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Mutraw District, the Karen National Union (KNU)/5th Brigade, Karen National Liberation Army
(KNLA)’s View, Determination, and Decision
Concerning the Challenges Faced by the Karen People Upon the Burmese Military Regime’s
Systematic Attacks in Pa-an District/ 7th Brigade and Aftermath

July 4, 2009

For further information, please contact Major Saw Kler Doh of KNLA 5th Brig. at 66-(0) 81-201-5940

5th Brigade, KNLA – District and Brigade leadership held an emergency meeting at the Brigade’s
Operational Command Center on June 30, 2009 to review recent military offensives by joint forces of
State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) and Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) in
Pa-an District/7th Brigade, that drove more than 3,000 Karen civilians out of their homes and villages,
and ongoing destruction of people’s livelihoods in and outside Karen State inside Burma. After a
careful review of such dire circumstances, and recognizing that SPDC has no plan to end such attacks
anytime soon, the combined KNLA 5th Brigade and civilian leadership declare that it is prepared to
defend the integrity and interests of Karen people at all costs, including militarily.

After the emergency meeting, Mutraw District’s Chairperson Saw Tender shared his view: “We hope
that our people will understand our determination to fight against the SPDC’s destructive plans and
that they will join hands with us in the fight against such evil.”

Maj. General Baw Kyaw Heh, the Commander of 5th Brigade, further commented: “The problem
faced by our people is the problem faced by our nation. We need to think carefully and act

It must be recognized that the ongoing SPDC’s military offensives against the Karen people are parts
and parcels of the broader Burma’s political problems faced by the people of Burma. It is also crucial
to recognize that SPDC systematically plans and uses Karen and non-Karen armed groups such as
DKBA to loot and destroy our villages, livelihood, and to essentially take complete control over our
land. While situations in and around Karen state are critical, such SPDC's military tactics are also
prevalent in other ethnic areas of Burma.

As we are resolved to prevent the SPDC from implementing its destructive plots and defend our
people to the best of our skills, we call on the international community, particularly our neighboring
countries, to stand by the people of Burma in their search for security, freedom and prosperity.

The Karen National Union (KNU) was founded on February 5, 1947 in order to lead the Karen
national struggle for justice, equality, and the right to self-determination. The Karen National
Liberation Army (KNLA) has been fighting against the Burmese military regime for over 60 years.