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Design and Analysis of


Backtracking 2 3

State Space Tree

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Idea behind the backtracking TIdea behind Branch and Bound 9

Design and Analysis of Algorithm

Periyar Maniammai University Vallam Thanjavur

Backtracking : Introduction
FTuple is a finite sequence of elements. Sequences do not have same type of elements


{ 1,2,3,4,5} Tuple

{1,2,2,3,3,4,5} - this is not tuple.

In order to apply the backtracking method, the desired solution of a problem must be expressible as an n tuple {x1,x2,x3, } Where x is chosen from same finite set Si . Next in this problem, we have to find one vector which maximize or minimize or satisfies a criterion function P(X1, X2, X3 Xn). State Space Tree: Short Note Backtracking and branch-and-bound are two techniques in that both traverse a state space tree. A state space tree is a rooted tree where each level represents a choice in the solution space that depends on the level above and any possible solution is represented by some path starting out at the root (by definition the root has level zero and represents the state where no partial solution has been made) and ending at a leaf. A leaf has no children and represents the state where all choices making up a solution have been made. Backtracking use DFS, and Branch-and-Bound Use Both Difference A tree is a special kind of a graph. There are two basic methods for traversing a graph: BFS and DFS. They are the depth first search used by the backtracking technique while the branch-and-bound technique may traverse the tree in any manner. One big difference is that the branch-and-bound technique is used only to solve optimization problems. The two solutions to the knapsack problem in section 1.2.3 are really examples that combine both backtracking and branch-and-bound. Similarity These two techniques are most often used on problems that have potential exponential or factorial complexity. Pre-solution is just an intuitive concept The typical problem handled by these techniques is to set up a method of generating subsets that represent all partial pre-solutions, but to generate these pre-solution subsets in such a way as it becomes obvious which of these pre-solutions is not a viable candidate for finding a total solution The pre-solution is just an intuitive concept. One method of visualizing a pre-solution is that represents the first in a sequence of choices where any final solution built from it would have made the same choices. The nodes in the state space tree represent pre-solutions. The strategies used to end the traversal or modify the traversal are one difference in the two strategies. Somehow the backtracking technique realizes that it has made a bad choice and undoes the last choice by backing up. On the other hand, the branch-and-bound technique realizes that it already has a better optimal solution than the pre-solution leads to so the branch-and-bound algorithm abandons that pre-solution and everything that it might lead to.

Both techniques are useful but not universally applicable.

They are useful techniques because they can often find solutions of problems with potential exponential or factorial complexity efficiently. However, they do not work in all cases. They are efficient for many large instances of a problem but they are not efficient for all instances of a large problem. The first two sections of this chapter will describe the two related techniques and while pointing out their differences. Then several examples will be done to illustrate these two techniques. In all cases the first thing that must be done is to determine a way to embed the solution space of all potential solutions into the instance of the problem that can be represented by a state space tree, and then how to efficiently search the state space tree for a viable (in the case of backtracking) or optimal (in the case of branch-andbound) solution.Ure mod tio odion vel ut wisl ero consendreet lummy nostisim ex el utem aliquis molobore euismolore conse tat. Ut alit nos ex euipsustrud et lumsandreet la conullaorer at lutpate conseniat incing exero ex exer senis amcommy nosto do et, quam ip euguer suscin venibh erciniat, sim qui et ad dit lobore do commy nullutpatin veliquam inibh essent prat veriure feu feugait dolobore tio conulpute feuguer atismod olorer aute modoleniat el dolesectem exer at. Amconsenim aciduisl ut wis nulla commolum aliquat loreet il ilit praeseq uismolobore ea feugiatum dolorem ex eriure venim dunt luptate er ad dionulla aci bla commy nit, consendre minci ex eu facidunt nis el inci eugait ulla facing ea feugue minim ilis duis alit lamet, vullutat at. Ut auguer se minis nulland rerilla faciliq uissed tie modiam, quis niam quissim nis alisis nulputat velit verit wismodi onsequisit, quiscid uisisit, quisit laor acidui bla conullummy nit wis nulluptat. Ut lobore eugue eraesto dit iriliqui blaoreet illuptatin ullan exer si blaoreet, corpercipsum il ipis delenia mcorper iurerae

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The Idea Behind Backtracking

Suppose an algorithm must make a sequence of choices but every once and a while it must undo a previous choice so that it can go on. Since choices need to be undone, this type of problem is not a candidate for a greedy solution. As choices are undone, the algorithm backs up in order to make another, hopefully better, choice. This ability to back up is what gives the backtracking technique its name. The best way to motivate this technique is by an intuitive example. Consider a maze that has one way in and one way out. The object of the maze problem is to find a path from the mazes start to the mazes finish. A maze can be visualized as a series of rooms with doors into adjacent rooms. Some rooms lead only to rooms that lead to dead ends, some rooms allow the searcher to go in circles, but there is at least one path through the maze.

Idea Behind the Branch and Bound

Like backtracking, branch-and-bound searches the set of all possible solutions embedded in a state space tree for a solution to some problem whose solution set is exponential in size. Also like backtracking, the complexity of a branch-and-bound is, in its worst case, exponential. Again, like backtracking, a branch and bound algorithm can significantly decrease execution time by use of a promising function that prevents the algorithm from searching sub-trees of the state space tree that have been branded as non-promising by the promising function. There are, however, three significant differences between backtracking and branch-and-bound algorithms. First, the branch-and-bound technique is restricted to optimization problems.

The second difference relates to how the state space tree can be traversed. A backtracking problem must do a pre-order depth first search of the state space tree. A branch-and-bound attack is not restricted to a depth first search of the state space tree, but it may use a depth first search if it needs to. The third difference is that a branch-and-bound must completely search the state space tree. All branchand-bound algorithms search for an optimum value. If the entire state-space tree is not searched, then the possibility exists that the optimum value is located in the un-searched portion of the state space tree. This would imply that the found solution is not the optimum. The nQueens backtracking algorithm searched the state space tree until it found a solution. For some values of n, the nQueens problem has many solutions, but only one was needed because all satisfy the nQueens problem criteria. The restriction of the branch-and-bound technique to optimization problems has consequences for the design of the promising function. Optimal means smallest or largest depending on the problem. Some random possible solution mechanism generates a possible candidate solution. As the traversal of the state space tree proceeds, the pre-solution at the current node is assessed. If it can be determined that it is worse than the current candidate optimum, that search down the entire subtree whose root is that node is abandoned. If the current candidate solution has a chance of being a more optimum solution than the candidate solution, the search proceeds. If the current node is a leaf, the candidate optimum solution is updated if necessary. After the entire state space tree is searched, the optimum solution will be the remaining solution. There may in fact be several equivalent optimum solutions but none will be more optimum than the returned solution. The issue of traversal order is much more complex. Most readers know that there are two basic methods to search a graph. These two methods are the depth first search and the breadth first search. When searching a state space tree of embedded solutions, or any tree for that matter, the depth first search tries to go from the root to a leaf as quickly as possible. The breadth first search of a tree searches the tree level by level. The breadth first search processes every node in level k before processing any node in level k+1. This continues until every leaf is searched and then the breadth first search stops. Like the un-modified depth first search, the breadth first search will exhaustively visit every node in the tree. If the tree being searched is a state space tree of solutions that contains an exponential, in terms of input size, number of nodes, then the search by either method has exponential complexity. In the previous section, the backtracking algorithm used its promising function to stop the depth first search of

Periyar Maniammai University Vallam Thanjavur

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