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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2013 JKENG/2012/41612 Vol. 2 No: 253

Aman Traders

Congress should create leadership space in Dalit community




Chemical arms watchdog to send second team to Syria


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Gen V K Singh be summoned by J & K Pakistan behind Keran infiltration: Army chief Legislative Council: Devender Rana
SRINAGAR: Former Army Chief VK Singh should be summoned by the J&K Legislative Council to explain his remarks on alleged army pay-offs to political leader, the ruling National Conference demanded on Tuesday. Speaking on a discussion motion in the Upper House of J&K, NC MLC Devender Singh Rana said the allegations levelled by the former army chief "have not only brought disrepute to the Army and the country, but have also cast aspersions on the democratic process in the state". "Time has come that VK Singh be called to the House. Let him stand here so that we ask questions. You (Chairman Amrit Malhotra) be the judge and let the truth come before the people of Jammu and Kashmir," Rana said. The NC legislator also demanded that the House pass a resolution asking the Centre to probe the allegations. The state Assembly yesterday passed a unanimous resolution asking the Centre to conduct a thorough and timebound probe into the charges levelled by the former Army Chief, with Chief Minister Omar Abdullah saying he allegations cannot be dismissed. The allegations are a threat to the democratic polity of the state. Democracy has been challenged. The temple of democracy, that this Legislative Council is, has been cast aspersions upon. The entire democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir has been challenged," MLC Rana said today. He stressed that summoning Singh to the House for questioning is not similar to calling the Army or Army Chief, but an individual who happens to be a former army chief. Rana said there should be a thorough 8Contd p2 HINDON: Army chief Gen Bikram Singh on Tuesday sought to reject the perception that the Keran incident was on the pattern of Kargil intrusion of 1999, saying it was just an infiltration bid by terrorists but suggested the complicity of Pakistan Army in the episode. He insisted that terrorists were not occupying any higher ground but sitting in a "nallah" (rivulet) near the LoC in Kashmir valley. "It was a desperate infiltration bid, which has been foiled," Gen Singh told reporters here on the sidelines of the Air Force Day parade. He was asked about the incident in Keran in Kashmir where the Army was engaged for the last 15 days with a group of 35-40 militants about 300-400 metres inside Indian territory having a supply-line to Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir, an incident which reminded about the Kargil intrusion of 1999 when Indian posts were occupied. "A large number of (TV) channels 8Contd p2

364 Dengue cases reported
JAMMU: A total of 364 dengue cases have been reported from various parts of Jammu and Kashmir, with 168 of them surfacing in the border district of Samba only. This was informed on Tuesday by BS Pathania, Director, Health Services (Jammu), who said elaborate steps have been taken to check the outbreak. Pathania said monitoring and blood collection centres have been 8Contd p2

Keran intrusion ominous Pak strategy unfolding: Dr Jitendra

JAMMU, OCTOBER 08 : Citing Intelligence reports, BJP National Executive Member & J&K Chief Spokesperson Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that even though Islamabad continues to be in "denial" mode and New Delhi continues with its policy of "two steps forward,one step backward", there is ample evidence that Keran is a part of revised Pakistan strategy and that the so called "Border Action Team" (BAT),which is behind the Keran military

House adjourned after uproar by PDP

SRINAGAR: Opposition PDP members on Tuesday created uproar in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly protesting alleged neglect of their constituencies in allotment of funds in health sector, leading to a brief adjournment of the House. PDP members protested after government's reply to a question on allotment of funds in health sector, alleging that the constituencies represented by the opposition party members were being neglected. The PDP members stormed into the Well, shouted slogans against the government and demanded a discussion on the matter. Speaker Mubarak Gul pleaded with the agitating members to take their seats and allow the Question Hour to proceed. The PDP members, 8Contd p2

23 AK rifles recovered from Keran

SRINAGAR: Army has seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition in Keran sector along the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir, where a 15-day long antiinfiltration operation was called off on Tuesday. Sixty-six weapons, including 23 AK 47 rifles, have been recovered during the over fortnight long operation against infiltrating militants in Keran sector, a defence official 8Contd p2

stand-off as well as earlier recent terror attacks in Hiranagar and elsewhere, is nothing but an incarnation of Pakistan 8Contd p2

BJP holds protest alleges discrimination with minorities in Rajouri JAMMU, OCT 08 : Expressing anguish over the MWA refutes Rajouri episode as communal incident of otherwise a clash
between the two communities five days back at Rajouri which is observing bandh, a large number of BJP and BJYM activists protested against the DC and SP Rajouri, by burning effigy of the Rajouri administration in Kachi Chawni Chowk today. The protest was led by District Jammu West President Subash Jandial, alongwith several other leaders and activists. Addressing the protestors gathered over there Subash Jandial informed that the state administration is hell bent upon repeating Kishtwar like situation in otherwise peaceful areas of Jammu where the people belonging to both the comRAJOURI, OCT 08 : Rejecting the claims of saffron brigade organizations regarding Rajouri episode Muslim Welfare Association (MWA)has said that the issue has no links with any communal situation, but some forces are hell bent to communalize the situation and are manipulating it for their vested interest. In an emergent meeting held under the chairmanship of Muslim Welfare Association President Mohd Aslam in which members criticized the role of saffron brigade parties for communalizing and manipulating the situation for vested interest. Mohd Aslam said that clash in Rajouri was minor issue and it has nothing to do with Ramlila or Shakha ground and it was blown out of proportion just to save the skin of influential miscreants who attacked and seriously injured 8Contd p2

Higgs, Englert win Nobel Prize for 'God' particle

Telangana row: Employees hard pressed, want to resume duties

HYDERABAD: Finding it tough to pay for monthly expenses, the Seemandhra employees are urging their leaders to call off the strike they launched in August in demand of rolling back the Centre's decision to divide Andhra Pradesh. The pressure comes on the leaders ahead of their meeting with chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy slated for Wednesday. With the strike completing its second month this week, the leaders said most of the employees wanted political parties to take over the united-AP movement so that they could resume their duties. "While they are committed to the cause 8Contd p2

munities have been living together maintaining communal harmony. By initiating action against the minority community in the state, particularly the Rajouri administration is engaged in

flaring up a minor incident of clash among the teenagers into communal clash. Jandial authenticated his view by narrating how the entire incident took place when 8Contd p2

STOCKHOLM: "Here, at last," is what the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said while announcing the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics. And it was for good reason. Exactly 50 years after they independently announced the existence of the Higgs Boson or the "God particle" and

placed before the world the theory of how particles acquire mass, physicists Francois Englert and Peter Higgs were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics 2013. On Tuesday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced what was 8Contd p2

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ROHIT SINGH RANA The dawn of August 9, 2013 spelt doom for minorities in Kishtwar. It was Eid, the day of joyous celebration but in many houses a blue print of a different kind of 'festivities' was already being laid out. What followed in the late morning in Kishtwar was pure mayhem, loot, arson, and killings. It was free for all. A bulldozer kept ready, smashed the shops of minorities selectively. While this mayhem was taking place in full view of police, the disgraced Home Minister, a local and present at the time of riots, stood pretty still and watched the situation getting out of control. Latter in the day, curfew was imposed not before the main market of Kishtwar looked a bombed out place with shops, houses and other commercial establishments either a heap of rubble or shouldering pile of timber and tin. Mani innocents killed and fear writ large on the people, it was now time for full politicking. Disparate noises have been raised in Kishtwar. But people are one on the point that the day of rejoicing was turned into bitter experience when a mob raised pro independence slogans and glorified the traitors of the country like Afzal Guru. Kishtwar being the commercial hub of the region has an over whelming trading community belonging to minority community. Minority or majority in the area is not about numbers with just a swing of 5 percent here or there. Since the start of terrorism in the State, it remained the choice haven of terrorists of all hues and shades. Minorities became easy target of the Jihadi hate and hundreds of people were killed in most gruesome manner. Still Kishtwar held its nerve and its main market bustled with activity. It was the turn of the trade to suffer the brut of militancy. In 1993 54 shops ,1998 34 shops and commercial establishments, 54 shops in 2003, 56 shops in 2008 and in August riots 91 shops were destroyed in a selective onslaught of commercial terrorism, targeting minority establishments. It goes to the credit of the brave people of Kishtwar that they did not crack under this selective arson, but decided to stay put and strong in their places. As government in its patent way of deflecting the real issues of providing relief to the affected people, it has now assumed a monstrosity of disinterest and deflection on the part of State government to help in the rehabilitation and relief work for the suffering victims. No action on many fronts leaves doubts in the minds of right thinking people that the government is indulging in politicking and playing to the galleries, with an eye of the elections. Consolidation of its vote bank in the region is the only reason that the government especially the National Conference is not ready yet to initiate proceedings against the then home minister Sajjad Ahmed Kitchloo who has been alleged to have been in Kishtwar but did nothing to prevent the riots from spreading. It has become fashion to say about the minorities and their welfare as well as the need to make them safe in the State. Only lip service to the cause of minorities will not make the democracy look inclusive. The government has to push for making minorities safe. Till date, nothing concrete is visible if Kishtwar is taken into consideration. Leave aside the cosmetic stepping down of Kitchloo, there is no concrete programme in hand to restore economic stability to them. Compensation package which was announced with much promptness has not been granted. Instead the traders are being harassed and asked to fill in all kinds of forms like income tax returns, Vat bills etc to be eligible for compensation. Traders and owners of businesses, who lost crores have been promised five lakhs and that too is getting heavy on the government to distribute. On the contrary strings are attached to the relief nowhere heard nor seen. People belonging to minorities are harassed by police, many young boys in Padder and other regions have been arrested. Today scores of villages are living in fear with a sizable young population living in perpetual dread of being arrested on flimsy charges. Strange, while on one side a comprehensive rehabilitation policy for terrorists is attracting killers from Paskitan along with their Paki wives plus a large brood of children in tow, hapless minorities are harassed in Kishtwar for their pro India and secular credentials. Kishtwar, today stands on cross roads of history. Its nationalistic population whether Hindus or Muslims or Buddhists have announced with full force that they will not tolerate anti- India and anti- secular sentiment in the region. It is now for the high priests of Kashmiriat to do all in their command and assure that all people in general and minorities in particular feel safe to carry out their day to day life without fear. In Jammu and Kashmir, secularism does not find favour with the Constitution of the state because word secular has not been put in it till date; on the other hand Kashmiriat has been advertised much. Interesting to see what does Kashmiriyat means for the victims of Kishtwar riots.

Unclean government dictates Supreme Court!

With a pro active judiciary taking things in its hands to stop the rot in politics, the government feels pin pricks at the judicial activism shown by the apex court. In an affidavit submitted by the law ministry, the government says that it is only the prerogative of the legislature to frame laws regarding the issue of allowing convicted law makers to contest elections. With such a biased mindset in favour of convicted law makers and its inaction to do something concrete, in order to put away criminal elements from politics, nothing is hoped from the government. Without bias or prejudice to any particular political party, almost all parties have tainted, convicted, rapist or accused law makers, who have a hold over a particular vote bank. Had it not been Rahul Gandhi and the President who expressed unhappiness on the Ordinance regarding convicted law makers, the government would have went ahead with the law allowing Lalu and Rashid Massod to contest elections. A tainted, unclean government which pushed for the ordinance is raising eye brows on the Supreme Court. It is democracy convoluted and twisted. In absence of a responsive government, it was but natural for the apex court to take matters in its own hands. The government forgets that Parliament is supreme only when it has members who are a notch higher from the crowd otherwise it is just another crowd who get damn cheap meals at the cost of tax payer's money. RANASAHIB

2.qxd 10/9/2013 12:00 AM Page 1


Higgs, Englert win ...
already highly anticipated - Englert (University of Brussels) and Higgs (University of Edinburgh) joined an elite league of scientists - Marie Curie and Albert Einstein to win the Nobel for Physics. In 2012, their ideas were confirmed by the discovery of a so called Higgs particle at the CERN laboratory outside Geneva in Switzerland. Professor Staffan Normark who is the permanent secretary of the RSAS said "the prize is being given for something very small but which makes all the difference." Interestingly the theory of the God Particle was placed before the world by Englert together with his now deceased colleague Robert Brout in 1964, weeks before Higgs spoke of the Higgs Particle. But the scientists had never met till July 4, 2012 when CERN confirmed their discovery. Speaking after winning the Nobel, professor Englert said "Higgs and I never met before July 2012. When I meet him, I will congratulate him for this brilliant and important work." According to professor Englert, the most important puzzle still needs to be answered - explanation of the dark matter and the dark energy and the quantanisation of gravity. On being asked how he felt about winning the Nobel, professor Englert "I am very happy. I had low festivity earlier because it wasn't announced as yet." He then joked "It is not very unpleasant of course to win a Nobel." The citation read "The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded jointly to Francois Englert and Peter W. Higgs for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider". The RSAS said the awarded theory is a central part of the Standard Model of particle physics that describes how the world is constructed. According to the Standard Model, everything, from flowers and people to stars and planets, consists of just a few building blocks: matter particles. These particles are governed by forces mediated by force particles that make sure everything works as it should. The entire Standard Model also rests on the existence of a special kind of particle: the Higgs particle. This particle originates from an invisible field that fills up all space. Even when the universe seems empty this field is there. Without it, we would not exist, because it is from contact with the field that particles acquire mass. The theory proposed by Englert and Higgs describes this process. On 4 July 2012, at the CERN laboratory for particle physics, the theory was confirmed by the discovery of a Higgs particle. CERN's particle collider, LHC (Large Hadron Collider), is probably the largest and the most complex machine ever constructed by humans. the Hindu leaders but only are extra cautious to defend the boys who were actually responsible for the ruckus. The BJP leaders were agitated also on the issue that even after five days of the incident the government has not taken any action against the culprits but are framing false charges against the innocent youth against whom the warrants are issued and they warned the authorities to control the situation to bring peace otherwise the BJP will take course of action at wider scale. The prominent protestors were Sat Sharma (C.A), Munish Sharma, Chander Mohan Gupta, Rajinder Sharma, Ravinder Raina, N.D. Rajwal, Dinesh Gupta, Balwan Singh, Ayodhya Gupta, Praduman Singh, Surinder Choudhary, Arvind Gupta, Vivek Gupta, Dalip Kumar, Balbir Singh, Dinesh Sharma, Bal Khajuria, Vijay Sharma, Karan Sharma, Sat Pal Karlupia, Ajay Vaid, Jeet Angral, Rakesh Mishra, Bawa Sharma, Prem Gupta, Manhori Gupta, Sangeeta Gupta, Sunita Arora, Nirmal Gupta, Rakesh Jandial, Raj Kumar, Rajeev Dubey, Ashwani Khosla, Rinku Chauhan, Dheeraj Chadha, Puran Sharma, Satpal Khajuria, Rakesh Verma, Naresh Sharma, Rajeshwar Singh, Chetan Mehra, and other took part in the protest demonstration.

As the chief minister has invited the striking employees for talks, the meeting is scheduled at 12.30 pm on Wednesday at his secretariat office. The senior government officials exuded confidence that the strike would be called off after the meeting. However, leaders of the AP Non-Gezetted Officers ( APNGO), an employees' union which is at the forefront of the strike, said they would not call off the strike unless they get a clear assurance on keeping the state united. "We have launched the struggle knowing the consequences very well. We are not deterred by the troubles. There is no question of calling off the strike without a clear commitment from the Centre to drop the proposal to divide the state," said P Ashok Babu, president of APNGO. However, he said the representatives of the striking employees would go to the talks with the chief minister with an open mind and further course of action would depend on the outcome of the meeting. He said the APNGO had written to all MPs and MLAs from the state demanding them to give their commitment to the cause of the united-AP. He said the APNGO members would lay siege to the residences of those MPs and MLAs who failed to respond the letter. Replying to a query, Ashok Babu said the APNGO would not allow the political parties to take over the stir. He said a delegation would leave for Delhi to meet the national leaders and seek their support following which the APNGO would stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar. Meanwhile, expressing his concern over the plight of the employees, finance minister Anam Ramanrayana Reddy called upon them to call off the strike. As he is the member of the cabinet sub-committee on employees' affairs, Anam said he would request the government to convert the strike period into leave and he would try to release festival advance for the employees if they agreed to end the strike.

Gen V Kingh...
discussion on the conduct of Technical Services Division (TSD) of Army set by General Singh as it was not a part of the regular security grid. Referring to reports alleging snooping on the Chief Minister, Rana asked "what business does an Army chief have to tap the phones of a Chief Minister?" He said the politicians of the state were "already facing credibility crisis" and Singh's allegations have further raised eyebrows. "The former general would have been tried for treason if he was in some other country. He has brought a stigma to the democratic process in the state," he said. He claimed that no one has refuted what the news report said adding, "not even the minister named in the report has denied taking money. He just says he is innocent." Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislator Naeem Akhtar said his party will support any resolution on the issue just like it did in the Legislative Assembly. In a democratic system, no accusation is bigger than the accusation of toppling a democratically elected government, he said, adding, "Why has there been no action against the former Army general. "Why did not the Union Home Ministry or Defence Ministry take any action? There are double standards when it comes to Kashmir. We are keeping Jammu and Kashmir isolated from the good, best and proud system of Indian Republic. If you probe the fake encounters in Gujarat, why not here." Few other legislators also spoke on the discussion, which will continue in the House tomorrow.

tion, nobody is coming or nobody is occupying anything. Be rest assured. The Army jawans are well trained and have adequate fire power," he replied. "Because of the terrain and the situation there we do not want to expose our boys. The good part is that we have not lost any of our boys," Browne said. Asked why the Army troops have not been able to recapture the positions held by the Pakistanis, he said, "Let us not hype the situation. There is a word called 'savlanuth' in Hebrew. The meaning of that word is patience." In response to a question, the Army commander said infiltrating militants have always received the tacit support of the Pakistan Army establishment. "We are almost on eyeball-to-eyeball and we can see each other. At such a point, when a large group of terrorists mean to say that that is happening without the complicity of the Pakistan Army? This is ridiculous," he said. Lt Gen Chachra said most of the arms recovered from the area of the operation have Pakistan marking. The senior officer said he visited the five soldiers injured in the gunbattle and also interacted with the officers and jawans on the ground. "Their morale is high. The injured boys are recovering and there is no need to worry about them," he added.

MWA refutes Rajouri...

two brothers. Muslim Welfare Association members have said that Law should take its own course and those involved in creating trouble should be dealt with strong hands. Members also said that they are peace loving and are living in peace but saffron brigade parties are trying their level best to communalise the situation for their vested political interests. Members also condemned the allegations leveled by saffron brigade in some section of media as they are not in favour of peace and are trying their level best to divide the society on communal lines to safeguard their nefarious designs. Members pledged to defeat the nefarious designs of communal mindset parties and appealed the state govt to take strong steps so that peace loving and law abiding people could live in peaceful atmosphere

Keran intrusion ominous...

Army sponsored by Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and armed by Pakistan.The Pakistani strategists who muted BAT were possibly inspired by the "Mukti Vahini" of the 1970s which fought against the Pakistan forces for liberation of Bangladesh and which was said to have been raised by Indian forces,he added. Dr Jitendra Singh went on to explain that Border Action Teams comprise a mix of Pakistan Army regulars, Pakistan Special Forces elements and high profile terrorists (Jihadis) who are trained to cross the Line of Actual Control (LoC) to execute raids on Indian pickets, ambushes, patrol parties and logistic elements.Referring to recurrent killings and beheading of Indian soldiers,he said,this has been one of the modus operandi adopted by these teams to cause scare and impose psychological pressure on their targets. Dr Jitendra Singh cautioned about reports regarding concentration of BAT opposite a particular segment of the LoC and said,this is meant to create stronger defense, stronger patrols and better protection of logistic elements such as mule trains which carry advance winter stocking stores etc.Quite obviously, BAT actions are also motivated with the intent of creating tactical conditions for terrorist infiltration,he added. The question often asked is , how BATs can enter 400 to 500 meters into our side and conduct an operation,said Dr Jitendra Singh and went on to explain,in 2003-4 when the LoC fence was constructed, there was no ceasefire for most of the period; hence at many places,the fence was constructed away from the LoC and where it is aligned well inside the LoC,the Indian side has set up pickets/posts/detachments ahead but not necessarily on the LoC. BATs can therefore enter from there through minefields albeit at certain risk to themselves and most such BAT actions take place during handing/taking over between Indian units when command and control is supposedly loose, he said. Quoting defence experts, Dr Jitendra Singh said,what is required is 24 x 7 soldiering and vigil on and around LoC because what has often been observed is that, as a sector cools down, so does the vigil.

House adjourned after...

however, continued shouting slogans and did not leave the Well. Gul then adjourned the House for 10 minutes. Similar scenes were witnessed when the House re-assembled. Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mir Saifullah then agreed to the opposition demand for a discussion, following which normalcy was restored in the House.

364 Dengue cases...

set up at district and sub-division levels and eight sample collection centres have been established in Samba only, from where the maximum number of cases have been reported. Supervising teams comprising epidemiologist and state malariologist have been constituted to monitor the situation, Pathania said. Authorities are also carrying out awareness campaigns in affected areas, besides fogging and cleanliness drives to check the breeding of mosquitoes, he said. Pathania said that divisional monitoring cell at the directorate of health services is in constant touch with the field units to get updates on dengue cases and measures taken by authorities.

Pakistan behind Keran...

have talked about this being an intrusion. It is not. If this was intrusion, the adversary would go and occupy dominating ground which is defensible," he said. Seeking to downplay the incident, he said, "In this case, they were sitting in a nallah. Which adversary is going to dominate an area by sitting in the nallah?" At the same time, he suggested the complicity of Pakistan Army. "On the LoC, we are in eyeball-to-eyeball situation. It is impossible for the terrorists to do any activity without Pakistan Army's knowledge. There is no way that they can operate there without Pakistan Army... I am clear that no terror activity can take place along the LoC without Pakistan Army support," he told Times Now. Asked about evidence in this regard, the Army Chief said the terrorists were provided cover fire to infiltrate in Keran from Pakistani posts. The Army chief said that seven of the terrorists involved in the Keran sector had apparently pulled out from there and tried to infiltrate from other areas into Kashmir valley but were gunned down by the security forces. IAF chief NAK Browne was also asked by reporters whether the Keran incident reminded him of the Kargil intrusion. "Instead of saying that this is Kargil-type situa-

Telangana row: Employees...

of Samiakyandhra, the employees are also faced with the livelihood issues. Not able to pay their house rent, EMIs, and school fees, they want to go back to work. They feel that the general public and political parties must take the lead and sustain the movement," said U Muralikrishna, chairman of Seemandhra Employees Forum. Taking to the streets, after the Congress working committee (CWC) decided in favour of the formation of a separate Telangana state on July 30, over 4 lakh employees had to forgo their salary for two months in accordance with the 'no-workno-pay' rule. While many of them are banking on loans for the day-to-day expenses, the DasaraDiwali festival season has come as tough challenge. The employees have decided to skip the celebrations. "No one is in a mood to celebrate the festival at this hour of distress. But, we can't say the bankers that we could not pay EMIs because of the ongoing strike. We have done enough to register our protest. Now, it is better to go back to work leaving the agitation to the general public and political parties," said K Narasa Reddy, a commercial tax official. He felt apart from being tough on negotiations with the CM the employees must be open to the options including calling off the strike.

23 AK rifles...
said. "Five AK rifles, two pistols and 17 UBGLs were recovered during search operations in Keran sector today," a defence spokesman said. General Officer Commanding in Chief of Army's Northern Command Lt General Sanjiv Chachra earlier in the day said that 59 weapons, including 18 AK 47 rifles, had been recovered. Besides, 14 pistols, one sniper rifle, 20 UBGL grenades, seven radio-sets and other war-like stores were also recovered along with some medicines and food items during the operation. The Army launched a massive anti-infiltration operation in Shalbhatti village in Keran Sector on September 24 after noticing a group of 30 to 40 militants trying to sneak into the Valley.

BJP holds protest...

some miscreants with intention to kill boys from minority community chased then about 200 meters long lane and beaten up the boys who only in turn attempted to defend themselves but the police instead of taking lenient view issued warrants against seven boys under section-307. It is clear that the Rajouri administration frustrated after Kishtwar happening has taken one sided action by ignoring those who chased the boys with intention to beat them. He further added that the Rajouri administration is not ready to listen to


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health projects are mainly funded through State Plan. He, however, said that for speedy execution of these projects provision of supplementary funding is made under NRHM especially for hospital infrastructure development. He said during current financial year Rs. 71.40 crore has been projected for building infrastructure under NRHM. He gave detailed physical and financial achievement of ongoing health projects being carried out in the State. The Health Minister said that all the Community and Primary Health Centers of Darhal constituency have ambulances facilities except PHC, Peeri and Jamola. He clarified that no nursing home is operating illegally in the State. In response of the supplementaries by Legislators Ms. Mehboba Mufti, Mrs. Bimla Luthra, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh and Mr. G. M. Saroori, the Health Minister assured that due consideration would be given in all constituencies while opening new health centers. He also assured the members that there would be no discrimination with any constituency in this regard.

Chairs Central Committee meeting

Omar approves digitalization of Cultural Academy reference books

'Emphasizes on preserving State's memorabilia for posterity'
SRINAGAR, OCT 08 - CM, Omar Abdullah Tuesday gave nod to the digitalization of reference books in the J&K State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages and directed for release of Rs. 35 lakhs for the purpose. He said the preservation and conservation of State's rich treasure of art, culture, heritage and literature is need of the hour. "Our present and future generations should be well-versed with the history and cultural diversity of our State and well-preserved documentations of memorabilia and reference books would act as valuable treasure for them in this regard", he said and approved the digitalization of 6,300 books with approximately 25.50 lakh pages. The project will cost Rs. 70 lakhs as per the proposal presented by the J&K State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages in its Central Committee meetalso need to be encouraged to endeavour in this field and make their mark. The meeting discussed matters pertaining to the creation of editors for various languages, constitution of panel of reviewers, revalidation of various committees, framing of rules, amendment to rules, removal of anomaly in administrative and editorial cadres, constitution of Editorial Board for English-Dogri and EnglishKashmiri dictionaries, outsourcing of projects, in-hand publications and digitalization of reference books. The Secretary J&K State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Khalid Bashir Ahmad presented detailed account of the activities undertaken by the Academy since June 2012 to promote various disciplines upgrade the functional status of various units of the Academy.

600 New Health Centers being opened in State: Shabir

'Rs. 71.40 cr projected for building of health infrastructure under NRHM'
SRINAGAR 08: Minister of State for Health, Mr. Shabir Ahmed Khan today informed the House that 600 new Health Centers would be established in the State, adding that expenditure on the account would be fully met by the Central Government under NRHM. He said by opening of these centers, 2400 qualified educated youth of the state would get employment. Replying to a question by Ch. Zulfikar Ali and its supplementaries today in Legislative Assembly, the Minister said the recommendation of House committee constituted for setting up of Health Centers in the state have been considered by the Government and forwarded to Planning and Finance Department to meet out financial implications in this regard. He said that new Health Centers recommended by the House Committee would be opened in a phased manner. The Minister said that 70 ambulances and other vehicles have been purchased by the Government during last two fiscal years by the Government, adding that funds for these has been arranged under

ing chaired by the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister who is also the President of the Academy has earlier approved the digitalization of manuscripts, paintings, miniatures, calligraphy specimen and photographs of the Academy to preserve these for posterity. Omar received brief on the construction of Tehzeeb Mehal, renovation

and repairs of Tagore Hall & Abhinav Theatre. He also received details of the major activities being undertaken by the Cultural Academy to promote literature, art, culture and heritage. He said the people associated with this stupendous sector need to be facilitated & helped to pursue their goals. He said new generation of writers and artists

NRHM and CDF. He said these ambulances have been allotted on need basis to Health Institutions across the State. He said more ambulances are being purchased this fiscal year to meet out the shortage of ambulances in Health Institutions. The Health Minister said that ongoing

LC starts discussion on V. K. Singh's statement

SRINAGAR, OCT 08: The Legislative Council today initiated discussion on the statements made by the Rtd. Army General Mr. V. K. Singh. However, only four members including Davinder Singh Rana, Naeem Akhter Indrabi, Bashir Ahmed Magray and Khalid Najeeb Suharwardy expressed their views on the subject when the Chairman Legislative Council, Mr. Amrit Malhotra adjourned the House till tomorrow morning and announced that discussion on Rtd. Army General's statements will be resumed tomorrow after the question hour.

BPL list updated regularly, undeserving families deleted, deserving included: Vikar
SRINAGAR, OCT 08: The Minister of State for Power, Mr. Vikar Rasool on behalf of CA&PD Minister while replying to a calling attention notice by Mrs. Rani Gargi Blowria said that the ration cards under BPL categories are issued to a family only after proper verification through the respective committees in urban and rural areas. The Minister added that reverification of the BPL families is also carried out from time to time and whenever undeserving families are detected the same are being deleted from the lists and the chain management system which includes electronic registration and subsequent biometric identification of rationees and same will be enacted in near future. He said that the Government of India is allocating food grains to the State as per the projected population of 2000 and steps are being initiated for operationalizing the census 2011 for extending the scheme of CA&PD department to the leftover population of BPL and APL families in the light of the recommendations of recently enacted National Food Security Act 2013.

130 projects costing 804.16 cr approved for the State under IWMP: Sagar
SRINAGAR OCT 08: 130 projects covering 364 Micro water sheds catering to 5.36 lac hectors have been approved by government of India with a total cost of Rs. 804.16 crore for three batches starting from 201112 for the State of Jammu and Kashmir under Integrated Water M a n a g e m e n t Programme.(IWMP). The information was given in a review meeting of the IWMP convened under the Chairmanship of Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar here today. Commissioner, Secretary, Rural Development Departrment, Mr. Farooq Peer, CEO, IWMP, Dr.Ghulam Hassan Shah, State level Technical Experts, Project Managers and other senior officers were present. The Minister directed the officers to speed up the implementation of the programme which has a huge potential of ensuring the conservation of Water, besides undertaking other related activities. He said that the officers should maintain a close liaison with each other so that the pace of implementation of the scheme is speeded up. Mr. Sagar also asked the officers to identify certain thrust areas wherein the pace of the scheme can be monitored effectively. He said that regular review meetings should also be conducted which would go a long way in getting the required feedback from the ground level regarding the status of implementation as well as the impact of the scheme. The Minister also directed for the preparation of regular DPRs so that the effective implementation of the programme can be ensured. He said that we have to ensure that the funds earmarked for the different projects catering to wide areas of activities are effectively utilized The meeting was informed that the State level nodal agency of IWMP has taken up 488 entry points out of which 116 have been completed. The works have been taken all across the State even in remote areas of Leh, Kargil, Poonch, Doda, Kishtwar as well.

DCC Kishtwar reviews performance of line departments

KISHTWAR, OCT 08- The District Development Commissioner (DDC), Kishtwar, Mr Baseer Ahmed Khan today reviewed performance of Horticulture, Forest, Soil conservation, Social forestry, Cooperatives, Animal Husbandry, Sheep Husbandry, Sericulture and Fisheries departments today. Taking a detailed review of various schemes and programmes of these departments, Mr Khan called upon the officers to work hard to ensure that the benefits reach to the people at the lowest level. While discussing the Horticulture sector, the DDC directed the CHO to work out the proposal for establishing a Fruit Mandi at Kishtwar for providing better marketing facility to fruit growers.

deserving families are included in the lists. Moreover, the Minister said that the efforts are being initiated for digitization of supply

3420 works costing Rs 10.38 cr completed DEO Kulgam for intensifying under MNREGA in Gandoh block last year electoral registration campaign
DODA, OCTOBER 8: As many as 3420 works have been completed under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREGA) Scheme involving an expenditure of Rs 10.38 crore in far off Gandho block of Doda district during the last fiscal, while Rs. 14.42 crore have been released for 1700 works taken up during the current year in the area. Out of the total works taken up under the flagship scheme this year, 940 have been completed and the work on the remaining is full swing. Similarly, under IAY an amount of Rs. 17.55 lacs were released to construct 73 dwelling units during the year 2012-13, out of which 27 stands completed and the remaining 46 were are progress. Likewise, 38 works were taken up in Panchayat Share and 19 under Block/ District Share in the year 2012-13 under Backward Regions Grant Fund ( BRGF) Programme. Among these 35 Panchayat Share and 2 Block/ District share works stands completed, while as the remaining works are in progress. Under Panchayat share an amount of Rs. 50.32 lacs has been expended against releases of Rs. 60.23 lacs, while as under Block/ District share an amount of Rs. 12.68 lacs has been expended against an allotment of Rs. 14.30 lacs. The information was given during a meeting chaired by the Assistant Commissioner Development (ACD) Doda, during his tour to the block. The ADC also inspected the ongoing works and chaired a meeting of the Panchayat representatives and the functionaries of the rural Development department.

Government committed to settle issues of displaced families: Bhalla

KULGAM, OCT 08: Deputy Commissioner Kulgam, Jahangir Mir Monday called for intensifying registration campaign to achieve the targets well in time. Chairing a meeting of EROs and AEROs here this morning, the District Election Officer highlighted the importance of bringing all the eligible youth in the voter lists, adding any negligence or casual approach in this regard will deprive the citizens of their constitutional rights. The District Election Officer made aware the participants about inserting corrections in names, castes or any other particulars of electors during the ongoing summary revisions, saying that updated and accurate electoral lists facilitate conduct of fair and transparent polls besides widening electoral spectrum. Relevantly BLAs appointed by different political parties stand already associated in the ongoing registration campaign. SRINAGAR, OCT 08: The Minister for Housing and Horticulture, Mr. Raman Bhalla today informed the Legislative Council that at the time of partition of the Country and Tribal invasion during 1947 around 31619 families from Pakistan occupied Kashmir and 5764 families from West Pakistan crossed to this side of the border. Out of the 31619 families, 5300 families settled in other parts of the Country and remaining 26319 settled in the State along with 5764 families from West Pakistan. Replying to the calling attention notice of Mr. Ravinder Kumar Sharma about the plight of displaced persons of 1947, 1965 and 1971 in Legislative Council today, the Minister said during 1965 and 1971 war around 10065 families shifted to safer places, out of which 8100 families have been settled in 156 Basties established in District Jammu, Samba and Kathua and the remaining made their own arrangements in other Urban areas. He said out of the 26319 families of POK refugees of 1947, 21116 families settled in rural areas and were proBasties, and have also been provided land as per the scale fixed for POK Refugees in 3 Districts. 699 families who were found to be having deficiency in land were provided compensation against the land deficiency @Rs. 5000/per kanal against Irrigated land and Rs. 3330/- against un-irrigated land subject to the ceiling of Rs. 25000/- per family. He said already 677 families have received this compensation. Further the Minister informed that around 1965 families have settled in non-camp areas and already 1502 claims have been verified and they have been provided compensation @Rs. 25000/- per family. About 1230 families have already received this compensation and in respect of remaining 272 families, the compensation shall be provided very soon, the Minister added. The Minister said that for settlement of the genuine demands, the State Government is also having regular interaction with Government of India. The State Government is committed to address genuine issues of these refugees, he added.

Summery revision of electoral roll-2014 started in Bandipora

BANDIPORA, OCT 08: The summery revision of electoral roll-2014 has been started in Bandipora district from September 25, 2013 and will continue upto October 24, 2013. In case of finding any discrepancy in the electoral rolls, the electors can approach to the ERO, AERO or the BLO concerned. The contact number of Bandipora is 10957225227.

Jora clarifies news story

Says stay orders against illegal structures issued by different courts, Spl Tribunal, not by High Court
SRINAGAR, OCT 08: Minister for Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies, Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora has refuted the news item appeared in today's local English newspaper "Kashmir Monitor" which has attributed to him that 1500 stay orders are pending in the High Court against demolition of unauthorized structures. He has said that there are 1400 stay orders from various Courts including J&K Special Tribunal. He said the newspaper has misquoted him that "the stay orders have been given by the High Court". He said this is misleading and not based on facts. Mr. Jora said, I have directed the heads of SMC, JMC, SDA, JDA and Directors of Local Bodies of Kashmir and Jammu to vehemently follow these court cases and if need be, engage senior lawyers of repute so that the stay orders are got vacated and action under law against unauthorized constructions is taken".

vided around 10 lakh kanals of land. With regard to the remaining families who opted to settle in Urban Areas, around 2421 families were provided plots/quarters. He said some of the rural families represented that they have not been provided land as per the fixed scale and accordingly 2814 families have been identified and they have been provided compensation against the land deficiency @ Rs. 30000/- per kanal subject to ceiling of Rs. 1.50 lakh per family. So far an amount of Rs. 30.64 crore has been disbursed in favour of 2440 families and the process is going

on. The Minister said around 198 families have been identified from Urban areas who were not provided plots adding that funds have been earmarked for meeting their requirements of plots. He said with regard to the West Pakistan Refugees, no major facilities could be provided to them as they are not permanent residents of the State however around 46000 kanals of land have been occupied by these families, but they have no ownership rights on the said land. With regard to 1965 and 1971 Chamb Refugees, about 8100 families were settled in

Start work on Parnai Hydro Electric Project : Dr Shehnaz

9000 hectares of land in Mendhar. She said that it is going to improve the local economy of the area and this decision will go a long way in making the people self reliant. She however sought clarification from the state Govt over the apprehensions of the people of Surankot and Poonch for diversion of river water which is going to affect the agriculture fraternity of both the areas. The minister assured the member and the house that the this thing has already been taken care of while making the design of the dam and adequate quantity of river water shall flow in the Suran River for the purpose of agriculture and drinking. To another query raised by the member with regard to laying of the foundation stone of the project, the minister informed the house that the work on the project shall start soon. The minister also informed that work on the 12 MW Girja ki Gali has also been awarded under state hydel policy 2011

Govt open to dialogue with striking employees: Saifullah

SRINAGAR, OCT 08 -Minister for Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs, Mir Saifullah today said that Government was open to negotiation with the striking employees in case they are interested in this regard. He said the Chief Minister has authorized the Chief Secretary to handle the issue, adding that in case the employees are willing for talks, they can approach him. Regarding release of detained employees' leaders, the Law Minister said that law will take its own course. The Minister was responding to the issue raised by Syed Basharat Bukhari and supported by Mr. M.Y. Tarigami, Mr. Harshdev Singh and Mr. Abdul Rehman Veeri in the House during the Zero Hour. Minister for Roads & Buildings, Mr. Abdul Majid Wani informed the House that the payment to most of the contractors who have executed various works in erstwhile Doda district stands released. He, however, agreed that the department did not receive the full allocation from the Planning Department and after receiving more funds, the remaining funds will be released to the concerned. He also assured the House that he will sort out the issue to address the concerns of the contractors, if any. The Minister was replying to the point raised by Mr. Mohammad Sharief Niaz. Choudhary Sukhnandan called for early completion of road widening works and black topping of road leading to Jhiri village in view of ensuing Jhiri Mela. Mr. Bharat Bushan alleged that JMC officials are harassing the milk sellers coming to city from different areas with their ulterior motives. He urged the Government to look into the matter. Peer Mansoor Hussain urged the Government to transfer those teachers and lecturers posted in Ladakh region who have completed their tenure. Mr. Krishan Chander Bhagat demanded Degree College for Chenani. Mr. Aijaz Jan demanded three month's free ration for those whose crops were destroyed due to Pak firing in the border villages of Poonch. Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Ganai demanded adequate funds for early completion of Sopore bye pass bridge. Mr. G.M.Saroori demanded early disbursement of relief to the earthquake victims of erstwhile Doda district. Mr. Javed Dar demanded early filling up of vacancies of teachers in his constituency. Hakim Mohammad Yasin demanded free ration for those families whose crops were damaged due hailstorm in his constituency. Mr. Yashpal Kundal sought early settlement of issues of PoK/West Pakistani displaced persons. Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia demanded issuance of Dogra Certificate. Dr. Mohammad Shafi Wani demanded adequate stocking of timbers at Government Depots. Mr. Jugal Kishore urged the Government to keep special funds at the disposal of concerned Executive Engineers for conducting repairs of electric transformers. Mr. Ashok Khajuria called for approval of Jammu-Poonch Railway track and its execution. Prof. Gharu Ram demanded adequate funds for completion of various on-going works in R.S.Pura constituency. Mr. Rafi Mir sought regular disbursement of ration money to the police personnel. Mr. Harshdev Singh called for speeding up of recruitment process by the PSC/SSRB to fill up large number of vacancies in various departments. He urged for strengthening the PSC/SSRB to clear the back log on fast track basis. Mr. M.Y.Tarigami urged the Government to pay special attention to fill up vacant posts of various categories on fast-track basis. He said a large number of posts are lying vacant in Government departments for the past some years which has affected Government work in offices. He also urged the Government to fully strengthen the PSC/SSRB to speed up the recruitment process. Mr. Radhey Sham Sharma demanded early filling up of Class-IV posts in Rajouri district, especially in border areas of Nowshera. Mr. Ashok Kumar demanded enhancement of remuneration to VDC Members/SPOs. Peer Afaq called for addressing the issue of garbage dumping site Achan as people are facing lot of hardship due to this. Mr. Nizam-ud-Din Bhat urged to make public the Ganai Committee report on new administrative units in the State. Mr. Baldev Sharma called for special measures to ensure proper sanitation of Katra town in view of huge influx of pilgrims. Mr. Sham Lal Choudhary demanded upgradation of Suchetgarh road on priority. Ch. Zulfikar Hussain, Mr. Abdul Haq Khan and Mr. Charanjeet Singh demanded filling up of all vacant posts of teachers, masters and lecturers in their constituencies. Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta expressed concern over the faulty traffic signals in Jammu and Srinagar cities which are causing great traffic jamming in these twin cities. He urged the Government to take appropriate steps to make the traffic signals operational for smooth regulation of traffic. Mr. Durga Dass urged for deputing special team of doctors in some parts of Hira Nagar to detect the Dengue related cases.

SRINAGAR, OCT 08: Dr Shannaz Ganai today raised the issue of delay in the execution of 37.5 MW Parnai hydel Project in the council. She said that the work has not been started on the project despite the fact that the said project was taken up by the State Govt in the early eighties. She highlighted the need of the execution of the project as the same is going to serve the multipurpose purpose for the area as besides producing electricity, the project is going to generate employment for the locals and also is going to irrigate nearly

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Nadal says he's done with tennis politics

SHANGHAI, OCTOBER 8: Rafael Nadal said his belief that too many tournaments are played on hard courts hasnt changed with his success on the surface this year hes simply given up trying to change the system. Nadal said on Tuesday at the Shanghai Masters, he still believes too many tournaments are on hard courts, but hes done trying to influence ATP policymakers. I am really out of politics, and I dont want to be involved in politics of tennis anymore. I know even if you have strong ideas and even if you believe the changes are possible, I know there is always a wall there that is impossible to go over, he said.I say because its something that I think it is going to be fair for the next generations if they are able to play end of the day you cant do everything alone. Its much deeper than that.Nadal and Andy Murray have been the most outspoken critics of tour conditions in recent years, with Murray even floating the idea of a player strike two years ago if tour organisers didnt take their complaints seriously. Nadal then criticised Roger Federer on the eve of last years Australian Open for allowing other players to lead the charge to make changes to the tour while he stayed above the fray to maintain his good reputation. Now it appears Nadal is done with the fight, as well. What I am saying I am saying because its something that I feel, he said. If somebody from the ATP asks me, I will say the same things. But as always happened, nothing gonna change.

Will Star excels

B A N G A L O R E , OCTOBER 8: Will Star, Rock With U, Ace Mesmerise, Southern Emperor and Quick Enough excelled when the horses were exercised here on Tuesday morning (Oct. 8). Inner sand: 600m: Divine Deliverance (A. Velu) 40. Pleased. 1,000m: Murioi (F. Da Silva), Sensational Mover (rb) 1-10.5, 600/40. They moved fluently. Outer sand: 600m: Kafka (F. Da Silva) 41. Moved attractively. Decorated (Mudassar) 42. In fine trim. Formula One (Zia) 45.5. Easy. All Clear (Mudassar) 43. Strode out well. Tradition (Ashok Kumar) 43. Shaped well. Nations Glory (rb) 44. In fine trim. Liquid Asset (Ashok Kumar) 43. Strode out well. 1,000m: One Of A Kind (rb) 1-14, 600/43. Moved impressively. Glamour Boy (Ashok Kumar) 1-16, 600/44.5. Moved freely. Thejaguar (R. Pradeep), Bernicia (P. Mani) 1-12, 600/42.5. They shaped well. Joey (R. Marshall), Faith And Toil (Shinde) 1-12, 600/43. They finished level. Man Of Vision (Md. Shoaib) 1-15.5, 600/44. Moved freely. 1,200m: Guts And Glory (Sahanawaz) 1-27.5, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/44. In fine nick. Real Steel (R. Marshall), Bolts Colt (Shinde) 1-31, 1,000/1-12.5, 600/43.5. They moved together. Mountain Range (rb) 1-29, 1,000/1-12, 600/41. Stretched out well. Accuracy (Chethana) 1-32, 1,000/1-15.5, 600/44. Moved on the bit. Quick Enough (rb) 1-24, 1,000/1-8.5, 600/41.5. A good display. Vega (Vivek) 1-31.5, (1,200-600) 43. Eased up. Independence Day (Mudassar) 1-29, 1,000/112.5, 600/42.5. In fine condition. Will Star (Ashok Kumar) 1-29, 1,000/1-12, 600/41. Pleased. 1,400m: Appys Pride (rb) 145.5, 1,200/1-30.5, 1,000/115.5, 600/45.5. Moved freely. Rock With U (Noornabi), Ace Mesmerise (R. Bharath) 1-41, 1,200/1-23, 1,000/18.5, 600/42. They put up a pleasing display. Natural View (F. Da Silva) 1-46.5, 1,200/1-30.5, 1,000/1-15, 600/43.5. Moved freely. 1,600m: Southern Emperor (F. Da Silva) 2-1, 1,400/139.5, 1,200/1-22.5, 1,000/18, 600/41. An excellent display. Gate practice Inner sand: 1,400m: Money Ball (R. Anand), One Time Magic (Raja Rao), Hackett (Babu Singh) 1-32, (1,400-600) 49. Money Ball impressed. Seven Of Hearts (rb), Artic Breeze (Indarjeet), Luminance (rb) 1-33.5, (1,400-600) 50. Seven Of Hearts pleased. A 2-y-o (Lucifer Sam Alexandra) (Ashok Kumar), Gold Money (rb), Cadburry (rb) 1-39.5,

(1,400-600) 52. First two named were the pick. A 2-y-o (Burden Of Proof Six Sigma) (Noornabi), a 2-y-o (Brave Act Superestrella) (R. Bharath) 1-39.5, (1,400600) 53. They jumped out smartly. Lad Star (R. Pradeep), Transformer (Rajesh Babu), Royal Romario (C. Harish) 1-31, (1,400-600) 48. Lad Star impressed. Super Start (S. Hussain), Super Silver (Chethana) 136, (1,400-600) 50. Former finished four lengths ahead. Bronzino (Sahanawaz), Flashy Ways (rb) 1-35.5, (1,400-600) 48. Former finished distance ahead. A 2-y-o (Ace Classic Sky) (R. Bharath), a 2-y-o (Royal Gladiator Walk In The Park) (Noornabi) 1-36.5, (1,400-600) 50.5. They jumped out well. Resurgent (rb), Top Speed (Afsar) 1-44, (1,400-600) 57. They took a level jump.

(on) an easier surface for the body, to try to have a longer career, to try to be more healthy when they finish (their) careers, he said, adding that he probably wont be lucky enough to have that. Djokovic said later he shares Nadals frustrations with the slow pace of change at the top of the sport.

Its been over five years that we all have been trying in different ways to effect some things regarding the schedule, tournaments, different formats, he said. But the system is rooted inside. Its very difficult to change. I understand why Rafa is saying that he has had enough of it because at the

Australia's David Warner in trouble again

SYDNEY: Controversial Australia batsman David Warner was in more trouble after being disciplined by Cricket New South Wales for failing to show up for a grade game last weekend.The explosive opener, who has fallen from grace after a series of incidents that culminated in his punching of England`s Joe Root earlier this year, was supposed to turn out for club side Randwick Petersham on Saturday. But he failed to show, preferring a net session instead. Reports also suggested that he attended a horse racing meeting, although this was not confirmed.Cricket NSW handed him a suspended one-match ban in place for the rest of the one-day and Sheffield Shield season and ordered him to undertake two visits to other grade clubs to promote an antidrink driving campaign."This has been an unfortunate episode. Like most cricket fans, I and all at Cricket NSW would like nothing more than to see David Warner achieve his potential on and off the field," Cricket NSW chief Andrew Jones said."However, in order to do this David needs to ensure that he is doing the right things and working closely with the organisation in all areas."Warner said he believed he was acting appropriately."I believed I was doing the right thing by focusing on my training and batting, but in hindsight I should have played. I remain determined to score runs for NSW and Australia," he said.Warner missed the first two Ashes Tests against England this year after being suspended for punching Root in a Birmingham bar.

Football must lead anti-racism fight: UEFA`s Platini

GENEVA: Football must lead the fight against racism inside and outside the game, Michel Platini, head of the sport`s European governing body UEFA told a United Nations meeting on Monday.As the globe`s most popular sport, the iconic former France international said, football has a particular role to play in confronting prejudice. "Football is honour-bound, by virtue of that very popularity, to promote values which are able to make society more tolerant of diversity," Platini told campaigners and diplomats at a session on racism and sport at the UN`s European offices in Geneva.Over recent years, UEFA and its global football counterpart FIFA have increased the severity and number of punishments able to be imposed for racist offences. Among them are fines and ordering matches to be played behind closed doors, while referees have the power, albeit little-used, to halt games marred by racist chanting. There have been mixed opinions among football chiefs, however, about whether players should take matters into their own hands.The prime example came when Ghana international Kevin-Prince Boateng stormed off the pitch in January during a friendly between his then club AC Milan and a lower-league Italian side.

HOUSTON, OCT, 08: Four-time IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti will remain in Houston hospital for several more days while he recovers from a fractured spine following a frightening crash on Sunday, Chip Ganassi Racing said on Monday. The Scotsman was seriously injured in a flying wreck in Sunday`s Houston race, suffering two broken vertebrae in his spine, a concussion, a broken right ankle and two cracked ribs. The three-time Indianapolis 500 winner underwent surgery on his ankle Sunday night. He is expected to have another operation on the ankle but doctors said his spinal injuries would not require surgery. "Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes," Franchitti said Monday. "They mean a lot to me. I would also like to send my best to all the fans involved in the accident and hope that everyone is all right." An IndyCar official and 13 spectators were also hurt by flying debris from the three-vehicle smash but none seriously.

IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti will need more surgery Roger Federer-Zhang Ze win douTwo of the spectators were taken to hosbles opener at Shanghai Masters pital while 11 were treated at the scene
and released. IndyCar officials said they were probing the crash to see how they could make the races safer for the drivers and spectators. "Our thoughts remain with everyone affected by yesterday`s accident," IndyCar said in a statement. "Thank you to the people of Houston for their support of the Grand Prix and their concern for Dario Franchitti, the fans and race personnel. "IndyCar is thoroughly reviewing the incident. Reducing the risks that are associated with racing is one of our highest priorities and receives our constant and on-going focus." Franchitti`s car went airborn Sunday after colliding with Takuma Sato and slammed into the safety fencing before coming to a halt in the middle of the street circuit track. He was stretchered off the track and taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital. The three-car smash happened in turn five of the track`s 10 turns and also BEIJING: The wildcard team of Roger Federer and Zhang Ze needed just 48 minutes to beat Kevin Anderson of South Africa and Russian Dmitry Tursunov 6-2, 6-1 in the opening round of the Shanghai Rolex Masters men`s doubles event Monday.The Swiss/Chinese pairing saved the only break point they faced, and won 91 percent of first serve points. Federer, the 17-time Grand Slam champion, said his partnership with Zhang was good for tennis in China. "That`s kind of the ultimate goal, to partner up with a Chinese upcoming player and promote the game at the same time." "I`m just so happy for Zhang Ze. He played really well. I really am, because he couldn`t have played any better." The Swiss No. 1 said he hoped to see more players from the Asian continent break through."We had Paradorn Srichaphan, we have Kei Nishikori from Japan. Hopefully we`ll have more and more players coming up," said Federer. "By having such a great tournament and all the top players coming here to Shanghai, I think that`s only going to help it. I think we all really want something to happen in a big way in the next 10, 20 years here."Federer and Zhang face off against fifth seeds Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo in the second round.

involved Japan`s Sato and E.J. Viso of Venezuela, but they were both able to exit their cars and walk away. Race officials were forced to postpone Friday`s qualifying because of problems with the 2.57 kilometre (1.6 mile) temporary circuit which included a troublesome bump in turn one. Qualifying finally got underway Saturday morning, but not before track crews worked overnight and into the morning grinding the area in turn one to try to make it safe for the drivers.

US dominance puts Presidents Cup relevance on the line

DUBLIN (OHIO): A marathon week of rain delays and birdie hunting at Muirfield Village Golf Club ended with yet another United States victory at the Presidents Cup, once again raising questions about the relevance of the biennial team competition. The Internationals have triumphed only once and been beaten eight times in 10 editions since the Cup was launched in 1994, and many feel that a change to the event`s points structure is sorely needed to make it more competitive. Australian world number two Adam Scott has never been on a triumphant Internationals team despite playing in the Presidents Cup on six occasions, and expressed concern about the imbalance between the two sides on the eve of last week`s edition. "We need to make this thing really relevant, make it a real competition, because it`s got a bit lopsided the last few outings," the Masters champion said. "I think we`ve got a team that can win, but the only way we can do it is by playing good and wanting it more than the Americans." Despite mounting a gutsy fightback in Sunday`s concluding singles session which they dominated, the Internationals faced an uphill task in their bid to beat a potent US team and ultimately lost by 18-1/2 points to 151/2. While the 12-man American lineup at Muirfield Village bristled with six players ranked in the world`s top 10, the Internationals had eight players from outside the top 25. "Absolutely," Internationals captain Nick Price said when asked if the depth in strength on the US team had been the most significant factor. "That`s pretty apparent." Price firmly believes that the Presidents Cup should adopt the more compact Ryder Cup format to ensure the event`s survival and to create closer competition, though his suggestion has been turned down by PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem. In Price`s opinion, fewer points give the stronger team less of an advantage as the weakest players do not compete as often, and he believes this would help the Internationals improve their dismal record against the United States. "In order for the Presidents Cup to really go to the next level, it`s got to become more consistently competitive," Zimbabwean Price said.

Climbers at the ready for 2014 Giro d`Italia

ROME: Italy`s Vincenzo Nibali will kick off the defence of his Giro d`Italia title in 2014 with three days of racing in Northern Ireland before a "key" final week of epic racing in the high mountains.Nibali, of the Astana team, claimed his maiden pink jersey after a dramatic 2013 edition that was blighted by torrential rain, a cancelled stage and a snow-hit ride to Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites. Next year`s edition is set for an equally dramatic end with some key climbs including the 20th and penultimate day to Monte Zoncolan, labelled the `Welcome to Hell` stage, set to decide overall victory.Nibali, who sealed his 2013 triumph with an epic ride in a snowstorm to the summit of Tre Cime, will line up as the man to beat.The Sicilian, who did not compete at the 2013 Tour de France but went on to finish runner-up at the Tour of Spain last month, said: "It`s a balanced and great looking race, but we`ll all have to race well."There are a lot of stages that suit the climbers. The big riders that were here at the presentation are the ones that will go on to fight for the 2014 win."Overall, the race will feature five stages in the high mountains, five in the `medium` mountains, eight flat stages, one team time trial and two individual time trials.

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an allegorical tale about a dispute between two villagers, one a woman, which was essentially about settling disputes without involving third parties (which means she was present). The matter might have fizzled out, had not Mr Narendra Modi set the cat among the pigeons with a thundering denunciation just hours before Mr Singh and Mr Sharif met on the sidelines of the UN General Gandhi ne unke saath kal jo kiya hai, uske baad Manmohan Singh saab ki credibility India may kaafi kharab ho gayi hai. Wo ab position mein nahin hai ki Pakistan ke saath koi bada breakthrough kare (He is of the view that Manmohan Singh is weak and after what Rahul Gandhi did yesterday his credibility in India has been hurt. He is not in a position to make a big breakthrough with Pakistan). When the balloon burst, someone (possibly to save the summit) nudged Mr Mir to state that Mr Sharif did not say anything derogatory about the Indian Prime Minister. He obliged, but contradicted himself saying the dehati aurat comment was a joke and that the Indian journalist was not there all the time. Since Mr Mir had clearly reported that Mr Sharif had looked at Ms Dutt before making the impugned remark, he left enough scope for readers to understand that his initial report was true. PM Nawaz never said anything derogatory against Manmohan, he tweeted. PM Nawaz Sharif shared a joke with us on breakfast table about Manmohanji. Its very long I cannot mention. That left Ms Dutt holding the can. She finally said Mr Sharif merely expressed unhappiness that Pakistan had been so central to the meeting between Mr Singh and Mr Obama. The village allegory was an illustrative example of dispute resolutions between India, Pakistan and the United States. She claimed satisfaction from Mr Mirs retraction, but that, like the subsequent retraction by Mr Sharif, it was a mere diplomatic nicety. The controversy, and the media handling of it, raise fundamental questions about the Indian medias perception of itself and its role in national affairs. Is the media the traditional fourth estate, a pillar of the establishment (Nation, not Government), or is it a free radical, floating in the biosphere, ready to travel with the Prime Minister as part of the official Indian contingent but ethically free to bat with the other side? As the nation undergoes intense political and ideological churning in the coming days, these and related questions will demand an answer.

Coming only three days after juvenile offenders escaped from a reform centre in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, the violent home-break at a similar institution in Delhi on Sunday, has put the spotlight on to two disturbing trends: First, the inadequacy of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000, to respond to the changing demographics of young criminals from a legal point of view, and second, the colossal mismanagement of juvenile homes from an administrative point of view. In both the cases, the trouble-makers were in the 15 to 17 years age group; many of them were repeat offenders who had been in and out of such homes much of their lives; and some of them have committed serious crimes such as murder, dacoity and theft. While in the Delhi home-break incident, the inmates went on an eight-hour-long rampage, vandalising, looting and setting a part of the building on fire, in Rewa, they attacked the lone security guard and overpowered three constables. In fact, the Delhi boys had reportedly carried out a similar stunt at another correctional facility only months ago, while the teenagers in Rewa were supposedly inspired by a major jail-break engineered by hardened Islamists in Khandwa only two days ago. When viewed together, these delinquents are more than just mischievous children or wayward youngsters who need a stern warning from the authorities to get back on track. They are criminals who have had no qualms in breaking the law of the land, and they must be punished to the fullest extent for their crime. The Delhi home's superintendent's suggestions to lower the juvenile age, segregate repeat offenders and treat them as adults, is telling. Giving juvenile offenders an easy pass on account of their age does nothing to mend their ways; it only serves to embolden them as well as others who then believe that they too can get away easily. Take the December 16 Delhi gang rape case. Not only was the almost-18-yearold juvenile offender an equal partner in the crime, but he allegedly was the most vicious. Yet, he has, for all practical purposes, gone scot-free, while the other convicts have been given the death penalty. And that is not all. Taking a cue from the Delhi case, the juvenile accused in the Mumbai gang rape case in August this year is now confident that he too will get off with a light sentence hardly commensurate with the gravity of his crime. The lesson: The miscarriage of justice in one case leads to the mockery of the law as a whole. Clearly, there is a strong case to be made for amending the juvenile justice Act. Simultaneously, it is imperative to focus on reinforcing the juvenile reform system, which has all but collapsed. The correctional facilities in both Delhi and Rewa to cite two of many such instances were ill-prepared to handle such an outbreak despite the fact that similar incidents have happened with increasing frequency in the recent past. This is just one symptom of a larger systemic failure. Juvenile homes across India are overburdened, have poor infrastructure and are managed by callous officials who are incapable of doing their job. Instead of being reformed in these homes, even smalltime offenders risk becoming hardened criminals. We are seeing that happening.


Sandhya Jain
On the morning of July 16, 2001, NDTV telecast a breakfast meeting between some senior editors with then President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, at Agra. In this sunrise era of the electronic medium, when television genuinely broke the news (as opposed to screeched the views), one learnt that the visiting dignitary informed his guests that most of the dialogue with his hosts the previous day centred round Kashmir: The most part of the meeting was spent on discussing Kashmir. With this, the General overruled the briefing given to media persons the previous evening by then Information & Broadcasting Minister Sushma Swaraj, wherein she said India had informed the Pakistani side that Islamabad must end cross-border terrorism, account for Indian prisoners of war, and initiate meaningful discussions on reducing nuclear risks in the subcontinent. Ms Swaraj was forced to admit that Kashmir had indeed figured in the talks, clarify that she had not tried to scuttle the dialogue (I am not a saboteur), and that she was only trying to emphasise Indian priorities. As is well known, the summit collapsed. General public opinion about the telecast was that some journalists had failed to bat for India. When Gen Musharraf said, Lets not remain in any illusion that the main issue confronting us is Kashmir, a pro-Congress journalist responded, We concede that Kashmir is the main issue between us. Nobody is questioning that. The General quipped, I hope the [Indian] Government agrees with your statement. A notable feature of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee regime was its excessive accommodation of the hostility of the fourth estate. Now, 12 years later, the Bharatiya Janata Partys prime ministerial candidate has questioned the nationalism of a journalist of the same news channel who continued to breakfast with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after he mocked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a dehati aurat (literally a village woman, but really a sexist and derogatory remark and inexcusable when aimed at a man) for complaining about Pakistani jihadis to US President Barack Obama. Mr Sharif reputedly felt Mr Singh should have come to him directly with his (Mr Singhs) complaints.

Is the media a pillar of the establishment (Nation, not Government), or is it a free radical ready to travel with the Prime Minister as part of the official Indian contingent but ethically free to stand with the other side?
As the hullabaloo grew, Mr Hamid Mir, the Pakistani journalist who broke the news in real time on a television programme anchored by Mr Najam Sethi (still available on YouTube), tried to back track. But his spontaneous account of the meeting from Mr Sharif looking mockingly at Ms Barkha Dutt, to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi publicly trashing a controversial ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers while the Prime Minister was abroad and thus making the latters position invidious was too emphatic and reasoned to be disowned as a misunderstanding. More pertinently, the impugned journalist changed her story too often. Using the Twitter platform, she first claimed that Mr Mirs version was a distortion entirely and that Mr Sharif had said nothing of this kind. Then she claimed there were bits in the interaction that were off the record and that such bits did not include any pejorative word about Mr Singh. She clarified in a series of tweets that Mr Sharif had told Assembly, How dare you (Sharif) address my nations Prime Minister as a village woman? There cannot be a bigger insult of the Indian Prime Minister. The BJPs prime ministerial aspirant made things worse for the ruling party by accusing Rahul Gandhi of humiliating the Prime Minister (pagdi uchaal di) with his antics at the Press Club of India, and left zero wiggle room for the sole Indian journalist at the breakfast. The Broadcast Editors Association, an apex body of editors of news channels, took umbrage at this and rushed to defend its own, lambasting Mr Modi for suggesting that the journalist(s) should have walked out: This tone and tenor is not acceptable and highly objectionable The media team was doing their duty. Were they? Mr Mir gave a cogent account of what transpired at the breakfast meeting, including an analysis of the political dynamics in Delhi which had rendered Mr Singh ineffective: Unka ye khayal hai ki Manmohan Singh kamzor hain aur Rahul


Joginder Singh
The fodder scam had its origins long before the matter fell into the CBIs lap. It had been on for decades already when, in 1996, the Supreme Court upheld the orders of the Patna High Court that the case should be investigated by the CBI and monitored either by the Chief Justice of Patna High Court or a Bench constituted by him. The public interest litigation on the fodder scam was filed in 1990 by Bihars anti-corruption department, but it remained in limbo, because it would open an hornet's nest for the high and mighty. On September 30, as many as 45 accused in the fodder scam were convicted, including former Bihar Chief Ministers Lalu Prasad and Jagannath Mishra. This is a unique example of two Chief Ministers, belonging to rival political parties, being convicted in one case. Apart from Lalu Prasad and Mishra, Janata Dal (United) leader and Jahanabad MP Jagdish Sharma as well as three formers IAS officers have been con-


There appears to be no limit to the lows that Congress leaders can touch in order to appease the minority community. Days after Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde asked Chief Ministers to ensure that the police did not harass innocent Muslims, president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee G Parameshwara has suggested that debtors from the minority community need not repay the loans they take from the Government for various reasons. That the remark should have come at a conclave of minorities the Congress chief was addressing in the State, establishes that he was out to play to the gallery, with complete disregard to the completely unconstitutional and disruptive nature of his statement. As if this was not enough, the worthy party leader even said that the Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation should begin doling out larger sums as loans in the range of Rs50 lakh and more to an individual beneficiary. Government bodies have to follow established criteria in giving loans, but Mr Parameshwara will have it otherwise, even if it means that the State exchequer is bled in the process. The State Congress chief's remark is outrageous because it seeks to discriminate between loanees on the basis of religion. There is no law that allows for such discrimination. But Mr Parameshwara is not bothered by minor obstacles. He wanted to make political capital and he hopes to have done so. He knows that if his Government implements such a preferential scheme, it will be challenged in the courts and the regime will lose face. But he is least bothered by these possibilities. His aim was to humour the minorities, and he wishes to have done that with his silly remark. Even if he had been demanding that the State Government prepare a policy of discrimination bad as that may have been one could have slammed his opinion and expected the Government to ignore the appeal. But what do we make of his provocative call to the minorities not to repay their loans? If indeed members of the minority community take heed and refuse to pay up, will Mr Parameshwara's Government in the State condone the illegality and write-off the debt? If the State Congress president's view is that the loanees must be given concessions because they are unable to repay, surely the advantage should be available to all deserving debtors regardless of their religious affiliation. Loan waivers have happened in the past during various regimes in the States and at the Centre, at times for political considerations. But they have been done under exceptional circumstances, and certainly not on the criterion of religion. In the case at hand, there does not appear to be any mitigating situation for writing off loans, much less for debtors to defiantly refuse to repay. But the Congress, bent on going to the extreme to mislead the minorities, has no time for sane thoughts on such issues.

A job is a job, and the CBI has done it remarkably well over the years, though it has come under political pressure in several instances. The fodder scam case is a good example of the probe agency's efficiency
victed. This only goes to underline the all-pervasive nature of the scam, in which politicians of different hues collaborated with bureaucrats to siphon off public money. In the case at hand, the money had been earmarked for the Animal Husbandry Department to be spent on fodder and medicines for livestock. Only two fodder scam cases are being tried in Bihar. The other 53 cases are in the jurisdiction of Jharkhand. Of these, 46 have been disposed and nine are pending. There are a total of about 600 accused, out of which 550 have been convicted. It will be worthwhile to recall the landmarks of this case and how it was delayed. January 1996: Fodder scam surfaces after Deputy Commissioner of Chaibasa finds that the animal husbandry department is
Joseph, Jammu,



Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to condemn as well console the families of the persons killed in Peshawar, Pakistan. Taliban attacked the church and killed 80 people belonging to Christian religion. According to an estimate 200,000 Christians live in Pakistan and out of whom 70,000 live in the city of Peshawar. Christians are second largest minority after Hindus in Pakistan. The majority of Pakistans Christians converted from Hinduism centuries ago under the British Raj. Most of those converts had been low-caste Hindus, kept at the lowest rung of society by virtue of their birth and would have converted to escape the fate destined for them within the caste system. But to this day the Christian community remains the poorest sector of Pakistani society, consigned to menial jobs. Many villages in parts of Punjab are dominated by Christians, with inhabitants working as labourers and farmhands. This is ridiculous to attack any community on the basis of religion. These reactionary forces attack minorities to threaten them and communalise the mind set of majority community. This act is not much different from Gujarat carnage or 1984 Sikh killings. Mindsets are same. Peace loving and secular people of different countries should raise voice against these kinds of acts in unison. Otherwise it will be difficult to live in a society with peace and love.

Dear Editor,
Bhagirath Palace (Chandni Chowk) in Old Delhi has emerged as Asias biggest wholesalemarket for electrical, electronics, medicines, surgical and many other commodities and services. Till about four decades ago, it was the only properly-developed residential colony of Delhi6. But with change of time, it has completely converted into a haphazardly developed commercial complex with roads fully encroached by unauthorised pavement-dealers with police and municipal authorities having a close eye on all such illegal activities. There are complaints of pick-pocketing and thefts of copper-material by groups of miscreants including some Bangladeshi girls as reported by area-traders in a meeting called by Delhi Electricity Traders Association (DETA). Encroachments on roads leaving very narrow walkways prevented fire-tenders in reaching the site of a major fire in Bhagirath Palace on December 13,2012. But surprisingly and shockingly even then Delhi Police and municipal authorities did not take any action to remove encroachments from wide roads of this big commercial complex. While in yesteryears there was smooth traffic and parking allowed, now encroachers have chained entry of this market to prevent vehicular traffic for their own commercial interests. Yours faithfully, Subhash Chandra Agrawal, via email

Yours faithfully,

embezzling funds. March 1996: Patna High Court directs the CBI to investiagte the scam. The CBI registers an FIR in the Chaibasa treasury case. The Bihar Government appeals to the Supreme Court to let the case remain with Bihar Police. The appeal is rejected. June 1997: CBI completes its investigation and files a charge-sheet naming Lalu Prasad as an accused. July 1997: Lalu Prasad surrenders before the CBI court and is sent to judicial custody. October 2001: Supreme Court transfers fodder scam cases to Jharkhand, after the creation of the new State. February 2002: Trial begins in the special CBI court in Ranchi. August 2013: Supreme Court rejects Lalu Prasads plea to transfer the case from the trial court judge on the ground that the presiding officer is related to a Minister who is inimical to him, September 30: Lalu Prasad, Misra and 43 others are convicted by the CBI trial court. I have been pursuing this case for long and have been lampooned and criticised for my zeal, not to mention that I have come under pressure from the highest levels of the Government. But I have just ignored it all. An investigation is a painstaking job. But the CBI has to do it. And it is not left to a Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector or Head Constable. Under the law, CBI investigators have to be of the rank of either an Inspector or a Deputy Superintendent of Police. In my entire career, I have never told any investigator to work with a vengeance to prove or disprove a case. The conviction rate in the fodder cases has been over 90 per cent. This is a rare occurrence and should be an eye-opener that the Indian law enforcement system is capable of handling complicated tasks, provided it is allowed function effectively. Apart from some black sheep and some of them are senior officers in the CBI who stonewalled my investigative efforts, I also had to deal with the political class and its Oust Joginder campaign. In April 1997, Prime Minister IK Gujral took me to task for carrying out a witch-hunt, and lashed out at me for indulging in publicity-oriented probes. He said that some people were being prosecuted even before their cases had reached the courts. I think the publicity-oriented investigation

is something we have to prevent, he explained. He went on to add, And publicity sometimes gives me the impression that there is really some sort of exhibitionist trend in the personalities who think that it is more important for the public to know what they are doing. And the Prime Minister said this while he was criticising corruption in public life at a Chief Ministers conference. While he did not mention me by name, the indirect reference to the fodder scam, which was in the news at that time, was unmistakeable. He took up the matter with me, and for talking to the Press, in a one-on-one meeting. I told him that I would tell the media what had been done and cannot be undone, but never what CBI would be doing. He laughed and agreed with me. Irrespective of the official stand and his being occasionally annoyed with me, there was a certain amount of cordiality and respect that we had for each other. I appreciated his political compulsions and he understood my legal and also personal compulsions. Without my having to say much, it is worthwhile for the discerning readers to judge where I went wrong. I claim no personal credit for the conviction of any accused in fodder scam. After all, every action has a cause, and what we are seeing today is the result of what we did yesterday. It is the team-work of everybody, right from the constable to the Director, and those that were determined to bring the case to its logical conclusion. Hardships, obstacles and difficulties are natural in any worthwhile task, though any police job is unpleasant. The CBI has played a tremendous role in sending messages to the dishonest bureaucrats and the corrupt politicians; Beware. Big Brother is watching you. It is, therefore, no wonder, that several people are upset over the functioning of the CBI when the probe agency does its job well. A job is a job, and the CBI has done it remarkably well over the years, though it has trodden on many a corn. My transfer for taking the decision to charge-sheet the high and mighty involved in the fodder scam was a small price that I paid. A Press reporter asked me on my transfer to a nondescript post at an airport on my return from Interpol. I smiled and said with a mischievous smile, Wonderful, same salary and no work! I paid the price as a humble public servant in the interest of probity and ethics, in the interest of the country. The conviction and sentencing of Lalu Prasad and Rajya Sabha member Rasheed Masood, effectively leading to their disqualification from the House, is a good beginning.

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Congress should create leadership space in Dalit community: Rahul

the empowerment from reservations to build an organisation, Mr. Gandhi said while speaking at a programme on National Awareness for Scheduled Castes Empowerment in New Delhi. He said Ms. Mayawati had played a role in this stage. The Congress leader maintained that the country is going through the third phase where the most important aspect is leadership development. If you want to take this (Dalit) movement forward, then one Dalit leader or two Dalit leaders would not be enough. Lakhs of Dalit leaders are needed... The leadership of the movement has been captured by Mayawati. She doesnt allow others to rise, Mr. Gandhi said. Mr. Gandhi claimed this was a big opportunity for the party, which has done a lot for Dalits in the past. He asked the party to systematically prepare Dalit leadership at every level from panchayats to MLAs to MPs and even at the policy-making level. Expressing solidarity with the Dalits, Mr. Gandhi said the life of an underdog is difficult. The escape velocity for earth is 11.2 km/sec while that of Jupiter is 60 km/sec. In India we have the concept of caste. There is an escape velocity here also. For a Dalit to achieve success the escape velocity required is that of Jupiter. More effort is needed, Mr. Gandhi said. Ordinance controversy Speaking at another programme to mark Valmiki Jayanti, Mr. Gandhi brought up the recent ordinance controversy. I was told by a journalist that the opposition is saying you chose the wrong time to speak. I asked if there is a right time to speak the truth. If you choose the time to speak the truth then it is not the truth, but falsehood, Mr. Gandhi said. The Congress leader pointed out that some of the Bills passed in the Parliament have not been named well. Recently the Manual Scavenging Bill was passed. It should actually be called the Right to Self-Respect Bill, he said.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: Accusing BSP chief Mayawati of not allowing any Dalit leader to rise in Uttar Pradesh, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said there is a big opportunity for the Congress to create leadership space in the community, and it should ensure that Dalit leadership is created in all fields.

Noting that Dalit empowerment in India has taken place in stages, Mr. Gandhi said the first stage involved Dalit icon B.R. Ambedkar, who along with the Congress contributed in writing the Constitution and ensuring reservations for them. The second stage was of Kanshi Ram (late BSP chief), who used

Indian Air Force (IAF) Sarang helicopters perform a display during parade rehearsals ahead of Air Force Day at Hindon, on the outskirts of New Delhi.

SC gives 3-month to complete scrutiny of Radias transcripts

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted more three months to the court-appointed special team of investigators to complete the scrutiny of transcripts of the intercepted conversations of former corporate lobbyist Niira Radia with corporates, politicians and others to probe the criminality involved in them. A bench comprising justices G.S. Singhvi and V. Gopal Gowda said three months time will start from October 17 when it will finalise the composition of the team as 10 more income tax inspectors would be included in it to carry out the task. The bench, which was provided with the names of five officials, asked the income tax department to provide it with the names of the other inspectors in a sealed envelope by tomorrow so that it could pass the formal order on October 17. It also made it clear to the probe agencies that there will be no change in the team till the report is submitted and the entire probe would be court-monitored. The bench said earlier CBI had place before it the report in which it had segregated the issues involving criminality for which the probe was being conducted by it and some of them have to be referred to the state police, Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Central Vigilance Commission. The court was told that till now only 25 per cent of the transcription has been scrutinised. During the last few hearings, the bench had said scrutiny of the tapped conversations of Ms. Radia with influential people has revealed that they were not restricted to 2G spectrum alone and throw light on different spheres. The apex court, which perused the confidential reports of the committee, had said the scrutiny of call details of Ms. Radia with politicians, corporates and others reflect the issues concerning national security. The bench would also hear on October 22 the petition filed by former Tata chief Ratan Tata seeking action against those allegedly responsible for the leakage of tape and his plea for Right to Privacy.

Lalu appears in CBI court in another fodder scam case

RANCHI, OCTOBER 8: Jailed RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, sitting JD(U) MP Jagdish Sharma and former MLA R. K. Rana on Tuesday appeared through video conferencing before a special CBI court in another fodder scam case in Ranchi. The statement of a prosecution witness, Jay Narayan Prasad Verma, was recorded in the case pertaining to the alleged withdrawal of Rs. 39 crore from the Chaibasa Treasury in the 1990s by producing false bills. The special CBI court, headed by Sitaram Prasad, fixed November 18 as the next date for examination of the witness by the defence, Prasads counsel Prabhat Kumar said. Prasad, Sharma and Rana had appeared through video conferencing from jail before the special CBI court in a separate fodder scam case on Monday. The three accused would again appear in the case pertaining to fraudulent withdrawal of Rs. 97 lakh from the Deogarh Treasury in the 1990s, on October 3, Prasad faces four more cases relating to alleged withdrawal of funds from different treasuries during his regime in undivided Bihar.Fortyfive of 53 cases of the fodder scam have ended in conviction with a few acquittals by the special CBI courts set up to try the Rs. 950 crore Animal Husbandry Department scam.Barring one convict, who was sentenced to ten years in prison in a case, the others mostly received prison terms of up to seven years.

November 12.After being sentenced to five years rig-

orous imprisonment in a fodder scam case on

Telangana row: Seemandhra employees want to call off strike

HYDERABAD: Finding it tough to pay for monthly expenses, the Seemandhra employees are urging their leaders to call off the strike they launched in August in demand of rolling back the Centre's decision to divide Andhra Pradesh. The pressure comes on the leaders ahead of their meeting with chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy slated for Wednesday. With the strike completing its second month this week, the leaders said most of the employees wanted political parties to take over the united-AP movement so that they could resume their duties. "While they are committed to the cause of Samiakyandhra, the employees are also faced with the livelihood issues. Not able to pay their house rent, EMIs, and school fees, they want to go back to work. They feel that the general public and political parties must take the lead and sustain the movement," said U Muralikrishna, chairman of Seemandhra Employees Forum. Taking to the streets, after the Congress working committee (CWC) decided in favour of the formation of a separate Telangana state on July 30, over 4 lakh employees had to forgo their salary for two months in accordance with the 'no-workno-pay' rule. While many of them are banking on loans for the day-to-day expenses, the Dasara-Diwali festival season has come as tough challenge. The employees have decided to skip the celebrations. "No one is in a mood to celebrate the festival at this hour of distress. But, we can't say the bankers that we could not pay EMIs because of the ongoing strike. We have done enough to register our protest. Now, it is better to go back to work leaving the agitation to the general public and political parties," said K Narasa Reddy, a commercial tax official. He felt apart from being tough on negotiations with the CM the employees must be open to the options including calling off the strike. As the chief minister has invited the striking employees for talks, the meeting is scheduled at 12.30 pm on Wednesday at his secretariat office.

Pallam Raju skips Union Cabinet meeting Paternity suit: Tiwari fails to
NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: Union HRD Minister M.M. Pallam Raju, who has tendered his resignation over the Telangana issue, on Tuesday skipped the Union Cabinet meeting. Mr. Raju along with three other Union Ministers from the Seemandhra region had on Monday met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, requesting him to accept their resignations, but got no assurance from the latter. The Minister has stayed away from his office ever since he stepped down last week. He had also skipped official engagements including a meet with the principals of autonomous colleges on Monday. His close aides were unsure as to whether he would attend a programme at Rashtrapati Bhawan on Wednesday, where the President would confer awards on Tamil scholars. The presence of Mr. Raju at the crucial Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) meeting in New Delhi on October 10 is also mired in uncertainty. CABE, the highest decision making body on education in the country, is chaired by the HRD Minister, with state education ministers, academicians and other experts as members. The meeting is expected to deliberate on a crucial report on the National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (NIMTT) and an update on the Mid-Day Meal programme. Sources said Mr. Rajus absence could hamper the meeting from arriving at any concrete proposals on these issues. Officials in the Ministry, however, did not rule out the possibility of one of the ministers of state Jitin Prasada and Shashi Tharoor chairing the meeting.

appear despite court direction

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday closed Congress leader N.D. Tiwaris right to lead evidence in a paternity suit against him after he failed to appear before the local commissioner for cross examination in the case despite its direction. Retired Additional District Judge S.M. Chopra, appointed as local commissioner by high court for recording of evidence on day-to-day basis in the paternity suit, referred to the courts direction to Mr. Tiwari to appear before him and said, In view of the order of high court... the evidence of Defendant 1 (Tiwari) stands closed. The local commissioner remanded the matter back to Justice Vipin Sanghi before whom the suit is pending. Appearing for Mr. Tiwari, his counsel Bahar-U-Barqi told the commissioner that his client is not well and at present he is at Lucknow and unable to travel to Delhi. Justice Sanghi had on Monday directed that In case he (Tiwari) does not turn up tomorrow (October 8) his right to lead evidence will be concluded. Meanwhile, 32-year-old Rohit Shekhar, who claims to be Mr. Tiwaris biological son, filed a caveat through advocate Vedanta Varma in the court, saying that in case Mr. Tiwari moves against Justice Sanghis order, the court should not pass any interim order without hearing him (Shekhar).

NPCIL takes to street plays to allay N-power fears

street plays to penetrate into the society. The agency has arranged for these plays in and around nuclear power plant sites in various states, the NPCIL said. This week, a series of street plays were organised in and around the Narora Atomic Power Station (NAPS) in Uttar Pradesh at Indrajeet Inter College (Belaun Bulandsher), it said. NPCIL has already performed plays at Fatehabad in Haryana last week. Street plays were also held in Ganga Public School, Digamber P.G. College, Mathuriya Kanya Inter College, Kuber Inter College, Chetamara Hariyaana Inter College, Parishadiya Poorva Madhyamil Vidjyaalaya Khushalabad, Prathimil Vidhyalaya Hirapoor Kala and KaranaVaas Chauraaha all in Dibai Bulandsher, Uttar Pradesh NPCIL said. Street play is arguably the oldest and most lively form of performance in existence. This most mainstream medium has its existence for centuries reflecting religious, cultural and social sentiments of the society, according to NPCIL. Staged mostly in outdoor public spaces such as shopping centres parking spaces, bus stands, street corners, school premises of the villages and towns, the plays intends to disseminate information on beneficial aspects of nuclear power to the general public, it said.

Schoolchildren to clean beaches in Goa

PANAJI: "Instead of clean waves, there are waves of garbage on Goa's beaches," the Goa municipal commissioner said here on Tuesday at the launch of a corporate-funded cleaning programme.Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues said the 'Waste Wise' programme has roped in 10,000 school children and is aimed to create awareness among the school children as well as make them ambassadors for segregated garbage.As part of the programme, the Municipal Corporation of the City of Panaji and students from over 15 schools located in and around the capital as well as corporate sponsors like Coca Cola, will come together to take the concept of having four-way bin segregation system in domestic households.According to the organizers of the operation, students have been given incentives to bring waste to garbage collection centres with the help of a passbook, which will record their efforts."This passbook is mainly a collection book for Waste Wise stamps that students can earn by bringing more waste to the collection centre. Later, students can exchange/redeem those stamps with attractive gifts like school bags, caps, pens, even footballs and cycles," the commissioner said. Rodrigues underlined that garbage is a threat to tourism as well as the beauty of India's popular beach destination. The state receives nearly three million tourists annually.

CHENNAI, OCTOBER 8: Facing protests against its plants in various parts of the country, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited has taken to street plays to create awareness

about the source of energy. After having issued pamphlets, books, CDs and other materials on the benefits of nuclear energy which it claims is clean NPCIL is focussing on staging

SC turns down Centres plea to modify its order on Aadhaar

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: The Centre on Tuesday failed to get any relief on Aadhaar card being made compulsory for availing social benefits, particularly gas cylinder subsidies, from the Supreme Court which turned down its plea to modify its interim order that no person be deprived of any schemes for want of Aadhaar. A batch of top government lawyers including Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati and Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran tried their best to convince the court to modify its order, saying that it would severely affect grant of gas subsidies and the entire distribution system in 97 districts would come to a standstill. However a bench of Justices B.S. Chauhan and S.A. Bobde said it would pass the order after getting the response of the petitioners on the application moved by the Centre. The bench in its interim order had said that the Aadhaar card be not made mandatory for people for availing any government services and nobody should be deprived of any such facilities for the want of the card. The bench however agreed to give an urgent hearing on a bunch of petitions challenging the legal status of Aadhaar card being issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Observing that the prevailing situation is a double edged problem, the bench said that no order can be passed without hearing the parties who challenged the Aadhaar and posted the case for final hearing after Dussehra vacation. Pushing hard to convince the bench, the AG submitted that the apex court interim order would have serious implications and thousands of people who are given gas cylinder subsidies would be affected. Aadhaar is the only fool proof mechanism to check misuse of subsidies. People wont get gas cylinder subsidies. 76 per cent consumers are registered under the Aadhaar and they will be affected, the AG submitted. Additional Solicitor General L. Nageshwar Rao, appearing for oil PSU, also pleaded for modification of order, saying that distribution system would come to a grinding halt and we cannot get back to the old system.

NRLM to be implemented in Odishas Maoist-hit areas

B H U B A N E S H WA R , OCTOBER 8: Odisha government will implement the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) in 40 blocks of ten left-wing-extremistaffected districts of the state during this fiscal. The decision was taken at the first general body meeting of the Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM), presided over by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in Bhubaneshwar on Monday. Mr. Patnaik said above 50 lakh poor households had already been organised into women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) through the Mission Shakti movement. The government would implement NRLM in a phased manner based on the success of Mission Shakti, he said. All the 30 districts of the state would be covered under the scheme in the next five years. In order to make poor people credit-worthy and valued customers of banks, SHGs would be given priority bank-linkages under OLM. The OLM has targeted providing credit linkage to one lakh women SHGs with a credit requirement of Rs. 1,000 crore, he said. The Chief Minister said institution building was a priority area, where all poor and vulnerable households would be organised into SHGs, SHG Federations and Producers Collectives. Capacity-building initiatives would be taken to make these institutions

Taxi driver hacked to death in Chennai

HENNAI: A 28-year-old call taxi driver was hacked to death by a gang in full public view on the Kundrathur main road on Tuesday morning. Police said the deceased, Kumar, had been working as the car driver of Chitti Babu, an officer at a village administrative office on the outskirts of the city, and had fallen in love with Babu's daughter, Vaishali. Babu sacked Kumar when he came to know about the love affair and got his daughter married to a relative. The marriage did not last long, and Vaishali married Kumar. Police suspect that either the father of the girl or her ex-husband is behind the murder.

Airhostess in Faridabad jumps to death

economically viable and self-reliant, he said, adding that focus will be on marginalised communities like scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, persons with disabilities and other such groups. Mr. Patnaik said that community-based institutions would be provided with financial assistance of upto Rs. 15,000 as revolving funds. Loans of larger size would be made available to them through their gram panchayat level federations, he said. Panchayat federations would be provided with community investment funds a grant ranging from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh based on their population. NEW DELHI: A 25-year-old airhostess committed suicide after jumping off the balcony of her eighth floor apartment in Greater Faridabad on Sunday night. The deceased was identified as Indu Lamba, who was employed as an airhostess with Go Air, police said. Indu had got married to Rahul Lamba who belongs to Palwal near Faridabad last year in February. Locals said that the couple had a heated argument on Sunday following which Indu took the extreme step. They added that the two got married in Bangalore last year while Rahul worked in a textile firm there. They later moved to a housing complex in Faridabad where Rahul took the job of a real estate agent. "We are investigating all angles into the case and have not ruled out any possibilities," said a senior police officer.

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7 Chemical arms watchdog to send second team to Syria Higgs, Englert get Physics Nobel for God particle research


THE HAGUE, OCTOBER 8: The chief of the global chemical weapons watchdog said on Tuesday the organisation is sending a second team of inspectors to Syria to expand its high-stakes, high-risk mission to rid Syria of its poison gas stockpile. Ahmet Uzumcu, director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, spoke to the groups 41-nation Executive Council at the start of a four-day meeting in The Hague. The organisations inspectors are in Syria to verify and destroy the countrys estimated 1,000 tons of chemical weapons, in the midst of a two-year civil war. Mr. Uzumcu called initial Syrian cooperation with the team last week providing more detail of the countrys chemical weapons and beginning to destroy them and facilities to produce them a constructive beginning for what will nonetheless be a long and difficult process, according to an OPCW statement. An advance team of 35 OPCW and U.N. staff originally travelled to Damascus last week. Some OPCW staff have already returned to the organisations headquarters to report on their talks with officials from President Bashar Assads regime in Damascus. Mr. Uzumcu said he will soon sign an

agreement between the OPCW and the United Nations to provide security and logistics to the inspection teams. In Damascus, ruling Baath party lawmaker Walid al-Zoubi said the chemical weapons have become a heavy burden on the state and are not a strategic defensive stock anymore and the country is ready to dispose of them. Our defensive strategic reserve is much stronger than the chemicals, Mr. al-Zoubi

told The Associated Press. For this reason, Syria now has to get rid of this chemical inventory. Mr. Uzumcu did not specify how many people would be in the second team, but in a letter to the U.N. Security Council obtained by The Associated Press, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recommended on Monday that approximately 100 UN and OPCW staff eventually make up the mission.

OCTOBER 8: The Nobel Prize for physics in 2013 has been awarded to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert, a Briton and a Belgian, "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider". Almost 50 years ago in 1964, Englert and Robert Brout, who died in 2011, and Peter Higgs independently published their work in the span of a few days. They had described a mechanism making use of what was known about particle physics at that time to try to answer a perplexing problem: How do particles acquire mass? Higgs and Englert hypothesised a quantum field, which is a distribution of some energy, throughout the universe. When the field is disturbed, waves travel through it. The dimmest possible wave is called a particle. In this field, since called a Higgs field, the associated particle is called the Higgs boson. For physicists, finding the Higgs boson meant that the Higgs field exists. And because of the Higgs field and its proper-

ties, any fundamental particles that wade through it cause Higgs bosons to clump around the particles. This clumping causes the particle to acquire energy and, therefore, mass. The existence of the Higgs boson was confirmed at the Large Hadron Collider, near

Geneva, Switzerland, over the last year. On July 4, 2012, first hints of the boson's existence were spotted at the collider. Ever since, a series of tests on the particle have yielded confirmation, establishing Higgs's and Englert's work as a cornerstone of modern particle physics.

Kayani made interim chief of India pressuring China on Brahmaputra, says Chinese scholar Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee
ISLAMABAD, OCTOBER 8,: Pakistan Army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Tuesday assumed additional charge as the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee until a replacement is made for the top post. Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid said appointments to the posts of Chief of Army Staff and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee will be made in accordance with the Constitutional framework. Responding to queries, Mr. Rashid said currently Chief of the Army Staff is holding the acting charge of the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and this position will be filled within 30 days as per Constitutional requirement. Being the senior-most in Pakistan military, Gen. Kayani, 61, took the charge after Gen. Khalid Shameem Wynne retired on Monday. Hours before Gen. Wynne retired on Monday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the new CJCSC and Army chief would be chosen together after comprehensive considerations. Gen. Kayani has already announced that he would step down at the end of his term on November 29, 2013. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister had said on Monday, While expectation regarding announcement of the successor to the outgoing CJCSC before October 8 is reasonable, the issue needs a comprehensive consideration due to the fact that office of the COAS is also falling vacant soon. He did not elaborate. The Prime Minister has, therefore, decided to announce the names for both the appointments at the same time, he said. Mr. Sharif said his government is fully cognisant of its constitutional obligations and every decision will be made keeping the countrys interests supreme.
BEIJING, OCTOBER 8: Even as China goes ahead with the construction of four hydropower dams on the Brahmaputra, a Chinese scholar at an influential State-run think-tank has accused the Indian government of attempting to pressure China on the issue by seeking sympathy from the international community. Li Zhifei, a scholar at the National Institute of International Strategy of the influential Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote in a commentary on Tuesday in the Global Times, a tabloid published by the Peoples Daily known for its hawkish views, that India was looking to put more pressure on China by exaggerating the facts and drawing attention from the international community, with the intention of preventing China from developing Tibetan water resources. He called on China to continue developing the upper and middle reaches of the Brahmaputra, or Yarlung Zangbo as it is known in Tibet. China, he said, should firmly resist such remarks and actions, and actively seek to address disputes through following the principles of peaceful negotiation and cooperation. He said Indias concerns on the matter voiced by senior officials at a number of recent toplevel dialogues were hypocritical because India was itself developing the river by building dams in Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi has been critical of China in the upper stream by protesting against this imaginary enemy and trying to gain sympathy and support from the international community, but it has totally disregarded the interests of Bangladesh in the lower reaches through its own exploitative usage, he said. India plans to build reservoirs and canal systems on the Brahmaputra River with an intention to transfer surplus water to regions with water shortages. Furthermore, India has already set up dozens of hydropower stations in the socalled Arunachal Pradesh, attempting to reinforce its actual control and occupation of the disputed area, he added, referring to Chinas territorial

As US default looms, Democrats plan move to raise debt ceiling

WA S H I N G T O N , OCTOBER 8: The stalemate over US federal shutdown continued for the eighth day with President Barack Obama asking Congress to reopen the government and raise the US debt limit and the Republicans insisting on negotiations first. My very strong suspicion is there are enough votes there to pass legislation, Mr. Obama said on Monday, challenging Republican House Speaker John Boehner to call an immediate vote on a clean spending bill. As a possible national default loomed closer, Senate Democrats planned to introduce a stand-alone measure to increase the governments borrowing cap, challenging Republicans to a showdown that could unnerve financial markets. Economists say a first-ever U.S. default could trigger a financial crisis and recession that would echo 2008 or worse. The 2008 financial crisis plunged the country into the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. A spokesman said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could unveil the measure to raise the debt ceiling as early as Tuesday, setting the table for a test vote later in the week. The measure is expected to provide enough borrowing room to last beyond next years election, which means it will likely permit $1 trillion or more in new borrowing above the current $16.7 trillion debt ceiling that the administration says will be hit on Oct. 17. Stocks got a case of the jitters on Wall Street where the Dow Jones industrial average was down 0.5 percent. Halfway around the world China stressed the importance for the international economy of raising the U.S. debt limit. Safeguarding the debt is of vital importance to the economy of the U.S. and the world, Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

claims on Arunachal. While Mr. Li appeared to urge Beijing to carry on with its plans to develop the river regardless of any pressure from the international community, the Chinese government has, in any case, recently signalled that it intends to do so. Earlier this year, China gave the go-ahead for three new hydropower dams on the middle reaches, ending a twoyear halt in approving new projects. The projects were listed in an energy plan released in January, as first reported by The Hindu. China has already begun construction on one 510 MW dam in Zangmu, in Tibet. The issue of managing transboundary rivers is expected to

figure during Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs visit to China later this month. Both sides currently have in place an agreement on sharing hydrological data, which, officials say, allows India to monitor flows. The agreement was renewed during Chinese Premier Li Keqiangs visit to New Delhi in May. India is seeking a more robust joint mechanism for more transparency on Chinese plans on proposed projects, with hydropower groups here lobbying the government for dams on at least 28 sites, with only four projects, so far, given the green light. a draft budget presented in parliament showed on Monday.


Sensex gains 88.5 points after RBI eases liquidity Gold, silver surge on seasonal demand, firm global trend
MUMBAI, OCTOBER 8,: The Sensex on Tuesday jumped by 88.51 points to end at a nearly three-week high on good buying in rate-sensitive sectors like realty, banking and consumer durables after the RBI eased the cash availability situation ahead of the festive season. After a higher start at 20,094.21, the Sensex touched days high of 20,094.21 before closing at 19,983.61 -- up 88.51 points, or 0.44 per cent. This is the highest closing level since September 20 (20,263.71). Gainers were led by Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank, Infosys, ITC, Jindal Steel, L&T, NTPC and ONGC. In the overall 30-share Sensex, 13 stocks advanced and 16 ended lower while Reliance Industries settled almost unchanged. The Reserve Bank of Indias (RBI) measures to ease liquidity will benefit banks as they enter the busy credit season. The gradual unwinding of Julys extraordinary liquidity squeeze also reflects RBIs growing confidence in managing the current account deficit in the short-term, said India Ratings & Research. On similar lines, the broadbased National Stock Exchange index Nifty closed higher by 22.25 points, or 0.38 per cent, at 5,928.40, after touching a high of 5,981.70. Also, SX40 index, the flagship index of MCX-SX, gained 48.17 points to end at 11,904.62. Brokers said a firming trend in the Asian region further supported the uptrend. Meanwhile, the rupee was trading almost flat at 61.89 versus the US dollar. Sectorally, the BSE Realty sector index gained the most by rising 1.57 per cent, followed by capital goods index (1.32 pc), FMCG index (0.78 pc), power index (0.76 pc) and banking (0.67 pc). Yesterday,

the RBI announced it is reducing the marginal standing facility rate by a further 50 basis points to 9.0 per cent with immediate effect. It also said it would provide additional liquidity through

term repos of 7-day and 14-day tenor for a notified amount equivalent to 0.25 per cent of net demand and time liabilities of the banking system through variable rate auctions on every Friday beginning October 11.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: Gold and silver prices surged for the third straight day in the bullion market on Tuesday on sustained buying by stockists and jewelleRs. for the ongoing festival and marriage season amid a firming global trend. While gold spurted by Rs. 280 to Rs. 30,930 per ten gram in continuation to gains of Rs. 340 in last two sessions, Silver surged by Rs. 1,250 to Rs. 49,950 per kg after gaining Rs. 480 in last two days. TradeRs. said buying activity continued for the third straight day for the ongoing Navratras, an auspicous week in Hindu mythology for making new purchases and marriage season.Silver ready zoomed by Rs. 1,250 to Rs. 49,950 per kg and weekly-based delivery by Rs. 1,150 to Rs. 49,650 per kg. Silver coins shot up by Rs.

2,000 to Rs. 87,000 for buying and Rs. 88,000 for selling of 100 pieces. They said the market sentiment further boosted as gold in oveRs.eas markets rose as investoRs. weighed US political stalemate that extended a government shutdown likely to raise demand for the precious metals as an alternate investment. Gold in New York, which normally sets price trend on the domestic front, advanced 0.2 per cent to $1,325.28 an ounce and silver by 2.81 per cent to $22.36 an ounce. In the national capital, gold of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity shot up by Rs. 280 each to Rs. 30,930 and Rs. 30,730 per ten gram, respectively. Sovereign jumped up by Rs. 100 to Rs. 25,100 per piece of eight gram. Silver ready zoomed by Rs. 1,250 to Rs. 49,950 per kg and weekly-based delivery by Rs. 1,150 to Rs. 49,650 per kg. Silver coins shot up by Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 87,000 for buying and Rs. 88,000 for selling of 100 pieces.

Three FDI proposals worth Rs 38 cr cleared: FinMin

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: Three proposals entailing Rs 38.09 crore in foreign direct investment (FDI) have been cleared, the Finance Ministry said on Tuesday. Equitas Holdings has been given permission to increase FDI percentage in an investing company by way of share transfers. The proposal entails investment of Rs 36.09 crore. The Central Government has approved three proposals of FDI amounting to Rs 38.09 crore approximately, the ministry said in a statement. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) had taken up these three proposals in its meeting in August, but the decision on them was kept in abeyance. Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) got the governments nod to act as an investment manager to various AIFs (alternative investment funds) and to contribute the mandatory amounts specified under the SEBI (AIF) Regulations. The other proposal that has been cleared was that of Chennai based Migatronic India Pvt Ltd. The statement further said IL&FS Securities Services withdrew its request from the FIPB. It further said that the FIPB deferred decision on proposal of Castleton Investment Ltd, Mauritius and GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd, Singapore. The proposal related to pharma sector. The investment promotion board also deferred decision on the application of Eurecat India Catalyst Services, Gujarat. The next meeting of the FIPB is scheduled to be held on October 18.

Rupee gains to 61.68 in early trade Adobe to repurchase stock

MUMBAI, OCTOBER 8: The rupee on Tuesday recovered by 11 paise to 61.68 against the dollar in early trade at the Interbank Foreign Exchange market amid a higher opening in the stocks. Sentiments turned buoyant after RBI, on Monday, cut the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate, at which it lends emergency funds to banks, by 0.5 per cent to 9 per cent with an aim to improve liquidity and boost economic activities. The rupee had settled at 61.79 against the dollar on Monday, down by 35 paise over the previous close. Traders said dollar selling by exporters and the RBI on Monday reducing the marginal

worth $2 billion by 2015

Tata Motors launches bi-fuel variant of Nano

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: Auto major Tata Motors on Tuesday launched a new version of its small car Nano, which has dual fuel option of petrol and CNG, priced between Rs 2.40 lakh and Rs 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Nano CNG emax, which comes with a CNG and petrol bi-fuel system, is the first of the five brands in the emax series of CNG cars, Tata Motors Ltd said in a statement. The new variant of Nano comes with an Engine Management System (EMS) for switching between CNG and gasoline fuel systems. This allows the vehicle to sense when the driver needs more power and thus automatically shifts to gasoline mode, the company said. The Tata Nano CNG emax price range starts at Rs 2.40 lakh for the Nano CX and goes up to Rs 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the Nano LX, it added. The company said the new Nano variant will be available across CNG markets like Delhi, Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Lucknow. Commenting on the launch, Tata Motors Ltd Senior Vice President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (Commercial) Ankush Arora said: From its inception, the Nano has been a path-breaking invention. The CNG version only adds to that and also underlines our commitment to be a sustainable automotive player. The company has been trying hard to boost the sagging sales of the Nano, once dubbed as the worlds least expensive car.

standing facility (MSF) rate helped domestic currency to rise. They said, however, weakness in other Asian currencies against the dollar over-

seas capped the rupees gain. Meanwhile, the BSE benchmark index soared 239.62 points, or 1.20 per cent, to 20,134.72 in opening trade.

SC notice to Centre on Swamy petition against Jet-Etihad deal

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 8: The Supreme Court on Tuesday sought response from the Centre on a petition filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy seeking a stay on the Jet-Etihad Airways deal. The apex court issued notices to the Centre, ministries and departments concerned, Jet Airways and UAEs Etihad Airways on the petition challenging the deal and sought their responses within four weeks.A bench comprising Chief Justice P Sathasivam and Ranjan Gogoi said it will not straightaway pass any order and would seek Centres response on it.We have to consider your petition. We cannot pass any order. We will issue notice. Let them file the reply, the bench said.The bench also took note of Swamys reply to its question that there was no response from the Prime Minister on the issue when he had made a representation before him.Before passing the order, the bench also said it had gone through Swamys petition and spent more than an hour on it.During the brief hearing, Swamy submitted that the deal was against public interest as there has been squandering of natural resource i.e. the sky and air space.

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 8: Software giant Adobe, which makes software such as Photoshop and Acrobat, will repurchase stock worth $2 billion by fiscal 2015. We currently have authority granted by our Board of Directors to repurchase up to $2 billion in common stock through the end of fiscal 2015, Adobe said in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The stock repurchase programme is similar to its previous $1.6 billion stock repurchase programme, which the firm exhausted during the second quarter of fiscal 2012, it added. The US-based firm follows December-November fiscal year. The company said it has entered into structured stock repurchase agreements with large financial institutions for the purchase of equity. The $700 million pre-payments during the nine months ended August 30, 2013, were under the new $2 billion stock repurchase authority, while the $305 million pre-payments during the nine months ended

August 31, 2012, were under the previous $1.6 billion authority, it added. On the reasons for entering the agreements, Adobe said: We enter into these agreements in order to take advantage of repurchasing shares at a guaranteed discount to the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of our common stock over a specified period of time. We only enter into such transactions when the discount that we receive is higher than the foregone return on our cash prepayments to the financial institutions. There were no explicit commissions or fees on these structured repurchases. The firm repurchased about 13.7 million shares at an average price of $43.78 through structured repurchase agreements in fiscal 2012 and the nine months ended August 30, 2013. The companys stock on Monday closed at $50.82 apiece. During the nine months ended August 31, 2012, it had repurchased about 9.5 million shares at an average price of $32.17 through structured repurchase agreements.


GUNDOH, OCT 08: Sohanda Rashtriya Rifles Battalion of Suigarh Sector organised a Science Innovation Competition at Gundo on 08 Oct 2013 under OPERATION SADBHAVANA. The competition was conducted with an aim to provide a competitive platform for school children to showcase their knowledge in science subject and develop self confidence amongst school children. Total of 13 Schools and 36 Students participated from Gundo Sub Division. The competition was divided into elementary, middle and senior categories. The competition was won by Hr. Sec. School, Kilotran, Hr. Sec. School, Gundo and Government Middle School, Palai in each categories. The students were given Trophies, Books, Medals and Certificates for their excellent

Science Innovation Competition at Gundo, District - Doda under operation Sadbhavana

Omar directs for chalking out in-campus, off-campus expansion plan for College
Highlights essentiality for introducing job-oriented courses
SRINAGAR, OCT 08 Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Tuesday highlighted the role of Islamia College in making higher education accessible to the students and achieving new highs in its pursuit to universalize science and commerce adding that there is urgent need to look for in-campus and off-campus expansion of this Institute. "There is need of introducing subjects of modern market relevance and producing the product in higher educational institutions which gets easily absorbed in the open job market", he said and added that production of army of graduates and postgraduates who do not fit in the present scheme of job requirement, face lot of difficulties in getting employBoard of the College. In a PowerPoint presentation the Principal of the College, Prof. Mohammad Aslam Baba presented details of the academic, sports and infrastructure development activities being undertaken by the college. He mentioned the excellence and name earned by the college in the field of academics and sports during the last two years. The meeting discussed matters pertaining to the decisions taken in last Governing Body meeting and other meetings of various committees, budget estimates for the year 2012-13, promotion of employees, rotation of headship, local fund paid employees, acquiring of structures, upgradation of girls hostel, proposed constructions, etc.

Chairs Governing Board meeting of Islamia College

ment. He said he has already directed the universities and other higher educational institutions to revisit the system and produce educated boys and girls who are most relevant for the present and futuristic market needs. The Chief Minister approved Rs. 1.50 crore financial support to the college besides Rs. 20 lakhs for upgradation

of girls hostel and science instrumentation centre. He asked the college management to come forward with a comprehensive proposal for construction of additional class-rooms and also look forward for in-campus and out-campus expansion of the college. Minister for Higher Education, Mohammad

Akbar Lone, Chief Secretary, Mohammad Iqbal Khandey, Principal Secretaries of Planning, Development and Finance, Vice Chancellor Kashmir University, various Commissioner Secretaries and Administrative Secretaries were present in the meeting besides the Members of the Governing

performance during the Science Innovation Competition. The students had prepared Charts and Models on various themes on science subjects. There were total of approx 413 people incl teachers, locals, Sarpanchs and Students who witnessed the event. The civil administration was represent-

ed by Tehsildar Din Mohd Afiqi, Gundo, Mr Ishrat Ali, Sarpanch, Sinoo, Mr Mohd Islam Koli, Engineer PWD. The students participated with lot of enthusiasm and were thankful to the Indian Army for providing an opportunity to represent their schools and being laurels to their respective schools.

Special scholarship issue taken up with PM: Lone

SRINAGAR, OCT 08: "Higher Education Department is not implementing Prime Minister's Special Scholarship programme for Minorities, however, the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Department has announced a Special Scholarship scheme for the students belonging to J&K passing out class 12th or equivalent exam from the J&K Board of School Education or from CBSEaffiliated schools, located in J&K, affiliated to or recognized by UGC/AICTE". This was stated by Minister State has no role but to publicize the scheme through print media for awareness of general public and student community while the scheme is being implemented by MHRD through AICTE. The Minister said students, who have obtained admission in various colleges/institutions outside the State but are not eligible under the norms of the Special Scholarship scheme, have not been paid scholarship by MHRD, Government of India. Considering their difficulties, Chief Minister has taken up the matter with the Prime Minister, he added.

Govt's failure in Education Deptt

Student Community suffering due to attachments in Education Deptt.

DODA:- Apart from various orders and efforts from the Education Ministry and State govt to vanish the attachments system in the state is proving a false statement in Distt Doda where still number of teachers are attached to different offices and schools of their choices resulting the unconvinced in the study of students, The student community is suffering hard from this practice as there are number of schools which are without teachers and in some schools 15 teachers are teaching 25 students. The reports of attachments first came from Educational Zone Bhagwah and now other zones like Ghat, Gundna, and others are also in this Attachment swing. It is important to mention here that deputy Chief Minister Jenab Tara Chand has banned the attachments of Teachers in the state. But still CEO Doda is carrying out this practice of attachments. Chief Education Officer is condemnding the statements but the fact is there that the attachments are still surviving in the Distt due to some wicked officers in the department. One of the student Ranbir Singh said that the govt system of attachments has ruined the system of education and the top officers are busy in finding attachments to their dearer to the desired places without taking care of student study. Besides this many Social and educational organizations has demanded a high level probe into the matter but still the education department is seemed a mute spectator in the issue.

7-days long SL Exhibition concludes

SRINAGAR OCT 08: Seven days State Level Exhibition organised by J&K Khadi& Village Industries Board concluded here today. The valedictory function was attended by Commissioner Secretary, Industries and Commerce, Mr. Farooq Ahmed Factoo. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Factoo impressed upon the Unit holders to explore some innovative ideas and redouble their efforts to boost the sale of Handicrafts products in the State. Secretary/ CEO, Mr. Mir Afroz, Dy. CEO, J&K KVIB and other officers of the Board, besides large number of artisans, entrepreneurs and local people were also present on the occasion. More than 50 stalls were installed in the exhibition, various items like Embroidered shawls, Kani shawls, ladies suits, readymade garments, leather goods, willow wicker items, papiermachie, crewel works, Honey, Deco and pause items, electronic appliances, crewel embroidery, leather goods, apple jam and juice, apricot jam and oil, dry fruits, fancy items of willow, wood carving and khadi items such as Namdas, Gabbas, blankets woollen cloths and many more items were displayed on sale by these unit holders in the exhibition. Sale worth Rs. 8 lac was affected by the unit holders during the exhibition. Later, the unit holders and Khadi Institutions were awarded with the certificates for their meritorious work and dedication towards their profession.

for Higher Education Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone while replying to a Calling Attention Notice of Dr. Shafi Ahmad Wani in the House today. Mr. Akbar said that J&K

Govt bans Rapid test (NS1) for diagnosis Wildlife Week 2013 concludes at Manda Hills OCT 08- The Jammu, Roshan Jaggi IFS Wildlife Week organized by highlighted the importance of of Dengue, recommends only ELISA test JAMMU, the Department of Wildlife conservation of bio-diversity
JAMMU, OCTOBER 08The state Health Department has banned Rapid serology test for diagnosis Dengue by the Clinicians / Hospitals (Government /Private ) Nursing Homes and Clinical Establishments and recommended only National Institute of Virology Kit commonly called ELISA test for detection of 1gM to confirm Dengue fever. As per the directorate of Health Services, Jammu, the Rapid test (NS1) has been banned as the test gives wrong results i.e. high false+ive and high false-ive results and are not reliable and authorized only National Institute of Virology Kit for detection of 1gM to confirm Dengue fever commonly called ELISA test which has been recommended by Government of India . All the Clinicians/ Hospitals (Government/ Private ) Nursing Homes and Clinical Establishments are directed not to conduct such tests. The Chief Medical Officers/ Block Medical Officers have been directed to ensure implementation of this ban in their respective areas and anybody violating this guideline be dealt with under appropriate law and Act ( i.e. Nursing Homes and Clinical Establishment Act ). Protection from October 2 to Oct 8 2013 coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Nation, concluded here today. The weeklong celebration witnessed series of programmes including debate and painting competitions for students, mass awareness programmes and media publicity campaign about importance of wildlife conservation. The concluding function was held at Nature Interpretation Centre, Manda Hills Jammu with Divisional Commissioner Jammu Shantmanu, as the chief guest and Chief Conservator of Forests, Roshan Jaggi as the Guest of honor. and stressed upon the need to educate children and young generation about their nature heritage. He explained in detail the role of young generation in safeguarding the environment by adopting eco-friendly life style. Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Jammu, Asif M.Sagar called for conservation of wildlife and their habitat and appealed to the people, particularly youth to make the state green and safe haven for the wild animals. He highlighted the measures to be taken in avoiding mananimal conflict and conservation of wetlands in the state. Sayed Ahmed, Wildlife Warden Jammu presented the vote of thanks.

Child sex-ratio increases in Jammu &Kashmir

SRINAGAR: The child sexratio in Jammu and Kashmir has shown a remarkable increase from 859 in 2011 to 913 in 2012-2013, the state government said today. "According to the 2011 census, the child sex-ratio was 859, but it has increased to 913 in 2012-13," Minister of State for Health Shabir Ahmad Khan said here. The Minister was speaking during a discussion on female foeticide in the state Legislative Council. Khan said the increase in the ratio was a result of collective efforts of the government and the civil society, including NGOs and religious leaders, in the state. Expressing concern over the issue, the Minister said the government is taking measures to stop female foeticide and conducting awareness camps at hospitals and educational institutions in every nook and corner of the state. He said 270 USG clinics have been registered in the state under the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act, which include 48 government and 222 private clinics. The minister said 185 clinics have been brought under 'Form F' under which they have to submit online information about the tests conducted by the clinic and the reasons for the diagnosis. The department has conducted 669 inspections and 70 USG machines have been seized, which includes five such machines seized by the central team that visited the Valley recently, he said. Khan said cases have been registered against five persons, all of whom are under trial as of now. Many legislators spoke during the discussion and demanded strict action against all those who conduct abortions and asked for strict implementation of the PNDT Act to serve as a deterrent. The Minister assured the members of the House that the Act will be implemented effectively and said certain loopholes in the Act were being looked into by the department.

Senior Forest/ Wildlife Officers, NGOs, teachers and students of various schools, conservationists, experts, and representatives of various departments also attended the function. On the occasion, School children presented a variety of cultural items regarding conservation of wildlife. Speaking on the occasion,

The Divisional Commissioner stressed upon conservation and importance of wildlife and preservation of biodiversity. He appreciated the young students for participating in such functions. The chief guest also gave away the prizes to the winners of various competitions held during the week. Chief Conservator of Forests

Steps to reform higher education

PUNE: The cabinet committee on economic affairs has approved the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), a centrally sponsored scheme (CSS) for reforming the state higher education system. During the 12th plan period, 80 new universities would be created by converting autonomous colleges/colleges in a cluster to state universities. 100 new colleges, including professional/technical colleges would be set up and 54 existing colleges would be converted into model degree colleges. Infrastructure grants would be given to 150 universities and 3,500 colleges to upgrade and fill critical gaps in infrastructure especially libraries, laboratories etc. RUSA would also support 5,000 faculty positions. In the 12th plan period, RUSA would have a financial outlay of Rs 22,855 crore, of which Rs.16,227 crore will be the central share. In addition, allocation of Rs. 1,800 crore in the 12th plan for the existing scheme sub-mission polytechnics would also be subsumed in RUSA. Thus the total central share, including the existing scheme of polytechnics will be Rs 18,027 crore during the 12th plan. Centre-State funding would be in the ratio of 90:10 for northeastern states, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and 65:35 for other states and Union Territories. RUSA will be a new CSS spread over two plan periods, for improving access, equity and quality in the state higher education system. With over 96% of students enrolled in the state higher education system, there is a need for state colleges and universities to be strengthened through strategic central funding and implementing certain much needed reforms. RUSA also aims to incentivize states to step up plan investments in higher education.

Six students placed in top IT companies by CMC Jammu ( a TATA Enterprise)

JAMMU: Once again CMC Jammu centre has proved in the state that CMC Jammu has excelled in trainings and placements in IT. It is the only IT institute in Jammu and Kashmir which has been authorised to carry out placement drives for MNC's and other IT hubs. Students from J&K can benefit from its trainings and placement oriented programs at its authorised training centre "CMC Academy 48 D/C Gandhi Nagar Jammu". CMC Academy is a TATA Enterprise and subsidiary of Asia's No.1 IT company TCS. Some of the students from CMC have been offered to work on latest technologies like cloud computing, Big Data . Overall, CMC has placed 15000 students in last year with students being placed in top IT Companies like Google , TCS , Wipro , Infosys . Director, Abheek Dutta, of CMC Jammu center believes that the students of Jammu and Kashmir have a lot of Potential . If they are given proper guidance, they can excel in the IT industry. List of students from CMC Jammu Center who have been placed in various IT companies: 1 AakashMalhotra TCS 2 Vishal Kher- TCS 3 Rahil Abrol -HCL 4 Hiteshi Pragal-OATI 5 Udit Mahajan -Aricent 6. Abhishek Augustya(IBM)

Now, autonomous colleges to grant degrees

NEW DELHI: In order to strengthen 441autonomous colleges across the country and take the load off universities, the HRD ministry has decided to allow them power to grant degrees. However, it would require an amendment in theUGC Act. By the end of the 12th Plan, 45 of these 441 colleges would be converted into universities and allowed to give their own degrees. This decision was taken at a meeting of select autonomous colleges with HRD and UGC officials on Monday. This was the first meeting of principals of autonomous colleges in more than a decade after regulations came into place. It was felt that in order to bolster research and innovation, universities should have less number of colleges affiliated to them. "Some of the universities have more than 800 colleges affiliated to them with the result that their entire time is consumed by routine administrative tasks leaving little time for research and innovation. On the other hand, many of these colleges though imparting high level of education having potential for research are not allowed to grow as they are not allowed to work beyond the limits prescribed by the University system," the ministry said in a statement. The meeting decided to take various decisions in a time-bound manner. The UGC Standing Advisory Committee on Autonomous Colleges under Syed Hasnain of IIT-Delhi and a UGC member will finalize its recommendations within two months, including draft regulations for autonomous colleges. It was decided that at least 10% of all eligible colleges in the country will be conferred with autonomy by end of XII Plan. Autonomous colleges were also told that under the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), autonomous colleges desirous of converting themselves into universities can be provided with funding upto Rs 55 crore each. In the 12th Plan, Rs 2,475 crore has been earmarked for this scheme.

Medical, dental admissions on an extended run in Maharashtra

PUNE: The state directorate of medical education and research (DMER) has issued a notification stating that candidates who do not wish to continue in government- and municipal corporation-run medical and dental colleges should cancel their admission on or before October 10 to avoid a penalty. Admissions to the first-year medical and dental (MBBS/BDS) courses in the state are on an extended run due to a legal matter that arose out of a plea to sanction additional 50 seats each at the government medical colleges (GMCs) in Nagpur and Akola. While the Supreme Court had set September 30 as the cut-off date for all admissions to health science courses, the Medical Council of India (MCI) had moved a special leave petition (civil) challenging an August 28 judgment of the Nagpur bench of the Bombay high court related to the Nagpur and Akola GMCs. The apex court bench of Justices K S Radhakrishnan and A K Sikri, while disposing of the MCI plea on September 30, ruled, "...considering the peculiar facts of the case, we are inclined to give a direction in respect of all the colleges in the state of Maharashtra to complete the admission formalities within a period of two weeks from today." The apex court also ruled, "We make it clear that this order shall not be treated as a precedent." The DMER has since released an additional selection list and schedule of two additional admission rounds with the extended cut-off date set for October 14. The first additional list of 217 candidates was released on October 5 and the candidates are required to report to the allotted colleges by October 8. The second additional selection list is to be released on October 11 and the candidates have to join the allotted colleges by October 14, which is the extended cut-off for 201314 admissions. In another notification, the DMER has referred to the likelihood of seats remaining vacant at four private unaided medical colleges, including two in Pune, and two private unaided dental colleges, including one in Pune, on account of the 100 additional seats at the GMCs in Nagpur and Akola. The DMER has released a separate admission schedule asking students to apply in person to these colleges, along with the NEET-UG 2013 mark sheet, between October 5 and 9. The colleges have to display a merit list on October 10 and the last date of joining is October 13, the notification stated.

Igniting young minds to engineering

MANGALORE: To generate interest and to bring out the hidden talents in high school students on electronic projects, a few engineering students of St Joseph Engineering College (SJEC) along with staff members conducted an outreach programme at St Raymond's High School for students of class IX and X. As many as 16 young engineers from both electrical and electronics engineering and electronics and communication engineering volunteered as trainers for the event. They trained 36 high school students. Most students have a passion for electronic equipment like electronic toys and through this programme we are providing a platform to develop their skills and interest in electronics, said Prem Concesso, student coordinator. The programme provides basic knowledge on electronic components. "We trained them how to develop simple electronic circuits like simple 'on-off switch' circuit and students with their own idea developed a darkness detector," said Prem. This is the second programme being conducted for the benefit of young students, with the help of SJCE faculty members and Indian Society for Technical Education. Before Shelter Home, an electronic project, was conducted for them, said Prem. "In this programme we provide a brief information on various branches involved in engineering, so that school children can decide which courses they can take up after schooling," Deepesh Kanchan, associate professor said. The programme also aims to find the interest of school students and suggests suitable courses they can take in the future. In many cases, students after schooling are confused and take up courses they are not interested in, said Deepesh. At the end of the programme, the joy on the faces of students was worth it all, says Deepesh. Apart from this, students and faculty members also visit orphanages and organize social welfare programmes.

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