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Rmz Rabadi

Khalid Al-Hamad


Complete Denture Steps Ps : this table summarizes the first lecture including some extra notes from last year ,,, but you need to check
the lecture on e-learning ( i did not include the slides because the file didn't open with me )

clinic Primary impression using a stock tray : - alginate : perforated tray - impression compound : non perforated tray The stock tray : - Could be metal or plastic - - 2-3 mm clearance - Should cover the tuberosity & hamular notch

Lab Pour the primary impression using plaster \gypsum type 2 to end up with a study cast On the study cast youll fabricate the custom tray (light \self-cured ): 2-3 mm thickness 2-3 mm shorter than the sulcus 1-2 cm handle Fingure rests You pour the final impression with stone \gypsum type 3 to end up with the master cast Make the record clocks (base plate\acrylic + ring wax )

Make the final impression using the custom tray - Impression materials for the surface : ZOE Additional silicon +adhesives - Impression for the border : Green stick 2-3 mm thickness - Jaw regestration stage , modify the record blocks and seal them together ( occlusal jaw regestration ) - Teeth selection ( shade , shape , etc ) Try in \ wax Check every thing you do in the regestration stage

Setting of teeth ,, mounting \ articulating ,, wax contouring

Lost wax techniuqe ( poly methylmethacrylic PMMA) -flasking \ dewaxing - Polishing - Finishing - Packing - curing

Delivary / insertion

Good Luck . Rmz Rabadi