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University of Bucharest

School of Business and Administration

Student Portfolio
Ana-Maria Mincan

Seminar Instructor:
Teaching Assistant Elena-Carmen Bobocescu

Summer Session 2013

Letter of aplication

Dear Sir, I address the cover letter in response to your advertisement for the vacancy that you have in the institution. I graduated Bussines administration, University of Bucharest and I belive that in those student years I have accumulated much knowledge in law, economics, management, marketing and finance. I look forward to put this knowledge into practice, combined with useful skills domain and thus your job requires. I am a dynamic person with good communication skills, acquired in my experience (as a promoter), responsible, committed, interested in professional development in the economic field. I wish I had the chance to work in your company, where I could highlight my intellectual capabilities and experience (CV attached) to accomplish the tasks and goals of the organization and to develop my career. If you believe that my motivation and qualifications are suitable for getting a job in your company are available at any time to be contacted in order to discuss details of a possible collaboration. Your faithfull, Ana-Maria Mincan

Letter of complaint
Ana Maria Mincan 11 May 2013 The Manager Plaza hotel

Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about the service I received at your Plaza hotel last weekend, 4 May 2013. First of all, on arrival, there was no record of my booking although I had faxed the details several weeks earlier. Secondly, when I got up to my room, I found that it had not been cleaned properly and there were used towels in the bathroom. Furthhermore, when I came down to breakfast the next day, I was told that I was too late, even though it was only 10 am. Finally, when I was given the bill I was charged for items from the minibar which I hadn`t used. Being the fact that it was my first time visiting your country i have never imagined that in such a respected hotel i could be treated with such a little respect. I`m afraid that I have never before been treated so appallingly therefor i expect a sincerly apology. Yours truly, Ana Maria Mincan

Personal statement

In this personal statement i will talk about me,although I dont like this because I am a modest person,who doesnt like be superior to others.Even if I am a director or just an employee,I behave in the same way. My name is Ana Maria Mincan.I was born on 20 april 1993 in Slatina . From 2008 until 2012 I studied at National Collag eof Ion Minulescu, one of the most prestigious Collage from my town. I was framed at a human profile more accurate at socio-human sience. In these four years of study I improved my general knoladges learning the basics of the profile such as Romanian language, Foreign languages, History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Entrepreneurship. Highschool was a big deal in my life because I formed my personality accumulating knoladge and experience. Over the years of study Ive discovered new hobbies in publicity but also that i like being part of a team or reading, poetry, I participated to poetry competitions and shows. I discovered my skills by oraniseing events, I developed my communication skill presenting some shows in highschool and I enriched my imagination. I did volunteer at nursing homes and orphanages participating every year to Lets do it, Romania. I belive that these things helped at my maturation and I acquired some knoladges that will help me in the future .

Now I live in Bucharest.In the present I study at the School of Business and Administration.Here I study
many subjects part of economic field. Sometimes I am an emotional person,who cares about the others and ready to help them when it is necessary.Even if I dont know to much about something,I am always ready to learn about it,because I am a persevering person. I am an ambitious person,who does all the work with passion.I am also a communicative person and I think that marketing is a field where I would have succes.My big passion is the advertising in which I want to make a career considering my skills.Even if I am in the first year,being a responsible,sociable and creative person would help me in my future job in the marketing field. In conclusion,I would like to be part of your team and I hope to succed.