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Eric Jenkins Jr.

September 24, 2013 WRD 103: Composition and Rhetoric I Rhetorical Analysis Draft On August 30, 2013, Secretary of State, John Kerry, gave a press conference about what the President and his staff should do about the activities that is taking place in Syria. For those of you who do not know, Syria has been in its own civil war. The President and his staff believe that Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, is using chemical weapons on his own people. Now the United States and other countries do not believe in the use of chemical weapons. For months now, the President has been seriously thinking about whether the United States should interfere or not. In his speech, John Kerry tries to persuade Americans as to why the United States should intervene with Syria by his position in government, the word choices he makes to have Americans question their emotions, and by giving evidence on why they believe chemical weapons are used. With John Kerry being the Secretary of State, he has some job descriptions that he must do for the United States. One of his many job orders is to handle foreign affairs and to advise the President on what he thinks should be the right way of handling foreign situations such as Syria. He opens up his speech by mentioning that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has been conversing with his national security team, John Kerry is included, about what they know about the attacks using chemical weapons. He also mentions that he has been a part of the United States Congress for almost 30 years. I could not help but wonder on why he would say these things to his audience, the American people. By starting off his speech with these points mentioned, it sounds like he knows what he talking about. Being a part of the United States

Congress for nearly 30 years is a good honor. This shows that he has the experience of dealing with these types of situations such as Syria. He also mentions that he conversed with President Obama. By him stating this, it makes the American people think that he has the information about Syria in the palm of his hands. He is working with the highest power in the nation and probably the world. He seems trustworthy so far because of the opening of his speech. John Kerry goes on to mention that he and the president would like the American people to know what is taking place with Syria and where do the national security team stand as of now. During his speech, Kerry made a statement saying thats our responsibility, to talk with the citizens who have entrusted all of us in the administration and Congress with responsibility for their security. This means that the American People should know because they have voted for them and that they put their fate in Kerrys and other politicians hands. With him saying this, he is letting the citizens feel as if they care about their security and making sure they feel safe. He could easily get the sympathy of the citizens making them feel as if that intervening with Syria wont lead them to any hurt, harm, or danger. He also continues by letting the American Citizens know that the information on Syria is open to the public. He says read for yourself, everyone, those listening, all of you, read for yourselves the evidence from thousands of sources, evidence that is already publicly available. By him stating this, he gives the American citizens to have a choice on whether they want to do their own research. Some will actually do it, and some will take his word for it. He also shows how that the government is open about the evidence that they have collected. Lastly, he uses the evidence in his speech to touch the hearts of the American people. Kerry using specific evidence relating to death to not only show what Bashar al-Assad is doing to the citizens of Syria, but to also manipulate the emotions of Americans. During speech, one

specific piece of evidence that he uses is that at least 1,429 Syrians were killed in this attack, including at least 426 children. Why did he include the number of children in this estimate of Syrians who have died from the chemical weapons? He knows that the use of children would possibly show sympathy to Syria. You would think of children as being young, defenseless, and most importantly, innocent. Why should a child suffer when they have no idea on what is going on? Before he mentions this piece of evidence, he speaks upon how children are in the hospitals side by side, laying dead from the chemical weapons rather than being at home tucked safely in their beds. Citizens of the U.S. could only imagine if that was their child and what if they were in Syria. With Kerry being descriptive like this causing imagery to take place to paint this picture would strike a nerve into some citizens. He would them have some citizens he would agree on the U.S. interfering with what is taking place in Syria. Overall, John Kerrys speech was used to have the audience think more upon Syria and how desperate that they need the United States to come to the citizens rescue. Kerry is very smart on showing that he is capable and able to handle these types of situations because of his experience with politics and the United States government. He also uses words/phrases such as trust, we, my friends, etc. to have the citizens of America think that we are one. During his speech, he tries to establish a relationship with the people even though a large percentage of the population doesnt know him personally. He lastly, uses evidence to show what these chemical weapons do to the citizens of Syria. Kerry ends his speech by saying that is what the leaders of Congress now know, and that is what the American people need to know. He ends it by saying that the citizens are fully aware on what is taking place now. However, paragraphs back in his speech, he says some things we [congress, representatives, etc.] do know, we cannot talk about publicly. He ends his speech, by making it seem that we are now caught up to speed

with the events in Syria, but he makes a contradiction according to a few pages back in his speech. He does make an attempt to win the American citizens over. But what if the information that they are keeping from the American people can play a valuable part for the judgment of the citizens?