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Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association, Inc.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, September 2013

The following board members were present: Melissa Wittmer (President), Jackie Campbell (Secretary), Rick Petitt (Pool), Charles Hyde (Architectural), Edd Linegar (Neighborhood Watch), Lorna Hammock (Vice President), Terry Ebrecht (Clubhouse). Residents Steven & Susan Bishop, Betty Gonzales, Alan Wilcox, Kristi Kittleson, Anna Crane, & Mark Lanois were also present. Absent were: None. 1. Old Business ! ! a. Secretary-minutes of the August 2013 meeting ! i. Discussion/need of motion to approve. Motion carried.

2. Committee Reports I. Pool and Tennis Courts (Rick Petitt). a. Pool closed Sept 4. b. Clubhouse repairs - dead short in east door switch. Caused by east door leaking and rotting out facial board on door. New door installed. Electrical repairs made. c. Seven pool chairs will need to be repaired & four umbrellas replaced in the spring. Ed will take care of the chairs in the spring. d. Still issues in panel box. Doubled up rooms on the circuit breaker. Will be on the list of future repairs. II. Architectural Control (Charles Hyde) a. 2351 W Westview has a bamboo plant that has completely overgrown the sidewalk. They need to cut it back. III. Clubhouse-Terry Ebbrecht ! a. Two rentals. Checks submitted to treasurer at meeting. $50 rentals commence from here forward.

Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, September 2013
IV. Treasurers report - Jennifer Choi. a. Oral report from treasurer and submitted documentation of money out. Tax return done by Lisa Middlebrooks, CPA & clean up done regarding books. Neighbor Q & A. Treasurer will bring a beginning and ending balance statement to each meeting. CPA to review & audit books annually. Jackie Campbell move to table vote on treasurer bonding to annual meeting. Second by Rick Petitt. Motion carried. Jennifer to check into bond with our insurance agent. b. Proposed budget distributed by treasurer. V. Neighborhood Watch-Edd Liniger - nothing to report. 3. New Business and other Updates ! a. ! Special assessment ballots. As of last week, votes for the special assessment are outnumbering those against.. ! b. ! Resident drafting petition to change bus route off Chestereld Blvd. He will bring to annual meeting and present to residents. ! c. Resident question regarding special assessment. Addressed by President Melissa Wittmer, regarding choice of Atlas Security and pool fence. 4. Motion to Adjourn Next meeting October 7 & October 14th.