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GTAIV/EFLC SIMPLE NATIVE TRAINER Version 6.5 Trainer works for IV,,,,, 1.0.6.

0,, and and EFLC. It will support Single Play and Free and Party mode in both Live and Lan. What do you get: Various options normal to any trainer, the world's simplest speedometer, either in KM/H or MP/H or both, 60 Teleporting options that can be customized using the trainer.ini, 12 vehicle spawning options assigned to hotkeys, which also can be customized using trainer.ini, all other car models can be spawned by using the menu. A dirt simple option to change to a desired radio station using one button, (default station can also be customized using trainer.ini). In addition to this one button change option, you can also force a default station in each vehicle you enter, or when using the mobile radio, both configurable in game and using the trainer.ini Further you can change the player model using either CTRL+ F7 or CTRL+ Q to toggle between a total of 20 different models, (models are also configurable using trainer.ini). Other models have to be changed using the menu. Trainer now supports GTAIV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. It also features time and weather options, and a bunch of car options, including the very handy teleport to saved car option. Finally it features an open map option, which will open all islands with a press of a button, a save everywhere option, and a save coordinates option to be used for teleporting customization. Also any predefined teleport slot can be customized in game, overwriting the predefined values. 60 objects can be spawned using the menu, the objects that are spawned can be customized using trainer.ini. Further 3841 objects can be spawned by browsing through 8 lists depending on starting letter of the object, or by using the more objects menu. In addition, specific TLAD and TBOGT objects have been added on the more objects menu. Using these object spawn options, you can preview the current selected object by holding the X key. Any object can also be spawned in game, by entering the decimal model hash or the model name in the object menu. The trainer also includes bodyguard /ped spawning, any model can be spawned, any weapon can be given (including episodic weapons), defaults in trainer.ini, these can also be altered using the bodyguard menu in game. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the player can be spawned. Normal peds can be given a total of ten tasks. You can assign the same tasks to the last spawned ped. You can set the bodyguards to follow you in a car. You can also select a specific ped and do stuff on the selected ped. The trainer includes the mobile radio, which works outside of the car, all features that are available with the normal radio, also work with the mobile radio. The trainer features a gravity gun, this gun will work on peds, vehicles and spawned objects (for objects to work, you need to change the target in game). The trainer features a grab function, a bit rough but will work. The trainer features a speech and voice menu for both player model and for the last spawned bodyguard/ped, or a specific ped. This enables you to play

speeches that are assigned to the model (all speeches that are in the game can be played from here). You will be presented with a list to choose from. The speeches on this list are depending on either the model which you used when entering the speech menu, or depending on the voice, if you actually have set a specific voice (via the voice menu) for the model. Also 20 slots are provided to save and load specific speeches. A subway simulator has been added to the trainer, allowing you to drive the subway.

Trainer.ini contains the defaults section, where you can set certain settings to be enabled on game start. (For TLAD this file is trainertlad.ini and for TBOGT it's called trainertbogt.ini) Below you will find a list of all these settings, first I will list the settings that can be changed in-game and that also will be written to trainer.ini if you select the save settings function in game, this way if you want to change any of these settings, you can simply set it in game, and select the save settings function, there is no need to set these specifically by editing trainer.ini (but of course you can still do that if you wish). Settings that are supported by the save settings function in game: Never Wanted, No Reload, Unlimited ammo with reload, Always God, Always CarGod, display of Speedometer in KM/H, display of speedometer in MPH, display the in-game clock, Do Not Warp (specify whether the player is warped into the car when you spawn vehicles using the menu), Never Tired, Airbreak Speed, Airbreak up speed, the default radio station feature can be enabled and the default radio station can be set, if enabled this will set the radio to the desired station on all vehicles that you enter. This also applies to the mobile radio. Further the seatbelt option can be enabled, hide hud and radar, Phone sleep mode, Mobile radio, Super jump up and Super jump forward speed can be set, as well as object move speed and object rotation speed. Also the weather can be locked on startup to the weather type set in trainer.ini. You can enable real time duration or freeze time on startup and set the time as well. Also sync time can be enabled on game startup. You can disable the display of ingame messages for options you use with key combinations. The Gravity Gun Parameters can be set, (GravityPickup, GravityCarX, GravityCarY, GravityCarZ, CarTargetRadius, GravityPedX, GravityPedY, GravityPedZ, PedTargetRadius, GravityObjectX, GravityObjectY, GravityObjectZ, ObjectTargetRadius), the same applies to the parameters for apply force to player. (GravityPlayX, GravityPlayY, GravityPlayZ), You can also add a blip for cars you spawn, however this also disables auto deletion of spawned cars, which might lead to performance issue when a large number has been spawned. (It is disabled by default). You can enable the Special God mode, Load car near player can be set, You can enable the under car neons, Object spawn distance, Keybindings disabled, SetBehind to Set the Camera behind player for Airbreak, Roman Sorrow Reverse, NoPeds, NoCars, Display Coordinates, CarNitro, NitroLimit, Display Info on Screen, No Ragdoll Whilst Falling, Radius for Clear Area, Disable alarm when stealing, Lock Camera behind vehicle, LowerCarForce can be set for the lower car function, this function can also be enabled using Lowercar. Finally, the settings for Special Car God (CarGod, CarGDamage, CarGVisual, CarGTyres, CarGDrag,

CarGWind, CarGShot, CarGBullet, CarGFire, CarGExplosion, CarGCollision, CarGMelee and CarGTotal). The following settings are not saved when you use the save settings function, but they can be set in-game using their own specific submenu: The menu color, the menu highlight color, the menu font and the under car neon lights color. Also settings related to the parachute smoke are saved by using the parachute smoke menu. Finally the color for the nitro level indicator can also be saved using the relevant menu option. The following settings still need to be set by editing trainer.ini: EnableOnStartup, enables the trainer on startup, DLC (this enables the DLC bikes), SpeedUpSlow can be set, this value (in KM/U) specifies the speedup value for the Car Speed Up slow option, the menu scroll speed can be set, default is 50ms, Freezebomb value can be set, 0 to not freeze the car after the bomb is set, 1 to freeze the car. Skipbomb can be set if the bomb model causes crashes. SkipBombAnim can be set if you don't want the whole planting of the bomb animation. The spawning of episodic weapons can be enabled by setting the episodic value to 1, display of digits for the speedometer (Digits), fast run can either be the old - key hold down, or it can be a toggle option, where when you run, you go very fast, You can specify whether the sit down function should only attempt to sit down on valid objects or everywhere, The upper limit for car colors can be set beyond the standard 133, in case you added car colors in the car color file, the maximum speed for the subway can be set, and whether or not the metric system should be used to display speed and distance for the subway simulator. HydraulicForce can be set to adjust the force used for hydraulics. VehicleComponents can be enabled, this way the trainer is using the stock cars and maps all the components that are known. SaveStatistics, this will not update the saves made statistics, ScrollTimeMP, this is for the menu scrolltime in MP. Modelhats, this will disable the trainer mapped hats and glasses (and wrist items) you will be presented with 9 possibilities per model. Skyliftmodel sets the name of the model for the skylfit. VehicleLivery to use trainer mapped liveries. EFLCDLC if you are using TLAD and TBOGT as DLC. Finally the following settings are relevant to the special god mode (CarSeatbelt, BikeSeatbelt and Dragged). In-Game Menu Options, Most of the options are in here, the toggle options will have real time information as to whether or not these are enabled (2 pages). Car Options, all Car related options can be found here. (2 pages), it includes a color menu and a Car Component menu. On the 2nd page you can enable a special car god mode, for which a total of 11 options can be set, if you enable the special (custom made) car god mode, be sure to switch off the normal car god mode. If you set the special car god mode to enable total car god mode, all others settings are disregarded. Lock radio station is also located here, as it is relevant to cars, but of course also to the mobile radio. You can also save and load 20 cars, the colors, components, locations and health are saved, they will load at the same location where you saved them, or near the player. TBOGT trainer features Nitro for all cars and bikes, the effects have been

updated for all vanilla vehicles, a few didnt seem to have an exhaust, if that happens, the trainer uses a generically placed effect. Alternatively there is the possibility to set nitro for 10 custom cars in trainer.ini. Bodyguard/Ped Spawning, all available models can be spawned, you can select the weapon that is given (including a random weapon option, that will randomize the weapons when you spawn a bodyguard/ped), and whether or not god mode is enabled. Health can be customized for all peds (including bodyguards) so that you can set the health higher than the default 200 and don't have to enable godmode. You can also spawn peds that attack the player, spawn drivers, random bodyguards and a ped that can be given tasks, also two combat peds can be spawned, they will fight each other. Finally an attacking driver + attacking ped can be spawned. You can now select a specific ped, after selecting, this ped is used for menus like clothes, animations, speech, voice, walkstyle and move ped. For bodyguards you can set if a drive by weapon is given. (Disable this if you want to assign a weapon that is less powerful then the MP5 (like baseball bat, or unarmed, otherwise they will use the MP5 to fight). Weapon and health selection applies to all bodyguards and peds, model selection only applies to the non random spawns. You can give the spawned driver the task to drive to waypoint. Also you can enable/disable blips for bodyguards and peds that you spawn. You can also give the random ped and the specific ped a total of 10 tasks when you spawn them, default task can be set in trainer.ini, other task can be set in game. The car that is spawned using the random driver/ped can also be set, both in trainer.ini and in game. In addition you can set the color for that car. Also the option dead ped drop weapon can be set. Finally drive to waypoint can be set to automatic in trainer.ini (also in game), so that each time you set a new waypoint, and you have a driver in the car, the ped will drive to waypoint. The speed and driving style for the driver can be set in game. You can change the clothes and related things for the last spawned ped, you can move the latest spawned ped, and you can make the ped say things via de bodyguard/ped speech menu (20 slots for speeches are provided), you can also change the voice of the last spawned ped using the bodyguard/ped voice menu, finally the walk type can be changed for the last spawned ped using the bodyguard/ped walkstyle menu. It also includes an animation menu, where you can choose 6373 animations for the last spawned bodyguard/ped, (on TLAD 8011, and TBOGT 9184). This menu also contains 10 animation slots, and you can set the animations to apply to all peds. You can save and load clothing options for the bodyguards. Also you can give tasks to the last spawned ped. (Or all peds). You can set bodyguards to follow you using cars. The speed they use to follow you can be set in game and is the same speed as the speed for the drivers. Trainer.ini contains a separate bodyguards section, where settings relative to bodyguard/ped spawning can be set, also the save settings function (that saves relevant settings to trainer.ini) will also work for the following bodyguards settings, and these are saved to the bodyguard section of trainer.ini: PedModel, Weapon, GodMode, DriveByWeapon, DrivingStyle, DrivingSpeed, PedHealth, AddBlip, DefaultTask, DefaultCar, DropWeapon, AutoDrive, DefaultCarColor, PedMoney and FollowDriver. The following settings cannot be set in game and need to be set in trainer.ini: AttackDistBehind, RandomMin and RandomMax.

Car Spawning, all available vehicle models can be spawned, 5 pages, the last page includes the DLC bikes (for these to spawn correctly, you need to have the DLC unlocked mod enabled. Also you need to set DLC=1 in the defaults section of trainer.ini, see: (not applicable to TLAD and TBOGT). You can change both the name on the menu and the text that is displayed in game, using the Car menu section of trainer.ini. In addition you can set the modelname for each car. Also there is the ability to spawn added cars (see act=ST&f=109&t=420911&st=0#entry1059404355) New section Addedcars, in this section there are 60 slots, you can set each slot to enable (Enable1=1, Enable2=1), Set the model name that is used to spawn the car (ModelName1=Ferrari, ModelName2=Porsche) and the displayname, used on the menu which is car spawn menu page 5 (DisplayName1=Ferrari, DisplayName2=Porsche). You can also enter the model name in game to spawn any car (using the Car Spawn 1 menu). The car spawning menu also contains a subway spawn menu, you can select any of the 4 lines, and start at any station, you will be warped to the station and into a subway, to start your journey press L (leave station), use the Numpad + key to speed up, Numpad - to slow down, B to stop, you can set the train not to automatically stop at each station by pressing Q, you can open the right doors with the right arrow, left doors with the left arrow, you can also switch between a total of 10 views: one game supplied view (Num 0, which also provides a few additional views by using the V key) and 9 additional views: Cockpit (Num 1), Interior 1 (Num 2), interior 2 (Num 3), interior 3 (Num 4), Side 1 (Num 5), Side 2 (Num 6), Roof (Num 7), Front (Num8), and Back (Num9). To rotate the 9 additional views press R (counter clockwise) or X (clockwise). The roof view can also be moved forward (W), Back (S), Left (A) and Right (D). You can use enter to skip to next station, and F to leave the train. Some things to note: if stop at stations is enabled (which it is by default), the subway runs in a semi automatic mode, you need to use L to leave a station, this will also automatically close the platform side doors (and will prevent them being closed whilst at the station), also this will make the subway stop automatically at each station. (And opening the platform side doors) If stop at stations is disabled this automatic behavior doesn't occur. Disabling it at a station has no effect at first, as you still need to use L to leave the station, but after you've left the station, the game will not stop at the next station, nor will you have any use for L (until you enable stop at stations again). When using the enter key to skip to next station you will be put somewhere along the tracks, if the doors not open (whilst stop at station is enabled) this means the train has not reached the exact starting position, if that happens, just press L and the train will go to the exact start position, press L again to leave the station again this is only applicable when stop at stations is enabled. When using enter (to skip to next station), the total

distance display will not be accurate anymore, the game somehow doesn't record the statistics correctly if that happens. In MP you can also enter a subway that is spawned by another player, to use this just select enter train, you can try to enter both subway cars, but may need to go to the other side of the train to actually be able to enter it. Mission Help, for all the lazy people out there, you can teleport to first valid mission marker, which saves you having to drive, but this can also be used to keep up with persons you have to chase, also in this menu is blow up cop car/chopper, if you are wanted, the blips that are displayed on the map, are used to blow the police cars and choppers that are "near". The ultimate mission helper is kill ped attached to blip, this will simply kill the ped that is attached to a blip, to only kill the peds that are attached to the enemy blip, use kill enemy ped function (works also on police officers), some missions can be passed by just using the teleport to valid destination marker and kill enemy ped functions. The first option will also let you win all 9 races, just by holding num 5 when the option is selected, by going to each checkpoint including the finish. If you enabled the car blips, the teleport to spawned cars will let you cycle between the first three cars that you spawned. Finally blow up car attached to valid destination marker might be useful in missions. The Mission select menu will enable you to play all the story line missions, and view all the cut scenes without having to start a mission. Also the friends missions are included. The following missions will only display a cut scene, as the mission script doesn't run properly: The Cousins Bellic (Roman), Easy as Can Be (Brucie), Photo Shoot (Playboy X), Lure (Francis), Buoys Ahoy (Bernie). The mission First Date (Michelle) will crash when you actually enter the bowling alley. Some of the Roman missions only work correctly if you start a new game. Mr. & Ms. Bellic (both Deal and revenge) have been changed a bit, don't go into the blip before the church, when you are near the church, the proper cut scenes will be played automatically. Actions Speak Louder than Words (Gerald) might not finish as you need Gerald's phone number to activate the bomb. Finally the two end missions are depending on a variable, that determines which mission to play, unfortunately I cannot change this variable (without an epic crash to desktop), so I actually choose to run the revenge mission, and only play a cut scene for the other mission, there is however a way to play Dimitris Mission when you actually have chosen the deal in a save game, you can select it by playing the revenge mission. Please be aware that selection and playing mission in this way is not a replacement for the normal missions that you start by playing the game, as some things will not happen if you play missions in this way. Also if you are playing a mission via the mission select menu, be sure not to step into game created mission markers, as that would start a game mission whilst you are already on a mission. For TLAD and TBOGT some missions also cannot be started, again a cut scene is played and then a message is displayed that the mission cannot be started. Model Spawning, All models (including CS even though they are not usable to play with), Located on 12 pages. You can press num 5 multiple times to change appearance on most of the models. Also the clothes menu (last option on the first page) can be used to change the clothes of models. 5 slots can be used to save clothing options, and load them at a later time. You can also

make the player say things using the speech menu, all speeches that are available in speeches.rpf are in the trainer, this means that each model (or voice, if you changed the voice using the voice menu) will have their very own set of speeches, all of these speeches will work. Additionally 20 voice slots are provided. The first ten can be played using RShift+1 through to RShift+0, the others using the menu. There is also a random voice key combination that will say a random speech for the current model, or voice if you set the voice for the model. You can also change the voice of the player using the voice menu, and change the way the player walks using the walk style menu. Finally an animation menu, allows you to choose 6373 different animations for the player character. (On TLAD 8011, and TBOGT 9184). You can also save the last played animation to a total of 10 slots, you can load these either by using the menu, or using RALT+1 through to RAlt+5 (the first 5 slots). Possibility to loop animations has been added. Object Spawning, 60 predefined objects can be spawned (mainly ramps and road blocks) these can however be customized using trainer.ini. This menu also includes a total of 1332 objects, grouped by starting letter. (With preview function). Also it features a spawn by number or model name option, you can enter the decimal model hash (or the object name), in game, and spawn that model. A list of the model hashes can be obtained here: You can also get the object id of damaged objects in game, just shoot an object (or damage it in another way), and choose Get Damaged Object ID, and if the object is retrieved both the hash and object name are displayed in game, and recorded to scripthook.log. (This only works on certain objects though). You can position the last spawned object, including full rotation support, you can rotate over the X, Y and Z axes or all axes at the same time. You can also clone the last spawned object in the exact same position as the previous spawned object, you can delete up to 5 last spawned objects. You can also delete the last 500 spawned objects. You can also switch on dynamic objects, this way objects are not locked and can be run over by a car for instance. Finally 5 object save slots are provided, so you can save an object in the exact position and heading, and load it later on. Or you can use the save all objects function, all your spawned objects will be saved to objects.ini (or objects2.ini/objects10.ini for the other 9 slots). You can load all of these objects at a later time. Objects can be attached to player or ped (88 positions) or the roof of your car, or the saved car or to other objects. Attached objects can also be moved. And 20 save/load slots are provided for both car and player attached objects, 10 slots are provided for Bodyguard/Peds attached objects. Finally you can set the object spawn distance in game, to spawn behind (negative) or in front of the player. Additionally there is the possibility to choose between 2509 objects that have been added to the more objects menu, (with preview function), which can be accessed by using the last option on the objects menu. You can also choose a specific object id, (edit specific object), if selected, you can move, clone, delete or make the selected object visible/invisible. This menu is also used to attach the selected object to another object. EFLC and TLAD specific objects have been added to the more objects page.

Teleporting, 60 teleport options, the menu will read the coordinates, menu description and in game message description from trainer.ini. Also teleport to waypoint is in this menu. Finally there is the Pigeons and other teleports menu, where you can teleport to the 200 pigeons, 30 cars that Stevie wants you to steal, Stevie's garage, the location of the 50 stunt jumps, the random characters, Liberty City Landmarks, Window Cleaning Platforms and all mission, location and other blips that might be on the map at any given time. The stunt jumps now have "helper blips" that indicate the minimum and maximum start and finish points. For TLAD and TBOGT the Stevie's car thefts have been deleted, and the 200 pigeons are replaced with 50 seagulls, also teleport to 5 (TBOGT) and 4 (TLAD) random characters. A new menu has been added with interiors, including cut scene interiors. 125 locations for IV, a bit more for TLAD and TBOGT. Teleporting Save, all 60 teleporting options can be overwritten with the current position, again the menu will show the current description of each slot. It will also try to find the street name of the current position, if found, it will be written to trainer.ini, and the next time you teleport using this slot, the menu description and the message you get once teleported will display the street name, if no street is retrieved, the default message will be written. In any case, you can customize both in trainer.ini. Time, Time related options. Including sync to system time and real time duration (one minute game=one minute real time), you can also lock the time. You can set specific hour of day, minute of hour and day of the week. Weapons, Give weapons to the player. Including Episodic weapons, for them to work you also need to set Episodic=1 in trainer.ini. You can also set the ammo for the current weapon using this menu. Weather, Weather related options, including lock weather. Navigation through the menus can be done in the following way: F3 to display the menu, scroll through the options on a particular menu by using either num 8 for up or num 2 for down, if an option is at the end of a particular menu, you can use num 8 to go there quickly. Activate a submenu or option by pressing num 5, scroll through submenu pages by using either num 4 or num 6, (again to quickly go to the last submenu page while being on the first use num 4). Go back to the main menu by pressing num 0, cancel the menu by pressing backspace. Activation of options uses num 5. Use F4 to hide the menu, and press F4 again to unhide the menu, returning at the same menu position as when you pressed F4 to hide the menu. To change the color of the menu, the highlighting color and the menu font, go to set menu colors/fonts on the options menu, second page, the normal menu text color, the highlighting menu text color and the font can be set. Once set, it is applied immediately and written back to trainer.ini. You can choose between a total of 455 RGB Colors and 8 fonts. The under car neon colors are using the same 455 RGB colors; these can be set using the car options menu page, first page. Please be aware that the neon color support only applies to SP, in MP only 5 colors are supported.

Installation Instructions: The trainer consists of six files, trainer.asi (trainer for GTAIV), trainertlad.asi (trainer for TLAD), trainertbogt (trainer for TBOGT), trainer.ini (GTAIV), trainertlad.ini (TLAD), trainertbogt.ini (TBOGT) and scripthook.dll. Trainer.ini isn't necessary for the trainer to function, but this file is used to customize various options. Note that you need to use the correct ini with the correct trainer. This way you can have game specific stuff in these trainers, the keybindings and defaults sections can be copied over, as they are the same). If you decide not to utilize the ini files, the trainer will be using default values. Depending on what games you have installed you need to copy the files to a certain directory: GTAIV Patch 6 + Patch 7 only: trainer.asi, trainer.ini, scripthook.dll into the GTAIV main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X64 windows). GTAIV version lower then patch 6: trainer.asi, trainer.ini, scripthook.dll OLD Patches into the GTAIV main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X64 windows). Rename Scripthook.dll OLD Patches to scripthook.dll. GTAIV + TLAD as DLC: trainer.asi, trainer.ini, trainertlad.asi, trainertlad.ini, scripthook.dll into the GTAIV main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X64 windows). GTAIV + TBOGT as DLC: trainer.asi, trainer.ini, trainertbogt.asi, trainertbogt.ini, scripthook.dll into the GTAIV main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X64 windows). GTAIV + TLAD + TBOGT as DLC: trainer.asi, trainer.ini, trainertlad.asi, trainertlad.ini, trainertbogt.asi, trainertbogt.ini, scripthook.dll into the GTAIV main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X64 windows). EFLC only: trainertlad.asi, trainertlad.ini, trainertbogt.asi, trainertbogt.ini, scripthook.dll in the EFLC main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\EFLC on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\EFLC on X64 windows). GTAIV and EFLC: trainer.asi, trainer.ini, scripthook.dll into the GTAIV main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files (x86)\rockstar games\grand theft auto IV on X64 windows). AND trainertlad.asi, trainertlad.ini, trainertbogt.asi, trainertbogt.ini, scripthook.dll in the EFLC main directory (c:\program files\rockstar games\EFLC on X86 windows versions, or c:\program files

(x86)\rockstar games\EFLC on X64 windows). Of course if IV is lower than patch 6, use the scripthook.dll OLD Patches and rename to scripthook.dll You need to run the game as administrator if running Windows Vista or Windows 7. I am including the scripthook.dll file, in case of a new patch, this file (and this file alone) needs to be updated, so if a new patch for GTAIV is released, you can check [URL= showtopic=390582] showtopic=390582[/URL] and download the redistributable, this will contain the scripthook.dll which then needs to be copied into the GTAIV directory. The Trainer.asi file doesnt need to be updated. You will need EITHER Alexander Blade's ASI loader (dsound.dll), or Listener's xliveless (xlive.dll) or Yaasil (dsound.dll) in order to run this. The ASI loader also needs to be copied into the GTAIV main directory. Be aware that you need to copy the ASI loader also to EFLC if you happen to have that version. Asi Loader: Xliveless: Yaasil: [URL= showtopic=394806] showtopic=394806[/URL] For the list of options refer to the next two pages of this readme, to customize various options refer to the last page of this readme. Thanks to Alexander Blade, Listener and HazardX for their ASI loader, xliveless and Yaasil. Special thanks and credit should go to Aru, as without his C++ scripthook, I wouldn't be able to make this. Also special thanks to Rappo for helping me out with the bodyguards. Thanks also to C06alt, for providing me with the code to display the Pigeons and weapon/health pickups on the map, and for helping with the disable phone option. Thanks to outoftimer for providing me with the 50 stunt jump locations, 2x50 Seagulls, the random Characters and the Liberty City Landmark locations. Thanks to Tim Riches, who provided me with a spreadsheet with 26.538 objects, which I use to verify object hashes entered in game (to prevent crashes when invalid object hashes are entered), it is also used to retrieve the name of spawned objects. Big thanks to Atomic1 who helped me with testing the subway in MP and provided me with the code for the hydraulics. Finally big thanks for RSchuindt who updated the effects on most of the vehicles for nitro.

If you have problems, suggestions or want to check if an updated version is available, you can do so at: showtopic=392973 Sjaak327, January 2013 Version 6.5

F11 + 0 / 9 Save current position to teleport slot Trivial: F12 + 0 / 9 Save current position to teleport RCTRL+F1 Special God Mode On/Off slot RCTRL+F3 Gravity Off/On Tab Save Game RCTRL+F4 Police Ignore /Engage Player Insert Clear Wanted Level F5 Add Money (100.000) Num + Spawn Random Driver F6 Enable/Disable Airbreak Num Enable/Disable Phone Sleep RCTRL+F6 Never Tired On/Off Mode RCTRL+F7 Change Model to Brucie, Roman, Num * Tune to Favorite Radio Station Little Jacob, Mallorie, Bernie, Dwayne, RCTRL+Num/ Car God Mode On/Off Michelle, Packie, Kate, Badman PageUP Spawn Attacking Driver/ped RCTRL+Q Change Model to Dimitri, Faustin, Del Increase Wanted Level +1 each Francis, French Tom, press Manny, Phil, Playboy X, Ricky, End Turn Alarm Lights On/Off Jimmy, Ray Pagedown Turn Interior Lights On/Off RCTRL+F9 Niko (different clothes, bags) Fast run, toggle or hold down =+ Always God Mode Enabled/Disabled F10 Teleport to: [{ Never Wanted Enabled/Disabled Num 0 The Triangle ]} Car Speedup hold down. Num 1 Broker Safe house Car "Super" Brake /Instant Stop Num 2 Bohan Safe house Go Through Doors Num 3 Algonquin Middle Park East No Reload/Always Unlimited Ammo Safe house Explode Nearest Car Num 4 Algonquin Northwood Safe .> Grab/un grab cars house ,< Car Slow Down Num 5 Alderney City Safe house Num . Car Speed Up Slow Num 6 Comedy Club RAlt+B Set Bomb Num 7 Rotterdam Tower RCTRL+B Trigger Bomb Num 8 Getalife Building RCTRL+C Enable Super Jump Num 9 Majestic Hotel RCTRL+H Kill Enemy Ped Attached to Desti.M. F11 Teleport to: RCTRL+I Kill Ped attached to Destination M. Num 0 Poop Deck RCTRL+J Enable/Disable Gravity Gun Num 1 Algonquin Northwood RCTRL+K Teleport all bodyguards to player Num 2 Algonquin Star Junction RCTRL+L Teleport to Spawned Cars Num 3 Algonquin City Hall RCTRL+M Teleport to valid Destination Marker Num 4 Alderney Leftwood RCTRL+O Save Char Coordinates to trainer.ini Num 5 Alderney City RCTRL+R Load Saved Clothes Slot 1 Num 6 Alderney Acter Industrial Park RCTRL+V Clean Clothes Num 7 Bohan Chase Point M+Num 0 Seatbelt Num 8 Broker Outlook M+Num 1 Packie Like, Respect 100% /Roman Num 9 Dukes East Island City M+Num 2 Brucie Like, Respect 100% /Dwayne F12 Teleport to: M+Num 3 Little Jacob Like and Respect 100% Num 0 Marriot Marquis M+Num 4 Simple Ragdoll Num 1 Charge Island M+Num 5 Switch Back to Animated Num 2 Colony Island M+Num 6 Drunk Cam Num 3 Happiness Island M+Num 7 End Drunk Cam Num 4 Airport M+Num 8 Attach/Release Car for Skylift Num 5 Statue of Happiness M+Num 9 Enable/Disable Clock Num 6 Liberty City Bank In-game Menu Num 7 Statue of Happiness Cup F3 Display Menu Num 8 Algonquin Lawyers Office Backspace Cancel Menu Num 9 Algonquin Top of Rotterdam Num 4 Scroll Menu Down Tower Num 6 Scroll Menu Up Num 2 Scroll Menu Options Down F10 + 0 / 9 Save current position to teleport Num 8 Scroll Menu Options Up slot Num 5 Enter Option

List of options (defaults)

Num 0 F4

Back to Main Menu Hide/Unhide Menu

World conditions: LAlt+Num 0 Cycle Slow Motion LAlt+Num 1 Noon (12) LAlt+Num 2 Afternoon (18) LAlt+Num 3 Evening (23) LAlt+Num 4 Night (05) LAlt+Num 5 Ahead one Hour LAlt+Num 6 Back one hour LAlt+Num 7 Give Weapons 1/2 LAlt+Num 8 Add Armor LAlt+Num 9 Max Health

K+ Num 4 Remove Left Front Window K+ Num 5 Remove Right Front Window K+ Num 6 Remove Left Rear Window K+ Num 7 Remove Right Rear Window K+ Num 8 Remove All Windows O+ Num 0 Teleport to Waypoint ~` Get Taxi O+ Num 1 Free Taxi O+ Num 2 Set Nearest Ped on Fire O+ Num 3 Ragdoll Nearest Ped O+ Num 4 Freeze Nearest Ped O+ Num 5 Unfreeze Nearest Ped RAlt+Num 0 Sync Time to System Time/End O+ Num 6 Add Health to Player (200) T. Sync O+ Num 7 Spawn Bodyguard RAlt+Num 1 Extra Sunny O+ Num 8 All Bodyguards/Peds leave RAlt+Num 2 Sunny O+ Num 9 Sit Down/Stand Up RAlt+Num 3 Sunny-Windy L+ Num 0 Open Various Doors RAlt+Num 4 Cloudy L+ Num 1 Spawn Attacking Ped RAlt+Num 5 Raining L+ Num 2 Unlock Map RAlt+Num 6 Drizzle L+ Num 3 Spawn Random Bodyguard RAlt+Num 7 Foggy L+ Num 4 Spawn Random Ped RAlt+Num 8 Lightning L+ Num 5 Spawn Ped RAlt+Num 9 Player Invisible/Visible L+ Num 6 Enable/Disable Hud and Radar L+ Num 7 Enable/Disable Mobile Radio Car changes: L+ Num 8 Mobile Radio Station Up RCtrl+Num 0 Lock/Unlock Car Doors L+ Num 9 Mobile Radio Station Down RCtrl+Num 1 Fix Car Mobile Radio Next Song RCtrl+Num 2 Flip Car RCTRL+T Enable/Disable Dynamic obj. RCtrl+Num 3 Clean Car RCTRL+U Delete Last Spawned Object RCtrl+Num 4 Change Car Color Slot 1 RCTRL+X Last Object invisible/visible RCtrl+Num 5 Change Car Color Slot 2 RCTRL+Y All Objects invisible/visible RCtrl+Num 6 Change Car Color Slot 3 RCTRL+Z Add Explosion around Player RCtrl+Num 7 Change Car Color Slot 4 LAlt+I Internet RCtrl+Num 8 Change Car Color Slot 5 LAlt+J Freeze Nearest Car RCtrl+Num 9 Change Car Color Slot 6 LAlt+K Warp Into Nearest Car Airbreak keys: I+ Num 0 Car Rotation each press 90 Up degrees Down I+ Num 1 Open Left Front Door Num 8 Forward I+ Num 2 Open Right Front Door Num 2 Back I+ Num 3 Open Left Rear Door Num 6 Rotate clock wise I+ Num 4 Open Right Rear Door Num 4 Rotate counter clock I+ Num 5 Open Hood wise I+ Num 6 Open Trunk Right Arrow Tilt Right I+ Num 7 Open All Car Doors Left Arrow Tilt Left I+ Num 8 Enable/D. Speedometer KM/U Spawn Vehicles: I+ Num 9 Trigger/Silence Car Alarm LAlt+A Turismo LAlt+B Comet J+ Num 0 Engine Off/On LAlt+C Infernus J+ Num 1 Close Left Front Door LAlt+D Super GT J+ Num 2 Close Right Front Door LAlt+E Feltzer J+ Num 3 Close Left Rear Door LAlt+F Schafter J+ Num 4 Close Right Rear Door LAlt+G FBI Buffalo J+ Num 5 Close Hood LAlt+M NRG900 J+ Num 6 Close Trunk LAlt+N Sanchez J+ Num 7 Close All Car Doors LAlt+R Random Vehicle J+ Num 8 Enable /D. Speedometer MPH LAlt+T Annihilator J+ Num 9 Car/Player Invisible/ Visible LAlt+U Maverick LAlt+X Jetmax K+ Num 0 Force Lights Off/On K+ Num 1 Save Car Continued Options: K+ Num 2 Warp to Car as Driver K+ Num 3 Cycle through passenger seats

RCtrl+RAlt+D RCtrl+RAlt+E

Subway L Leave Station LAlt+0 Smash Car Numpad + Speed Up Window/Steal Car Numpad Speed Down LAlt+1 Spawn Object 1 Stop Subway LAlt+2 Spawn Object 2 Right Arrow Open/Close Right Doors LAlt+3 Spawn Object 3 Left Arrow Open/Close Left Doors LAlt+4 Spawn Object 4 Enable/D Automatic Stop LAlt+5 Spawn Object 5 Rotate Camera C. Clockwise LAlt+6 Clear Area Rotate Camera Clockwise LAlt+7 Explode Car attached to W/S Move Roof Cam Forward/Back valid dest.M. A/D Move Roof Camera Left/Right LAlt+8 Spawn Random Leave Subway Attacking Ped Enter Skip to next station LAlt+9 Enable/Disable under Num 0 Game Supplied Views Car Neons Num 1 Cockpit Camera RAlt+0 Play Random Speech Num 2 Interior Camera 1 RAlt+1 Load Animation Slot 1 Num 3 Interior Camera 2 RAlt+2 Load Animation Slot 2 Num 4 Interior Camera 3 RAlt+3 Load Animation Slot 3 Num 5 Side Camera 1 RAlt+4 Load Animation Slot 4 Num 6 Side Camera 2 RAlt+5 Load Animation Slot 5 Num 7 Roof Camera RAlt+6 Assign Task to last Num 8 Front Camera spawned ped Num 9 Rear Camera RAlt+7 Enter Subway Hydraulics RAlt+8 Save Car to Slot 1 Num 4 Left RAlt+9 Load Car from Slot 1 Num 6 Right RShift+1 Load Speech Slot 1 Num 2 Back RShift+2 Load Speech Slot 2 Num 8 Front RShift+3 Load Speech Slot 3 Num 5 Center RShift+4 Load Speech Slot 4 RShift+5 Load Speech Slot 5 Gravity Gun R. Mouse Target and Move RShift+6 Load Speech Slot 6 Arrow Up Move Away RShift+7 Load Speech Slot 7 Arrow Down Move Closer RShift+8 Load Speech Slot 8 L. Mouse Fire RShift+9 Load Speech Slot 9 RShift+0 Load Speech Slot 10 TLAD Only: M+0 Move Last Spawned Object M+1 Clone Last Spawned Object M + Num 1 Clay Like and Respect M + Num 2 Terry Like and Respect M+2 Freeze Car M + Num 3 Jim Like and Respect M+3 Unfreeze Car M+4 Freeze Player TBOGT Only: M+5 Unfreeze Player M+6 Explode Saved Car M + Num 1 Armando Like and M+7 Enable Cruise Control Respect M+8 Add Force to Player M + Num 2 Henrique Like and M+9 Enable/Disable Camera Lock Respect J No Ragdoll Jump M + Num 3 Parachute R Car Backwards F7 Smoke ( using X Preview Object parachute) RAlt+A Recruit Bodyguard Capslock Nitro L + Num 2 Nitro Fast Reload

Disable Trainer Re-enable Trainer

RAlt +G Settings

Reload Nitro

To customize various options, you will need to edit trainer.ini. (And trainertlad.ini or trainertbogt.ini) The following things can be customized: Keybindings Defaults Bodyguards Carcolor Clothes Bodyguard Clothes Saved Cars Radio Vehicles Weapons Models Objects Teleporting Car Menu Animations Added Cars Speeches Sounds for episodic weapons Saved (Attached) Objects Nitro This file is also being used to save teleporting slots and coordinates. The file is divided into sections, each section start with the actual configuration section denoted by for instance [KeyBindings]. After the configuration sections, there is a list of possible values. Some examples: ////KEYBINDINGS SECTION//// [KeyBindings] GodKeyOn1=163 GodKeyOn2=112 //God mode On, Default RCTRL //God mode On, Default F1

To change the first key that is associated with normal god mode, change the value 163 to something else (refer to the table after this section). To assign one key, just enter the exact same values for both keys, to disable, assign the first key a value of 0. Another example: ////VEHICLE SECTION//// [CarSpawnOption1] ModelName=turismo Description=Turismo Spawned BlipName=Turismo Warp=1 To change the car that is spawned change the turismo into something else, again refer to the table after the section, to get the values. You can also change the description that is displayed in game. To specify whether or not the player is warped into the car when the

car is spawned Warp=1 the player is warped, 0=don't warp. To change radio, teleport and weapons options you would go to those sections and make changes there. Teleport Options can also be saved in-game, either using the menu (all 60 options) or using key combinations for the first 30 options. You can still save your coordinates to file, by using Pageup, the coordinates are saved at the bottom of trainer.ini and are denoted by: //Saved User Coordinates// [UserCoordinates1] a maximum of 10 such user coordinates are possible. One word of caution, if you use the option CTRL+F7, Q and F9 to change to other models or player models, don't save your game, as it might mess up the save game. The same applies to any model spawned using the menu system. Also doing missions (cut scenes) is not supported. Furthermore, if you changed from Niko to another model, then change back to Niko and then try and put on a hat, helmet, or any glasses, the game will crash; therefore the trainer will prevent you from changing those after you already changed from Niko to another model and back to Niko. (Same applies to EFLC's player characters, Johnny and Luis).