and c//$ii.
5fter this perfume the $estments with the perfumes and suffumigations of the 5rt# and
sprinkle them with the water and hyssop of the 5rt.
2ut when the &aster and 0is Fisciples shall commence to robe themsel$es after the first
Psalm# and before continuing with the others# he should pronounce these words8''
p. ><
5&1?# 5&51?# 5&IF+"# IF+CIF5NI5C0# P5&1?# P-5I1?# 5NI1?* through
the merits of these holy 5ngels will I robe and indue myself with the Aestments of Power#
through which may I conduct unto the desired end those things which I ardently wish#
through hee# 1 &ost 0oly 5F1N5I# Ehose !ingdom and +mpire endureth for e$er.
ake notice that if the linen garments were $estments of the -e$ites or of the Priests# and
had been used for holy things# that they would be all the better.
0+ places best fitted for e/ercising and accomplishing &agical 5rts and 1perations are
those which are concealed# remo$ed# and separated from the habitations of men. Eherefore
desolate and uninhabited regions are most appropriate# such as the borders of lakes# forests#
dark and obscure places# old and deserted houses# whither rarely and scarce e$er men do
come# mountains# ca$es# ca$erns# grottos# gardens# orchards* but best. of all are cross'roads#
and where four roads meet# during the depth and silence of night. 2ut if thou canst not
con$eniently go unto any of these places# thy house# and e$en thine own chamber# or#
indeed# any place# pro$ided it hath been purified and consecrated with the necessary
ceremonies# will be found fit and con$enient for the con$ocation and assembling of the
hese 5rts or 1perations should be carried out at the prescribed time# but if there be no
time specially appointed it will be always better to perform them at night# which is the most
fit and proper time for the 1perations of Necromancy* this is also a symbol that it is 7ust
and right to hide them from the sight of the foolish# the ignorant# and the profane.
2ut when thou shalt ha$e selected a place fitting# thou mayest perform thine e/periments
by day or by night. It should be spacious# clear# and bounded on all sides by hedges# shrubs#
trees# or walls. hou shalt thyself cleanse it thoroughly and render it neat and pure# and
while doing this thou shalt recite Psalms ii.* l/$ii.* and li$.
5fter this thou shalt perfume it with the odours and suffumigations of the 5rt# and shalt
sprinkle it with the water and the hyssop* and after this thou mayest in this place make all
the necessary preparations for an operation.
2ut when# later on# thou shalt go unto thI place# to complete and accomplish the operation#
thou shalt repeat on the way thither the following Prayer in a low and distinct $oice8''
p. >J
@5@5II# @5&5II# PLIF5&1N &ost Powerful# "+F1N &ost "trong# +-# K1F 0+ A5L
0+# I50# 56-5# assist me an unworthy sinner who ha$e had the boldness to pronounce
these 0oly Names which no man should name and in$oke sa$e in $ery great danger.
herefore ha$e I recourse unto these &ost 0oly Names# being in great peril both of soul
and of body. Pardon me if I ha$e sinned in any manner# for I trust in hy protection alone#
especially on this 7ourney.
-et the &aster as he goeth sprinkle the path with the water and hyssop of the 5rt# while
each of his Fisciples shall repeat in a low $oice the Prayer which we ha$e en7oined for the
days of fasting and preparation.
%urthermore# let the &aster appoint his Fisciples to carry the things necessary for the 5rt.
he first shall bear the Censer# the %ire# and the Incense.
he "econd* the 2ook# the Paper# the Pens# the Ink# and the $arious Perfumes.
he hird* the !nife# and the "ickle.
he &aster* the "taff# and the Eand.
2ut if there be more Fisciples present# the &aster shall distribute the things for each to
carry# according to their number.
Ehen they shall ha$e arri$ed at the place# and all things being disposed in their proper
order# the &aster shall take the !nife or other con$enient consecrated &agical implement
of "teel# wherewith to form the Circle of 5rt which he intends to construct. his being
done# he must perfume it# and sprinkle it with water* and ha$ing warned and e/horted his
Fisciples# he shall work thus8''
%irst let him ha$e a trumpet made of new wood# on the one side of which shall be written in
0ebrew with the pen and ink of the 5rt these Names of 6od# +-10I& 6I21?# +-10I&
@52510 Bsee Figure =>D* and on the other side these characters Bsee Figure .&D.
0a$ing entered into the Circle to perform the +/periment# he should sound this rumpet
towards the four 4uarters of the Lni$erse# first towards the +ast# then towards the "outh#
then towards the Eest# and lastly towards the North. hen let him say8''
0ear ye# and be ye ready# in whate$er part of the Lni$erse ye may be# to obey the Aoice of
6od the &ighty 1ne# and the Names of the Creator. Ee let you know by this signal and
sound that ye will be con$oked hither# wherefore hold ye yoursel$es in readiness to obey
our commands.
his being done let the &aster complete his work# renew the Circle# and make the
incensements and fumigations.
IN order to properly carry out the greatest and most important 1perations of the 5rt#
$arious Instruments are necessary# as a !nife with a white hilt# another with a black hilt# a
short -ance# wherewith to trace Circles# Characters# and other things.
he !nife with the white hilt Bsee Figure .$D should be made in the day and hour of
&ercury# when &ars is in the "ign of the ?am or of the "corpion. It should be dipped in the
blood of a gosling and in the 7uice of the pimpernel# the &oon being at her full or
increasing in light. Fip therein also the white hilt# upon the which thou shalt ha$e engra$ed
the Characters shown. 5fterwards perfume it with the perfumes of the 5rt.
Eith this !nife thou mayest perform all the necessary 1perations of the 5rt# e/cept the
Circles. 2ut if it seemeth unto thee too troublesome to make a similar !nife# ha$e one made
in the same fashion* and thou shalt place it thrice in the fire until it becometh red'hot# and
each time thou shalt immerse it in the aforesaid blood and 7uice# fasten thereunto the white
hilt ha$ing engra$ed thereon the aforesaid characters# and upon the hilt thou shalt write
with the pen of 5rt# commencing from the point and going towards the hilt# these Names
5gla# 1n# as shown in Figure .$. 5fterwards thou shalt perfume and sprinkle it# and shalt
wrap it in a piece of silken cloth.
2ut as for the !nife with the black hilt Bsee Figure .%D for making the Circle# wherewith to
strike terror and fear into the "pirits# it should be made in the same manner# e/cept that it
should be done in the day and hour of "aturn# and dipped in the blood of a black cat and in
the 7uice of hemlock# the Characters and Names shown in Figure .% being written thereon#
from the point towards the hilt. Ehich being completed# thou shalt wrap it in a black silk
he "cimitar BFigure .'D# and the "ickle BFigure .<D# are made in

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Plate HIII.
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Plate HIA.

p. >=
the same way# as also the Fagger BFigure .=D# the Poniard BFigure ..D# and the short -ance
BFigure .*D# in the day and hour of &ercury# and they should be dipped in the blood of a
magpie and the 7uice of the herb &ercury. hou must make for them handles of white
bo/wood cut at a single stroke from the tree# at the rising of the "un# with a new knife# or
with any other con$enient instrument. 'he characters shown should be traced thereon.
hou shalt perfume them according to the rules of 5rt* and wrap them in silk cloth like the
he "taff BFigure .-D should be of elderwood# or cane# or rosewood* and the Eand BFigure
.>D of ha,el or nut tree# in all cases the wood being $irgin# that is of one year)s growth only.
hey should each be cut from the tree at a single stroke# on the day of &ercury# at sunrise.
he characters shown should be written or engra$ed thereon in the day and hour of
his being done# thou shalt say8''
5F1N5I# &ost 0oly# deign to bless and to consecrate this Eand# and this "taff# that they
may obtain the necessary $irtue# through hee# 1 &ost 0oly 5F1N5I# Ehose kingdom
endureth unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
5fter ha$ing perfumed and consecrated them# put them aside in a pure and clean place for
use when re4uired.
"words are also fre4uently necessary for use in &agical 5rts. hou shalt therefore take a
new "word which thou shalt clean and polish on the day of &ercury# and at the first or the
fifteenth hour# and after this thou shalt write on one side these Fi$ine Names in 0ebrew#
K1F0+ A5L 0+# 5F1N5I# +0+I+0# K5K5I* and on the other side +-10I& 6I21?
BFigure *&D* sprinkle and cense it and repeat o$er it the following con7uration8''
I con7ure thee# 1 "word# by these Names# 52?505C0# 52?5C0# 52?5C5F52?5#
K1F0+ A5L 0+# that thou ser$e me for a strength and defence in all &agical 1perations#
against all mine +nemies# $isible and in$isible.
I con7ure thee anew by the 0oly and Indi$isible Name of +- strong and wonderful* by the
Name "05FF5I 5lmighty* and by these Names (5F1"C0# (5F1"C0# (5F1"C0#
5F1N5I +-10I& @52510# +&5NL+-# the %irst and the -ast# Eisdom# Eay# -ife#
ruth# Chief# "peech# Eord# "plendour# -ight# "un# %ountain# 6lory# the "tone of the Eise#
Airtue# "hepherd# Priest# &essiach Immortal* by these Names then# and by the other
Names# I con7ure thee# 1 "word# that thou ser$est me for a Protection in all ad$ersities.
p. >8
his being finished thou shalt wrap it also in silk like all the other Instruments# being duly
purified and consecrated by the Ceremonies re4uisite for the perfection of all &agical 5rts
and 1perations.
hree 1 other "words should be made for the use of the Fisciples.
he first one should ha$e on the pommel the Name C5?FI+- or 652?I+- BFigure *$D*
on the -amen of the 6uard# ?+6I1N BFigure *%D* on the 2lade# P5N1?5I& 0+5&+"IN
BFigure *'D.
he "econd should ha$e on the pommel the Name 5L?I+- BFigure *<D* on the -amen of
the 6uard# "5?I1N BFigure *=D* on the 2lade# 65&1?INF+25-IN BFigure *.D.
he third should ha$e on the pommel the Name F5&I+- or ?5P05+- BFigure **D* on
the -amen of the 6uard# K+&+1N BFigure *-D* on the 2lade# -5&+FIN +?5FI&
BFigure *>D.
he 2urin ; BFigure -&D or 6ra$er is useful for engra$ing or incising characters. In the day
and hour either of &ars or of Aenus thou shalt engra$e thereon the characters shown# and
ha$ing sprinkled and censed it thou shalt repeat o$er it the following Prayer8''
5"1P0I+-# 5"1P0I+-# 5"1P0I+-# P+N56?5&&51N# 505N51"# +0+I+0
5"0+? +0+I+0# (5F1"C0# (5F1"C0# (5F1"C0* 1 6od +ternal# and my %ather#
bless this Instrument prepared in hine honour# so that it may only ser$e for a good use and
end# for hy 6lory. 5men.
0a$ing again perfumed# thou shalt put it aside for use. he Needle may be consecrated in
the same way.
>881 he description of these three "words for the Fisciples is only gi$en in 1<9= "loane
>88; %rom here to the end of the Chapter is from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
05AIN6 chosen a place for preparing and constructing the Circle# and all things necessary
being prepared for the perfection of the 1perations# take thou the "ickle or "cimitar of 5rt
and stick it into the centre of the place where the Circle is to be made* then take a cord of
nine feet in length# fasten one end thereof unto the "ickle and with the other end trace out
the circumference of the Circle# which may be marked either with the "word or with the
!nife with the 2lack hilt. hen within the Circle mark out four regions# namely# towards
the +ast# Eest# "outh# and North# wherein place "ymbols* and beyond the limits of this
Circle describe with the Consecrated !nife or "word another Circle# but lea$ing an open
space therein towards the North whereby thou mayest enter and depart beyond the Circle of
5rt. 2eyond this again thou shalt describe another Circle at a foot distance with the
aforesaid Instrument# yet e$er lea$ing therein an open space for entrance and egress
corresponding to the open space already left in the other. 2eyond this again make another
Circle at another foot distance# and beyond these two Circles# which are beyond the Circle
of 5rt yet upon the same Centre# thou shalt describe Pentagrams with the "ymbols and
Names of the Creator therein so that they may surround the Circle already described.
Eithout these Circles shalt thou circumscribe a "4uare# and beyond that another "4uare# so
that the 5ngles of the former may touch the centres of the sides of the latter# and that the
5ngles of the latter may stretch towards the four 4uarters of the Lni$erse# +ast# Eest#
North# and "outh* and at the four 5ngles of each s4uare# and touching them# thou shalt
describe lesser Circles wherein let there be placed standing censers with lighted charcoal
and sweet odours.
hese things being done# let the &agus of 5rt ; assemble his Fisciples# e/hort# confirm#
and cheer them* lead them into the Circle of 5rt and station them therein towards the %our
(uarters of the Lni$erse# e/hort
p. 199
them to fear nothing# and to abide in their assigned places. %urthermore# let each of the
Companions ha$e a "word besides the "word of the 5rt# which he must hold naked in his
hand. hen let the &agus 4uit the Circle# and !indle the Censers# and place thereon
e/orcised Incense# as is said in the Chapter of %umigations* and let him ha$e the Censer in
his hand and kindle it# and then place it in the part prepared. -et him now enter within the
Circle and carefully close the openings left in the same# and let him again warn his
Fisciples# and take the rumpet of 5rt prepared as is said in the Chapter concerning the
same# and let him incense the Circle towards the %our (uarters of the Lni$erse.
5fter this let the &agus commence his Incantations# ha$ing placed the "ickle# "word# or
other Implement of 5rt upright in the ground at his feet. 0a$ing sounded the trumpet as
before taught let him in$oke the "pirits# and if need be con7ure them# as is said in the %irst
2ook# and ha$ing attained his desired effect# let him license them to depart.
0ere followeth the %orm of the Circle Bsee Figure -$D# wherein whosoe$er entereth he shall
be at safety as within a fortified Castle# and nothing shall be able to harm him.
>>81 his Chapter is only gi$en in 198:; 5dd. &"".
>>8; )&aghus) in &".# not )&agister.)
0+?+ are many kinds of Incense# "uffumigations# and Perfumes# which are made for and
offered unto the "pirits* those which are of sweet odour are for the good# those which are of
e$il sa$our are for the e$il.
%or perfumes of good odour# take thou incense# aloes# nutmeg# gum ben7amin# musk# and
other fragrant spices# o$er the which thou shalt say8''
1 6od of 5braham# 6od of Isaac# 6od of 3acob# deign to bless these odoriferous spices so
that they may recei$e strength# $irtue# and power to attract the 6ood "pirits# and to banish
and cause to retire all hostile Phantoms. hrough hee# 1 &ost 0oly 5F1N5I# Eho li$est
and reignest unto the 5ges of the 5ges. 5men.
I e/orcise thee# 1 "pirit impure and unclean# thou who art a hostile Phantom# in the Name
of 6od# that thou 4uit this Perfume# thou and all thy deceits# that it may be consecrated and
sanctified in the name of 6od 5lmighty. &ay the 0oly "pirit of 6od grant protection and
$irtue unto those who use these Perfumes* and may the hostile and e$il "pirit and Phantom
ne$er be able to enter therein# through the Ineffable Name of 6od 5lmighty. 5men.
1 -ord# deign to bless and to sanctify this Creature of Perfume so that it may be a remedy
unto mankind for the health of body and of soul# through the In$ocation of hy 0oly Name.
&ay all Creatures who recei$e the odour of this incense and of these spices recei$e health
of body and of soul# through 0im Eho hath formed the 5ges. 5men.
5fter this thou shalt sprinkle the $arious "pices with the Eater of the 5rt# and thou shalt
place them aside in a piece of silk as in other cases# or in a bo/ destined for the purpose# so
that thou mayest ha$e them ready prepared for use when necessary.
p. 19;
Ehen thou wishest to use the incense# thou shalt kindle a fire of fresh charcoal# in earthen
$essels newly gla,ed within and without# and thou shalt kindle fire fresh with flint and
steel# and the fire being lighted thou shalt say o$er it as follows# before putting the "pices
I e/orcise thee# 1 Creature of %ire# by 0im through Ehom all things ha$e been made# so
that e$ery kind of Phantasm may retire from thee# and be unable to harm or decei$e in any
way# through the In$ocation of the &ost 0igh Creator of all. 5men.
2less# 1 -ord 5ll Powerful# and 5ll &erciful# this Creature of %ire# so that being blessed by
hee# it may be for the honour and glory of hy &ost 0oly Name# so that it may work no
hindrance or e$il unto those who use it. hrough hee# 1 +ternal and 5lmighty -ord# and
through hy &ost 0oly Name. 5men.
his being done# thou shalt put the "pices upon the %ire# and make what perfumes and
suffumigations thou re4uirest.
1$er %umigations of e$il odour thou shalt say8''
5F1N5I# -5@5I# F5-&5I# 5I&5# +-10I# 1 0oly %ather# grant unto us succour#
fa$our# and grace# by the In$ocation of thy 0oly Name# so that these things may ser$e us
for aid in all that we wish to perform therewith# that all deceit may 4uit them# and that they
may be blessed and sanctified through hy Name. 5men.
I% it be necessary to sprinkle with water anything re4uired in the 5rt it should be clone with
a "prinkler.
Prepare a Censer in the day and hour of &ercury# with the odoriferous "pices of the 5rt.
5fter this thou shalt take a $essel of brass# of lead $arnished within and without# or of earth#
which thou shalt fill with most clear spring water# and thou shalt ha$e salt# and say these
words o$er the salt8''
@52510I &+""I5C0# +&5NL+-# +-10I& 6I21?# K1F 0+ A5L 0+* 1 6od#
Eho art the ruth and the -ife# deign to bless and sanctify this Creature of "alt# to ser$e
unto us for help# protection# and assistance in this 5rt# e/periment# and operation# and may
it be a succour unto us.
5fter this cast the salt into the $essel wherein is the Eater# and say the following Psalms8
cii.* li$.* $i.* l/$ii.
hou shalt then make unto thyself a "prinkler of $er$ain# fennel# la$ender# sage# $alerian#
mint# garden'basil# rosemary# and hyssop# gathered in the day and hour of &ercury# the
moon being in her increase. 2ind together these herbs with a thread spun by a young
maiden# and engra$e upon the handle on the one side the characters shown in Figure -%#
and on the other side those gi$en in Figure -'.
5fter this thou wayest use the Eater# using the "prinkler whene$er it is necessary* and
know that wheresoe$er thou shalt sprinkle this Eater# it will chase away all Phantoms# and
they shall be unable to hinder or annoy any. Eith this same Eater thou shalt make all the
preparations of the 5rt.
I hath been e$er the custom among all nations to use fire and light in sacred things. %or
this reason the &aster of the 5rt should also employ them in sacred rites# and besides those
for reading the Con7urations by# and for the incense# in all operations -ights are necessary
in the Circle.
%or this reason he should make candles of $irgin wa/ in the day and hour of &ercury* the
wicks should ha$e been made by a young girl* and the Candles should be made when the
moon is in her increase# of the weight of half a pound each# and on them thou shalt engra$e
these characters with the Fagger# or the 2urin of 5rt. BSee Figure -<.D
5fter this thou shalt repeat o$er the Candles# Psalms cli.* ciii.* c$ii.# and shalt say8''
1 -ord 6od# Eho go$ernest all things by hine 5lmighty Power# gi$e unto me# a poor
sinner# understanding and knowledge to do only that which is agreeable unto hee* grant
unto me to fear# adore# lo$e# praise# and gi$e thanks unto hee with true and sincere faith
and perfect charity. 6rant# 1 -ord# before I die# and descend into the realms beneath# and
before the fiery flame shall de$our me# that hy 6race may not lea$e me# 1 -ord of my
"oul. 5men.
5fter this thou shalt add8''
I e/orcise thee# 1 Creature of wa/# by 0im Eho alone hath created all things by 0is Eord#
and by the $irtue of 0im Eho is pure truth# that thou cast out from thee e$ery Phantasm#
Per$ersion# and Feceit of the +nemy# and may the Airtue and Power of 6od enter into thee#
so that thou mayest gi$e us light# and chase far from us all fear or terror.
5fter this thou shalt sprinkle them with the Eater of the 5rt# and incense them with the
usual perfumes.
5nd when thou shalt wish to kindle them thou shalt say8''
I e/orcise thee# 1 Creature of %ire# in the Name of the "o$ereign and +ternal -ord# by 0is
Ineffable Name# which is K1F# 0+# A5L# 0+* by the Name I50* and by the Name of
Power +-* that thou mayest
p. 19J
enlighten the heart of all the "pirits which we shall call unto this Circle# so that they may
appear before us without fraud and deceit through 0im Eho hath created all things.
hen thou shalt take a s4uare -antern# with panes of Crystal glass# and thou shalt fit therein
the Candle lighted# to read by# to form the Circle# or any other purpose for which thou shalt
re4uire it.
0+ who hath attained the rank or degree of +/orcist# which we are usually accustomed to
call &agus or &aster according to grade# whensoe$er he desireth to undertake any
operation# for the nine days immediately preceding the commencement of the work# should
put aside from him all uncleanness# and prepare himself in secret during these days# and
prepare all the things necessary# and in the space of these days all these should be made#
consecrated# and e/orcised.
he which being duly completed# let him go on the day and hour of the commencement of
the work# unto the place set apart for the same# as hath been said# in the place concerning
the formation of the Circle. -et him instruct his Fisciples on no cause whatsoe$er to mo$e
from their assigned places. 5nd the &agus should e/hort them with a bold and confident
$oice as follows8''
%ear ye not# my belo$ed Companions# seeing that we draw near unto the desired end*
therefore# all things being rightly done and the Con7urations and +/orcisms diligently
performed# ye shall behold !ings of !ings# and +mperors of +mperors# and other !ings#
Princes# and &a7esties with them# and a great crowd of followers# together with all sorts of
musical instruments# yet nothing should either the &agus or his Fisciples fear.
5nd then let the &agus say8''
I e/hort you by these 0oly Names of 6od# +-10I&# 5F1N5I# 56-5# that none of you
now presume to mo$e or cross o$er from your appointed stations.
his being said# let the &agus and his Fisciples unco$er the 0oly Pentacles and show them
towards each 4uarter# and they being shown in each place# there shall be noises and
hen shall the +mperor of Bthe "piritsD say unto you8''%rom the
p. 19=
time of the 6reat 5ddus until now# there hath not been an +/orciser who could behold my
person# and unless those things 1 which ye ha$e showed unto us had been made# ye would
not now ha$e seen me. 2ut seeing that ye ha$e powerfully called us# as I belie$e# by the
rites deri$ed from "olomon# and which but few of your comrades# or +/orcisers# possess#
also they compel us against our will# and I therefore say unto thee that we wish to be
obedient in all matters.
hen shall the &agus place the petitions of himself and his companions# which should be
written down clearly on $irgin card# or paper# beyond the Circle towards the !ing or Prince
of the "pirits# and he will recei$e it and take counsel with his Chiefs. 5fter this he will
return the Card# saying8''hat which thou desirest is accomplished# be thy will performed#
and all thy demands fulfilled.
19:81 his Chapter is only gi$en in 198:; 5dd. &"".
19=81 he Pentacles.
5-- things employed for writing# etc.# in this 5rt# should be prepared in the following
hou shalt take a male gosling# from which thou shalt pluck the third feather of the right
wing# and in plucking it thou shalt say8''
5F?5I# 050-II# 5&50# I-1N5"# 505&5"# @I5N1?# 5F1N5I# banish from
this pen all deceit and error# so that it may be of $irtue and efficacy to write all that I desire.
5fter this thou shalt sharpen it with the penknife of the 5rt# perfume it# sprinkle it# and
place it aside in a silken cloth.
hou shalt ha$e an Inkstand made of earth or any con$enient matter# and in the day and
hour of &ercury thou shalt engra$e thereon with the 2urin of 5rt these Names8''Kod# 0e#
Aau# 0e# &etatron# Iah Iah Iah# (adosch# +lohim ,abaoth Bsee Figure -=D* and in putting
the ink therein thou shalt say8''
I e/orcise thee# 1 Creature of Ink# by 5N5I?+1N# by "I&L-51?# and by the Name
5F1N5I# and by the Name of 0im through Ehom all things were made# that thou be unto
me an aid and succour in all things which I wish to perform by thine aid.
5s it sometimes happeneth that it is necessary to write with some noble colour# it is well to
ha$e a new and clean bo/ wherein to keep them. he principal colours will be Kellow or
6old# ?ed# Celestial or 5,ure 2lue# 6reen# and 2rown* and any other colours that may be
re4uisite. hou shalt e/orcise# perfume# and sprinkle them in the usual manner.
5!+ the feather of a "wallow or of a Crow# and before plucking it thou shalt say8''
&ay 0oly &IC05+- the 5rchangel of 6od# and &IF5+- and &I?5+-# the Chiefs and
Captains of the Celestial 5rmy# be my aid in the operation I am about to perform# so that I
may write herewith all things which are necessary# and that all the e/periments which I
commence herewith may through you and through your Names be perfected by the power
of the &ost 0igh Creator. 5men.
5fter this thou shalt point and complete the pen with the !nife of the 5rt# and with the pen
and ink of the 5rt thou shalt write upon its side the Name# 5N5I?+1N Bsee Figure -.D#
and thou shalt say o$er it the following Psalms8 c///iii.* c/$ii.
5!+ a li$ing 2at and e/orcise it thus8''
C5&I5C0# +1&I50+# +&I5-# &5C25-# +&1II# @5@+5N# &5IP0I5#
@5C?50#+NF5C# AL-5&50I* by these &ost 0oly Names# and the other Names of
5ngels which are written in the 2ook 5""5&5I5N# 1 I con7ure thee 1 2at Bor whate$er
animal it may beD that thou assist me in this operation# by 6od the rue# 6od the 0oly# the
6od Eho hath created thee# and by 5dam# Eho hath imposed thy true name upon thee and
upon all other animated beings.
5fter this# take the Needle or other con$enient Instrument of 5rt# as will be said later on#
and pierce the bat in the $ein which is in the right wing* and collect the blood in a small
$essel o$er the which thou shalt say8''
5lmighty 5F1N5I# 5?50?1N# 5"05I# +-10I&# +-10I# +-I1N# 5"0+? +0+I+0#
"05FF5I# 1 6od the -ord# immaculate# immutable# +&5NL+-# &+""I5C0# K1F#
0+# A5L# 0+# be my aid# so that this blood may ha$e power and efficacy in all wherein I
shall wish# and in all that I shall demand.
Perfume it and keep it for use.
he blood of other winged animals may be taken in the same manner# with the proper
2ote b+ 6ditor.''I cannot too strongly impress on the readers of this $olume that the use of
blood is more or less connected with 2lack &agic and that it should be a$oided as much as
11981 he )"epher 0a'"hamaiim#) or )2ook of the 0ea$ens.)
AI?6IN paper# or card# is that which is new# pure# clean# and e/orcised# ne$er ha$ing
ser$ed for any other purpose.
Airgin parchment is necessary in many &agical 1perations# and should be properly
prepared and consecrated. here are two kinds# one called Airgin# the other Lnborn. Airgin
parchment is that which is taken from an 5nimal which hath not attained the age of
generation# whether it be ram# or kid# or other animal.
Lnborn parchment is taken from an animal which hath been taken before its time from the
uterus of its mother.
ake whichsoe$er of these two classes of animals thou pleasest# pro$ided only that it be
male# and in the day and hour of &ercury* and take it to a secret place where no man may
see thee at work. hou shalt ha$e a marsh'reed cut at a single stroke with a new knife# and
thou shalt strip from it the lea$es# repeating this Con7uration8''
I con7ure thee by the Creator of all things# and by the !ing of 5ngels# Ehose Name is +-
"05FF5I# that thou recei$est strength and $irtue to flay this animal and to construct the
parchment whereon I may write the 0oly Names of 6od# and that it may ac4uire so great
$irtue that all which I shall write or do may obtain its effect# through 0im who li$eth unto
the +ternal 5ges. 5men.
2efore cutting the ?eed recite Psalm l//ii.
5fter this# with the !nife of the 5rt# thou shalt fashion the ?eed into the shape of a !nife#
and upon it thou shalt write these Names8 56-5# 5F1N5I# +-10I Bsee Figure -*D#
through Ehom be the work of this !nife accomplished. hen thou shalt say8''
1 6od# Eho drewest &oses# hy well belo$ed and hine elect# from among the ?eeds on
the marshy banks of the Nile# and from the Eaters#
p. 11;
he being yet but a child# grant unto me through hy great mercy and compassion that this
?eed may recei$e Power and Airtue to effect that which I desire through hy 0oly Name
and the Names of hy 0oly 5ngels. 5men.
his being done# thou shalt commence with this !nife to flay the 5nimal# whether it be
Airgin or Lnborn# saying8''
@105?# @I1# 5-&5Y# 5F1N5I# "05FF5I# +?56?5&&51N# and ye 0oly
5ngels of 6od* be present# and grant power and $irtue unto this parchment# and may it be
consecrated by you# so that all things which I shall write thereon shall obtain their effect.
he 5nimal being flayed# take "alt# and say thus o$er it8''
6od of 6ods# and -ord of -ords# Eho hast created all things from Negati$e +/istence#
deign to bless and sanctify this "alt# so that in placing it upon this parchment which I wish
to make# it may ha$e such $irtue that whatsoe$er I may write on it hereafter may attain its
desired end. 5men.
5fterwards rub the said parchment with the e/orcised salt# and lea$e it in the "un# to imbibe
this salt for the space of an entire day. hen take a large earthen $essel gla,ed within and
without# round the outside of which thou shalt write the characters in Figure --.
5fter this thou shalt put powdered lime into the $essel# saying
1?1II# @5?1N# @5IN1N# @+A5?1N# @50IP0I-# +-I1N# be ye present and bless this
work so that it may attain the desired effect# through the !ing of the 0ea$ens# and the 6od
of the 5ngels. 5men.
ake then e/orcised Eater and pour it upon the said lime# and place the skin therein for
three days# after which thou shalt take it thence# and scrape therefrom the lime and flesh
adhering# with the !nife of ?eed.
5fter this thou shalt cut# with a single stroke# a Eand of 0a,el# long enough for thee to
form a Circle therewith* take also a cord spun by a young maiden# and small stones or
pebbles from a brook# pronouncing these words8''
1 6od 5donai# 0oly and Powerful %ather# put $irtue into these stones# that they may ser$e
to stretch this parchment# and to chase therefrom all fraud# and may it obtain $irtue by
hine 5lmighty Power.
5fter this# ha$ing stretched the said parchment upon the Circle and bound it with the cord
and stones# thou shalt say8''
56-5# K1F# 0+# A5L# 0+# I50# +&5NL+-# bless and preser$e this parchment# so that
no Phantasm may enter therein.
-et it dry thus for three days in a dark and shady place# then cut the cord with the !nife of
5rt# and detach the Parchment from the Circle# saying8''
5N1?# 5NC1?# L?-1"# 2+1F1N1"# P05I5?# 5P05?C5?# be present for a
guard unto this Parchment.
p. 11<
hen perfume it# and keep it in silk ready for use.
No woman# if her flowers be upon her# should be permitted to see this parchment* otherwise
it will lose its $irtue. 0e who maketh it should be pure# clean# and prepared.
2ut if the preparation of the aforesaid parchment seemeth too tedious# thou mayest make it
in the following manner# but it is not so good.
ake any Parchment# and e/orcise it* prepare a censer with perfumes write upon the
parchment the characters in Figure -># hold it o$er the incense# and say8''
2e ye present to aid me# and may my operation be accomplished through you* @5@5II#
@5-&5II# F5-&5II# 5F1N5I# 5N5P05H+1N# C+F?I1N# C?IP1N# P?I1N#
5N5I?+1N# +-I1N# 1CIN1&1N# @+A5NI1N# 5-5@5I1N# @IF+1N# 56-5# 1N#
K1F0+ A5L 0+# 5?1?# FIN11?# 0oly 5ngels of 6od* be present and infuse $irtue
into this Parchment# so that it may obtain such power through you that all Names and
Characters thereon written may recei$e due power# and that all deceit and hindrance may
depart therefrom# through 6od the -ord merciful and gracious# Eho li$eth and reigneth
through all the 5ges. 5men.
hen shalt thou recite o$er the parchment Psalms l//ii.* c/$ii.* and c///i$.* and the
)9enedicite Omnia Opera.) hen say8''
I con7ure thee# 1 parchment# by all the 0oly Names# that thou obtainest efficacy and
strength# and becomest e/orcised and consecrated# so that none of the things which may be
written upon thee shall be effaced from the 2ook of ruth. 5men.
hen sprinkle it# and keep it as before said.
he Cauls of newly'born children# duly consecrated# may also be used instead of $irgin
parchment. 5lso paper# satin# silk# and the like substances# may be employed in operations
of less importance if duly e/orcised and consecrated.
E5H and Airgin +arth are also employed in many &agical 1perations# whether to make
Images# or Candles# or other things* therefore they should ne$er ha$e been put to any other
use. he +arth should be dug up with thine own hands# and reduced to a paste# without
touching it with any instrument whate$er# so that it be not defiled thereby.
he Ea/ should be taken from bees which ha$e only made it for the first time# and it
should ne$er ha$e been employed for any other purpose* and when thou shalt wish it to
a$ail thyself of the one or the other# thou shalt before commencing the work repeat the
following con7uration8''
+H521?# 0+521?# "I5CI21?# 5F1N5I# 1N@1# @1&+N# &+N1?#
5"&1F5-# 5"C125# C1&51"# +?I1N5"# P?1%5"# 5-!1&5"# C1N5&5"#
P5PL+NF1"# 1"I5NF1"# +"PI5C+N# F5&N50# +0+?+"# 61-5F+"#
+-5N+"# C1P0I# @5F+"# ye 5ngels of 6od be present# for I in$oke ye in my work# so
that through you it may find $irtue and accomplishment. 5men.
5fter this repeat Psalms c///i. /$.* cii.* $iii. l///i$.* l/$iii.* l//ii.* c///iii.* c/iii.* c//$i.*
/l$i. /l$ii.* //ii.* li.* c///.* c///i/. /li/. c/.* liii.* and say8''
I e/orcise thee# 1 Creature of Ea/ Bor of +arthD# that through the 0oly Name of 6od and
0is 0oly 5ngels thou recei$e blessing# so that thou mayest be sanctified and blessed# and
obtain the $irtue which we desire# through the &ost 0oly Name of 5F1N5I. 5men.
"prinkle the wa/ and put it aside for use* but take note that the +arth which should be dug
up with thy hands should be prepared e$ery time thou hast need thereof.
0+?+ are se$eral steel instruments necessary in $arious 1perations# as a Needle to prick
or to sew* a 2urin# or instrument wherewith to engra$e# etc.
hou shalt make such instruments in the day and hour of 3upiter# and when it is finished
thou shalt say8''
I con7ure thee# 1 Instrument of "teel# by 6od the %ather 5lmighty# by the Airtue of the
0ea$ens# of the "tars# and of the 5ngels who preside o$er them* by the $irtue of stones#
herbs# and animals* by the $irtue of hail# snow# and wind* that thou recei$est such $irtue
that thou mayest obtain without deceit the end which I desire in all things wherein I shall
use thee* through 6od the Creator of the 5ges# and +mperor of the 5ngels. 5men.
5fterwards repeat Psalms iii.* i/.* ///i.* /lii.* l/.* li.* c///.
Perfume it with the perfumes of the 5rt# and sprinkle it with e/orcised water# wrap it in silk
and say8''
F5NI# @L&+C0# 565-&5L?1F# 65FI+-# P5NI# C5N+-15"# &+?1F#
65&IF1I# 25-F1I# &+?51?# 5ngels most holy# be present for a guard unto this
E0+N any Instrument of the 5rt is properly consecrated# it should be wrapped in silk and
put away# as we ha$e said.
ake# then# silk of any colour e/cept black or grey# whereon write the words and Characters
in Figure >&.
Perfume it with incense of good odour# sprinkle it# and recite Psalms l///ii.* l//ii.* c///i$.*
5fter this thou shalt put it aside for se$en days with sweet spices and thou shalt use this silk
to wrap all the Instruments of the 5rt.
E0+N"1+A+? in any 1peration it is necessary to write Characters# and thou fearest that
thou wilt fail# do this8 Erite at the beginning the Name +0+I+0 5"0+? +0+I+0 BFigure
>$D# and at the end the Name 5IN "1P0 BFigure >%D* between these Names write what
thou wishest# and if thou hast anything especial to do bear the said written Names upon the
wrapper in silk# and thou shalt say o$er them8''
&ost Eise and &ost 0igh Creator of all things# I pray hee for hy grace and mercy that
hou mayest grant such $irtue and power unto these 0oly Names# that hou mayest keep
these characters from all deceit and error# through hee# 1 &ost 0oly 5F1N5I. 5men.
5fter ha$ing repeated this thou shalt write the re4uisite Characters# and thou shalt not fail#
but shalt attain thy desired end.
&ake a small 2ook containing the Prayers for all the 1perations# the Names of the 5ngels
in the form of -itanies# their "eals and Characters* the which being done thou shalt
consecrate the same unto 6od and unto the pure "pirits in the manner following8''
hou shalt set in the destined place a small table co$ered with a white cloth# whereon thou
shalt lay the 2ook opened at the 6reat Pentacle which should be drawn on the first leaf of
the said 2ook* and ha$ing kindled a lamp which should be suspended abo$e the centre of
the table# thou shalt surround the said table with a white curtain* clothe thyself in the proper
$estments# and holding the 2ook open# repeat upon thy knees the following prayer with
great humility8''
B%or the Prayer beginning )5donai +lohim#) etc.# see 2ook I.# Chapter HIA.# where it is
gi$en in full.D
5fter which thou shalt incense it with the incense proper to the
p. 118
[paragraph continues] Planet and the day# and thou shalt replace the 2ook on the aforesaid able#
taking heed that the fire of the lamp be kept up continually during the operation# and
keeping the curtains closed. ?epeat the same ceremony for se$en days# beginning with
"aturday# and perfuming the 2ook each day with the Incense proper to the Planet ruling the
day and hour# and taking heed that the lamp shall burn both day and night* after the which
thou shalt shut up the 2ook in a small drawer under the table# made e/pressly for it# until
thou shalt ha$e occasion to use it* and e$ery time that thou wishest to use it# clothe thyself
with thy $estments# kindle the lamp# and repeat upon thy knees the aforesaid prayer#
)5donai +lohim#) etc.
It is necessary also# in the Consecration of the 2ook# to summon all the 5ngels whose
Names are written therein in the form of -itanies# the which thou shalt do with de$otion*
and e$en if the 5ngels and "pirits appear not in the Consecration of the 2ook# be not thou
astonished thereat# seeing that they are of a pure nature# and conse4uently ha$e much
difficulty in familiarising themsel$es with men who are inconstant and impure# but the
Ceremonies and Characters being correctly carried out de$outedly and with perse$erance#
they will be constrained to come# and it will at length happen that at thy first in$ocation
thou wilt be able to see and communicate with them. 2ut I ad$ise thee to undertake nothing
unclean or impure# for then thy importunity# far from attracting them# will only ser$e to
chase them from thee* and it will be thereafter e/ceedingly difficult for thee to attract them
for use for pure ends.
11=81 he rest of this Chapter is from 1;9< -ansdowne &"".
IN many operations it is necessary to make some sort of sacrifice unto the Femons# and in
$arious ways. "ometimes white animals are sacrificed to the good "pirits and black to the
e$il. "uch sacrifices consist of the blood and sometimes of the flesh.
hey who sacrifice animals# of whatsoe$er kind they be# should select those which are
$irgin# as being more agreeable unto the "pirits# and rendering them more obedient.
Ehen blood is to be sacrificed it should be drawn also from $irgin 4uadrupeds or birds# but
before offering the oblation# say8''
&ay this "acrifice which we find it proper to offer unto ye# noble and lofty 2eings# be
agreeable and pleasing unto your desires* be ye ready to obey us# and ye shall recei$e
greater ones.
hen perfume and sprinkle it according to the rules of 5rt.
Ehen it is necessary# with all the proper Ceremonies# to make "acrifices of fire# they should
be made of wood which hath some 4uality referring especially unto the "pirits in$oked* as
7uniper# or pine# unto the "pirits of "aturn* bo/# or oak# unto those of 3upiter* cornel# or
cedar# unto those of &ars* laurel unto those of the "un* myrtle unto those of Aenus* ha,el
unto those of &ercury* and willow unto those of the &oon.
2ut when we make sacrifices of food and drink# e$erything necessary should be prepared
without the Circle# and the meats should be co$ered with some fine clean cloth# and ha$e
also a clean white cloth spread beneath them* with new bread and good and sparkling wine#
but in all things those which refer to the nature of the Planet. 5nimals# such as fowls or
pigeons# should be roasted. +specially shouldest thou ha$e a $essel of clear and pure
fountain water# and before thou enterest into the Circle# thou shalt summon the "pirits by
their proper Names# or at least those chief among them# saying8''
In whatsoe$er place ye may be# ye "pirits# who are in$ited to this
p. 1;9
feast# come ye and be ready to recei$e our offerings# presents# and sacrifices# and ye shall
ha$e hereafter yet more agreeable oblations.
Perfume the $iands with sweet incense# and sprinkle them with e/orcised water* then
commence to con7ure the "pirits until they shall come.
his is the manner of making sacrifices in all arts and operations wherein it is necessary#
and acting thus# the "pirits will be prompt to ser$e thee.
0ere endeth our !ey# the which if thou thoroughly instillest into thy memory# thou shalt be
able# if it pleaseth thee# e$en to fly with the wings of the wind. 2ut if thou takest little heed
hereof# and despiseth this 2ook# ne$er shalt thou attain unto the desired end in any &agical
e/periment or operation whatsoe$er.
%or in this 2ook is comprised all science of &agical 5rt# and it should be strictly kept by
thee. 5nd hereunto is the end of our !ey# in the Name of 6od the righteous# the merciful#
and the eternal# Eho li$eth and reigneth throughout the 5ges. 5men.
0+ +NF 1% 0+ !+K 1% "1-1&1N 0+ !IN6
?5N"-5+F %?1& 0+ 0+2?+E 2y +-IP05@ -ZAI* and gi$en in his )Philosophie
1cculte#) "erie II.# page 1<:.
I will now gi$e unto thee the !ey of the !ingdom of the "pirits.
his !ey is the same as that of the &ysterious Numbers of Ket,irah. 1
he "pirits are go$erned by the natural and uni$ersal 0ierarchy of things.
hree command hree through the medium of hree.
here are the "pirits of 5bo$e# those of 2elow# and those of the Centre* then if thou
in$ertest the "acred -adder# if thou descendest instead of ascending# thou wilt disco$er the
Counter'0ierarchy of the "hells# or of the Fead "pirits.
!now thou only that the Principalities of 0ea$en# the Airtues# and the Powers# are not
Persons# but dignities.
hey are the Fegrees of the "acred -adder upon which the "pirits ascend and descend.
&ichael# 6abriel# ?aphael# and the others# are not Names but itles.
he %irst of the Numbers is the Lnity.
he %irst of the Fi$ine Conceptions called the Sephiroth is !ether or the Crown.
he %irst Category of the "pirits is that of Chaioth 0a'(adesh or the Intelligences of the
Fi$ine etragram# whose -etters are symbolised by the &ysterious 5nimals in the
Prophecy of +,ekiel.
heir empire is that of unity and synthesis. hey correspond to the Intelligence.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the /hamiel or Fouble'0eaded 1nes# the Femons of re$olt and
of anarchy# whose two Chiefs# e$er at Ear with each other# are Satan and Moloch.
he second Number is two* the second "ephira is Chokmah or Eisdom.
p. 1;;
he "pirits of Eisdom are the 5uphanim# a Name which signifieth the Eheels# because all
acts in 0ea$en like immense Eheels spangled with "tars. heir +mpire is that of 0armony.
hey correspond to the ?eason.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Chaigidel# or the "hells which attach themsel$es to &aterial
and -ying 5ppearances. heir Chief# or rather their 6uide# for +$il "pirits obey no one# is
9eel,ebub# whose Name signifieth the 6od of %lies# because %lies haunt putrefying corpses.
he third Number is three. he third "ephira is 2inah or Lnderstanding.
he "pirits of 2inah are 5ralim# or the "trong. heir empire is the creation of ideas* they
correspond to acti$ity and energy of thought.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Satariel# or concealers# the Femons of absurdity# of
intellectual inertia# and of &ystery. he Chief of the Satariel is "uciuge# called falsely and
by anti'phrase "ucier Bas the +umenides# who arc the %uries# are called in 6reek the
6racious 1nesD.
he fourth Number is four. he fourth "ephira is 6edulah or Chesed# &agnificence or
he "pirits of 6edulah are the Chaschmalim# or the -ucid 1nes. heir empire is that of
beneficence* they correspond to the imagination.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Gamchicoth or the Fisturbers of "ouls. he Chief or 6uide
of these Femons is Ashtaroth or Astarte# the impure Aenus of the "yrians# whom they
represent with the head of an ass or of a bull# and the breasts of a woman.
he fifth Number is fi$e. he fifth "ephira is 6eburah or 7ustice.
he "pirits of 6eburah are the "eraphim# or the "pirits burning with ,eal. heir empire is
that of the chastisement of crimes. hey correspond to the faculty of comparing and of
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Golab or incendiaries# 6enii of wrath and sedition# whose
Chief is Asmodeus# whom they call also "amael the 2lack.
he si/th Number is si/. he si/th "ephira is iphereth the "upreme 2eauty.
he "pirits of iphereth are the &alachim# or the !ings. heir empire is that of the
Lni$ersal 0armony. hey correspond to the 7udgment.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the /agaririm# or Fisputers# whose Chief is 9elphegor.
he se$enth Number is se$en. he se$enth "ephira is Net,ach# or Aictory.
he "pirits of Net,ach are the +lohim or the 6ods# that is to say the
p. 1;<
representati$es of 6od. heir empire is that of progress and of life* they correspond to the
Sensorium or to sensibility.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Harab:Serapel# or the ?a$ens of Feath# whose Chief is 2aal.
he eighth Number is eight. he eighth "ephira is 0od or eternal order.
he "pirits of 0od are the 2eni'+lohim or "ons of the 6ods. heir empire is that of order*
they correspond to the inner sense.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Samael or 7ugglers# whose Chief is Adramelech.
he ninth Number is nine. he ninth "ephira is Kesod# or the fundamental principle.
he "pirits of Kesod are the Cherubim or 5ngels# those powers which fecundate the earth#
and which are represented in 0ebrew symbolism under the form of bulls. heir empire is
that of fecundity. hey correspond to true ideas.
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the Gamaliel or obscene# whose (ueen is "ilith# the Femon of
he tenth Number is ten. he tenth "ephira is &alkuth# or the kingdom of %orms.
he "pirits of &alkuth are the Ischim# or the $irile ones* they are the souls of the "aints
whose Chief is &oses. B-et us not forget that it is "olomon who speaks.''+lipha, -.$i.D
hey ha$e for ad$ersaries the wicked ones who obey 2ahema# the Femon of Impurity.
he wicked are symbolised by the fi$e accursed nations whom 3oshua was to destroy.
3oshua# or 3ehoshua the "a$iour# is a symbol of the &essiach.
0is Name is composed of the -etters of the Fi$ine etragram changed into the Pentagram
by the addition of the -etter "chin Bsee Figure ><D.
+ach letter of this Pentagram represents a power of good attacked by the fi$e accursed
%or the real history of the people of 6od is the allegorical legend of 0umanity.
he fi$e accursed nations are8''
1. he 5malekites or 5ggressors*
;. he 6eburim or Aiolent 1nes*
<. he ?aphaim or Cowards*
I. he Nephilim or Aoluptuous 1nes*
J. he 5nakim or 5narchists.
p. 1;I
he 5narchists are $an4uished by the Kod# which is the "ceptre of the %ather.
he Aiolent are $an4uished by the 0.# which is the 6entleness of the &other.
he Cowards are $an4uished by the Aau# which is the "word of &ichael# and 6eneration
by tra$ail and pain.
he Aoluptuous are $an4uished by the second 0.# which is the painful bringing forth of the
-astly# the 5ggressors are $an4uished by the "chin# which is the %ire of the -ord and the
e4uilibrating -aw of 7ustice.
he Princes of the Per$erse "pirits are the %alse 6ods whom they adore.
0ell has then no other go$ernment than that fatal law which punishes per$ersity and
corrects error# for the false 6ods only e/ist in the false opinion of their adorers.
2aal# 2elphegor# &oloch# 5dramelech# ha$e been the idols of the "yrians* idols without
soul# idols now destroyed# and of whom the Name alone remaineth.
he rue 6od hath $an4uished all the Femons as ruth triumphs o$er +rror. hat is past in
the opinions of men# and the Ears of &ichael against "atan are the symbols of mo$ement#
and of the progress of "pirits.
he Fe$il is e$er a 6od of refusal.
5ccredited idolatries are religions in their time.
"uperannuated idolatries are "uperstitions and "acrileges.
he Pantheon of Phantoms# which are then in $ogue# is the 0ea$en of the Ignorant.
he ?eceptacle of Phantoms# whom %olly e$en wisheth for no longer# is the 0ell.
2ut all this e/isteth only in the Imagination of the Aulgar.
%or the Eise# 0ea$en is the "upreme ?eason# and 0ell is %olly.
2ut it must be understood that we here employ the word 0ea$en in the &ystical sense
which we gi$e it in opposing to it the word 0ell.
In order to e$oke Phantoms it is sufficient to into/icate oneself or to render oneself mad*
for Phantoms are e$er the companions of drunkenness and of $ertigo.
he Phosphorus of the imagination# abandoned to all the caprices of o$er'e/cited and
diseased ner$es# fills itself with &onsters and absurd $isions.
Ee can also arri$e at hallucination by mingling together wakefulness and sleep by the
graduated use of narcotics* but such actions are crimes against nature.
Eisdom chaseth away Phantoms# and enables us to communicate with the "uperior "pirits
by the contemplation of the -aws of Nature and the study of the 0oly Numbers.
p. 1;J
B0ere !ing "olomon addresseth himself to his son# ?oboamD8''
Fo thou# 1 my son ?oboam# remember# that the %ear of 5donai is only the beginning of
!eep and preser$e those who ha$e not Lnderstanding in the %ear of 5donai# which will
gi$e and will preser$e unto thee my crown.
2ut learn to triumph thyself o$er %ear by Eisdom# and the "pirits will descend from
0ea$en to ser$e thee.
I# "olomon# thy father# !ing of Israel and of Palmyra# I ha$e sought out and obtained in my
lot the 0oly Chokmah# which is the Eisdom of 5donai.
5nd I ha$e become !ing of the "pirits as well of 0ea$en as of +arth# &aster of the
Fwellers of the 5ir# and of the -i$ing "ouls of the "ea# because I was in possession of the
!ey of the 0idden 6ates of -ight.
I ha$e done great things by the $irtue of the "chema 0amphorasch# and by the hirty'two
Paths of Ket,irah.
Number# weight# and measure determine the form of things* the substance is one# and 6od
createth it eternally.
0appy is he who comprehendeth the -etters and the Numbers.
he -etters are from the Numbers# and the Numbers from the Ideas# and the Ideas from the
%orces# and the %orces from the +lohim. he "ynthesis of the +lohim is the "chema.
he "chema is one# its columns are two# its power is three# its form is four# its reflection
gi$eth eight# which multiplied by three gi$eth unto thee the twenty'four hrones of
Lpon each hrone reposeth a Crown with three ?ays# each ?ay beareth a Name# each
Name is an 5bsolute Idea. here are "e$entytwo Names upon the wenty'four Crowns of
the "chema.
hou shalt write these Names upon hirty'si/ alismans# two upon each alisman# one on
each side.
hou shalt di$ide these alismans into four series of nine each# according to the number of
the -etters of the "chema.
Lpon the first "eries thou shalt engra$e the -etter Kod# symbolised by the %lowering ?od
of 5aron.
Lpon the second the -etter 0.# symbolised by the Cup of 3oseph.
Lpon the third the -etter Aau# symbolised by the "word of Fa$id my father.
5nd upon the fourth the 0. final# symbolised by the "hekel of 6old.
hese hirty'si/ alismans will be a 2ook which will contain all the "ecrets of Nature. 5nd
by their di$erse combinations thou shalt make the 6enii and 5ngels speak.
B0+?+ +NF+0 0+ %?56&+N 1% 0+ !+K 1% "1-1&1N.D
1;181 he )"epher Ket,irah#) or )2ook of %ormation#) one of the most ancient 2ooks of the
Given b+ 6lipha, "@vi in )Rituel de la Haute Magie() Chapter 5iii.
P1E+?" of the !ingdom# be beneath my left foot# and within my right hand.
6lory and +ternity touch my shoulders# and guide me in the Paths of Aictory.
&ercy and 7ustice be ye the +4uilibrium and splendour of my life.
Lnderstanding and Eisdom gi$e unto me the Crown.
"pirits of &alkuth conduct me between the two columns whereon is supported the whole
edifice of the emple.
5ngels of Net,ach and of 0od strengthen me upon the Cubical "tone of Kesod.
1 6+FL-50+-M 1 6+2L?50+-M 1 IP0+?+0M
2IN50+-# be hou my -o$eM
?L5C0 C01!&50+-# be hou my -ightM
2e that which hou art# and that which thou willest to be# 1 !+0+?I+-M
7shim# assist me in the Name 1f "05FF5-
Cherubim# be my strength in the Name of 5F1N5-
9eni 6lohim# be ye my brethren in the Name of the "on# and by the $irtues of @52510.
6lohim# fight for me in the Name of +?56?5&&51N.
Malachim# protect me in the Name 1f K1F 0+ A5L 0+.
Seraphim# purify my lo$e in the Name of +-150.
Chaschmalim# enlighten me with the splendours of +-10I# and of "C0+C0IN50.
Aralim# act ye* Auphanim# re$ol$e and shine.
Chaioth Ha:;adosch# cry aloud# speak# roar# and groan* (adosch# (adosch# (adosch.#
"05FF5I# 5F1N5I# K1F C05A50# +0+I+0 5"0+? +0+I+0M
0alelu'KahM 0alelu'KahM 0alelu'Kah. 5men.
0+ +NF.
Printed by . and 5. C1N"52-+# Printers to 0is &a7esty at the +dingburgh Lni$ersity

Plate II.

%igure 11.''he %irst Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle is of great $alue and utility for
striking terror into the "pirits. Eherefore# upon its being shown to them they submit# and
kneeling upon the earth before it# they obey.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he 0ebrew letters within the s4uare are the four great Names of 6od
which are written with four letters8''I0A0# Kod# 0e# Aau# 0e* 5FNI# 5donai* II5I# Kiai
Bthis Name has the same
p. :=
[paragraph continues] Numerical $alue in 0ebrew as the Name +-D* and 50I0# +heieh. he
0ebrew $ersicle which surrounds it is from Psalm l//ii. >8 )he +thiopians shall kneel
before 0im# 0is enemies shall lick the dust.)
%igure 1;.''he "econd Pentacle of "aturn.''his Pentacle is of great $alue against
ad$ersities* and of especial use in repressing the pride of the "pirits.
+ditor)s Note.''his is the celebrated
the most perfect e/isting form of double acrostic# as far as the arrangement of the letters is
concerned* it is repeatedly mentioned in the records of mediR$al &agic* and# sa$e to $ery
few# its deri$ation from the present Pentacle has been unknown. It will be seen at a glance
that it is a s4uare of fi$e# gi$ing twenty'fi$e letters# which# added to the unity# gi$es twenty
si/# the numerical $alue of I0A0. he 0ebrew $ersicle surrounding it is taken from Psalm
l//ii. 8# )0is dominion shall be also from the one sea to the other# and from the flood unto
the world)s end.) his passage consists also of e/actly twenty'fi$e letters# and its total
numerical $alue Bconsidering the final letters with increased numbersD# added to that of the
Name +lohim# is e/actly e4ual to the total numerical $alue of the twenty'fi$e letters in the
%igure 1<.''he hird Pentacle of "aturn.''his should be made within the &agical Circle#
and it is good for use at night when thou in$okest the "pirits of the nature of "aturn.
6ditor)s 2ote.''he characters at the ends of the rays of the &ystic Eheel are &agical
Characters of "aturn. "urrounding it are the Names of the 5ngels8''1meliel# 5nachiel#
5rauchiah# and 5na,achia# written in 0ebrew.