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Activity Attendance State/details U6C 20 children attended Bible classes, worshipped God, praised and learned Bible lessons and participated in games. Games played are football, rope jumping, netball and running. We provided soap and jelly this month. I visited six children as follows: Remarks 80% attended the project which enhances child growth in Christ. We need to enable children to achieve the will of God. They are grateful for this gift. Ngonde was looking after goats the time I visited. His mother wasnt at home as she went to do maize harvesting labor job. Ngondes father passed away long time so he only depends on his mother. All other children I visited KAC047 Ngonde Saiyanga Laizer (the stick in are doing well. front of him is for herding livestock) KAC324 Murani Sayianga Laizer

Soap and jelly Home visit

KAC050 Kombola Samwel Laizer

Benard shared with me a painful story concerning his life. Firstly, he asked us to pray for his mother to receive Jesus in her life. Secondly, he desires to see his biological father since he doesnt know him. However, the father he knows is Terry (his sponsor). Benard is praying to complete school and get a good job so as he can help his grandmother. Naomi and Tumaini Elia Mbise are living with their mother only as their father ran away from family responsibilities.

KAC334 Benard Amiri Yahya and his grandmother standing in front of their house

Naomi Elia Mbise KAC486

KAC347 Tumaini Elia Mbise

Any special case

Saturday Meeting

Health issues

STD 7 students have done interview at Faraja and St. Dorcas. We are looking forward to have others sit for interview at Shilela and Hebron soon. They met twice a week and worshipped, prayed, shared the word of God and planned a visiting schedule for their fellow special ladies who are sick. Five widows went to hospital for treatment of heart problem, legs infections, sick infection, malaria and diarrhea.
I visited Maria Paulo and Magdalena Melanyi.

Lets pray for them to perform well in interview. Lets pray for sick and aged special ladies.

All were treated and are now doing well. Their livestock are doing well as there is still sufficient pasture. The construction of Marias house is progressing well. Maria is praying for blessings to those who support her to get a good house.

Individual project

Any other special case

Mari Paulo standing in front of her house under construction. She feels happy with this blessing.

Home visit

Cecilia Benard

I visited both and found that they are doing well. Cecilia is of age and living alone.

Eliamulika Abeli standing infront of her house that was built by PUNCHMI. Income Generating Activities Chicken project The chicken project is doing well where by we sold 15 chickens at a price of 10,000/=@. Among the remaining chickens are mostly egg layers and few cocks that mate with the hens. The income from this project is normally spent to purchase poultry feeding, medication and all other neccesary expenditure.

We thank God since this project is sustainable. Through it we provide eggs to children with nutritional deficiencies.

photo of hens laying eggs.

hens with their chicks

hen warming eggs so as to develop chicks


We are planning to provide maize to the aged special ladies and fathers since there is food insecurity this year.

Goats, cows, oxen and chicken Any other Project Meetings Other special cases

We have harvested 25 sacks of maize this Season. They are healthy at this moment.

The vegetable garden is proceeding well.

We advise special ladies to keep just few livestock that are easy to graze. It is providing us with green vegetable for students and project staff.

Fathers They met twice this month and continued with making stoves. They shared the word of God with each other in their meetings.

They are marketing their stoves.

These were gifts for both from their sponsors. We thank them for their kindness Joyceline Elivalet receing her stove

Elisifa Issaya receiving her stove