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Date of birth: 19th July 1973 Time of birth: 08:15:00 Place of Birth: Singapore, Singapore
Dear XYZ, Please find our analysis for your Complete Life Prediction. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to analyse your birth chart. The accuracy of the predictions depends on the accuracy of the time of birth given to us by you. Kindly note that as per Vedic Astrology the stars will control only 75% of your life and the critical 25% will be your own efforts. We wish you luck and pray to God that you overcome all obstacles in your life. Best Regards R Krishnan Astrologer Visit us on Internet at our site for future consultation. Lets be partners in your future.


Horoscope Chart:

Birth Chart - Self-Explanatory

Explanation of charts:

In any chart in this convention, House positions are fixed and their numbers are indicated by Roman Numerals. First house is the birth ascendant and in anti clockwise, the rest of the houses follow. Decimal digits in each house indicate the number of the zodiac signs. 12 Zodiac signs are numbered in the following manner. Zodiac Signs Decimal Digit in the chart Aries 1 Taurus 2 Gemini 3 Cancer 4 Leo 5 Virgo 6 Libra 7 Scorpio 8 Sagittarius 9 Capricorn 10 Aquarius 11 Pisces 12 Planetary Lord of each Zodiac Sign Mars (Ma) Venus (Ve) Mercury (Me) Moon (Mo) Sun (Su) Mercury (Me) Venus (Ve) Mars (Ma) Jupiter (Ju) Saturn (Sa) Saturn (Sa) Jupiter (Ju)

Note: We will also use the following abbreviations for the other planets: Rahu (Ra), Ketu (Ke), Uranus (Ur), Neptune (Ne) and Pluto (Pl). The planets by location in sign and by lordship transmit the influence of each Zodiac sign in our life.

Houses in your chart

The Houses are associated with different aspects in our life. The houses are the domains of planetary actions in our life. House No I II III IV V VI Sign No 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sign Name Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius


10 11 12 1 2 3

Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Natal status of each of the planets in your chart:

We have listed above the natal promise of all the 9 Vedic planets in the chart based on their status in the chart. There are likely to be lot of contradictions about their significance in different aspects of life. The same planet may be beneficial for a particular aspect in ones life by its house location but it can be inauspicious for the same aspects in life because of the lordship of houses in the chart. One planet can be beneficial for a particular aspect in life and can promise great success and at the same time another planet can be most inauspicious and promise complete failure for the same aspects in life. Usually different astrological effects do not cancel or neutralize each other. Both the positive as well as the negative effects can affect a persons life. How much positive and how much negative will depend on the planets strength, its functionality whether auspicious or inauspicious, and its dignity in the chart, and also its strength in the chart. These calculations are complex and is not only made for the natal chart but is also made on the different divisional charts which are derived from the natal chart. An astrologer has to examine all these quantitative and qualitative aspects of each planet in the chart, before he can make a final judgment about each planet on how much positive and how much negative effects the planet will be responsible for different aspects of life in a person. His experience will also play a key role to arrive at a final judgment. We give below in a table the strength of each planet in the chart and what will be the overall role of the planet in a persons life as per the astrologers judgment.


Dignity (Based on Sign location) Neutral Enemy Grt. Friend Grt. Enemy Debilitat ed Grt. Enemy Grt. Friend Neutral Neutral


Functional Status Auspicious /Inauspicious Neutral Auspicious Most Auspicious Inauspicious Auspicious Inauspicious Most Inauspicious Auspicious Inauspicious

House Locati on I VIII IX I VII I XII VI XII

Planet Natal Strengths Sadbal Vimsopakabal Ashtakavarga Natal Strength 3 4 2 5 4 2 3 -----------

Final Judgement by Astrologer Good Mixed Good Moderate Moderate Moderate Mixed Mixed Mixed

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

II I V&X III & XII VI & IX IV & XI VII & VIII -------

1.25 0.96 1.50 1.20 0.89 1.22 0.78 ---------

11 10 17 7 8 7 14 11 13

Explanation of Natal status of Planet Table A) Dignity: Dignity of planet is based on its relationship with the sign where it is located in the natal chart: The dignity largely decides what kind of results the planet will give in its period /subperiods/sub-sub periods. If the dignity is good then there are bound to be good results. If the dignity is not good then there are bound to be some bad results. No matter whether the planet is functionally benefic/malefic or strong and week in different strength calculations. The dignity of any planet can be any of the following in descending order of the planets ability to give good results during its period/sub-periods/sub-sub periods. 1 Exalted: results most outstanding 2 Mool trikona: results excellent 3 Own: results good in general 4 Great Friend: Generally good results 5 Friend: Mixed but generally ok 6 Enemy: Mixed but generally malefic 7 Great Enemy: Generally malefic 8 Debilitated: most challenging B) Lord ship and functionality: Lord ship of each planet as per different ascendants in the natal chart indicates functionality of the planet for different aspects in our life throughout our life. Functionality can be Auspicious, Inauspicious, Neutral, Most Auspicious or most Inauspicious C) Different Strength calculations of the Planet and their significance: 1 ShadBal: This is the absolute modular strength of the planet and signifies the quantum of its effects in our life irrespective of the functional status or dignity. A Benefic planet with low Shadbal must be strengthened with Gem therapy to make it more effective. A malefic planet with high shadbal must not be strengthened with Gem therapy because its malefic effects will increase also Instead they must be harmonized with Yantra or propitiated with Yagnas and Mantras. This strength is very important for astrologer while he recommends astrological remedies. The minimum effective shadbal should be 1.0. The maximum can go up to 2.5 in a chart. 2 Vimsopak Bal: Vimsopak Bal is calculated based on the dignity of the planet in 16 divisional charts computed from the Natal chart. Each divisional chart signifies a specific aspect of life. For example Navamsa chart signifies spouse and marital life. The Dasamsa chart signifies profession and career. The maximum Vimsopak bal of a planet can be 20, which will signify the planet will be beneficial for most aspects in life. An average strength of 10 will signify the planet will have mixed effects for different aspects of life. Less than 10 will signify the planet will be mostly inauspicious in most aspects in our life. 3 Ashtakbarga Natal strength: This signifies the potential of the planet to deliver positive results during transit in relation with other planets positive and negative effects. The maximum strength can be 8, which signifies the planet can give outstanding results in transit. For Saturn and Mars, if the Ashtakbarga strength is more than 3 units, it will mean it will give generally positive results. For remaining 5 planets (excluding Rahu/Ketu) the natal strength must be 5 units or more to have the potential to deliver beneficial results in relation to all other planets.

Your astrologer will consider all these factors before he makes his final judgment. His judgment will be as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Outstanding Excellent Very good Good Mixed Challenging Most challenging

Significance and status of each house in the natal chart:

In the explanation of your horoscope chart, we have indicated the different houses in your chart. It is the houses which relate to different aspects in a persons life. A house is most influenced by the planets located in a particular house. Next the house is influenced by lord or the ruling planet of a particular house. A house is also influenced by the planets which aspect the house in the natal chart. There are 2 different methods to measure the strength of each house in the chart quantitatively. Given below are two tables. Table 1 indicates which aspects of life are signified by a specific house and also the natural planet(s) signifier (Karaka) of each house. Table 2 gives each house and its strength as well as the planets which influence each house in your chart either by location, lordship or by aspects in your chart. It also gives the final judgment of the astrologer and its overall status in your life for each house in your natal chart. Table 1
House Number I Sign No 4 Sign Name Cancer Natural Signifier Sun Attributes of each of the 12 house Physical Self, appearance, basic disposition, behavior, general well being.



Jup Finances, liquid assets, accumulation of wealth, general family happiness, food & drink, speech, spiritual status of knowledge, precious metals/gems, concentration, truthfulness etc.




Determination, courage, physical strength, siblings, friends, neighbors, art, dance, drama, music, voice, singing, memory, communications, writing etc. Feelings, mother, the home, emotions, and happiness in general, academic education, knowledge, fixed assets, hobbies, leisure time, comforts, houses, boats, vehicles. Intelligence, progeny, pregnancy, inclination towards education/spiritual authorship. Services & defense, health or short term diseases, competition, rivals, opposition, litigation, enemies, intimidation, calamities from the opposite sex etc. Marriage, love affairs including extramarital, cohabitation, marriage like relationships, length of mates life, business partnerships, trade, foreign residence etc. Unknown & the chronic, longevity, hidden things, scandalous behavior, embarrassment, shyness, accusations, desire for knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters, extravagance, unearned wealth such as lotteries, wills, legacies, money from insurances claims etc.








Sat, Mar












Jup, Sun

Luck & knowledge, god, guru, philosophy, religion, father, relationship with father, bosses, ethics, law, dharma (right action), long distance travel, good fortune, spiritual knowledge & practices. Career, life purpose, profession, fame, fathers reputation or position in the world, fathers health and longevity, righteous action, compassions etc. Opportunities, cash flow, profits, fulfillment of dreams and desires, hopes, friends, wishes elder sibling, influential friends etc. Liberation, enlightenment, sexual pleasures, detention, confinement (hospitals, prisons, long term mediation etc.) pilgrimages or journeys to foreign land and expenditure: house of decrease.


Mer, Jup






Jup, Sat

Table 2
House Number I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII Planets Located As, Su, Me, Ve ---------------Ra Ju Mo Ma --------Sa, Ke Lordship Planets Aspecting Ju Mo, Sa Ma, Ju Ma ----Sa, Ke Su, Me, Ve ----Sa -----Ju Ma, Ra House Strength (AB) X 24 23 28 27 31 38 22 22 26 37 36 23 House Strength (BB) Y 6.31 8.93 8.90 6.74 8.06 5.01 4.49 3.71 5.07 9.22 7.16 9.58 Astrologer Remarks Mixed Good Good Mixed Good Good Mixed Mixed Mixed Good Good Good

Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me

Remarks: If the A. B. score is 28 or more, that house and the aspects of life, the house signifies flourish well. Greater the score, better the results. If the A. B. score is less then 28, the individual faces difficulties and suffers in life in those aspects, which the house signifies. The lower the score greater will be the difficulties and obstacles in life. House strength by method B (Bhava Bal) signifies if the score strength of a house is more than 7.5, the aspects signified by that house flourishes more in our life. Greater the score, better the results. The lower score greater will be the difficulties and obstacles in life. Final remark is the considered judgment about each houses made by our astrologer, who has analysed your chart.

The natal promise of different planets in your chart:

Sun: Lord of the 2nd house positioned in the ascendant Cancer. Dignity Neutral. In this position it acts as a double edged sword. It gives good leadership qualities but also gives a strong ego which one should guard against. It could cause quarrels in marital life due to ego clashes. The Sun, being cruel and malefic, in the 1st house gives a hot constitution, meaning an irritable or somewhat angry temperament. The person may be impatient or unkind. The heat of the Sun will burn or harm the confidence and self-esteem. This will not be obvious to everyone, since the Sun in the ascendant also gives pride, courage, power, and a good deal of assertiveness. There is no shyness to this placement, and there will be a strong ego. The person will be ambitious and desirous of a position of authority. The relationship with the father will be close and rather significant. There may be an attraction to government jobs. It gives good health and a strong constitution. This is generally a good position for success and respect from others, as the person presents oneself quite well.

Moon: Lord of ascendant positioned in the 8th house Aquarius. Dignity Enemy. The ascendant is like a pillar of a horoscope and when the ascendant lord is ill positioned it could cause a sense of negativity in all spheres of life. The Moon, being the most important and personal planetary influence in Hindu astrology, is poorly placed in the 8th house. This may give a tendency to brood more than necessary over events thus leading to sudden moods of depression. One's fortune and general well-being are greatly harmed. There will be many health problems, and if the Moon is afflicted there is a strong chance they will be chronic or long-term. Peace of mind is greatly disturbed, and the person may have a weak or wavering mind. Intelligence, however, is not harmed, and due to the Moon's favourable aspect on the 2nd house, the person will be both knowledgeable and wealthy. She will do well in any research field. There may be an oversensitivity and lack of confidence, as well as other psychological complexes, which do not improve in time. Eyesight may be poor, as the Moon rules vision. The person is very sexually attractive and may have a powerful reproductive system. She is very intuitive or psychic, and there will be a strong interest in occult or metaphysical subjects. Mars: Lord of 5th and 10th houses positioned in the 9th house Pisces. Dignity Great Friend. This ensures good professional success. The person may be somewhat famous or an authority figure, because the significations of Mars will so greatly benefit from the positive energy of the 9th house. Therefore, the person has great drive, ambition, and forcefulness, and she will be successful. She may especially be a pioneer or proponent of a religion or philosophy. Mars in the 9th often indicates a person who is dogmatic or close-minded. She may be unwilling to confront or grasp abstract thoughts and will view all issues from an "either/or" perspective. Since Mars benefits by its association with the 9th house, the person may own property. She will also have strong blood, a powerful muscular system, and great courage. Although Mars rules brothers and sisters, they may not so greatly benefit, since Mars from the 9th will throw its malefic aspect onto the 3rd house. This position does not favour the performance of good deeds. There is generally a good deal of long-distance travel.

Mercury: Lord of 3rd and 12th houses positioned in the ascendant Cancer. Dignity Great Enemy. Mercury gets dik bala, or directional strength, in the 1st house. Therefore this is its best position. With Mercury in the 1st the person is youthful in appearance. She will be intelligent, learned, and knowledgeable. She may be a writer or take up any career relating to communications. She will be witty and ingenious. She is an excellent speaker and will be very talkative. There will be talent or interest in math, poetry or fine arts. The person is handsome, respected, healthy, and long-lived. The person could be nervous and excitable. She may be lacking in real confidence though it could give a tendency to brag or boast. Jupiter: Lord of the 6th and 9th houses positioned in the 7th house Capricorn. Dignity Debilitated. The 7th house is a powerful kendra for the great benefic-Jupiter. Nearly all Hindu scriptures assert that an evolutionary leap is made in that the person will be far superior to his father. The person will be popular, honoured and highly respected. He will attain a high position at a young age-in his teens or even during early childhood. The person is happy, healthy and extremely good-looking. He will be compassionate, diplomatic, and very aware of other people's feelings. If Jupiter is in the 7th house the person will get a beautiful and wealthy spouse. Ancient Hindu scriptures declare that a man with this placement gets a chaste wife. The spouse may also be religious, philosophical, and highly spiritual. Business partnerships will be successful and prosperous. The person himself leads a fortunate and charmed life. The benefic effects could be curtailed to some extent since Jupiter is debilitated and rendered weak.

Venus: Lord of 4th and 11th houses positioned in the 1st house Cancer. Dignity Great Enemy. If Venus is in the 1st house, the person will be happy, healthy and long-lived. She will be lucky, wealthy, and respected. The person will also be beautiful, charming, and extremely attractive to the opposite sex. She will be romantic and highly passionate. She is fond of all kinds of sensual pleasures. The person is blessed with luxuries and comforts. She will own many ornaments (jewellery). She will appreciate or make a career in music, dance, drama, or another art form. The person is virtuous and performs good deeds. She will be of a sensitive and artistic nature. Venus in any Kendra gives a kind and forgiving nature. Saturn: Lord of 7th and 8th houses positioned in the 12th house Gemini. Dignity Great Friend. This could cause marital disharmony and fluctuation in business. This position in not favourable for worldly affairs but is good for religious life. It indicates secret enemies who may try to harm you. It could give a liking for secluded life. It could cause a weak constitution. It could curtail ambition but also gives a sense of contentment. It may make a person complacent and so miss out on some good deals. These persons may be good at quiet and laborious jobs and can face adversities with a quiet countenance.

Rahu: Positioned in the 6th house Sagittarius. Dignity Neutral. Rahu in the 6th house gives the person great vitality and health. The person could also be long-lived. There could be a few enemies in life and career but she may be able to defeat her enemies and effortlessly rise above her competitors. She will excel in detail work and may be involved in any service job. Ketu: Positioned in the 12th house Gemini. Dignity Neutral. Ketu in the 12th house is for spiritual progress, as there will be good discriminative ability and an interest in spiritual pursuits. However it could cause some fluctuation in finance and there could be some unexpected expenses and debts.

Special Significance Of Rahu/Ketu Axis

The natal promise of different planets through the looking glass of Nakhatra based on the degree of the planet in a particular Zodiac Sign. 360 degrees of the Zodiac is divided into 12 zodiac signs each of 30 degrees. The same 360 degrees of the Zodiac is also divided into 27 Nakhatra divisions. NORTH NODE IN THE SIXTH HOUSE - SOUTH NODE IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE If the North Node is in the sixth house, the person's greatest growth, evolution, and fulfillment come through routine service, daily work, and attention to details. In past lives, the person has been dreamy, idealistic, religious, and spiritual. Now she must focus on practical matters and learn Lo deal with boundaries, essentials, and necessities. Careers involving nursing, cooking, haircutting, etc. are all favored. Or the person may fulfill her destiny in any pursuit dealing with knowledge and information. She may be a good writer, editor, accountant, or bookkeeper. The person must investigate, analyze, and evaluate on a daily basis. The person may have been born wanting to help everyone else, with little concern for her own personal needs. Now she is here to focus on self improvement, progress, and full development of her talents. She should take care of the quality of her appearance and the food she eats. Health matters are important, and the person should exercise and learn about preventative medicine and healing techniques. She has to relinquish her easygoing ways, and make a lifestyle of discriminating, judging, and attaining perfection in earthly matters. She should work on precision, manual dexterity, technical skills, and any crafts of his choice. Duty and discipline are crucial in this lifetime. The person should be picky. She should be cautious, careful, and intensely examine all issues. She should seek to understand the details and mechanics of things. The more knowledge she gains, the happier she will be. Her task is to categorize and compartmentalize, and create order wherever chaos exists. She should leave wisdom, idealism, and broad perspectives to philosophers. Her efforts should be directed toward solving problems and overcoming obstacles. Old tendencies of profound, compassionate sacrifice should be avoided. The person is here for minor service and she will suffer if she

acts the part of "savior, " or allows others to take advantage of her generous nature. Enjoyment of small pets is favoured. Purity and innocence are essential, and the person must never function out of improper motives. In Hindu astrology, the North Node (Rahu) in the sixth house indicates extreme good health and a powerful appetite. The person defeats her enemies and competitors with ease, and therefore may reach the top of her chosen field with little interference or resistance. The South Node (Ketu) in the twelfth is good for spiritual growth and enlightenment. The nodes in the signs are of much less significance. "For a long time, it had seemed to me that life was about to begin -real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life."

Special Report of Debilitated/Exalted/Retrograde planets

Debilitated Jupiter Constraints on the financial front would create problems for you. This in turn is likely to make you a selfish person. It is also possible that this selfishness may lead to dishonesty / lack of integrity. Problems from / to children may be experienced. Your knowledge base may suffer. Compassion that is generally found in a person may be found lacking in you. The decisions taken by you may not reflect the true wisdom in you. Mercury Retrograde You think in an intuitive manner and are right-brain dominant. Right-brain thinking is more spatially oriented. You would comprehend through recognizing patterns and would arrive at conclusions without going through logic and reason. This does not imply that you are wrong and are more often right. You would drive analytical people crazy because of the discontinuous manner in which you think. Jupiter Retrograde Retrograde Jupiter creates bargain hunters and you are always looking for a better deal. You would be motivated to try to win back what was lost. You would pursue a good deal, call for return of loans, redeem coupons and getting rebates. But there can be a problem in relationships where you are considering something better, more romantic and beyond what you have in the current partnership. You may run the risk of a lack of timely response to new opportunities.

Planetary Yogas in your chart:

Planetary Yogas are complex planetary combinations that consider many factors including sign, house and aspect. Yoga itself means combination. Many yogas require and exchange of signs between the two planets but not necessarily an aspect between them nor by conjunction in a particular sign. Theoretically in any chart, there are hundreds of possible yogas. However not all of them are effective enough. Which Yoga will be effective and when will they be effective is again a matter of complex judgment by the astrologer. We are giving below a list of important and effective Yogas in your chart, and their interpretation as per ancient astrological classics. Here again there will be contradiction between the positive and negative effects of Yogas in your life. This is followed by the astrologers comment which Yogas will be really effective and when they are likely to be effective in your life. There are many possible yogas in your chart. They could be in

hundreds, but not all of them will be effective or significant. We are only mentioning the effective Yogas in your chart based on the natal status of the participating planets and also their participation in the Dasha system of your at the appropriate time in your life, when such yogas can have meaningful effects in your life. Important Yogas in your chart.

1. Raja Yoga: A mutual relationship exists by aspect between the lord of the 4th house 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
Venus and lord of the 9th house Jupiter. This elevates the status of the person in terms of success, recognition and status. Viparita Sarala Raja Yoga: The 8th Lord Saturn is positioned in the 12th house. This confers learning, longevity and prosperity. The person could be successful in most of the ventures. Dhana Yoga: There is a relationship between the 2nd lord Sun and the 11th lord Venus. This gives a good status of wealth. Bandhu Pujya Yoga: The 4th house is aspected by Jupiter. The person has the respect of his family and friends. Surya-Budh Yoga: Sun and Mercury are conjoined in the same house. The person is clever, scholarly, virtuous and earns wealth by serving others. she will be skilful in all works with a good reputation. Surya-Shukr Yoga: Sun and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is intelligent and skilled in many fields. Budh-Shukr Yoga: Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the same house. The person is virtuous, well versed in scriptures, wealthy, well dressed and ever mirthful.

Some Karmic Indicators in your chart based on Ashtakbarga Calculations of your natal chart. These indicators should be considered as indicative only and not definitive. Definitive conclusions can only be given when all factors are included along with the Dasha Vichar in the chart: Best Part of Life: According to the analysis of your chart the First and Middle phase of your life will be okay and will have normal ups and downs. During this phase you will enjoy your life but may also face some obstacles. These problems may be related to different aspects of your life. According to the analysis of your chart the Final phase of your life will be the best phase of your life. During this phase you will enjoy your days and will gain happiness from different areas of your life. Best Direction in your Life According to the analysis of your chart the direction East would be most beneficial for you to pursue your vocation or take any opportunity that knocks the door of your destiny. According to the analysis of your chart the direction West would be most challenging for you. So, it is best to avoid this direction. Your effort in this direction may not provide you fruitful result.

Effort to Reward ratio in your chart: There are 3 kinds of people in this world. The first group are very lucky that whatever efforts they make they actually get greater rewards and recognition for their efforts compared to other people. This means they are lucky to reap more than what they sow. There are second group of people, they reap in exact proportion to what they sow. Finally the third group is somewhat unlucky , in spite of best efforts, the reward and recognition they get are not commensurate with their efforts. They reap less than what they sow. We call this reward to effort ratio in the chart and is computed by dividing the 11th house ashtakbarga strength with the ashtakbarga strength of 10th house. Your 10th House Score is : 37 Your 11th House Score is : 36 Reward to Effort ratio in your chart is 0.973 Therefore, the Karmic indication in your chart is you will have to work very hard and put an extra effort if you want to keep going. Hence, you should always be consistent in your efforts and you must give more than 100% to be able to achieve your goal. Employment or business is suitable in your chart: According to the analysis of your chart you are suitable for a Job and you will reach a high position. Astrologers final comment on different important aspects in your life: Life in general: Physical Characteristics: Small stature, small round face, crab-like or rabbit-like in expression, the septum of the nose appearing to view below the nostrils, many slight sensitive lines on either side of the nose, pale skin, pores very open. You have exceedingly sensitive disposition, responsive to every breath of feeling or opinion. Frequently you become stout, or rather bulky after middle life. Mental Characteristics: The third decanate of Cancer rising improves the whole sign. You are blessed with a very hospitable and sympathetic nature. You will be studious and intuitive having a keen love of acquiring knowledge. Two distinct types of natives are born under this decanate: the overanxious, hysterical, hypersensitive; and the kind, mentally active and useful worker for the good of others. If the Moon is afflicted at your birth; the former tendency is shown in your personality, with some liability to obsession, but if Jupiter is very strong, the latter qualities will predominate in your personality.

Different aspects of your life:

Profession and core competence: Since the majority of the planets are in cardinal and mutable signs with watery elements predominant it indicates that you have very good zeal, enthusiasm and determination and you could be highly receptive to new ideas. Your 2nd Lord Sun positioned in the ascendant could give you good administrative and leadership skills. However this could also give a high sense of ego which one should guard against. Your 5th and 10th Lord Mars positioned in the 9th house could make you assert

yourself with courage. Your 6th and 9th Lord Jupiter positioned in the 7th house gives you good analytical ability. Your 7th Lord Saturn could give you good powers and stamina to sustain any hardship with a brave countenance. Saturn positioned in the 12th house could sometimes give a sense of complacency and thus miss out on some good deals. It could curtail ambition but gives contentment. The combination of Mercury and Sun could give good academic skills. Venus positioned in the ascendant could give good skills in fine arts or fields of creative interest. In your chart Moon is ill positioned in the 8th house. This could give a tendency to brood more than necessary over past or future events thus leading to sudden moods of depression. You should therefore try to relax more often and not worry too much over trifles. Your education and subsequent profession can involve a combination of technical and management skills. Functionally, administration, operational areas will be suitable for you. Money-property-income: Your 5th and 10th Lord Mars is well positioned in the 9th house and this indicates that you will do well in your professional life. You have the potentials to rise high by your own efforts. Your 2nd lord Sun being well positioned in the ascendant indicates that your earnings will be above average and show steady growth. You will earn enough to satisfy your needs and enjoy all the comforts of life. However your 7th lord Saturn being ill positioned in the 12th house could cause fluctuation in business dealings. Your ascendant lord Moon is ill positioned in the 8th house. The ascendant is like a pillar of a horoscope and when the ascendant lord is ill positioned it could cause a sense of negativity in all spheres of life. Your 9th lord Jupiter though well positioned in the 7th house is debilitated and rendered weak and this could snatch away your luck at opportune times. This indicates that you will have to work hard in whatever profession you choose to get your professional rewards and recognition. You may often feel that compensation and rewards or recognition that you are getting are often not commensurate with your efforts. Hence you will have to sow more to reap your desired result. You will be able to accumulate an average status of wealth in your life as per your social and financial background. Romance and Married life: From the house table we find that the 7th house has a mixed score. Your 7th Lord Saturn is ill positioned in the 12th house and this could cause marital disharmony. Moreover Sun positioned in the ascendant could cause quarrels due to ego clashes. You should therefore exercise tact, patience and understanding when dealing with your spouse to maintain a happy married life. Parents and Siblings: Sun the Karaka for Father is well positioned in the ascendant and the 9th Lord Jupiter is well positioned in the 7th house. Your 4th Lord Venus is well positioned in the ascendant but Moon the Karaka for Mother is ill positioned in the 8th house. This indicates that your parents health could cause occasional concern or mixed relationship with them. Your 3rd

Lord Mercury being well positioned in the ascendant indicates good relationship with your siblings. Progeny: Your 5th Lord Mars is well positioned in the 9th house indicating that your children will do well in life and bring much happiness. Health and Longevity: From the House table we find that your ascendant has a mixed score. The 6th house has a good score. The 8th house has a mixed score. Your ascendant lord Moon is ill positioned in the 8th house. The 6th Lord Jupiter though well positioned in the 7th house is debilitated and rendered weak. You will therefore enjoy average health though occasionally it could cause concern. You should be careful of jaundice, blood pressure problems and gallstones. However Sun positioned in the ascendant could give good recuperatory powers. Jaiminis method: A) Lord of Ascendant, Moon is in Aquarius which is a fixed sign. Lord of 8th house Saturn is in Gemini which is a common sign. The method signifies Long Life Span B) Ascendant Sign is Cancer which is a movable sign Moon Sign is Aquarius which is a fixed sign. This method signifies Medium Life Span C) Ascendant Sign is Cancer which is a movable sign Hora Lagna is Leo which is a fixed sign. This method signifies Medium Life Span Since Jupiter is positioned in the 7th house, our conclusion is you will have Long Life Span which signifies above 80 years of age.

An overview of Life Status at a Glance:


When the natal promises of each planet will manifest in her life?
The Transit signatures The turning points of life during last ten years as per the transit of Saturn and Jupiter in your chart. The turning point graph Happiness Index

Dates represent starting period of trend (Date Format is month/day/year)

The Saturn transitSaturn completes a round of zodiac in 30 years. So a particular important transit of Saturn in our life will come after every 30 years. There are two important transits of Saturn in our life. One is called the Saturn return, when Saturn comes back after every 30 years in our life to conjoin with the natal position of Saturn in our chart. This transit lasts for 2 years.

The second and most important transit of Saturn is known as the 7 year cycle of Saturn or Sade Sati. This transit consists of 3 phases of 2- year each. This transit commences when Saturn enters one sign previous to the sign where Moon located in our natal chart. The 7- year cycle ends when Saturn exit the sign, which is one sign after the natal sign of Moon in our chart. In some charts, depending upon the location of Saturn and Moon in the natal chart, Saturn return can be part of the 7- year cycles also. Both these transits mark the most important transformation in our life both at the level of physical or mundane as well as at the emotional level. These transits can be extremely stressful, challenging, and even rewarding experience or a mixture of all that depending on the natal status of Saturn and Moon in our chart. If the transit coincides with Saturn main period or sub periods, the impact will be even more dramatic. The 7- year cycle of Saturn is usually an intense learning experience in our life. The 7 year cycle of Saturn in your life You experienced the first 7- year cycle of Saturn in your life between March 1990 and April 1998. This period could have caused some anxieties due to health or other factors. The next 7- year cycle of Saturn in your life you will experience from January 2020 and will continue February 2028. You should be cautious during this period. This does not mean that the entire 7-1/2 years will be bad, but it could cause pinpricks in ones profession or anxieties due to health or other factors.

Next ten years of your life as per Karma index calculation of your chart.
Karma index is a unique prediction tool from Cyber Astro. In this technique, net effect of each planets and transiting are calculated for each day. How the combined transit of all planets will affect each house in your chart are calculated and accumulated for the complete period. We are given below the karma index table for next ten years of your life. Which will so you the year wise accumulation a positive or negative values for each of your twelve houses in your chart and also the net karma index of each value. Karma Index

From To Soul Wealth Efforts Happiness Creativity Disease Spouse Windfall Destiny Vocation Desire Detachment Karma Date Date

10- 09Mar- Mar1599 2013 2014









-260 -2196



10- 09Mar- Mar- -782 2014 2015













10- 09Mar- Mar2015 2016














10- 09Mar- Mar- -650 2016 2017









211 -1025



10- 09Mar- Mar- -779 2017 2018








-194 -1249



10- 09Mar- Mar2018 2019














10- 09Mar- Mar- -259 2019 2020













10- 09Mar- Mar- -529 2020 2021













10- 09Mar- Mar1145 2021 2022









-48 -1662



10- 09Mar- Mar2022 2023














Best >= 1000

Mixed < 1000 And >= 300

Average < 300 And >= 50

Worst < 50

Comments and explanation For your health (Physical and mental), you should examine soul index and disease index in the above table for each year. For finances and wealth, you should examine wealth index and desire index in the above table for each year. For your courage, confident and initiative and relationship with your siblings, you should examine the efforts index. For domestic peace harmony material comforts and physical and emotional security in your life and your relationship your mother and mother land as applicable. You should examine happens index values for each year. For progeny happiness and relationship with children, you should examine creativity index value for each year.

For specific physical disease and ailment and your capacity to over come them, you should examine disease index for each year. Besides health you should also indicate the difficulties and challenges and your capacity to over come in your day to day life in profession or career. For all relationship / partnership in personal life or in business life, you should examine spouse index values for each year. For unexpected karmic rewards and punishments with in health/financial matters/reputation/ legal matters, you should examine windfall index for each year. For overall luck factor, and for success in pursuit of Dharma and your Vocation you should examine destiny index for each year. A positive destiny index will act a protector in every aspect of your life. For specific success in profession and career you should examine vocation index and creativity index values for each year. For expenditure, losses, long consignment due to illness or others will be indicated by negative detachment index values for each year. Positive determent index value will indicate success in a foreign country also and will indicate fulfilment of sexual desires in life. The overall karma index values will give you a general overview of each year in your life. High positive values will indicate the good year for you and life and low karma index values will indicate that the challenging year in your life.


In this section, we analyse the different planetary periods and what effect they will have on your life. According to Vedic astrology, theoretical life span of an individual is taken to be 120 years. This entire life span is divided into different main periods of planets and within this main period, there are sub-periods of all the planets and then each sub-period can be divided into sub-sub-periods of planets. This follows a predetermined sequence, the starting point of which is determined by the longitude of Moon at the time of birth. This is unique to Vedic astrology and is called Dasa Vichar or period analysis. The effects of the planets become most operative during the Main Dasa or the sub-Dasa: Transit effects and the relation between the Main planet and the sub-planet also determine whether the good effects will be more predominant or the bad ones. Main period of Rahu from July 19, 1973 to August 02, 1983. Rahu being positioned in the 6th house could cause some anxiety due to health or other factors but could also have helped you to show some good potentials.

Main period of Jupiter from August 02, 1983 to August 01, 1999. Jupiter being lord of the 9th house and positioned in the 7th house could have conferred some good all round benefits and a few lucky opportunities. You could have realised good potentials and fulfilled quite a few of your ambitions. However Jupiter being debilitated indicates that you may have had to put in good efforts to realize your full potentials and achieve your goals. Jupiter being lord of the 6th house could have cause some anxiety due to health or other factors. Certain periods could have been intermixed with worries as because you were under the influence of Saturns Sade-Sati from March 1990 till April 1998. Main period of Saturn from August 01, 1999 to August 01, 2018. Saturn being lord of the 7th house could have conferred and could confer some good all round benefits. You were under the influence of Saturn Return from July 2002 till May 2005. This period could have caused a sense of stagnation or dis-satisfaction in profession. This period could also have caused a few challenges or changes in life and career. Saturn being positioned in the 12th house could cause some fluctuation in business dealings or anxiety due to health or other factors. You may have to put in good efforts to realize your full potentials and fulfil your ambitions. It could also have caused or could cause a change of place for some period of time. During the main period of Saturn you are now passing through the sub-period of Saturn -Mars from till March 14, 2013. Mars being lord of the 5th and 10th house could bring some good professional benefits and good success in some of your efforts. Next you will be passing through the following sub-periods: Saturn -Rahu from March 14, 2013 till January 19, 2016. During this period you will enjoy professional enhancement. You may attract other people but do not manipulate other people because this will not be long term influence. This period indicates domestic happiness and comforts, of amiable nature and congenial atmosphere in the family and good relationship with all. Strong attachment to material objects, emotion or idea is possible and be careful that someone will not be demanding or borrowing them so as not to lose them. Saturn -Jupiter from January 19, 2016 till August 01, 2018. This period indicates achievement of desired objects, position of command, success, pleasure, happiness and comforts at home. You may receive gifts and presents. There could be success in business and professional pursuits. You are best during this period to be able to display your talents. You may succeed for good position in your career and can win over others. This is a good transit for any kind of public relations work or gain through property.

Main period of Mercury from August 01, 2018 to August 01, 2035. The 17 years period of Mercury from an overall macro point of view will be favourable and beneficial. Mercury being Lord of the 3rd house and well positioned in the ascendant could confer good all round benefits. This period could also bring you in contact with some helpful persons which could prove beneficial. You could be favoured with some lucky opportunities. Mercury being of good strength indicates that you will be able to realize your full potentials

and fulfil many of your ambitions. Mercury being lord of the 12th house could cause a few moments of anxieties due to health or other factors. However certain sub-periods could be laced with tension as because you will be under the influence of Saturns Sade-Sati from January 2020 till February 2028. You should be cautious during this period as it could cause pinpricks in ones profession or anxieties due to health or other factors. Saturn during SadeSati brings both Karmic Rewards as well as Karmic punishments in life. During this period, many past unresolved issues in different aspects in your life will come up and will force you to confront them and to resolve them in one way or another. This will span your career, business relationship front and you will be forced to make difficult choices. Obviously this entire period will not be same or challenging for you. The challenging aspects of Saturn will manifest more depending on the status of the sub period planetary lords. During the main period of Mercury you will be passing through the following sub-periods. Mercury-Mercury from August 01, 2018 till December 28, 2020. This period indicates metaphysical, religious and spiritual concerns in general. You may travel, meeting people from different back grounds who can reveal you another aspect of life like preceptors etc. You will study a new subject which may not be of your interest but will be to your benefit and this may include new hobby or intellectual discipline. Mercury -Ketu from December 28, 2020 till December 25, 2021. Do not be possessive of other person and give due regard other's feeling also. Relations with children will be more than usual or with a loved one. In addition, you will experience increased expenditure, illness, indigestion, journeys and loss of money. Mercury -Venus from December 25, 2021 till October 25, 2024. This period indicates gain of money, new position and status, happiness, good health, freedom from sickness, success over enemies or opponents and domestic comforts. There could be recognition by elders as it is the right time to approach them with courage for special honour and position in life. There will be friendship with good people and gain through children and friends. It also indicates acquisition of new position, advent of moneys, happiness and freedom from sickness. Mercury -Sun from October 25, 2024 till August 31, 2025. You will have bigger role in your career and society which will increase your reputation and standing. You will be in limelight either on a small or large scale as per your normal course of your life. You may be entrusted with some important work, project etc. to undertake to prove your worth. Be careful of your actions and do not do anything in a slipshood manner, lest you are exposed to create a problem for yourself. Keep yourself to non personal situation although family problems and dealings with public could create sometimes odd situations. Mercury -Moon from August 31, 2025 till January 31, 2027. Take care of your surroundings and increase your interaction with friends, neighbours, relations with business associates, or people with whom you deal daily. You should listen to others more than acting independently. This is a good time to accelerate the tempo of your life to do new things. You may start the study of new subject, and fruitful short journeys. There could be gain through communication. Mercury -Mars from January 31, 2027 till January 28, 2028. This is a period of work and of tasks that needs to be done now for efficiency and effectiveness. You can work clearly and sharply in your work for good time. You have to act according to wishes of others. In service, you should work according to directions. In service, take care of your subordinates and have self control for good results and then you will have satisfaction. Take care of your health to be in good shape and more healthy.

Mercury -Rahu from January 28, 2028 till August 16, 2030. This period is associated with partnership such as legal or otherwise, business, existing relationships, law suits in partnership etc. During this period you will form relations with others for various purposes. Examine your relations with your spouse for better coordination, you must be good for your partner as he or she is for you. Do not go into do anything alone, do it with someone else, or ask the advice of others, who is an expert in that specific matter, may be a consultant, lawyer, or other specialist as per requirements. Mercury -Jupiter from August 16, 2030 till November 21, 2032. This period indicates victory over enemies, successful completion of very mighty undertakings, happiness, wealth and freedom from diseases. There will be gain of money and of luxurious articles, association with persons of authority. Success in profession or business is indicated. There will be gain and comforts through friends and others and one will gain prestige. Mercury -Saturn from November 21, 2032 till August 01, 2035. This period indicates victory over enemies and opponents, good health, happiness, favour from superiors, peace of mind, gain in profession and efforts. There will be cheerfulness in undertakings and success there in. Dispel sorrows and you can enjoy mental satisfaction, success in efforts and comforts. Good clothes, you will enjoy during this period. Main period of Ketu from August 01, 2035 to August 01, 2042. On the whole this will be a mixed period. There could be some good all round benefits but you may have to put in good efforts to realise your full potentials and fulfil your ambitions. Ketu due to its transit effect over various houses could cause a few challenges or changes in life and career. Ketu being positioned in the 12th house could cause some anxiety due to health, finance or other factors or change of place for some period of time. This period could also get you interested in social service work or religious pursuits. During the main period of Ketu you will be passing through the following sub-periods. Ketu -Ketu from August 01, 2035 till December 28, 2035. This would be a good time to retire by yourself to your own private place or relax at home. You will feel emotionally more possessive both to things and intimate relationships. Avoid confrontation and adopt a free attitude for success. This period creates suspicion of everybody and everything, fear, trouble, sorrows, loss of money, mental worry and domestic unhappiness. Keep an eye on your health. Ketu -Venus from December 28, 2035 till February 26, 2037. Enjoyment of better position, honour, gain of money, happiness will be at your command. There will be success and prosperity in undertakings, domestic bliss and good health. You will perform religious ceremonies and good deeds and there could be gain through elders. Be social and study the people around you. There will be gain through friends and elders. This is a time for team work in all spheres. Ketu -Sun from February 26, 2037 till July 04, 2037. This period will confer good health, increase and gain of wealth, good food, comforts and enjoyments. Good fortune, gains, meeting of friends etc. is possible as you are emotionally warm for persons around you and can be emotionally demanding. But one should remain within control.

Ketu -Moon from July 04, 2037 till February 02, 2038. This is a period of co-operation with other people. Engaging in group efforts and projects in your personal and professional life will be the most effective way to accomplish this aim. Moon being ill positioned in the 8th house could cause sudden moods of depression. You should therefore try to relax more often. Ketu -Mars from February 02, 2038 till July 01, 2038. You can enjoy financial gain, mental happiness and romance. You mood will be charitable and you may enjoy happiness through donations. There will be comforts, distant travel for loved ones, respect from elders and preceptors, increased knowledge, fame and prosperity. You may enjoy love or experience of beauty in art, pleasures and amusement. Ketu -Rahu from July 01, 2038 till July 20, 2039. You can enjoy happiness through friends and relatives. There will be gain of money, honour from superiors and elders. Helpful friends will bring happiness. You will be engaged in virtuous deeds and gain fame. This is a good time for entertainment and amusement. Do not overdo the things. Ketu -Jupiter from July 20, 2039 till June 25, 2040. This period indicates gain of wealth, destruction of enemies, good health, happiness and acquisition of desired objects. Emotional repression of one kind or another is probable. Now you may pay attention to home, personal hygiene, a general organisation of personal aspects of your life- Take care of your health which is essential. Ketu -Saturn from June 25, 2040 till August 04, 2041. Your activities will be more pleasant and agreeable. Social life combined with parties, get-togethers will be more enjoyable. Do not be serious during the period. There can be gain through exchange of letters. This is a period of Love and harmony. This period indicates prosperity, happiness, gain of wealth, success, favour and profits from friends and relations. There will be increased influence, honour, gain of luxury articles, good pleasures and loveable company. Ketu -Mercury from August 04, 2041 till August 01, 2042. This period indicates success, gain of good dress, friendship and association with all. There could be gain of money, victory, joy and happiness. Your communication and personal conversation will have an emotional depth which will be fruitful. So control of your emotions will be helpful. This period indicates bad impression upon some one by reacting automatically rather thinking about demand of the moment. Female relatives and friends may play an important role in your life at this time.

Main period of Venus from August 01, 2042 to August 01, 2062. On the whole this will be very good period. Venus being your 4th and 11th lord and positioned in the ascendant could bring some very good all round benefits. There could be gains through investments and property dealings. There could also be addition to property. You will be able to realize your full potentials and fulfil many of your ambitions. You will have a sense of achievement and fulfilment. You will gain good mental peace and happiness.












0.00 August Starting 1, 1999 on SA August 4, Ending 2002 on RA July 19, Starting 1973 ME April 13, Ending 2005 on Ending August 2, 1983 on May 23, Ending KE 2006 on



Benefic Index Across Different Planetary Main Periods of Jane Boey (1973-2062)

Benefic Index during the Current Planetary sub periods under the Main Period of Saturn of Jane Boeyi (1999-2018)

July 23, Ending VE 2009 on July 5, Ending SU 2010 on February 3, Ending MO 2012 on March 14, Ending MA 2013 on January 19, Ending RA 2016 on

August 1, Ending 1999 on JU

Ending August 1, 2018 on SA

Ending August 1, ME 2035 on

Ending August 1, 2042 on KE

Search for Our Life Script - The Answer to Peace, Prosperity and Happiness in this Life
The 4 Goals of Life..... Who am I? Our whole life is but a quest to find the answer to this question. We at Cyber Astro do not claim that we know the answer. All philosophers say, know thyself, but it is easier said than done. Only God knows the answer because He is the final repository of all knowledge. However, astrologically, by knowing the nature of planets, their strengths and weaknesses in the horoscope, one can gain some insight into ones life. Let us attempt to do that together. According to Vedic astrology, the four legitimate aims and goals of human life are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Dharma means principle of law and order and refers to the fulfillment of our need for honor or recognition in life. We call it Vocation, as this is how our culture interprets this need. Each of us needs to be acknowledged for what we can contribute to society without compromising the individual identity. Artha means achievement of goals. More specially it relates to the acquisition of valuable objects and so could be referred to as wealth. Each of us should possess necessary wealth to function happily in life. Kama literally means desire and refers to our need for emotional and sensory happiness in life. As such we call it enjoyment. All that we do in life should be enjoyable and should not cause pain to ourselves or to others. Moksha means liberation or freedom and relates to our need for spiritual growth, including transcendence of three lower values. We all must seek to go beyond who we are until we become one with all.

Our Ordained Life Script Score As Per Our Chart

The interesting thing is that each one of us works according to the divine Life Script, which determines to what extent and when we will pursue each of these aims in our lives. Of course, we do pursue all these aims simultaneously all through our lives. But, each one of us has a specific life script encoded in the astral configuration of the natal chart and we can get an indication of that by analyzing each persons Vedic Astrology chart. The important thing is to discover the life script within us. The planets do act as referees and critics in this cosmic drama. They announce prizes, penalties and sometimes also put a brake on our impulses. Through astrology what we shall do is to get a better understanding of the parameters of our individual lives. We should not take it as finality because the stars show us the tendencies based on our past Karma. By doing good deeds in this life we can significantly alter the effects of this. Present karma can enhance or minimize the influence of past karma.

Ordained Life Script Score Calculation

Pursuits Pursuits for 'Dharma' (Vocation) Pursuits for 'Artha' (wealth) Pursuits for 'Kama' (sensual pleasure) Pursuits for 'Moksha' (salvation) Total Scores st th th Sum of 1 +5 +9 house AB scores nd th th Sum of 2 +6 +10 house AB scores th th Sum of 3rd +7 +11 houses AB scores th th Sum of 4th +8 +12 houses AB scores 337

AB signifies Ashtakbarga score for each of the houses in our chart. Normal pursuit of any goal will give you a score of 84. Anything less than 84 or more than 84 will indicate that you have a bias in the pursuit of that particular goal, because the sum total of these scores for any chart will always be 337. The cycle of karma in our life will force us to go through all the experiences and goals in life as revealed by our ordained life script score. Our life is never linear or black and white, it always has shades of Grey contradictions and they will rear their head, no matter how hard we try to purge them. In this final section, we shall examine those contradictions as revealed by your chart. Your Ordained Life Script Scores As Per Your Chart:
Pursuits Pursuits for 'Dharma' (Vocation) Pursuits for 'Artha' (Wealth) Pursuits for 'Kama' (Sensual pleasure) Pursuits for 'Moksha' (Salvation) Scores 81 98 86 72

What does it mean for your life? There is no explicit value judgment, these scores are based on your karmic destiny. The time, effort and energy you put in something is in proportion to your life script score. Whenever, the score of any of the pursuit(s) is high or higher than 84 that does not mean that you will achieve immense success in those peculiar pursuit(s), wherein, the high score implies that you ideally neglected that pursuit(s) in your previous lives and in this life you will enjoy or wield it the most. On other hand, if the score of any of the pursuit(s) is low or lower than 84 that does not mean that you will lack or fail to achieve those goal(s) in life. The low score simply indicates that you over enjoyed or experienced the particular pursuits in your previous lives and in this life you will suffer in those pursuits the most or will simply ignore them. So far in your life if you have not followed this life script score then planets and their Dasha will definitely trigger events in your life to force you to concentrate on those particular goals. If you have more or less balanced score (84 or around) in all goals, you will have a balanced life and all 4 goals of life will be in harmony with each other. The recipe to be happy and prosperous in this life is to be in flow with your life script score.


The houses, which are the domains of planetary action, can be categorized to signify our pursuit of the four aims of life. Three of the houses belong to one pursuit among the 4 pursuits of life. The 4 goals of life and associated House Table

Pursuits Pursuit of Dharma houses (D) Pursuit of Artha houses (A) Pursuit of Kama houses (K) Pursuit of Moksha houses (M)

Seed 9th 6th 3rd 12th

Trigger 1st 10th 7th 4th

Result 5th 2nd 11th 8th

Among the three houses in each category, each of them is supposed to represent a particular process. In nature, any phenomena can be viewed as going through 3 distinct stages or process. The first stage is a "Seed stage". The second stage is a "nurturing stage" when the seed transforms into a sapling by proper nurturing or trigger. The third stage is the final result or full manifestation of the seed into fruit and flower. From the flower and fruit, a new seed is formed and the cycle goes on. This constitutes our life cycle and the external cycle of Karma till we reach our final salvation after many incarnations. House and Process associated with each house in your chart & their scores: Pursuits Pursuits for 'Dharma' (Vocation) Pursuits for 'Artha' (wealth) Pursuits for 'Kama' (Desire) Pursuits for 'Moksha' (salvation) Seed 26 38 28 23 Trigger 24 37 22 27 Results 31 23 36 22

Comments If AB scores is 28 or more, then the process signified by the specific house will proceed smoothly without much difficulties or challenges, because the planets and their interaction with the house will be supportive and harmonious. The greater the value, the harmonious interaction will be more supportive to you. These are your opportunity areas in life and you must utilize them to the best of your abilities. If AB score is less than 28, then the process signified by the specific house will present many challenges, difficulties and obstacles in life, because the specific house is being exposed to too much negative energy from the planets influencing the house. The lesser the score is from 28, the greater the difficulties and challenges. These are the areas, which you have to confront in your life, and you have to realize the nature of these negative energies. You have to make conscious efforts to improve and to fight these negative energies so that they do not cloud and overwhelm your thoughts, you attitude, your action and your response pattern. First of all you have to realize and accept that such a problem exits, only then you can begin to fight, neutralize and reduce the pain and suffering that these struggles can cause in life. Astrology is not for people who would simply want to know about the happy things and close their eyes to the negative aspects in the chart, and accept it blindly as the fate or destiny and do nothing about it. You have to make conscious efforts to bring about a fundamental

change in your personality, the way you think, the way you respond to events and people or the way you act to outwit the stars. Yes you can change your destiny and you can outwit the stars also. Fortunately, the ancient Vedic Sages have also advised short cut and astrological remedies, which will help you to conduct this struggle in less stressful manner, but your own conscious efforts will be the supreme deciding factor in your battle to outwit the starts.


There are 12 houses in our chart. There can be 6 pairs, where in each pair, we have clubbed 2 houses opposing each other in our chart. So these 6 pairs are as follow 1st pair 2nd pair 3rd pair 4th pair 5th pair 6th pair 1st house and 7th house 2nd house and 8th house 3rd house and 9th house 4th house and 10th house 5th house and 11th house 6th house and 12th house.

In the dialectic view of life, in each pair, one house is the thesis and the other house is its antithesis. There is a constant struggle between the thesis and antithesis and a synthesis is taking place, which is again generating its antithesis, and a new synthesis takes place. This is the saga of our life and this is truly how the cycles of karma get manifested in our life. Now, we can view the dialectics of life with respect to the AB score of each house in your chart.

House and Process associated with each house

Pair Number 1st Pair House involved 1st 7th 2nd Pair 2nd 8th 3rd Pair 3rd 9th 4th Pair 4th 10th 5th Pair 5th 11th 6th Pair 6th 12th Synthesis Vocation Trigger Desire Trigger Wealth Results Salvation Results Desire Seed Vocation Seed Salvation Trigger Wealth Trigger Vocation Results Desire Results Wealth Seed Salvation Seed AB scores (in your chart) 24 22 23 22 28 26 27 37 31 36 38 23

If AB score is 28 or more, then that function/process will manifest smoothly and without any challenges. If AB score is less than 28 then that function will pose difficulties and challenges. Lower the score will be the difficulties and challenges. We can rearrange the numbers in a slightly different way and see how you will progress in each of these 4 goals in life. We shall now explain the nature of this struggle of six pairs in little more details, which will give you a better insight and will guide you to identify the areas where you need to improve through your own conscious efforts. You should go through this explanation carefully and it may demand multiple reading to grasp its full significance in your life. The Struggle of first pair This is the battle between Vocation Trigger and Desire Trigger. The vocation trigger, which basically decides, how clear we are about our own core competence and skills and how strong is our intent or determination to apply it in our strategy and action. The Desire trigger means, that in order to fulfill our mission in life, we cannot do that in vacuum, we have to forge partnership with other people, with the world at large, and together we must pursue common goals or common ideas. As your vocation trigger score is less it seems either you are not clear or focused about your core competence or even if you are clear, you hesitate and do not have strong intent to pursue your mission in life. As your desire trigger scores less, it means that either there are no clear desires, or very low level of desires or there are no commonalities of goals, or there are impractical desires. As your vocation trigger score is higher than desire trigger score, it signifies that some of the desire will be modified, curtailed and compromised to manifest the pursuit of riotousness more over pursuit of sensual pleasures. In married life it may mean, one will be too dominating to impose one's goal over her spouse and will be totally insensitive to his/his spouse's goal and physical and emotional needs. The Struggle of second pair This is the battle between Wealth Results and Salvation Results. This is the struggle where on one hand you are trying to build and accumulate wealth, whatever be the nature of your wealth, money, property, knowledge, health, prosperity of family all that is known as worldly creations and possessions. On the other hand, the stars are trying to limit or destroy your worldly possessions through disease, old age and death because all material things come apart, and all things must return to their component, because on the final day of reckoning, we cannot take with us any of our worldly possession. As your wealth score is low, you will consciously neglect the duties and responsibilities to earn livelihood or to look after your family. You may actually avoid marriage so as not to take any responsibilities.

As your salvation score is low, you will be too attached to your possession and too much materialistic, and as such will be completely at a loss and devastated if confronted with any karmic punishments like accident, injuries, death and material losses in life. As your wealth score is higher than salvation score, you will be more materialistic than spiritual. The Struggle of third pair This is the battle between Desire Seed and Vocation Seed. This is the battle, which decides where you will direct your efforts, initiative and courage either towards pursuit of pleasure and desire or towards pursuit of vocation and your mission in life. As your score of desire seed is high it indicates that whatever you do, your level of efforts will be very high. Once, you have decided to pursue something, you will be stead fast and will not spare any efforts to achieve your goals. As your vocation seed score is low, you are definitely unlucky. Your background, your education, your parental support, your value system, all may have a role to play. You should make conscious efforts to seek guidance from superior people or books to improve your value system. As your desire seed score is higher than vocation seed score, it indicates you may be too ambitious, and your desires may be unrealistic or much beyond the scope for fulfillment. You have to make continuous efforts to reach anywhere near your goal. The Struggle of fourth pair This is the battle between Salvation Trigger and Wealth Trigger. The meaning of this struggle is that on one hand you have your worldly status, your social background and your professional status and on the other hand, is your need for peace, contentment, emotional and material security vis--vis your worldly status. As your salvation trigger score is less you are never content, and you will never feel emotional and material security in life. The irony is that this feeling does not lead to greater efforts but it only increases unhappiness, insecurity, frustration and depression. As your wealth trigger score is high, you will never rest at peace with your existing worldly status, you will continuously push yourself to attain higher and higher level of worldly status in this life. As your wealth trigger score is higher than salvation trigger you will be highly materialistic; will be full of energy and drive. You will be always active. Profession and career are going to be the most important factor in life at the cost of domestic bliss and harmony. You will seek power and status throughout your life. The Struggle of fifth pair This is the battle between Vocation Results and Desire Results. This struggle signifies that on one hand one is trying to be constantly creative and trying to add volume to his/her efforts vis--vis how much results one is achieving or

is being able to fulfill his/her worldly desires. Results are important but equally important is that it must be achieved through creative and innovative efforts. As your vocation result score is high, your creativity, innovative action will be your second nature. You will have great passion and zeal in whatever you undertake. You are lucky in love and romance, and usually achieve a high level of skills or education in whatever field you choose. Your speculative instinct to do something out of ordinary is also high. Your sense of discrimination between right and wrong (Dharma and Adharma) will also be very high. As your desire result score is high, you are born lucky. You usually fulfill most of your desires in life with least efforts. You are one among happy go lucky people and are usually very successful materially. As your desire result score is higher than vocation result score, you may be materially highly successful but do not get commensurate social recognition in life. Your career or vocation will not give you enough self-fulfillment. The Struggle of sixth pair This is the battle between Wealth Seed and Salvation Seed. Among all the pairs of opposites, this is the trickiest and most challenging struggle between the pairs of opposites. On the one hand, wealth seed signifies the disease, obstacles, enmities and challenges as well as your capacity to overcome such obstacles in your pursuit for wealth in life. The 6th house or the house of wealth seed connects the self with the material or the physical world. Whereas, the 12th house the Salvation seed detaches the self from the physical world and all that is material or material possessions that we seek. Hence, this is the struggle between the process of creation of wealth and the process of destruction of that wealth. The Salvation seed score signifies expenditure and losses. It signifies detachment form our secure home and motherland to an overseas or foreign land. It signifies the sexual act where our seeds get detached from ourself. It signifies, prison, solitary confinement, monastery, where we are banished from the living world. This also signifies the seeds for final Salvation. However, a high score is desirable only for people who are seeking true salvation in life. If other conditions are favorable then this high salvation seed score can give great spiritual development in life. As your wealth seed score is high, you will have the spirit of fighting and shall be able to overcome all disease, which means disturbance of ease, physical ease and mental ease. Disturbance caused by physical disease, enmity, debts, lack of wealth, win in competition, victory over enemies and all that. As your salvation seed score is low, salvation seed impacts will be less in your life. To that extent, it is desirable that salvation seed score should be less for all ordinary and normal life script. However, in today's global environment, you may not be very successful in your overseas or foreign connection. A low salvation seed score may not give great sexual satisfaction and can in fact create a sexually repressed personality, which in turn effects your level of peace, contentment and happiness. As your wealth seed score is high and greater than salvation seed score, it indicates material success but after a lot of struggle and battle.

Answer To Concern:
Your 5th and 10th Lord Mars is well positioned in the 9th house and this indicates that you will do well in your professional life. Your 2nd lord Sun being well positioned in the ascendant indicates that your earnings will be above average and show steady growth. However your 7th lord Saturn being ill positioned in the 12th house could cause fluctuation in business dealings. You may therefore have to put in good efforts to realize your full potentials and achieve your goals. You are now passing through the main period of Saturn till August 01, 2018. Saturn being lord of the 7th house and positioned in the 12th house could cause a few moments of anxieties in the sphere of business, health or other factors. Next you will be passing through the main period of Mercury from August 01, 2018 till August 01, 2035. This will be a very good period. There will be good professional and financial enhancement. Next you will be passing through the main period of Ketu for 7 years from August 01, 2035 till August 01, 2042. Ketu being positioned in the 12th house could bring about an interest in social service work or religious pursuits. Jupiter is at present transiting over your 11th house from May 2012 till May 2013. This is a very good period and you may be blessed with a promotion or a new position and honor. There will gain of wealth, domestic happiness good health and all round success. There will be gain of luxury items, respect and prosperity. Fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends and elders is indicted. Some new acquaintances will prove to be of help. During this period group working will be more beneficial. Jupiter will be transiting over your 12th house from May 2013 till June 2014. You should be cautious during this period, as there could be some financial loss. This period could cause some unexpected expenses some of which could be for a good cause. The benefits during this period may not be obvious. This is a good period for learning spiritual and religious pursuits. You could be benefited by the grace of some preceptor. Jupiter will be transiting over your 1st house from June 2014 till July 2015. This will be the beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life. You will feel more secure about yourself. You may gain some new experiences. You will receive good help for others. The person to whom you will be attracted or involved will be beneficial to you through mutual help. This is a fortunate year in personal terms. This is a good period for advancement towards spiritual side. Self confidence will pave the way of progress during this year of transit. Jupiter will be transiting over your 2nd house from July 2015 till August 2016. During this period there could be gain of wealth and commodities. This transit indicates good income and domestic happiness. You could also gain a new position and status in your professional career. This period is favorable in the sphere of material possession and resources. One can gain money or with concentration one can increase ones spiritual standard as well as other dimensions of life like comforts and pleasures. This is a good period for investments and purchase of property and

articles of enjoyment. You might have to make some necessary changes in your sources to achieve your desires. Jupiter will be transiting over your 3rd house from August 2016 till August 2017. During this period there will be an increase in your contacts, which will prove very beneficial later. There could be gains through communications and writings. You may study the subjects of your interest or take interest in advance training. Favorable travels are indicated. There could be cordial relationship with siblings and gain through them. Good understanding, broad views, generous and tolerant will the effect on your personality. Do not spend more and be not self imposed which will be to your advantage. Plan effectively for gain but do not overdo and go to extremes. Do not commit to projects which you cannot possibly do or fulfill otherwise there will be loss of position or obstacles in business or profession and ill health.

Astrological Remedies:
1. To augment the strength of your ascendant lord Moon which is ill positioned in the 8th house, you may wear a Pearl of 7 to 8 carats on gold ring, worn on the right index, inaugurated either on Monday. This will also augment the strength of your 9th lord Jupiter. This will enhance your all round luck factor and general well being. 2. To augment the strength of your 5th and 10th lord Mars you may wear a Red Coral of 8 to 9 carats mounted on a gold ring, worn on the right ring finger, inaugurated any Tuesday morning after bath & prayers. This will enhance your professional potentials and bring success in your efforts.

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