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Resume of

Mohammad Faruque Hossain

Mailing Address: 137/12 B-26 Priangoan Housing
Mazar Road, Mirpur-1
Contact No: Cell #01730037513, 02-8035257(Home)
E-Mail Address: (Personal) (official)

Carrier Objective:
Willing to work in a national or multinational organization relating to Telecommunication
Engineering field where success comes through hard work, creativity & devotion to duty.

Job Experiences: (Local)

Company Name: Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd
Position: BSS Engineer (Customer Service Support Department)
Duration: 2nd April 2008 till Date
Specialized in: a) Huawei BSC6000
b) Huawei BSC32
c) Huawei PCU
d) Huawei BTS Equipments

Job Responsibilities:
1. Identify and solve three categorized problem, Critical, Major, and Minor for
TMIB/TELENOR (Bangladesh) BSS equipments.
2. Reply to customer for Various technical queries regarding Huawei BSS equipments through
GCRMS Ticket System
3. Meeting with customer for Maintenance issues & SLA for TMIB & TELENOR
4. Each quarter carry on BSC & PCU inspection in 40 BSC in TMIB 17 BSC in TELENOR
(Bangladesh) and identify major draw backs in BSS parts and report to TMIB with proper
5. Radio Parameter implementation, modification, fault analysis, rectification, optimization
and management of BSC, PCU resources.
6. Every month review the Key action of routine maintenance.
7. BSC,PCU Software and PATCH upgrade in LIVE Huawei BSC32, BSC6000, PCU33,

Company Name: RingTech Ltd.

Position: Technical Support Manager
Duration: 5th March 2005 to 28th February, 2008

Job Responsibilities:
1. Smooth operation of project
2. Meeting with Customer for various technical & financial matters
3. Solve various TECHNICAL problems in sites either by phone or visiting sites
4. Maintaining quality in project related works.
5. Project time scheduling, cost analysis & manpower management
6. Developing new Engineers through on site training and also in office training
7. Huawei BSC C32 commissioning, PAT & cutover
8. Huawei BSC6000 commissioning, PAT & cutover

Overseas Job Experience:

Have the experience of working in LAOS ETL, TIGO project from July 2008
to September 2008 as a Project Expertise Support Engineer for Huawei Technologies Ltd.
I have successfully implemented 64 SWAP BTS, 18 new BTS, 2 BSC6000, 1 PCU6000, and
1 CBC & M2000 in LAOS.


• Successfully completed Five Quarter for TMIB CSSD (Customer Service Support
• Installation, commissioning, PAT, Cutover, software up-gradation of HUAWEI BSCC32 in
TMIB & OTB project for more that 10 BSC
• Installation, commissioning, PAT, Cutover, software up-gradation in HUAWEI BSC6000 in
TMIB, ETL(LAOS), TIGO(LAOS) and OTB project.
• Installation, commissioning & PAT of HUAWEI BTS312,3002C, 3012 for more than 100
sites in TMIB, OTB, BTTB project
• Observing the power status of EMERSON network power system such as AC/DC, Rectifier
etc. (PS48100-2A/25, PD380/400 4FH-2, PS481000-5/100, HD48100-5).

Tools Used:
1) Sitemaster Anritsu S331D, S331B and Bird Site Analyzer
2) Bird Power meter
3) Test Mobile TEMS OT160, OT150
4) GPS
5) Nokia NetMonitor
6) Bird BER tester
7) Sony Ericsson TEMS

Professional Training-1
Training title: “Huawei BTS Commissioning Training”
Training period: 8th March to 10th April 2005
Name of institute: Huawei Tech. Investment Co. Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Contents: The Training covered the Hardware Standard Quality maintenance of
Huawei BTS and also the use of Sitemaster, Test phone, power meter, Software loading in
TMU Board both from terminal and BSC, checking various alarms and Handover.

Professional Certificate1:
Title: “Equipment commissioning Cooperation Engineer”
Duration: 1st July 2005 to 1st July 2007
Product: GBTS

Professional Certificate2:
Title: “Equipment commissioning Cooperation Engineer”
Duration: 1st June 2005 to 30th June 2008
Product: GBTS
Other Qualifications:
1. Designed the official Web Site of ICCIT-2003 Held in Jahangirnagar University using
PHP,MYSQL in Linux which also includes on line paper submission ,upload ,and paper
2. Configured Apache, DNS, SMTP, Web-Mail Server of Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka,
3. Worked on Multiscreening on Linux (Xinerama).
4. Worked as a Teacher Assistant for the Department of Computer Science And
Engineering for one year.

Computer Skills

OS Skills:
 Skilled in Windows XP, Windows 2000 maintenance.
 Skilled in Linux OS operating.

Programming Skills:
 Skilled in programming languages C and C++ using Linux and Win/DOS
 Skilled in web-based application using HTML, DHTM, PHP and CGI

Networking Skills:
 Experienced in Linux Networking, Linux Server Configuration and Network
 Have experience on Networking in Windows 2000, Network Administration and Network

Educational Qualifications

2004 B.Sc. Engineering

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2001(Held at 2004)
Result : 66.7%.

1997 Higher Secondary Certificate Exam (H.S.C.)

Notre Dame College
Group: Science
Result: First Division
Marks obtained: 75.0%

1995 Secondary School Certificate Exam.

Residential Model College
Group: Science
Result: First Division
Marks Obtained: 85.2%

Research Project
“Non Linear Scheduling On Parallel Computer” Under the supervision of Dr. Md. Zahidur
Rahman, professor in the Dept. of Computer Science And Engineering, Jahangirnagar
University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Personal Details
Name : Mohammad Faruque Hossain
Nick Name : Liton
Father’s Name : Md. Ibrahim
Mother’s Name : Rowshon Ara Begum
Date of Birth : 21st May, 1979
Language : Proficient in Bengali and English
Nationality : Bangladeshi by birth
Religion : Islam
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Unmarried
Permanent Address: 137/12 B-26 Priangoan Housing
Mazar Road
Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


1. Md. Shafi Sarowar

Maintenance Manager/ Customer support service department
Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Ltd
Mobile: +8801713031801

2. Md. Atiqur Rahman

Assistant Manager
Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Ltd
Mobile: +8801713038821


Mohammad Faruque Hossain

Date: 12th July, 2009