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DCP 100 Direct Card Printer

YOUR ENTRANCE TO THE WORLD OF The single- or double-sided, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 100 Direct
ID CARD PERSONALIZATION Card Printer is our smallest and lightest full color ID card printer. With
its elegant forward-looking design and its advanced technology, the
• Full-color edge-to-edge printing for great-looking DCP 100 is one of the most compact printers available today.
cards Designed and created to simplify printing on plastic cards, it combines
technical performance, design and small dimensions together with
• The smallest footprint in its class - conveniently an unmatched quality/price ratio.
fits on the desktop or under the counter
The printer delivers sharp, colorful, durable plastic ID cards for hundreds
• Small size and weight makes it very portable of applications, such as club cards, visitor badges, event participation
cards, membership and customer loyalty cards. Its attractive design
• Easy setup for flexible usage without any further makes the printer a perfect fit for reception areas, hospitality applica-
adjustment tions, clubs and organizations. No field service or support is required
due to its very easy-to-operate form.
• Prints a card in full color within 30 seconds

• Provides for easy back side in full color printing Choose with barcodes and magnetic stripe encoding the machine-
with its on-demand hand feed card mechanism readable technology that fits with your access control and other
automated systems.
• Perfect for card printing beginners and low
volume demands such as club cards, visitor
badges, event participant cards, and customer
loyalty cards



• The smallest footprint in its class – easily fits into a wide SPECIFICATIONS OF DCP 100
range of locations
Print Method Color dye sublimation and mono-
• Extremely simple to use, the DCP 100 enables you to print
chrome thermal transfer
photos, texts, logos, barcodes, signatures, and graphics very
quickly in full color on both sides of a card Print Mode Single- or double-sided
• Easy hand-fed front loading of cards edge-to-edge direct card printing
• Quick, easy ribbon change, cartridge loads in a snap
• Simple printhead replacement by operator Print Speed Full color: up to 100 cards per hour
• Built-in cleaning roller Monochrome: up to 300 cards per
• Optional magnetic stripe encoding hour

Print Resolution 300 dpi

Printhead Operator replaceable, 24 month
• 5 Panel Color Ribbon (YMCKO): 100 cards/ribbon warranty, no count limitation
• Monochrome Black Ribbon (K): 500 cards/ribbon using EDIsecure® Cards

(Other ribbons on request) Card Types All PVC and Composite PVC Cards
of ISO ID-1/CR-80 size,
3.370” x 2.125”
• Magnetic stripe encoding (HiCo and LoCo) Card Thickness 20 – 40 mil
• Card Dispenser loaded with 50 PVC cards for dust
free operation Interface USB 1.1

Operating System Support MS Windows® 2000, XP, and VISTA*

Printer Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.9” x 7.9” x 8.3”
• EDIsecure® Card Management Software Suite
• EDIsecure® Image Capture Modules Weight 7 lbs
• EDIsecure® Image Enhancement Software
• EDIsecure® Card Materials Power Supply 110-240 V, 50/60Hz
FCC Class A, CE, UL, GOST*, and
CCC* approved

Operating Environment 50°F to 86°F, 20% to 80%

non-condensing humidity

* in preparation

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