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Grade 11 Topic: Graphs Line and Parabola Question 1 1.

.1) Sketch the parabola y = x2 + x 2, showing the turning points and x and y intercepts 1.2) Find the equation of a parabola if its turning point is (-2; -3) and it passes through (0; 12) Question 2 The straight line EB cuts the parabola y = 2x2 3x 2 at E and B and is parallel to y + x = 0. This is shown in the diagram below. 2.1) Find the co-ordinates of A, B, C and D 2.2) Find the equation of EB 2.3) Find the co-ordinates of E 2.4) Find the length of FG if the x-co-ordinates of F and G are both 1 2.5) If the co-ordinates of H are (k; 3), find k Key Ideas Straight lines are of the form y = mx+c, where m represents the slope of the line and c represents the y-intercept of the line. We must be able to recognize that parabolas are can be of the form y = a(x + p)2 + q (turning point form) or y = ax2 +bx +c (standard form) When calculating the equation of the parabola: if turning point is given, use y = a(x + p)2 + q; if x-intercepts are given, use y = (x x1)(x x2) where x1 and x2 are the x-ints. Points of intersection between any two graphs can be found by simultaneous equations, as the x and y values of the two graphs are the same at this points If two points have the same x-co-ordinate, the straight line distance between them can be found by calculating the difference in their y co-ordinates. (ytop ybottom) If two points have the same y-co-ordinates, the straight line distance between the two points can be found by calculating the difference between the x co-ordinates

Guidelines for Question 1 1.1 We have been given the clue that the turning point and intercepts are needed in order to sketch the parabola. It is easiest to first find these points, plot them on a set of axes and then draw the graph connecting all the points. You should notice that the shape is a parabola. Remember that to find the turning point of the parabola, first find the x co-ordinate using . The y co-ordinate of the turning point is then found by substituting this value into the equation for the parabola. At the y-intercept, x = 0 and at the x-intercept, y = 0. The shape of the parabola is given by the a value. If a is positive then happy shape. If a is negative then sad shape. 1. 2 We have been given the co-ordinates of the turning point, this means that you must use turning point form. The y-value of the turning point will be q, p will be the x-value of the turning point and the second point can be used to solve for a.

Guidelines for Question 2 2.1 First think what you are looking for. What do these points represent? A and B are the xintercepts, C is the y-intercept and D is the turning point. You can see that the equation is of the form y = ax2 +bx +c, so now you should know what to do. 2.2 Remember that parallel lines have the same slope. You have been told that EB is parallel to x + y = 0, so EB will have the same slope as this line. You can use this fact to find m in the straight line equation y = mx + c. The point B lies on the straight line and you know the co-ordinates of B, so substitute these values into the straight line equation to solve for c. 2.3 We can see that E is the intersection of the parabola and the straight line. This means that at this point the two graphs will have the same x and y co-ordinates. You can solve for E by using simultaneous equations. (use the straight line equation and the parabola) 2.4 We have been told that the two points have the same x-values so you are trying to find the difference in the y-values between F and G. Substitute the x-value into each of the equations to solve for the y-values. (Then use ytop ybottom). 2.5 We can see that H lies on the parabola. As you know the equation of the parabola and the y co-ordinate of H, you can solve for the x-co-ordinate of H.