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(Registered Charity No. 232409)

476 Lytham Rd., Blackpool, FY4 1JF
United Kingdom
Tel: 01253 - 343701
Hours: 8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday
(Excluding public holidays).


The Ministers of the Charity are:

Brother Andrew
Brother Roy
Brother Conrad (Honorary Minister)

Out of hours:
Brother Andrew 01253 - 731897
Brother Roy 01253 - 354282
(International callers: +44 and exclude the 0 prefix)

Brother Conrad 0034 60976 5329

Cover picture: ‘Black Sea’ courtesy of Hovo (1986).


Healing Prayer Services are held in the Sanctuary
every weekday morning between 09:00 and 09:15.
Divine Healing Services are held every Tuesday
afternoon at Crusade H/Q between 14:00 and
16:00, (excluding Bank Holidays). There is no
charge for admission and refreshments are provided
without cost.

• Healing Day

Cavendish Hotel, Belgrave Road, Torquay, U.K.

We will be holding another 'Healing Day' on

Thursday 10th September 2009. It starts 11.00 a.m.
& finishes at 4.00 p.m. Brother Andrew will be in
attendance with other experts in the field of spiritual
and complementary health care. Admission is
FREE. Please write in and request your tickets.
Something has crashed on my
computer and the mouse is missing...

Animal Healing Service 18th August

Brother Roy and Margaret and I will be holding
another Animal Healing Service on Tuesday 18th
August from 9.30am through to 3.30pm. here at the
Sanctuary in Blackpool. If you cannot bring your pet
to the Sanctuary then write in to us with their name
and picture, they will be then placed upon the Altar
where both prayers and blessings will be given on
their behalf.

Divine Harmonies
Brother Mandus

In the scientific discoveries of

modern times we see how
everything manifests within
specific harmonies and scales
of vibration. Our senses on
Earth are attuned to the range
of vibrations.

Take a twelve-inch ruler as a rough scale of the total

range of cosmic vibration and expression. Let us
suppose that the fifth inch represents all that we can
perceive of the world by sight, touch, hearing, scent
and taste—the five senses. That leaves us with
another eleven inches of all kinds of vibrations
beyond our present awareness.

Scientists have become aware of many radiations

which exist on the octaves above and below our
sensory perception in the one-inch graduation.
Suppose we suddenly lost all our senses which
operate in this fifth inch of the cosmic scale, and
were endowed with senses adapted to become
aware of the vibrations on say the seventh inch of

the scale. Surely then all of this range of vibration
and environment would become real to us. The
Heaven to which we go when the Earth is left behind
is another higher range of vibration. We are
equipped with a mind and another body which is
attuned to it, and that environment will be as real as
and more beautiful than this one. "In the Father's
House-are many mansions." We can at least
begin scientifically to conceive how this can be true.
We see so much evidence nowadays of the real
nature of the universe, and have discovered so
many inner truths about the mind and its innate
ability to commune with God, that continual personal
existence becomes more than a theory. Religion
has always pointed in that direction. The human
instinct endorses it. Science begins to see infinite
possibilities in an infinite universe, in which spirit
and mind are the fundamental motivating powers.
And, in addition, we have the accumulating
evidence of psychic research and extra-sensory

Throughout the ages, man has seen visions of

beings in spirit. It is as futile to ignore the faculty of
clairvoyance, as it is to deny the gift of ordinary
vision. While everyone has apparently not become

aware of such faculties, there is such a similarity in
the clairvoyant visions of countless people down the
centuries and in modern times, that we must agree
they exist. Psychic research has certainly revealed
the truth of psychic facts and experience. And they
point always to a dimension of consciousness
beyond our normal vision or understanding, in which
people like us live.

In a more intimate way, how many people, as they

prepare to leave the body, see their loved ones in
spirit waiting to welcome them? It happens so often,
and always with the same recognition of relatives or
friends who have passed on, that we should
certainly profit by seeking the significance of it all.
Hitherto, the scientist has insisted that he must work
in the material realm of things and forces he can
measure, see or touch. But he has been
increasingly led into the intangible aspects of
creation, and is right now faced with the exploration
of mind before he can really move on into the great
age now dawning.

It is impossible to "measure" love, faith or

personality— but all the attributes of the mind are
real. Since all the ultimate knowledge of universal
creation lies in the deeps of the spiritual-mental
motivating forces, he will some day need to take this
leap from matter to mind to acquire it. For man is
eternal, and his true potential becomes revealed
when he knows it.

I stress, in broad outline, this eternal nature of

humanity, because it has a tremendous bearing
upon the wellbeing and unfolding of our lives on
Earth. With this knowledge comes a greater vision
of the meaning of life, and its infinite objectives. We
become free from bondage to old age, and so many
attendant worries and fears. We no longer think of
age and subsequent death as the end of everything,
but as the beginning of a new and vigorous

Excerpt taken Brother Mandus’ excellent book

entitled, ‘The Grain of Mustard Seed.’ It is priced at
£6 + p. & p. and is available from the Sanctuary.

Recommended Listening: YDF 26

‘Healing Through Music’ with Brother Mandus.

Available on CD and tape, please specify which you
want. Priced at £5 each + p. & p.

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4th July

Divine healing is an expression of God’s love for us!
It involves our love for each other, which can unite
world communities.

Sunday 5th – Wednesday 8th July

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the
Lord hath anointed me to bring good tidings to the
afflicted.” – Isaiah 61:1

Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th July

“Love one another as I have loved you.” - Jesus

Sunday 12th – Wednesday 15th July

Thank You Father for our diversity and blessings of
our lives. We are grateful to You for the continued
wisdom and guidance that You are sharing with us.

Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th July

The truth will set you free when you follow in the
Christ way!

Sunday 19th – Wednesday 22nd July

God is the labourer and we are His humble
Thursday 23rd – Saturday 25th July
The Spirit of God moves in and through all things
and we are essential parts of the greater whole.

Sunday 26th – Wednesday 29th July

God continually demonstrates His love for all
creation, moment by moment, forever. His light
shines out for all to see and eliminates the darkness
from our lives.

Thursday 30th – Friday 31st July

Divine abundance cares for our every need. It is a
rich cornucopia of inexhaustible blessings!

Saturday 1st – Tuesday 4th August

We serve God in love, for we are of love and that is
our destiny.

Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th August

The abundant life is the Heaven of our very souls,
embellished daily by God. The richest treasures of
the Kingdom are ours for the asking.

Saturday 8th – Tuesday 11th August

"That they all may be one: as Thou art in Me, and I
in Thee, that they also may be one in us." - Jesus

Wednesday 12th – Friday 14th August
Dis-unity divides and weakens the whole; love
unites and strengthens all. There is no competition
between those who serve God and man.

Saturday 15th – Tuesday 18th August

Every person in your neighbourhood is truly your
brother and sister. Greet them as such, respect
them as such, and feel that union and communion
with them.

Wednesday 19th – Friday 21st August

"For where two or three are gathered together in my
name, there am I in the midst of them." - Matthew
Ch.18 v.20

Saturday 22nd – Tuesday 25th August

It is the Father’s good pleasure to be able to give us
everything that we need to sustain us physically,
mentally and spiritually.

Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th August

When we are gathered together in prayer unity,
everyone concerned benefits. The Father hears our
prayers and reads our hearts through our acts of
simple release and faith through prayer.

Saturday 29th – Monday 31st August
In the still silence of our soul the Lord speaks
intuitively, yet imperceptibly and we become aware
of a greater power at work in our daily lives.

Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th September

Keep your faith and believe in the perfect solution.
Expect miracles!

Saturday 5th – Tuesday 8th September

It is your faith that will make all things well again; all
you need to do is to ask the Father.

Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th September

Prayer is the simplest way of communing with the
Father! It is a wonderful unity of the soul that sets us
free from the bondage of problems.

Saturday 12th – Tuesday 15th September

Divine healing of any circumstance is possible
through this soul unity with our Maker.

Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th September

You were born to experience physical, spiritual and
mental challenges. Rise to meet them in your daily
prayers, they are sign posts placed by God to allow
you to share the need with Him.
Saturday 19th – Tuesday 22nd September
As we accept the problem as a reality then we must
accept the divine solution with the same degree of

Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th September

There is no difficulty in the Kingdom, nothing that
God cannot overcome. He, the Almighty and
supreme power universe has acted! Thank You

Saturday 26th – Tuesday 29th September

It is out of a sense of service to God and my fellows
on Earth that I seek to assist all that come into my

Wednesday 30th September

In our moments of prayer, God is present in our
midst and His healing light is radiating out and
enfolding all within it. In Jesus name, be blessed!

Thursday 1st – Saturday 3rd October

I become still for a minute, here and now . . . I
become still in the kingdom of my Father, and know
that all is well, now, and unto all eternity.

Sunday 4th – Tuesday 6th October
When we truly know that love is the great law, we
shall surrender self and trust in the operation of
God's love in every aspect of life. “This is My
commandment, that ye love one another, as I
have loved you."—Jesus.

Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th October

GOD is Love. In this simple and comprehensive
truth we have the secret of life itself. God is love,
and our eternal destiny is to unfold His love in
every aspect of our beings as the central fact in
every experience.

Saturday 10th – Tuesday 13th October

As I abide in Him, I become love, and am able
to see the Christ in everyone else. I look beyond
all tribulations in others, and no longer judge or
criticise, but see only the living truth underlying
every personality.

Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th October

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that
believeth on me the works that I do shall he do
also; and greater works than these shall he do;
because I go to My Father."—Jesus.

Saturday 17th – Tuesday 20th October
Thank You Father, that my life is poised in Thy spirit
today. My soul rests in Thee with the simple
assurance of a little child that Thy love upholds me
in every circumstance.

Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd October

All my life, and every expression in me, is governed
by Thy perfect will, and I am content to rest in the
great silence, allowing Thy spirit to minister unto
every need.

Saturday 24th Tuesday 27th October

I go gladly and thankfully into the experiences of this
day, knowing that I am illumined by Thy power. All
people whose lives touch mine are blessed because
I pass their way.

Wednesday 28th – Saturday 31st October

I am comforted by Thy promise that as I talk to
Thee, all love immediately responds to bring forth
the perfect answers to all my needs. I steadfastly
take my stand in Thy kingdom, knowing that every
necessary thing is added unto me in the right way
and at the right time.
Will You Support Us Please?

This is a draft wording of a simple will:

“I GIVE AND BEQUEATH (state what……) to the

Trustees for the time being of The World Healing
Crusade, of 476 Lytham Road, Blackpool, in the
County of Lancashire, United Kingdom, (being a
Charity registered under the Charities Act, No.
232409) to be applied for the general purposes of
the Crusade AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the
Treasurer when this legacy is paid, or the then
proper officer for the Crusade, shall be a complete
discharge to my Trustee(s) for the legacy to the

Your generosity will help us to help people that are

less fortunate than we are, both now and in the
future. We are grateful to you for your kindness and
support of our divine mission.

I Can Live With Your
Brother Conrad
Sometimes there is a
buoyancy of Spirit which is a
shared happiness, a shared
healing, a shared freedom and
joy of Soul.

It was in a moment such as this that I met my lady

doctor who had monitored my progress over three
and a half weeks in hospital. I was now in my first
week of a marvellous recuperation programme at
home with the constant love inspired care of my wife

In the one Spirit of happiness we met again, my

doctor and I, and most sincerely knew all goodness.
I was then astonished as this lovely Spanish
speaking doctor proclaimed in English – “I CAN
LIVE WITH YOUR SMILE.” Then she was off into
the beginning of her very busy day and which would
be a wonderful one! In the eternal golden moments
of knowing God’s ‘oneness’ with each of us we are
equally enfolded in limitless divine order and
abundance in a myriad ways and forms.

From God divine order and abundance is manifest
as health and happiness, as inspiration and
fulfilment, as forgiveness and being forgiven, as
release and renewal and indeed as every virtue and
gift from the Holy Spirit which we can receive,
understand and share. Materialism and self-centred
thinking is replaced as we live in the cosmic mind of
the living Christ.

Let us pursue answered prayers experienced by

prayer partners whoever and whatever they are.
These answers reflect the spiritual order and
freedoms transforming all our lives as the spiritual
life becomes paramount.

As our doctor friend informed me, ‘I can live with

your smile,’ so it is that we can all live forever with
the Divine wellbeing of one another. Doing this the
old and the drab in our consciousness falls away
and is replaced by the Glory of God our Creator.

With a Divine Healing we can never be the same

again! Not one of us and that’s for sure!

With every blessing from Our Lord our every need

whatever it may be is totally in Divine care. With
one blessing all of God enfolds you and I in every
way necessary. Believe this! Experience this! Only
the very best and highest is always for you. In any
way the Lord of Hosts shares his ‘oneness’ with you
He is sharing all of Himself, all which he wants for

A wonderful way of Truth to worship God today is to

accept all of God in every blessing you enjoy. All of
God. All that is of the Holy Spirit, for God is not
withholding His love for you and I or any of us. This
is the miracle of Life and the foundation for our
transformations in Divine awareness, in Christ’s
Mind Love and Presence.

So if our doctor can live with this blessing of Christ’s

smile we can celebrate that she is living with all of
God Who is one with her with His totality.

Now we have enlightened wisdom ways to enjoy

testimonies of answered prayers. Each answer for
our appreciation, sharing the one Spirit, is equally
our very own wellbeing health and happiness and
sacred ways forward with our Creator. e are indeed
utterly indispensable with respect to one another
and every answered prayer is the living proof and
experience of this reality. Stay with the Father first
and always ask and receive His help.
It is not selfish therefore to thank God by receiving a
friend’s healing of insomnia or cancer or anxiety or
grief to be ones very own healing of these states or
the prevention of their taking place inside us.

Our Father, Our Lord Who doeth the works, leaves

no one out, and being with Our Lord we are in all
inclusive Love Wisdom Goodness and Creativity.

To enter our new inheritance, our new way of

eternal life, all we need to do is to put into practice
our new understanding. All answered prayers from
all quarters continuously follow. The Lord is waiting
for you and for me in our new ventures and
adventures with Him.

Recommended Listening: CC1

‘The Temple of The Mind’ with Brother Conrad.

Available on CD and tape, please specify which you
want. Priced at £5 each + p. & p.

My Healing of Cancer

“I am writing to thank you for my husband. He is

much better now. He had an operation for bowel
cancer. It was an investigation after the doctors had
found a cancerous polyp. He has got the all clear. I
know your prayers have helped him and I thank
you.” - Sheila Mann – Suffolk, U.K. 14-08-08

My Healing and Prevention of Pneumonia

“I thank you so much for the wonderful booklet

Crusader. I really enjoy reading it so much. Also
thank you for all your prayers for those in need. I
know they really helped me when I had pneumonia.
I am so much better now. Thank you and God for
everything.” - Anne Harris – USA. 19-08-08

Our Healing and Freedom from Throat Cancer

“Firstly I would like to thank you for your prayers on

behalf of my friend who was suffering from throat
cancer. He has had treatment and up to now is
completely clear. He is so much better and thankful
to you. May God bless you and all at the Sanctuary.
Thank you.” - J Barrow of Lancs., U.K. 27-08-08
Thank You Father
Books by Brother Conrad



LISTENING TO THE LORD - When we love God with

our questions we receive divine answers. This book
is about such answers and which open wonderful
ways of partnership with Him.

‘Short Stories at Prayer Time’ and ‘Think Stories’

are two books to share with children thanking God
for their purity and most imaginative trust in His love.
They are also educational and quicken reading
ability, comprehension and positive concepts. The
three books are priced at £6 each + p. & p.

Poetry by ‘Mac’ of the Sanctuary
We have 6 booklets written by ‘Mac’ of the
Sanctuary and they contain her finest poetry! They
are a joy to read and we know that you will just love

• ‘The Damascus Road & Other Poems’

• ‘Housewife’s Christ & Other Poems’
• ‘The Light Celestial & Other Poems’
• ‘The Man Next Door & Other Poems’
• ‘Little Boy’s Prayer – Creation & Other Poems
• ‘Winged Worship & Other Poems’

Priced at £1 each + p. & p.

There is a special task to do
That no one can achieve but YOU.
There is a wondrous prayer to pray
That none save you can ever say.

A path of promise shines ahead

No other soul may ever tread;
A door into Eternity
To which YOU hold the only key.

God gives His works to countless men

To render back to Him again.
But none can weave YOUR pattern through
Because-He only made one YOU.

‘Mac’ wrote beautiful poems and you can share

them now. Just write to us and request her poetry
booklets; there are 6 to choose from and they are
priced at just £1 each + p. & p.

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Gift Aid provides a great opportunity for U.K.
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We are entitled to reclaim tax made on gifts by U.K.

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As you will appreciate the additional money we

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services, helping us to continue to be there to
support thousands of people!

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can also

reclaim additional tax relief on the difference
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rate of tax at 22% against the donations you have
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Thank you for your generosity!

Under the revised Gift Aid Scheme The World
Healing Crusade in Blackpool can recover basic
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small, regular or irregular) provided that you pay
U.K. income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax
we reclaim on your donations, (currently 25p for
every POUND you give). TO RECLAIM TAX WE
I want The World Healing Crusade in Blackpool to
treat all donations made from 6/4/00 as GIFT AID
donations until I notify you otherwise. I have read
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Please return to :- The World Healing Crusade
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Blackpool FY4 1JF

Heaven’s Above
Brother Andrew
(part 2 continued from
‘Crusader’ March – June 09)

When describing the universe, words like ‘infinite,’

‘everlasting’ and similar adjectives come to mind.
Even now I find it difficult to imagine the vastness of
space and sometimes I feel like a very small grain of
sand on a beach. Nevertheless astronomy also
helps you to realise that we all have a place and a
Humanity is venturing further and further into the
‘final frontier.’ Programmes like ‘Star Trek’ that were
first screened during the 1970’s gave us a very real
impression of what it might be like to venture to
strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new
civilisations; ‘to boldly go where no one had gone
before!’ Not the best of grammar you will agree, but
Gene Roddenberry’s famous words still ring clearly
in my ears.
Humans have walked on the Moon, and we have
‘space walked’ and put satellites into orbit. We have
also sent explorer craft to alien worlds. We are
indeed on the threshold of a second great period of
magnificent exploration.
In my own small way I wanted to be a part of the
exploration process. I keep meticulous records of
Sun spot activity, the phases of the Moon and the
movement of the planets across the night sky. Apart
from ‘Star Trek,’ my favourite T.V. programme was,
‘The Sky at Night’ that was and still is presented by
Sir Patrick Moore. Just great viewing and I am still
amazed by the thoughts, theories and facts shared
by Sir Patrick and his able team of presenters.
Looking back to the early 1970’s, I have one
memorable recollection of an evening spent
stargazing, which I will recount for you. A friend and
I had decided to undertake some observations on a
Friday evening. The ‘sessions’ were know to take
hours and it wasn’t long before my parents wished
us ‘good night.’ We were well clad; one needed to
be it could be very cold out, even on a summer’s
evening. We had seen several meteors showers,
and they were always very spectacular to witness.
We had also observed Venus, Mars, Saturn and
Jupiter, not forgetting the Moon.
I remember that it was a very still and clear night,
just ideal for astronomical gazing. Around three
o’clock in the morning the rattling of our side gates
disturbed the peace of the night. I mentioned to my
friend that I thought someone was trying to ‘break in’
and we crept towards the gates, slipped the bolt and
lifted the latch. A firm hand landed on my shoulder
and I was literally ‘frog marched’ to the front door of
my home, my friend followed in my wake.
Apparently the police had received reports of
intruders in the garden and had arrived at our
property with dogs. The next thing for the police to
do was to identify us and that involved wakening my
parents. After the front bell had been rung several
times, my dad answered the door and was asked if
he knew us. I’d expected him to be angry but worse,
he denied knowing us at all! Satisfied that the police
had caught the intruders ‘red handed’ they
proceeded to take us to the awaiting van. A call then
came from my father who finally acknowledged who
we were and were ‘free to go.’ That was quite an
experience and one which I will never forget. I
suppose dad wanted to teach me a lesson, and from
that time on, I always mentioned to the neighbours
that I would be in the back garden with my
telescope. As you might imagine, during the ‘wee

small hours,’ there are all sorts of odd noises, which
can be heard. Owls hooting; foxes barking, not to
mention late night revellers returning from night
clubs. Of course other things enter the imagination
as well such as aliens and ghosts as well. My
experience was far more ‘down to earth,’ but it was
nevertheless quite shocking. Dad’s words said it all,
‘Heaven’s above!’

• Helpful leaflets:
'The Prayer of Faith Shall Save The Sick' 'Healing In
Hospital' 'For They Shall Be Comforted' *A Guide
To Answered Prayer' 'Freedom From Fear' 'The
Healing of Mind Distress' 'The Solution To Your

All the above mentioned pamphlets are free of

charge! Please write in and request your copies

Recommended Listening: TH 19

‘God’s Kingdom’ with Brother Andrew. Available

on CD and tape, please specify which you want.
Priced at £5 each + p. & p.
Things sometimes Happen
For a Reason
Brother Roy

Having come to know many of you over the years

has been a wonderful experience, so I would like to
share with you the following article that I came
across. It is by an Author Unknown who has
requested that their writings be shared with those
whom one feels has made a difference to their lives.
Sometimes people come into your life and you know
right away that they were meant to be
serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or
help figure out whom you are or who you want to

You never know who these people may be but you

lock eyes with them, you know that very moment
that they will affect your life in some profound way.
And sometimes things happen to you at the time
that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in
reflection you realize that without overcoming those
obstacles you would never realize your potential,
strength, will power or heart.
Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens
by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, lost
moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all
occur to test limits of your soul. Without these small
tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight,
flat road to nowhere safe and comfortable but dull
and utterly pointless. The people you meet affect
your life. The successes and downfalls that you
experience can create who you are, and the bad
experiences can be learned from. In fact they are
probably the most poignant and important ones. If
someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your
heart, forgive them because they have helped you
learn about trust and the importance of being
cautious to whom you open your heart. If someone
loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only
because they love you, but also because they are
teaching you to love and open your heart and eyes
to little things. Make every day count. Appreciate
everything that you possibly can, for you may never
experience it again. Talk to people whom you have
never talked to before, and actually listen. Let
yourself fall in love, break free and set your sights
high. Hold you head up because you have every
right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and
believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in
yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your
own life and then go out and live it. - Share this
with anyone whom you believe has made a
difference in your life!

Free Gifts for You!

BD 1 ‘Birthday Blessings’ audio tape & CD & card,
(please specify which you require) with the Staff of
WHC; 'Prayer For Peace' card - Brother Mandus,
'The Divine Word' booklet - Brother Mandus, 'Our
Father' by Brother Mandus, Prayer Cards, Miracle
Cards & a full range of pamphlets to help and assist
you and others. Please write in for these items.

Testimonies To Answered Prayer

Complete recovery from her infection!

“Dear Brothers,

I am pleased to say that V. for whom I asked your

prayers has made a complete recovery from her
infection, so many thanks for that. Thank You
Father, Mrs. D.” – Email received 20/01/09

I saw that miracles happen!

“Brother Andrew,

S. has put a lot of problems of me or my son or my

family, through you, on the altar of the Divine.
Although I’m not religious I saw that miracles
happen. I want to express my gratitude to you what
you’ve done for us and the friends around us over
the past years. I want to thank YOU, and the work of
the WHC, not on behalf of the Divine, but you as the
intermediary (hope this is English). Hope to see you
in person some time in this live to let you know how
I appreciate your work.

Sincerely yours, J. de V.” Email received January 09

She is breathing on her own!

“Dear Bros.,

I greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I

want to give you the good news my cousin L.

opened her eyes and they put the life support

machine off, she is breathing on her own. Praise
God for his healing touch. God is good.

Bless you,

J. M.” – Email received 19/01/09

The good Lord has done it again!

“Hi Brothers,

How are you and all my friends in the Sanctuary

hope all is fine. School has reopened again, THE
all my papers so join me to thank the good Lord and
all my friends at the Sanctuary, once again thank

Y. Q.” – Email received 29/01/09

I am improving in my state of mind!

“My precious Brother Andrew,

I am improving in my state of mind surely and

steadily, I really praise and thank God for His
mercies and blessings, not just now but always.
Brother Mandus' booklets have really sustained me.

Your friend in Christ Jesus,

S.” – Sri Lanka – Email received 19/02/09

I have some good news for you!

“Hello to all my friends in the Sanctuary,

I have good news for you. The operation of both

eyes has been succeeded very well. Thanks to the
Lord and to you all for praying for me.

Love and blessings from Sister Majella, Bilzen”

Our prayers are being answered and miracles

are happening thank You Father!

Addressing the Problem
Please keep in touch with your Sanctuary on a
regular basis and let us know about important
changes that might affect the delivery of your
literature. You or a loved one might not be receiving
our correspondence and magazines, if so then
please tell us so that we can do something about it.
Have you recently moved and not mentioned it to
us? Has a loved one died? Was the address we
used accurate? It would be wonderful if you’d just
take an extra second to cover the points that we
have mentioned and help us to use our resources
more effectively. The savings that are made can be
used to help and assist so many more people that
are in need of upliftment and succour. Let’s address
the problem together, thank you dear Crusader
friend. You can ring us on: +44(0)1253 343701 and
and write in as well, thanks for your help!
Classic Books by Brother Mandus

• The Grain of Mustard Seed

• For Women Only
• This Wondrous Way of Life
• Call Unto Me
• The Divine Awakening
• All About You
• Highways To Health and Happiness
• Power Thinking

These books are available from the Sanctuary

priced at £6 + p. & p.

World Healing Crusade Booklets
• H1 The Healing Love
• H2 Freedom Through Faith
• H3 Perfect Health
• H4 Perfect Prosperity
• H5 The Kingdom of God
• H6 Healing & Success Treatments
• H7 The Wondrous Way of Answered Prayer
• H8 For Those In Trouble
• H9 The Healing Silence
• L1-2 The Healing Christ & Practical Christianity
• L3-4 The Christ Consciousness & The Year of
Abundant Life
• L5-6 The Power of Thought & The Healing
Power of Prayer
• L7-8 Signs and Wonders & The Infallible Law
• R1 This is Your Life
• R2 The Power To Heal
• R3 Woman, Behold Thy Son
• R4 The Faith That Moves Mountains
• R5 The Science of The New Age
• R6 How God Called Me
• R7 Revelation
All the booklets mentioned above are by Bro. Mandus
• Pause For Thought – Canon John Smith
• A Thought For The Day – Brother Andrew

All the booklets priced at £1 + p. & p.