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From Lous Cabin to Knoxville, TN

1.Start out going southwest on Scott Subdivision Rd toward Huff Bend Ln.

0.6 mi

2.Turn sharp left onto Huff Bend Ln.

If you are on Huff Bend Ln and reach Goins Rdyou've gone about 0.3 miles too far

1.1 mi

3.Turn right onto TN-304.

HACKLERS FOOD MART is on the corner

1.6 mi

4.Turn left onto TN-68 S.

TN-68 S is 0.3 miles past Peakland Rd If you are on Dake Rd and reach B Dake Rdyou've gone about 0.6 miles too far

14.5 mi

5.Merge onto I-75 N via the ramp on the lefttoward Knoxville.

If you are on TN-68 S and reach TN-68 N you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

40.7 mi 3.0 mi

6.Take I-40 E towardAirport/Lexington/Downtown/Univ of Tenn. 7.Take the US-441 S/Henley St exit, EXIT388, toward Downtown.

0.1 mi 8.Merge onto Henley St SW/US-441 S/TN-71 S/TN-33 S via the ramp on the left towardUniv of Tenn.

0.7 mi

9.Welcome to KNOXVILLE, TN.

Your destination is just past Cumberland Ave SW If you reach Main St SW you've gone a little too far

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From Knoxville to Deals Gap, NC

Start out going southeast on Henley St SW/US441 S/TN-71 S/TN-33 S towardMain St SW/US-70 E/US-11 N/TN-1 N.


0.1 mi

Turn right onto W Hill Ave. 2.

W Hill Ave is just past Main St SW If you are on Chapman Hwy and reach E Blount Ave you've gone about 0.3 miles too far

0.1 mi

Take the 1st right onto Poplar St/Poplar St SW. 3.

Poplar St is just past Maplehurst Ct If you reach the end of Game Day Way you've gone a little too far

0.09 mi


Turn left onto Cumberland Ave SW/US70/US-11/TN-1. Continue to follow US-70/US11/TN-1.

1.2 mi

Merge onto US-129 S/TN-115 S via the ramp on the left toward Alcoa. 5.

If you reach Neyland Dr SW you've gone about 0.2 miles 20.1 mi too far

Turn left onto US-129/TN-115. 6.

US-129 is 0.3 miles past Ridgeway Trl If you are on US-411 and reach Foxglove Lnyou've gone 32.1 mi about 0.6 miles too far

Welcome to NC 28713. 7.

If you reach Cheoah Overlook you've gone a little too far

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Deals Gap, NC to Asheville, NC

Start out going south on US129 towardCheoah Overlook. 0.7 mi


Take the 2nd left onto NC-28. 2.

NC-28 is 0.6 miles past Cheoah Overlook If you reach Shuler Lk you've gone a little too far

10.4 mi


Turn right onto Fontana Rd/NC-28. Continue to follow NC-28 S.

21.3 mi


Turn left onto US-74 E/NC-28 S. Continue to follow US-74 E.

48.1 mi


Merge onto I-40 E toward Asheville.

18.8 mi


Merge onto I-240 E via EXIT 46B on the lefttoward I26 W/Asheville.

5.0 mi


Take the Merrimon Ave/US-25 exit, EXIT5A.

0.2 mi

Turn left onto Broadway St/US-25. 8.

TSW Ventures Inc is on the corner

0.07 mi


Welcome to ASHEVILLE, NC.

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Asheville, NC to Alexandria, VA
Start out going northwest on Broadway St/US-25.


0.03 mi

Merge onto I-240 E. 2.

If you are on Merrimon Ave and reach Elm Styou've gone about 0.1 miles too far

4.8 mi


I-240 E becomes I-40 E.

68.8 mi


Take the US-321 exit, EXIT 123A-B, toward US70/Hickory/NC-127/Lenoir/Lincolnton.

0.2 mi


Merge onto I-40 E via EXIT 123B on theleft toward US70/NC-127 N/Hickory/Lenoir/US-321 N.

64.9 mi


Merge onto I-40-BR E/US-421 S via EXIT188 on the left toward Winston-Salem.

18.8 mi


Merge onto I-40 E.

14.8 mi


Take the US-29 N/US-70 E/US-220 N exit,EXIT 223, toward Reidsville.

0.5 mi


Stay straight to go onto N Ohenry Blvd/US-70 E/US-29 N/US-220 N. Continue to follow US-29 N.

16.1 mi


Stay straight to go onto US-29-BYP N.

16.6 mi


US-29-BYP N becomes US-29 N.

7.0 mi


Merge onto US-29 N/US-58 E/Danville Expy toward Lynchburg/South Boston(Crossing into Virginia).

7.5 mi


Merge onto US-58 E/US-360 E towardSouth Boston.

28.9 mi

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Turn left onto James D Hagood Hwy. 14.

James D Hagood Hwy is 0.3 miles past 2nd St If you reach Seven Oaks Dr you've gone about 0.5 miles too far

16.2 mi


James D Hagood Hwy becomes US-360 E.

41.4 mi


Turn slight left onto US-360 E/E Patrick Henry Hwy. Continue to follow US-360 E.

US-360 E is 0.4 miles past US-460-BR

38.7 mi


Merge onto VA-288 N/World War II Veterans Memorial Hwy toward VA-76-TOLL N/Powhite Pkwy.

2.3 mi


Take the VA-76/Powhite Pkwy/Lucks Lane exit toward Old Hundred Rd.

0.3 mi


Merge onto VA-76 N/Powhite Pky towardRichmond (Portions toll).

10.8 mi


Keep left to take VA-76 N/Beltline Expytoward I-195 N/I-64 W/Charlottesville/I-95 N/Washington (Portions toll).

0.9 mi


VA-76 N/Beltline Expy becomes I-195 N.

2.2 mi


Merge onto I-95 N toward Washington.

82.6 mi


Merge onto US-1 N via EXIT 161 toward Ft Belvoir/Mt Vernon.

15.4 mi


Turn right onto King St/VA-7. Continue to follow King St.

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