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Campaign Bulletin

No. 2007-009

Travel Motor mounting bolts

AFFECTED MACHINE(S): RH 200 Serial-No. 200 088 to 200 116 RH 340 Serial-No. 340 001 to 340 041 DATE:

June 18th. 2007


ISSUE On some machines travel motors were installed with hexagonal or allen bolts. Due to insufficient space between bolt head and motor housing, tightening with socket / torque wrench is not possible sufficiently. Please note, bolt-failure can lead to total loss of transmission. ACTION Machines need to be checked, if either hexagonal or allen bolts got used for travel motors. If this is the case, they must be exchanged against double hexagonal bolts. Requested parts per machine: 16 16 double hexagonal bolts PN 2 418 131 washers PN 2 416 846

tightening torque = 350 Nm (bolts clean, slightly oiled)

WARRANTY CLAIM ALLOWANCE Parts Labour Travel Cost Third Party Cost Removed Parts parts to be ordered from parts division max. 2 hours none none scrap

TERMINATION DATE Action to be performed as soon as possible but no later than 30th Aug. 2007. REPORTING - modification with Warranty Claim - if no modification necessary with Product Issue Report Use the Campaign Bulletin No. 2007-009 as description 06140 as part group number.

Terex|O&K Campaign Bulletin 2007-009



Campaign Bulletin 2007-009

travel-motors assembled with double hex bolts