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1.How is the current bahandi store and inventory system functions ? 2.How the formulated to resolve the contraints and limitation of he current manual bahandi store and inventory system? 3.How to transform the function specifications of the current manual shopping methodology into an online shopping scheme? 4.How the requirements specifications are implented so as to ensure the appropriate transformation of the current shopping scheme's functional specefications into an online shopping process? 5.How to extend the market ability of the bahandi pasalubong center products through the implementation of an online shopping scheme for the center? c.Objectives of he study The main objective of the study is to identify the necessary resources prerequitsite to the development of an adjacent online shopping store for the bahandi pasalubong center and demonstrate logical justifications for its development. Specifically, the study aims to achieves the following objectives: 1.To ascertain the foundations for thedevelopment of an adjacent online shopping store and inventory system for the bahandi passalubong center; 2. To define or synthesize methods of properly utilizing the resources needed to develop the proposed e-commerce and inventory system site for the bahandi pasalubong center;

e.Scope and limitation of the study The study id limeted to the business establishment Bahandi Pasalubong Center situated at the premier gateway of Eastern Visayas, the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport. it will include that products taht are consigned and for sale in the center and includes those products that are not provided by its registered/ members. The design of the proposed web-based system will include and is limeted to the web pages minimally tipical for online r-Commerce sites for similar products. the development of the proposed web-based system will use the PHP server-side scripting language and the client-side Javascrip scripting language. To mimic the desktop look and feel, proponents will be considering the use of the client-side pages. Moreover, AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript) will also be utilized to augment further the desktop-like experience of its prospective users.On the other hand,data persistent will be sustained by MySQL, a powerful Relation Database Management System owned and maintained by Oracle, onr of the software business giants.


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