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Thanks for picking up Compass #45! For those of you who dont know what this is all about, let us give you the lowdown. The Compass is written, compiled and distributed each and every month by a group of dedicated volunteers. We do it for our love of arts and culture, to better our city, and also to unite those who can dig it. Making sure that a lovingly cropped list of art, film and concert listings is available to the people of Boston is the core of our organizations initiative but it is just one of the ways we regularly support the creative ongoing of our citys inhabitants. For example, our affiliated crew BOSTON HASSLE publishes a daily web zine, organizes and promotes shows on a weekly basis, and every fall celebrate their commitment to you by throwing FESTS.

For the fifth year in a row we will be hosting Boston Hassle Fest on November 8th and 9th. Formerly known as Homegrown, Boston Hassle Fest is a 2-day musical spectacular that draws together over 40 of the most thrilling and unusual acts from all around the country (and beyond) as well as Bostons own homegrown acts. As this tradition has continued, it is clear that one weekend just isnt enough to showcase all the rad bands making the underground go round. So, on October 4th and 5th we bring you the first ever New England Underground Music Fest--a two day musical expo of New England underground and experimental music! Visit for full lineup to hear what awesome sounds are oozing out all around you. Please join us in celebrating the swelling culture of our region. It is truly unstoppable. -Sam Potrykus

Our support

Last year, Boston Hassle and B.O.W. shows teamed up for Homegrown 4: BOSTON HASSLE FEST. As BOSTON HASSLE FEST 5 approaches, were hoping to team up with none other than you! Organizing a festival this epic means needing helping hands from all over. Help the Hassle (the Hassle creates the Compass youre reading!) by contributing through our crowd sourcing campaign which can be viewed at projects/boston-hassle-fest-2013 Your contributions will not leave you empty handed as you will receive precious valuables in return. Make a contribution small or large and you can receive advanced tickets (the only way to get them), a special edition Boston Hassle Compilation and even your own Boston Hassle Taco Party! - BK Need a car once and awhile but cant afford one? RELAY RIDES is whats up! Whether youre looking to get away for the weekend or just run some errands, this is your CHEAPEST option in town! Theyll hook you up with a locally owned car that is available when you need it (per hour/day/week) anywhere in the city. You could take a day trip for less than $50 (+cost of gas) when all is said and done!!! After sign up, its a breeze to use and theres NO membership fee. Car rental is a joke that will not leave you laughing...whatever you think youre gonna pay, triple that shit after fees. Save your bills for the destination! - CEEK Have you been finding yourself at shows in the Boston music scene? Feel like you want to add to the exciting sounds, rockin riffs, and radical rockage? Well, we always need show volunteers to help out! We need volunteers to help run the door, run the sound, rep the Hassle and make sure the shows run smoothly. Come join our posse and get involved with the emerging Boston scene. - BK

Have broken crap you keep meaning to fix? Haul your damages to FIXING SESSIONS WITH THE FIXERS COLLECTIVE! Whether its your record player or torn pair of jeans, these angels are here to troubleshoot your items and walk you through the process. Be aware, you cant just drop your shit off and come back later; this is about giving you the skills to DIY in the future. $5 suggested donation per fixed item, but no one will be turned away. @Mills Gallery (BCA) on Saturdays, October 5th and November 2nd, 3-6pm. Repairs not guaranteed because we live in reality. - CEEK The Compass seems to be pointing in more than one direction this month. Not only is the Compass pointing North but the Compass is pointing to YOU! We are seeking volunteers to join our crew and help move our paper into new homes on the streets of Boston. We dont want stacks going to waste! Wasted paper is wasted space and thats why we need you to take the initiative and help find new spots to carry our paper. This is a VOLUNTEER role. If you are down to join the cause and spread the word then please hit us up at -BK Besides feeding, clothing and sheltering people who are struggling to survive, HALEY HOUSE has been dispensing dignity since 1966 by helping Bostons homeless regain control of their lives. Their programs help people develop new skills, find jobs and even help navigate government programs/paperwork clusterfucks. Help relieve suffering in Our Community and consider what you have to offer it. Volunteer a few hours a month or donate some extra stuff youre not using (mismatching gloves, clothing, old backpacks, etc). It will matter. You will feel good. Check out Art Blast to hear about cool events @Haley House Bakery Cafe. - CEEK


10/4 @Cambridge Elks Lodge 55 Bishop Allen Dr., Cambridge, MA 4pm-11pm | $10-$15 sliding scale | ALL AGES
4:40 Get Ready! (mems. of Guerilla Toss/ Cave Bears/Rotten Apples) 5:00 Frkse 5:20 Great Valley 5:40 Tarp 6:00 TBA 6:20 Coke Weed 6:40 Sediment Club 7:00 Hands and Knees 7:20 Matt Krefting 7:40 Bang Bros. 8:00 Gem Club 8:20 Baylies Band 8:40 Happy Jawbone Family Band 9:00 Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores 9:20 Pile 9:40 Neptune 10:00 Quilt 10:20 Keith Fullerton Whitman 10:40 Sunburned Hand of the Man

10/5 @Democracy Center 45 Mt Auburn St., Cambridge, MA 3pm-11pm | $10-$15 sliding scale | ALL AGES
4:00 Cult and Leper 4:20 Ovlov 4:40 Chris Strunk 5:00 Vic Rawlings 5:20 Steamrollers 5:40 No Sir, I Wont 6:00 Homeworld 6:20 Downtown Boys 6:40 Eggs, Eggs 7:00 Metal Feathers 7:20 Isolde Touch 7:40 Power Masters 8:00 Omnivore 8:20 Shrinnirs 8:40 Mincemeat or Tenspeed 9:00 Horse Spirit Penetrates 9:20 Bromp Treb 9:40 Home Comfort 10:10 Ryan Power 10:40 Guerilla Toss

After party/Fest extension @Radio (basement) 21+ FREE w/ NEUMF ticket $5 without ticket

Son of Salami IDM Theftable Animal Hospital 1 TBA

After party/Fest extension @Lilypad ALL AGES $2 w/ NEUMF ticket $7 without ticket

White Pages Bobb Trimble (Burger Records Tape Release)
and special non-New England guests:

TYVEK (Detroit)

The Boston Counter Cultural Compass is produced by the Boston Hassle

Art Blast

Highlights and Listings of the Boston Arts Scene

ADAM ODAY @Equal Exchange Cafe on view 10/1-10/28 Cool hangout spot you probably dont know yet, featuring a local art heavyweight. Beautifying Bostons walls for about a decade, Adam ODay came here as an Illustration/Design student at the Art Institute of Boston. In the past few years, he has been blowing up with solo exhibits, group shows and work in permanent collections seemingly everywhere. Best known for his use of bold colors and cityscapes, his paintings and multimedia pieces will engage you from across a room. Grab one of the best cups of coffee in town and see whats hanging at this chill North End cafe. -CEEK



AB @Miller Yezersky Gallery on view 10/4-11/5 | Opening 10/4, 6-9pm Long time local art dealers Ellen Miller and Howard Yezerski have joined forces to convert the former Howard Yezerski Gallery into a new project space in the South End gallery area & celebrating with a badass show hosted by AINT BAD MAGAZINE. AB is also coming out with their sixth editorial and will have past issues available at the event. Come to see the walls consumed by images from Richard Barnes, Cline Clanet, Cody Cobb and Thomas Gardiner. Get shitfaced for free and experience the rest of the galleries for First Fridays. Good Old 450 strip. -Nabeela Vega

LISTINGS see more on the calendar @

@13Forest Gallery Good on Paper Now-11/15 @72 1/2 Union Square (Somerville) The Smallest Museum in the World ongoing @Arden Gallery Paul Bliveau Now-10/29 | Opening 10/5, 4-6pm @Art Institute of Boston/Lesley University Galleries (Main Gallery) Beyond the Wunderkammer Now-10/30 (VanDernoot Gallery) Naoe Suzuki solo exhibit 10/24-11/27 | Opening 10/30, 6-8pm @Arnold Arboretum (JP) Artists in the Arboretum Now10/13 Dispersal: Photos by Anna Laurent 10/26-1/26 Opening 10/26, 1-3pm @Aviary Star/Fruit - Photos by Scott Alario & Harry Gould Harvey IV 10/3-10/31 | Opening 10/3, 6-9pm @Barbara Krakow Gallery Bill Thompson Now-10/19 Paolo Ventura: Behind the Walls Now-10/19 Julian Opie 10/26-12/7 | Opening 10/26, 3-5pm @Blue Glass Cafe Group Show 10/1-10/31 @Boston University Galleries (Stone Gallery) Leidy Churchman: Lazy River Now-10/20 @Brickbottom Artists Association REFRAMED: History, Memory, Place Now-10/19 @Bromfield Gallery Julie Weiman REVERSE | Elizabeth Strasser Cautionary Tales | Boriana Kantcheva Make-Believe 10/2-10/26 | Opening 10/4, 6-8:30 @Cambridge Arts Association (Kathryn Schultz Gallery) Silent Noise 10/4-11/2 | Opening 10/4, 5:30-7:30 @Carpenter Center (Harvard) (Room B-04) Artist Talk: Roger White 10/15, 12pm @Carroll and Sons Gallery Rania Matar: LEnfant Femme Now-10/26 @Chandler Gallery (Maud Morgan Arts Center) Inventories and Other Things Now-10/11 In Motion/In Progress Now-10/11 @Chase Young Gallery Danna Ruth Harvey 10/2-10/27 Opening 10/4, 6-8pm @Cyberarts Gallery Mathematical Rhymes Now-10/6 @deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Work Out Now-10/6 (Platform 12) Aaron Stephan: Secondhand Utopias Now-10/13 Character Study Now-4/6 @The Distillery (Distillery Gallery) CRYPSIS Now-10/17 (Proof Gallery) Odalis Valdivieso Now-10/26 @Fourth Wall Gallery Autumn Ahn DatesTBA @Galatea Fine Art Elizabeth Hathaway, Christine OBrien, A.E. Ryan October @Gallery 360 (NU) Derek Boshier: A Survey of Work Now-10/30 Josh Wisdumb Spivack: connecting the motion of ideas Oct 5th-1/15 Kerry Klemmer Now-1/1 @Gallery Kayafas Bruce Myren: The Fortieth Parallel Now-10/12 @HallSpace Wayne Hopkins Now-10/5 Brigid Watson: Materia Prima 10/12-11/30 | Opening 10/12, 3-6pm @Hallway Gallery Karl Stevens: FAILURE Now-10/20 @ICA Amy Sillman: one lump or two 10/3-1/5 Mary Reid Kelley Now-10/27 Free Lecture Series: Mary Reid Kelley with Jenelle Porter 10/10, 6:30-7:30pm @Kingston Gallery Elif Soyer: Artifact 10/2-10/27 Opening 10/4, 5-7:30pm @Laconia Gallery Me Time Now-11/30 | Opening 10/4, 5:30-8pm @LaMontagne Aaron Williams: Construction Now-11/2 @LotF Gallery Conflict & Resolve: Dana Woulfe Now-10/4 @LotF Gallery Newton Jamie ONeill: Non Fiction Now-10/31 @MassART Selections Now-12/7 Bill Thompson: 20 Years at Center Street Studio Now-10/2 @Micro Museum Invisible Cities Now-10/11 @Mills Gallery (BCA) About, With & For 10/4-12/1 Opening 10/4, 7pm Singing Pictures 10/26, 7pm @Montserrat College of Art Galleries (Beverly, MA) (301 Gallery) Kara Walker: Harpers Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated) Now-10/28 | Talk with visiting scholar Nancy Bookhard 10/9, 11:30am-12:30pm @MFA She Who Tells a Story Now-1/12 Audubons Birds, Audubons Words Now-5/11 American Gestures: Abstract Expressionism Now-6/1 Dawit L. Petros: Sense of Place 10/26-4/13 @Nave Gallery EARTH Effects 10/10-10/20 | Opening 10/10, 7:30-9:30pm @New Art Center (Newton) (Holzwasser Gallery) Michael B. Wilson: A Gallant Madman Now-10/14 @Outpost 186 Emil Dr T Tobenfeld Oct @Panopticon Gallery (Main Gallery) On First Contact Now-1/14 @Robert Klein Gallery Jessica Backhaus photography 10/5-11/30 @SMFA Dilated Biography: Cuba Now-10/19 @Samson Projects Aaron Stephan Now-10/19 Penn Young 10/25-12/14 @Soprafina Gallery Robin Reynolds: In the Garden 10/4-10/26 | Opening 10/12, 3-5pm @SOWA Naked Art: Inside the Artists Studio, LIVE! 10/5, 11am-4pm @Thomas Young Studio Aimee Belanger, Ria Brodell and Cortney Cox 10/5-10/31 | Opening 10/5 @Uforge Gallery Kristilyn Stevenson: Fish Scales and Feather Tales Now-10/13 @Worcester Art Museum Looking West and Looking East Now-November @Zumes Coffee House Amy Rizzico Now-11/30

@DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum 10/9-4/13 Biennales (a large art exhibition that takes place biennially; or every two years) have been a strong tradition in the contemporary art sphere since around the 1800s. The DeCordova is freshening up with this years New England survey with a number of extremely bold and relevant artists taking over the sculpture park and museum. The exhibition is a sprawling entity that demonstrates the active, ambitious art scene taking place across the six states of New England from Were super excited about the efforts the curators have made in transfusing such young blood*the shows bound to blow your mind. *Full list of artists available art -Nabeela Vega S01E01: DENNIS CONGDON, OLIVER HERRING, ELIZABETH RILEY @Kijidome on view 10/12-11/8 | Opening 10/12, 6pm Kijidome is a new experimental project space and collaborative founded by Sean Downey, Carlos Jimnez Cahua, Lucy Kim, and Susan Metrican. Located in Bostons South End, the space will present curatorial projects and events by its four founders as well as invited guests. Starting on October 12th Kijidome will hold its inaugural exhibition, S01E01, featuring surreal, tongue in cheek landscape paintings by Dennis Congdon, installation and participatory performance art by Oliver Herring, and video media work which examines the artists consciousness of place by Elizabeth Riley. -Liz Hall STREET PIANOS BOSTON @ All over town on view Now- 10/14 Celebrity series celebration kick off party @The Galleria 10/5, 9pm The term the world is just a village has never been more relevant than when talking about UK Artist Luke Jerrams project Street Pianos where artists around the world install, paint & play over 1000 pianos in 37 major cities worldwide. The Boston installment boasts seventy five pianos that were decorated by a wide variety of local artists and community-based organizations-- waiting to be played by you. Remember to head to the Galleria on Oct 5th to join in on the festivities celebrating the projects 75th season-- performances, drinks and dessert! Check out the www. to find out how you can get in on the fun. -Nabeela Vega JASON JESSE @Orchard Skate Shop Extension Gallery on view 10/5-10/31 | Opening 10/5, 8pm Pro skateboarding icon exhibits proof of why hes such a Badass. This guy is considered a legend in the skateboard community and is making a name for himself as an artist. This show features some of his sculptural art with influence from punk rock, graffiti and motorcycle culture, alongside photographs and memorabilia spanning his 25+ year career in skateboarding. The show is brought to you by Converse and PBR, which certainly sweetens the deal if youre broke. 21+ -CEEK


ARTCETERA 2013 @Park Plaza Castle 10/5, 7:30 Love art. Fight AIDS. Twenty-seven years ago, a group of Boston-area artists came together in response to the AIDS crisis, which was claiming the lives of so many of their friends, fellow artists and colleagues. They responded by creating and organizing the first ARTcetera, a contemporary art auction to raise money for AIDS Action Committee from This years iteration of ArtCetera boasts the invaluable support of a cornucopia of pioneering and emerging artists in the community. Sneak Peeks of the work are available online and you can even join in on the auction via -Nabeela Vega IMAGE MACHINE: ANDY WARHOL AND PHOTOGRAPHY @ Rose Art Museum (Brandeis) on view 9/17-12/15 The Rose Art Museum sees the reappearance of many items from their own collection as this special Warhol exhibit returns from Cincinnati. Unlike other Warhol exhibitions you may have seen, this one does not just showcase his printmaking prowess. Curators focus on Warhols use of the photograph, claiming that it was crucial to Warhols entire style and practice, and as the title hints, that it also informed Warhols philosophies about the importance of image. The exhibit traces his use of photography from source material to medium and subject matter. On 10/1 at 5pm there will be a lecture on Warhol from SUNY professor Reva Wolf, and on 11/3 at 1pm there will be a tour with one of the curators. -Rose Parry AFRICOBRA AT 45 @Haley House Bakery Cafe on view Now-11/3 | Reception 10/3, 5:30-7:30 Get nourished! Head out to Dudley Square, grab a tasty treat and check out the current exhibit celebrating the 45th anniversary of late 60s/early 70s Chicago group, African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists (AFRICOBRA). The collection of 40 year-old prints are vibrant images of the black community using art to empower themselves. The works graphic nature, use of color and perspective seem familiar, as its an aesthetic still prevalent today. The show mirrors a Haley House motto: Mutual Respect For All. Check out to find out about the cafes regular performance series, Art is Life Itself. -CEEK POP-UP ZINE LIBRARY @ICA 10/5 & 11/16, 1-4pm For two days only, a selection of zines from the beloved PAPERCUT ZINE LIBRARY will be on display to complement the work of artist and zine-maker Amy Sillman, whose work will be on display @ICA from 10/3-1/5. Come browse the collection and meet volunteer librarians from Papercut who will help you navigate through the miscellany. If youre familiar with the Papercut Zine Library this is a cool opportunity to consider their zines in an art context that you might not normally. If you are not familiar, you should know that the Papercut Zine Library is housed @Inman Squares Lorem Ipsum and is open every Friday-Monday 2-7pm. -Rose Parry

Infrared 5 (i5) is a burgeoning media creative agency headed by forward thinking visioneer Rebecca Allen-Smith. Not your typical operation in the extensive creative start-up culture of Boston, Allen-Smith is excited about the possibilities of collaboration between the Fine Arts and Tech through Infrared. Artist and Administrative Assistant Rosie Ranauro provided us with some insight on their inaugural art and tech show at the new i5 location on Amory Street in JP. According to Renauro, it is going to be the first of an annual exhibit series called From Paper to Pixels, bringing Traditional and New Media Artists together for a mind-melting, multi-sensory experience that converts i5s everyday workspace into a formal gallery venue. From Paper to Pixels is showcasing nine collaborationsthink drawings that come to life at your fingertips, and interactive dollhouse surveillance installations. Traditional artists include Aaron North, Anna Kristina Goransson, Ace Norton, Rosie Ranauro, Bradley Munkowitz, Sally B Moore, Sage Schmett, Elodie Sabardeil and John Guthrie. New Media artists include Rob Gonsalves, Eric Rosenbaum, Aaron Artessa, Sophia Brueckner, Keith Peters, Joe Farbrook, Kawandeep Virdee, Andy Shaules, Infrared5 and Steff Kelsey. Were looking forward to some really exciting projects from Infrared 5 in the future, but for now check out for more info and photos From Paper to Pixels. -Nabeela Vega

The process of creating can be as engaging as the work itself, Open Studios allows the public to see where our artists do their thing! This month features neighborhoods you probably dont get to very often. Areas packed with cultural history and art that might tell a different story than youre used to hearing. Take an adventure! Grab a friend and bring some cash! Lots of purchasable things to peruse here...paintings, drawings, jewelry, photos, pottery, sculpture, ceramics, etc.
FREE & T-ACCESSIBLE October 4, 6-8pm | October 5 & 6th, 11am-6pm ROXBURY OPEN STUDIOS | October 19th & 20th, 12-5pm ARLINGTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS | October 19th & 20th DORCHESTER OPEN STUDIOS October 18th-20th FORT POINT ARTS COMMUNITY OPEN STUDIOS | FREE & ACCESSIBLE BY COMMUTER RAIL/CAR October 5 & 6th, 10am-5pm BACKROADS STUDIO TOUR (Central Mass) | October 5 & 6th DEDHAM OPEN STUDIOS October 5 & 6th, 11am-5pm LOWELL OPEN STUDIOS October 12-14th, 10am-5pm CAPE ANN ARTISANS OPEN STUDIO TOUR (Gloucester/Rockport) October 19th & 20th, 12-5pm ACTON OPEN STUDIOS | October 19th & 20th, 12-5pm NATICK OPEN STUDIOS | October 19th & 20th SUDBURY OPEN STUDIOS


Compass-filtered Boston-area Film Culture

Film Flam


THE BEST OF BOGART @Brattle, October 4-16
Back in the day, when people sucked down cigarettes like they were health sticks and Josef Stalin gave the original free mustache ride, there was one man who epitomized cool, calm, and collected. Humphrey Bogart dominated the screen in the 1940s and 50s, becoming a cultural icon forever associated with the tough, take no shit character who has a heart of gold hidden down deep behind his hard exterior. And people loved him for it. Was it charisma that drew the audiences in? His infinitely quotable dialogue? The smoking? Maybe. OK, so his acting abilities are debatable and he basically played the same person over and over, but that shouldnt neglect the fact that a large portion of his creative output resulted in fantastic cinema. With greats from his wide body of work like The Big Sleep, Casablanca, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Maltese Falcon and Key Largo, its hard to argue he was doing something wrong. Theyll all be presented this month and then some at the Brattle Theatre, mostly in 35mm, for cinephiles to revel in. Head on over and play it Bogart with Bogie. - Pablo Torroella

BLUE CAPRICE @Brattle (2013) dir Alexandre Moors The machinations behind the relationship between the two men who would become the Beltway Snipers is explored in this simmering debut thriller from director Moors. Also screens 10/2 & 10/3.

(1996) dir Andrew Fleming Teen angst and witchcraft combine in this 1996 cult thriller.

FAR FROM VIETNAM @MFA (1967/2013) dir Jean-Luc Godard , Joris Ivens, William Klein, Claude Lelouch, Alain Resnais, and Agns Varda Visually stunning, seven-part homage to victims of The Vietnam War from the greatest names in cinema. Also screens 10/3.

+ 1 0/5 4 / 0 1 IDGE L O O @C



E 1 0 /4 L T T A R @B


(THE INNER SCAR) @Brattle (1972) dir Philippe Garrel 10/1 at 7:30 pm gresses toward the grandiosity of a Wagnerian opera. The ostensible impenetrability of the plot is counterbalanced by three tightly imbricated forces: possessed performances by the actors, captured in spectacular long takes; precise framing and choreographically elaborate tracking shots; and the lacerating songs by Nico herself, from her album Desertshore, which ensure that the film not only looks but also sounds prehistoric and post-apocalyptic at the same time. Perhaps a story of doomed love, La cicatrice intrieure is, nevertheless, not about chemistry, or lack thereof, between its archetypal characters but, rather, about illicit chemical substances shared among them, as well as the alchemy of basic elements: earth, fire, water and air. -Dmitry Martov

SEA OF YOUTH (1966) SUMMER IN SANRIZUKA (1968) THE THREE DAY WAR (1970) @HFA dir Shinsuke Ogawa Shinsuke Ogawa was a titan of Japans radical postwar documentary cinema. Catch 3 of his films tonight!

THE KOUMIKO MYSTERY @HFA (1967) dir Chris Marker The mysterious artist behind La Jete filmed this study of a young Japanese woman wandering amidst the goings on of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Part of a Marker series.


Philippe Garrel survived heroin addiction, depression, electroshock therapy, and a 10-yearlong affair with Nico. Either explicitly or obliquely, their tumultuous relationship has been the subject of nearly all films he has directed since the early 1970s, La cicatrice intrieure (The Inner Scar) being the first and arguably the best of their 7 collaborative efforts. Shot in desolate exotic locales deserts of Egypt and New Mexico, grottos of Italy, and glaciers and geysers of Iceland, this underground epic starts out with the austerity of an evangelical tale and pro-

THE ACT OF KILLING @HFA (2012) dir Joshua Oppenheimer Indonesian death squad leaders eagerly reenact their past atrocities in this so very real/unreal documentary. Director Oppenheimer will speak.

@Coolidge (1988) dir Tim Burton

A recently deceased couple hires devious bio-exorcist Beetlejuice to scare away the family living in their home. When the ghosts befriend the angsty teenager who can see them, hilarity ensues. BADLANDS @Brattle (1973) dir Terrence Malick Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek are a pair of tragically paired love birds on the lam from the authorities. Reclusive director Terrence Malicks debut feature is bursting with cinematic beauty. LUST, CAUTION @HFA (2007) dir Ang Lee Join director Ang Lee in house tonight for the screening of his 2007 espionage thriller. Set in WWIIera Shanghai, a young woman is swept into a dangerous intrigue with a powerful political figure.

THE MALTESE FALCON @Brattle (1941) dir John Huston Detective Sam Spade (Bogart), guns drawn, navigates the web of deceit around a bird statuette in the original film noir.


October (unofficially the most Psychotronic month) is here, and we reap the benefits! Two worthwhile horror movie marathons hit local screens (read on), along with a gaggle of Christopher Lee Dracula films and his portrayal of THE MUMMY, screening Tuesdays all month @ South Boston Branch Public Library. All screenings are FREE! u The Somerville Terror-thon gives us 7 films including giant sand worms chasing Bacon in the great TREMORS, the coolest inter-dimensional rock n roll hero ever and John Lithgows best role (hes not the hero) in the wild and insane THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI, and a true blue 1940s mad scientist film in Dr. Cyclops! All on 10/12 u A terrifying unseen supernatural evil lurks in 1982s The Entity @Coolidge @ Midnite on 10/11 & 10/12. One of Scorseses favorite scary films. u The Coolidge shows 7 films at their 13th ANNUAL HORROR THON, though theyve only announced 2, both based on the same serial killer source material: Hitchcocks immortal Psycho, and Hoopers grimy, original, and unforgettable Texas Chainsaw Massacre, perhaps the scariest film of all time. Thats all on 10/26 u I leave it up to you to decide who goes from 0 to 60 more quickly: is it Gene Wilder as the heir to the secret of reanimation in the astoundingly funny and always amazing Young Frankenstein @Coolidge on 10/21 (part of the Science on the Screen series) or is it Michael Keaton as undead huckster BEETLEJUICE in the weird and evergreen film of the same name on 10/25 @Coolidge @ Midnite? The two funniest undead films? Maybe. u Lastly, throughout your month dont forget to catch the famous voice and mug of Humphrey Bogart on the Brattle screen in a great series of Noirs and beyond. - Dan Shea





1 0/2 5

LA JETE @HFA (1962) dir Chris Marker In post-apocalyptic Paris, a man/prisoner plagued by a singular memory is sent back and forth through time to aid an undetermined future.

pOCTOBER FIRST RUNp NEW RELEASES NowDON JON dir Joseph Gordon-Levitt @Coolidge NowINEQUALITY FOR ALL dir Jacob Kornbluth @Kendall NowENOUGH SAID dir Nicole Holofcener @Coolidge, Kendall 10/4WADJA dir Haifaa Al-Mansour @Kendall 10/4HARRY DEAN STANTON: PARTLY FICTION


YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN @Coolidge (1974) dir Mel Brooks Regenerative biologist Dany Spencer Adams, Ph.D. shares with us his expertise within the context of this screening of perhaps the funniest film of all time. Walk this way... TERROR-THON @Somerville TWELVE HOURS of your Saturday immersed in fantasy horror! Did I mention theyre screening Tremors? You just cant miss it.

DR. CALIGARI @Brattle (1920) dir Robert Wiene Get revved up for Halloween with one of the first classic horror films as portrayed in quintessential German expressionism. The silent masterpiece will also have a live orchestral score.

In 1981, Sam Raimi made the bold choice to make EVIL DEAD. Instantly a favorite of writer Stephen King, the movie blurs the line between comedy and horror. Intended to be a demonic terror-fest, Raimis first real stab at the horror genre proved to be, well, hilarious. The film centres on Ash Williams, a deep-voiced heartthrob (ultimately replacing a lost hand with a chainsaw), fighting to survive the repercussions of discovering the Naturon Demontothe raddest of dark books. We chose Evil Dead as this months feaured pick because its a quintessential horror flick that frights and delights. Catch this truly great filmitll make you laugh and cringe. -Ari Shvartsman and Sydney Kinchen

dir Sophie Huber @Coolidge 10/11FREE THE MIND dir Phie Ambo @Coolidge
LISTINGS NOTE Below is the theater abbreviation key: Brattle Theater - Brattle Harvard Film Archive - HFA Coolidge Corner Theater - Coolidge Museum of Fine Arts - MFA Somerville Theater - Somerville Due to space limitations we cant give you those sweet showtimes. Please see our sister website for our full listings w/ showtimes and other info. FILM FLAM SEEKS WRITERS!!! If you would like to get involved with our film section or submit listings please send an email with COMPASS FILM as the subject to



LIVING DEAD @Brattle (1968) dir George A. Romero

@Brattle (2012) dir Johnnie To Chinese cops and robbers chase after crystal meth while the two sides become increasingly intertwined. Expect sparse, yet great action amid crime drama.

Zombies and 60s social commentary collide in George A. Romeros watershed terror flick. Essentially, its an undead version of the Battle of the Alamo where ghoulish hordes lay siege to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere occupied by a handful of people of varying class and race. What could go wrong?


a diy somerville / bk vinyl label

Tuesday Oct 1st.Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are bringing their indie pop hooks to Cambridge, with support from Bostons own jangle-poplin Bent Shapes and Providences Arc Iris @Mid East Down 18+ $20 Seminal rappers Immortal Technique and Brother Ali w/ I-Self Deving, Diabolic, and Poison Pen @ Paradise Rock Club 18+ $20 Nebraskas finest punks Yuppies will be slaying alongside Western Mass Psychic Blood, and local Grunge Punk favorites Sneeze @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 You know its going to be a hoot when the Whitehaus Family Record Presents MANICORN (NY), STEEP LEANS, THE ZOOKEEPERS, SAGA GENESIS @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $5 The surf rock trifecta is coming to town with Wavves, King Tuff and Jacuzzi Boys @Sinclair 8:30pm All Ages $20 Wax on Felt Battle of the Bands: Vundabar, Juneva, Chris Collins, The Symptoms, Flashbang! @Emersons College Cabaret 7pm All Ages Free Wednesday Oct 2nd Some fine men will be gathering in Cambridge tonight for some folk, pop and blues. Whitehaus songsmith Con Tex, alternative songwriter Jonathan Donaldson, Spiritual strummers Anubis Pop, and Tom Korkidis @The Plough & Stars 10pm 21+ FREE Obits are riding into town behind their new release Beds & Bugs out on Sub Pop, supported by Chicagos Noise Pop Neurotics Heavy Times, and local favorites Pile @TT the Bears Place 8:30 18+ $10 Our homies pRIMORDIAL SOUNDS are presenting an ill show with Bong Wish and Idiot Genes @Middlesex 10pm 21+ $3 Feeling beat from work? Need to relax? Head on over for The Authentic Lounge: An Evening of Live Soul, R&B, Old School and Etc. @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ Thursday Oct 3rd The Brain Trust is making sure its popping off tonight as they bring you one of LAs finest electronic producers Sound Remedy @Mid East Down 18+ $10 Californian DIY favorites Burger Records have brought the ultimate party into townthe Burgerama Caravan of Stars Tour! featuring THE GROWLERS, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream,Together Pangea, and White Fang with Colleen Green @Sinclair Cambridge 7:30pm $18 ALL AGES There are some improvisational sounds to be made and Los Condenados, Fossils, TJ Borden, FOOM/Foam, Mouth Sounds will be crafting them somewhere in our backyard @AskAShrimp 8pm $Sliding Scale ALL AGES Drink, Sing, Dance, Drag, Repeat! The Karaoke/Ferocious dance party is on! Queeraoke: Bostons Very Best Gay Night @Midway Cafe 21+ Non-Event presents the improvisational trio Konk Pack (Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn, & Roger Turner) @Goethe-Institut Boston 2pm ALL AGES Fri Oct 4, 2013 Day 1 of Boston Hassles first NEW ENGLAND UNDERGROUND MUSIC FEST begins, bridging together scenes from all over our beautiful region. Featuring the likes of Quilt, Pile, and Happy Jawbone Family Band. (See front page for full lineup) @Cambridge Elks Lodge 3PM ALL AGES $10-15 Sliding Scale Each Day The New England Underground Music Fest continues with the ultimate after party featuring Son of Salami, IDM Theftable, Animal Hospital/Caustic Rainbow Duo @Radio (Basement) 21+ FREE w/NEUMF ticket from Elks Lodge part of fest//$5 otherwise Hop over to Hippie Hour w/ The Mystical Misfits, Uncle Johnnys Band, and Friends playing music of The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and More @ Midway Cafe 6-8pm 21+ FREE Natick Doom thrashers Xatatax are doing it up with Eastern Spell, i am become Death, Finisher, and The Proselyte @OBriens 7pm 21+ $8 BUFU Crew is at it again bringing in touring homies Lust-Cats of the Gutters, Mannequin Pussy, Secret Lover, and JPs finest Free Pizza! So come get cray @The Ill Spot in JP ALL AGES $5 Suggested Donations Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg is rolling through and upping the bombast ante with party all-star Andrew WK @Paradise 18+ $25ADV Hang Ten at SURF NIGHT feat. Tsunami of Sound, Surfs up Spicoli, The Derangers,Fathoms, and more @Midway Cafe 21+ $10 Its getting hard, heavy and fast with Brain Slug (NYC), Mind Eraser, Negligence, and Death Injection @Democracy Center 7M ALL AGES $5 Sail through the Seaport district to catch the lovely singer songwriter Angel Olsen sing sweet heartbreaking melodies with Pillars of Tongues @MFA 7:30pm $16/$13 w/ this Compass! (see coupon) Sat Oct 5, 2013 Day 2 of Boston Hassles first NEW ENGLAND UNDERGROUND MUSIC FEST. Featuring the likes of Metal Feathers, Ryan Power and Guerilla Toss. (See front page for full lineup) @Democracy Center 3PM ALL AGES $10-15 Sliding Scale each day The New England Underground Music Fest continues with the ultimate after party featuring White Pages, Bobb Trimble (Burger Records Tape Release) and non-New England guests TYVEK! @Lilypad ALL AGES $2 w/ NEUMF ticket from Elks Lodge part of fest//$7 otherwise Industrial pioneers Abstinence will be melding minds and genres alongside Controlled Bleeding, Neptune, Raab Codec, The Vomit Arsonist @AS220 (Providence, RI) ALL AGES $8 Soak up some old-fashioned rock riffs with Calabrese (AZ), The Black Cheers, Weak Week, and Millennium Falcon Punch @OBriens 8pm 21+ $10 Alt-country lovers rejoice and kick back to PJ Bond, Arliss Nancy, Choke Up, Dan Webb and the Spiders @Starlab 8pm ALL AGES $5 London dance popping new-wavers White Lies are playing w/ In The Valley Velow @Paradise 9pm 18+ $20 ADV American punk rock legends X will be slaying alongside local band Mean Creek @House of Blues Tonight is a TRVE metal feast! Legendary UK doom metallers Esoteric, Colorados Velnias, and black metallers Saturnalia Temple will be bringing the evil @TTs 8pm 18+ $10 Its going to be balls to the walls tonight with The Humanoids, The Stoves, Hotblack! @Great Scott 9pm 21+ $10 Sun Oct 6, 2013 Wade through a wall of complex, post-punk rhythms with Ghosts of Sailors at Sea, Horsehands, Feuding Fathers, and I Kill Giants @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Avant-garde minimalism is through the roof tonight with Keith Fullerton Whitman, Byron Westbrook (Corridors), and Kevin Micka (Animal Hospital) @Lilypad ALL AGES $10 Non-Event is bringing in a Swiss mix with artists Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre @Swissnex Boston, 6:30 pm Mon Oct 7, 2013 Lykaion Cult Productions Presents: A NIGHT OF UNDERGROUND BLACK AND DEATH METAL @OBriens 8pm 21+ FREE Dive into a punk frenzy with pop- punkers CY BARKLEY & THE WAY OUTSIDERS, local noise freaks SKIMASK, proto-punks LUDE BOYS, and JP party punks FREE PIZZA @Charlies Western Masses finest Potty Mouth are rolling through with CT alternative rockers Ovlov and dream-pop shoegazers Catnine @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $8Get down to some upbeat dance licks with Mount Kimbie, Jonwayne, D33J @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $15adv/$17dos The Series moves around the corner @Improv Boston with some hilarious hijinx 930pm Tue Oct 8, 2013 Bedroom post-punks Useless Eaters are tearing it up with Streight Angular, The Milligrams @TTs 9pm 18+ $10 Alt hip-hop supergroup Deltron 3030 are spitting verse with Del the Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, Itch @Paradise 9pm 18+ $22.50 FF Presents Burger Records superstar Colleen Green, Lo-fi Gnar Tape favorites White Fang, The

Memories, with Smarty and BUFU supergroup Ronnie Nordacs Crying Lessons @Bong High 9pm $5-$10 sliding scale All Ages Wed Oct 9, 2013 Lets rock with Go Blank, Seven Year Plan, and The Mercy Case @OBriens Soak up some indie folk tunes brought to you by Old Soul, Dirty Dirges, and Skinny Bones @The Plough and Stars 10pm 18+ $ome cost Indie-pop songsmiths Grooms are up from BK to spice up your night with Young Adults, Chandeliers, Vegans @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $9 Catch legendary Italian horror prog-rockers Goblin with Secret Chiefs 3 @Sinclair 8pm SOLD OUT Rockabilly, punk and upbeat psych-rock converge at this ill show with Hanni El Khatib, Bass Drum of Death, The New Highway Hymnal, Future Spa 18+ @The Mid East 18+ $12 7:30 Celebrate Foamtoberfest w/ Arkm Foam, Birg Organ, Greg Sun, Eggs Eggs + many more!!! All Acoustic or Battery Powered sets @AskFoam 8pm All Ages FREE Thu Oct 10, 2013 The Brain Trust continues to bring the noise with Russ Liquid @Mid East Down 8pm 18+ $10 Illegally Blind presents a night of alternative indie dance fun with Soccer Mom, Hallelujah the Hills, The Guru, and Vundabar @Mid East Up 9pm 18+ $10 Long Island punks Yum-Yuckers are crashing into town with Ontarios Stuck On Planet Earth and Andrew Bisante @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Englands earliest space rock legends Hawkwind have landed on our soil again with Perhaps and Art Decade @Wilbur Theater 7:30pm $30-40 Soak up some soothing soundscape post rock tonight with Big Big Buildings, Ruby Luna, Fume Hood, and w00dy @PAs 8:30 21+ $8 Check out a stacked night of East Coast hip-hop as the crew at Leedz present Flatbush Zombies (NYC), Bodega Bamz @Mid East Down 7pm All Ages $15adv/$18dos Drink, Sing, Dance, Drag, Repeat! The Karaoke/Ferocious dance party is on! Queeraoke: Bostons Very Best Gay Night @Midway Cafe Come listen to the preaching folk of Christopher Paul Stelling, Marciana Jones, Kelsey Brown @Cantab 8pm 21+ $7 Fri Oct 11, 2013 Activism and street bands of every variety and shape will be roaming all around Somerville and Cambridge during the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands throughout @Camberville all day long for every age of person to hear and enjoy. KYLAM (Kids Like You And Me) is a Boston area blog rife with loud and snarling sounds. They apply the same curatorial philosophy to the show theyre putting on tonight as Sharks?, Earthquake Party, Fax Holiday, and Chandeliers file into the basement of @Radio 9PM 21+ $9 The Young Leaves are an indie punk and sludge-pop band from Holliston, MA They will rip for you w/ Born Without Bones, Save Ends, and Betty Nico @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Its Hippie Hour over @Midway Cafe w/ Mystical Misfits, Uncle Johnnys Band, and Friends playing music of The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and More to be used as the soundtrack to your chillin 21+ FREE 6pm Early 80s New Orleans garage punkers M.O.T.O. hit the stage with like minded late 70s Boston punkers Classic Ruins w/ Midnight Creeps, Hambone Skinny (ex- Speed Devils/ Coffin Lids) @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ Portland OR indie pop darlings The Blow return from hiatus with dreamers Love Inks @MFA 7:30pm All Ages $20/$16 with this Compass! (see coupon) Sat Oct 12, 2013 That wild noise wafting through the air? It is coming from Day 2 of the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands throughout @Camberville Sophomore Lounges latest Boston band release comes from killer Boston indie punkers: Kal Marks, throwing an amazing record release party for themselves w/ Pile, Tom Blacklung, Krill, Sneeze @Cambridge Elks Lodge 7pm Boston Hassle presents the wild rock approximations of Japans Ultra Bride (recs out on Alternative Tentacles), Bostons own (via Miami) metal fiends Acidosis, post-punk form destroying wonders Guerilla Toss, and the vernal pool where sludge and pop collide to spawn the beast known as Aykroyd @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $10 British ex-pat Dan Melchoirs at the @Cantab (basement) w/ Major Stars, The Shangri Lips 8pm 21+ $ome cost Major rock show w/ The Men, Purling Hiss, Ukiah Drag, Nice Guys @Mid East Up 9pm 18+ $12 A night of electronic experiments in noise and rhythm w/ Loud & Sad, COMOROS, Double Awake, Andrea Pensado @WSAC (Somerville) 8pm $5 All Ages DIY shows live in Gloucester!! Check it out! The Electric Ears, Ken Chambers (lead singer of the Moving Targets), Poison Ivy League, An Endless Skyline, and The Mercy Case @The Hive (Gloucester) 6:30pm $5 All Ages NY free label and creative outlet End Fence is throwing a showcase @SUBSPOT (Somerville) full of engrossing electronic music w/ Archie Pelago, kuxxan SUUM, Your Move, Create Her + Special Guest 11pm 21+ $10 Check out Native Wildlife, Do No Harm Release Show (with William James, Deathdealer, + more!) @Democracy Center 7pm All Ages $ome cost Sun Oct 13, 2013 Can you believe the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands continues today? Believe it! @Camberville Melding electronic music to folk music has been the task of the strange, supernatural pop sister duo CoCoRosie who are w/ Busdriver @Paradise 8pm 18+ $20 ADV Tampas insanely influential death metal legends Obituary have returned to Boston, w/ Strong Intention, Soul Remnants, Floods @Presidents Rock Club (Quincy) 5:30pm 16+ $23 CHILLITH SEATS! Kate Lees series Chillith Fair meets Erich Hayguns CHEAP SEATS production style for an ALL-DAY epic showcase of female/other-identified magic! w/ Casey Rocheteau and the Free Association (of America), Laurel Kirtz, Gracious Calamity and many more @Cambridge YMCA some time ALL AGES Donate The Only Things, OH THE HUMANITY, Yo Ticonderoga, and The Hideout are @OBriens 8pm 21+ $7 Happy Hollows (LA), Son of Stan (LA), and The Wrong Shapes are @Lilypad ALL AGES $8 Catch rock legends Meat Puppets w/ Enemy Plans @Brighton Music Hall 9pm 18+ $15 Mon Oct 14, 2013 A night of jangle pop rock awaits w/ Orca Orca, Week of Wonders (Seattle) , Eureka California, and Half Sour @OBriens 6pm 21+ $8 Dont you love Weirdo records!? The Series on Mondays offers up Gross (Andy Crespo on bass, Ted Lee on drums & synth, GDG on vox & guitar) @Weirdo 8pm ALL AGES $5 sugg donation Trouble In Minds heavy psych rockers Fuzz (Ty Segall is in this band) crash into Central Sq. alongside awesome scuzz rockers CCR Headcleaner, and psychedelic pop badasses CreaturoS @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 Night of the Living Deadhead presents... Oakes Brine, Gay Dad @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free Tue Oct 15, 2013 The Sion Lions, The Noise FM, and Houseguests are @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 West Coast doom metal legends St. Vitus are in town w/ The Hookers, Pallbearer, Gozu @Mid East Down 7pm 18+ $20 Lykaion Cult Productions presents: Edmonton crusty death metal band MESSIAHLATOR w/ Panzerbastard, I, Destroyer (RI) +1 TBA @Roggies 8pm $8 All Ages Wed Oct 16, 2013 The Authentic Lounge is an evening of live soul, r&b, old school jams and it happens @Midway Cafe 8pm 21+ $8 Janet Weiss other band, Quasi, is a duo with ex-husband Sam Coomes. Theyre w/ Jeffrey Lewis @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 Seattles The


Friday Nov. 8 & Saturday Nov. 9 @ The Cambridge Elks Lodge 3-11pm | All Ages $15-$20 sliding scale Lightning Bolt (RI) The Beets (NY) Prince Rama (NY) Black Dice (NY) Nate Young/Regression (MI) and more!

Moondoggies do the indie rock and sweeten it by adding pop harmonies. Rose Windows make inventive trippy pop music and are also from Seattle. Both have recently released records, on Hardly Art and Sub Pop respectively. Hear them both as they share a bill @TTs 8:30pm 18+ $10 Thu Oct 17, 2013 Trusty explorers of the entirety of the EDM spectrum, The Brain Trust, present... Phillys Space Jesus and his bass fueled, psychedelic hiphop flavored EDM jams @Mid East Down 10:30pm 18+ $10 One of Bostons very best Queer parties has been and is Queeraoke @ Midway Cafe 8pm 21+ $ome cost Montreals Sonic Avenues make the trek south to smash the lucky ones in the face with their poppy garage rock. Rhode Island garage pop fiends The Atlantic Thrills, The Legendary Rockin Prophets, and The Little Richards join them @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Tim Fain, who has collaborated with Phillip Glass and appeared in the film Black Swan, performs music by Philip Glass, Lev Zhurbin, Nico Muhly, Aaron Jay Kernis, William Bolcom, and Kevin Puts @Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 7pm 7+ $12-$27 Leedz Edutainment and Crush Boston Present NYCs Blockhead (Ninja Tune, Aesop Rock), Little People, 4LMNTZ (Elemental Productions), Uncle Bob, Eddy M @Middle East Down 9:30pm 18+ $15 Tipper Gore hates Minnesotas Impaler and now you can find out why... live! The 80s heavy metal crew returns with Crypter, Venomizer, Season of the Dead, and Frost Rot @Roggies 8pm $8 All Ages Fri Oct 18, 2013 Its Hippie Hour again w/ The Mystical Misfits, Uncle Johnnys Band, and Friends playing music of The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and More @Midway Cafe 6pm 21+ FREE The Sour Doo-Dahs Country tinged garage rockers The Sour Doo-Dahs release an EP tonight w/ Fur Purse, The Snakebites (from Seattle), and Thrust Club @Midway Cafe 8pm 21+ $8 Immigrants just released a great 7 and full length called Black Dada on La Parca. They front a night of indie hip hop w/ Porn Theater Ushers, Sarcasmo (NY), and Modern Lighting @OBriens 8pm 21+ $10 Sub Pops The Helio Sequence play some of that modern sounding pop rock and are joined by Monemena @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $18adv/$20dos WorldMusic/CRASHarts present Terakaft come to us from Sarahan Africa singing in the Tamasheq tongue and playing a beautiful, droning take on guitar rock that comes across as the hybrid of West African guitar music and Western rock and related musics that it is. Theyre @Johnny Ds 9:30pm 21+ $20 Brooklyns Joey Bada$$ head up a night of underground hip-hop sounds w/ his collaborators in Pro Era, Ab Soul, the Underachievers, Chevy Woods @ Paradise 7pm All Ages $22 New Jersey pop punks Dads, and the more abrasive weirder punk of Albanys Drug Church top a bill with Lovechild, My Fictions @Democracy Ctr 8pm All Ages $ome cost Sat Oct 19, 2013Deep Heaven Now continues with its 8th iteration w/ Guillermo Sexo, Wisconsins Brief Candles, and NYCs the Stargazer Lilies and many more @Precinct & @P.A.s today and tomorrow 5pm 21+ $10 per day Halloween 2 features Fat Creeps, Guerilla Toss, Nice Guys, and Designer. Only 4 of the citys best bands @Cambridge Elks Lodge 7pm $7 Donation Former Soul coughing singer Mike Doughty is @Paradise $20 ADV 8pm Reverse The Curse (OH), Mind Your Mother, and Sparhawks are @OBriens 8pm21+ $8 Theres a blues and rock n roll bill over @Mid East Up w/ The Silks (PVD), Three Itchies (PVD), Thick Shakes 9pm 18 $8 Heavy instrumental explorers Pelican land on Comm. Ave. to rattle the building w/ King Destroy, and Boston doom scuzzers Phantom Glue @Great Scott 9pm 21+ $15 Open Sound presents Tim Tsang/ Jane Wang in a synthesizer/string bass duo, sound and video duo Hi-Speed Coeds, the quartet called HMQ, & Jesse Kenas Collins on solo cornet @Third Life Studio 7:30pm All Ages $8 Topshelf Records artists Caravels, Ken Burns, Old Gray, and Lyra are @Roggies 8pm All Ages $ome cost The Humane Leagues Walk for the Animals begins @Democracy Center (in Harvard Square) at 11am. The walk serves to raise awareness of the Human Leagues efforts to protect and advocate for animals through public education, campaigns, and rescue. Sun Oct 20, 2013 Deep Heaven Now 8 continues its ambient psych festivities @Pnct & P.A.s Lounge 5pm 21+ $10 B.O.W. Shows and Boston Hassle present a 1 day camping show out in western MA: Guerilla Toss, Cave Bears, No Sound (Ted Lee solo), Designer, Cult & Leper, Cruise Whisp, Saga Genesis + many more are on board for whats obviously going to be a ridiculously fun night @a house (and outside a house) in Belchertown, MA 4-12pm All Ages $5-10 Sliding Scale donate See Philly junk pop gang Man Man w/ Xenia Rubinos @Paradise 8pm 18+ $17.50 ADV Dutch orchestral psych pop mastermind Jacco Gardner graces us with his presence once again. He has a brand new 7 record out on Trouble In Mind. Anna from Quilt going solo as Dawn Fauna @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 UK electronic indie duo Fuck Buttons are @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $17adv/$20dos Mon Oct 21, 2013 Let the Series take you on an unexpected journey each Monday. Tonight they host Homeshopper @Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 Donation Then catch the inimitable Night of a Living Deadhead for the murky psych fuzz of CreaturoS, Montreals dreamers the Leamers and Jam Jam (John Murphy and Fumika) @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free Lovers, Kitschenettes, Shepherdess and Miss Geo @Mid East Down for 9pm 18+ $10 Tue Oct 22, 2013 Sunny melancholic jangle pop in Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (Bar/None Records) with much-loved moody locals Krill @Mid East Down 9pm 18+ $9 Catch Ed Vallance, Blue-eyed Son, Gregory McKillop & The Slightly and Smaller Band @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Wrap yourself in the dreampop gauze of Cults with SACCO and Mood Rings @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $18adv/$20dos Or get into that dark funk early with Boston Hassles Scanners electronic night featuring Providence demon synth princess Unicorn Hard-on and local techno brick layers Construction Gang @Middlesex Wed Oct 23, 2013 Kids of all ages can get wild tonight with sunny LA pop punks Fidlar and Chicagos The Orwells @Sinclair 9pm All Ages $13adv/$15dos For some pure bred pop catch Oaklands Steel Cranes with locals Today Junior, The Ghosts of Sailors At Sea, and Idiot Genes @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Carl Eisman and friends dish out reggae, soul and R&B @Midway 9pm 21+ $5 Thu Oct 24, 2013 The Brain Trust, local purveyors of the best in EDM, presents funky downtempo DJ collective Orchard Lounge and Drunken Doja Monkey as part of their ongoing residency @Middleast Downstairs 10pm 18+ $15 Get raw with this melodic hardcore ripper featuring Holyokes The Stereo State, No Trigger, Heartsounds, and Cleve (Japan) @OBriens 8pm 21+ $10 Fun times will surely be had @PAs in Somerville with bizarro prog hogs Cult & Leper, sunglass glam Nicholas Burgess, Lady Pilot, Planet of Adventure 8:30pm 21+ 8pm Dilapidated Entreprises hosts an evening of dark, snarling metal with Floridas Gigan, Phantom Glue, Odiusembowel, Living Void @Roggies 9pm 18+ $ome cost And Bostons long running queer dance night Queeraoke gets festive @Midway 9pm 21+ $ome cost

Fri Oct 25, 2013 Catch a rare public talk with the prodigious Elvis Costello, receiving an honorary music degree @New England Conservatory (Jordan Hall) 2pm All Ages Free Ya know him, ya love him, he is the defender of free speech, ACLU Benefit. Catch this tribute to the amazing Noah Britton. Friends gather for What: A Tribute to Noah Britton @somehaus 9pm All Ages Donate Fans of the far out soundscapes should pay a visit to Somerville for a night of mind-bending experimental improv with Symptomatic (Vic and Steve), Chris Strunk, Matt Ingals, Lea Bertucci/Anthony Saunders (NYC) @WSAC 8pm All Ages $5 Get trippy @Midway in JP with The Mystical Misfits, Uncle Johnnys Band, and friends playing the greats @ 6-8pm 21+ Free Then stay for brooding tunes of veteran Thalia Zedek Band with The Franklys, You People, Elephants @Midway 9pm 21+$8 Sat Oct 26, 2013 Mix some middle eastern bellydance rhythms with downtempo grooves with Beats Antique and Random Rab @Paradise 8pm 18+ $20 adv Boston best queer dance night Dont Ask Dont Tell rolls on @Great Scott 9pm 21+ $8 Purveyors of psych pop Of Montreal return to their roots with locals Surface to Air Missive @The Mid East Down 9pm 18+ $20 And look out as Boston basement darlings Saralee come home with Iowas Giving Up @TBD Sun Oct 27, 2013 Were fast approaching that most unholy of holidays, so get in the fearful mood of crushing noise and psycho-twisted soundscapes courtesy of Humanbeast (Pvd), Rectal Hygienics, Jason Crumer, White Load, Corephallism @Radio Down 9pm 21+ $ome cost You could likewise get dark and stormy with metal lovers Dilapidated Enterprises present Wormed (Spain), Condemned (CA), Infernal Revulsion (Japan), Cognitive (NJ) & Parasitic Extirpation @Cambridge Elks Lodge 5pm All Ages $15 Those inclined to angular guitars will surely enjoy the grungy blues pop of Slothrust (NYC) with local tempo-swinging rockers Kal Marks, Crinkle Face, and Goddard @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Amherst post punk scroungers Longings and garage poppers Fleabite + others take over @Democracy Center 8pm All Ages Donate And in JP get your disco house fill with Plastiques Brian Halligan and James Derek Dwyer @Midway 9pm 21+ $5 Mon Oct 28, 2013 Dave Gross October curation of The Series @Weirdo concludes with the man himself performing avant jazz with James Coleman, along with Wes Hazard hosting comedy 8:30pm All Ages $5 Donation Down Mass Ave. @Zuzu Night of the Living Deadhead lives up to its name with local exuberant folk band Hallelujah the Hills play tribute to Monster Mash 10pm 21+ Free Sprightly pop punk Sport come to us from Lyon, France, joined by Tyler Daniel Bean, and Hit Home @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Tue Oct 29, 2013 One of the great figures in dub, the twisted Mad Professor will twist reggae into narcotic bass rhythms in this rare live performance @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $12 Toronto natives King Khan and the Shrines know how to put on a show, so shake loose with them an local dionysian garage punks The Monsieurs and Hellshovel @Brighton Music Hall 9pm 18+ $15 Traverse the astral plane with the psychedelic legend Nik Turners Space Ritual (ex Hawkwind) and German krautrock groovers Hedersleben, nicely paired with local mind-benders Ghost Box Orchestra, Moontowers @Mid East Up 8pm 21+ $10adv/$12dos Get heavy with The Proselyte, Bridesmaid (OH), Rozamov, and Olde Growth @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 Wed Oct 30, 2013 Seminal German industrial group KMFDM descend upon Boston with Chant @Paradise 9pm 18+ $23 Silky fresh synth pop duo Holy Ghost! work up a quite the dance party tonight with Midnight Magic @Sinclair 8:30pm 18+ $18adv/$20dos Get over to JP for this steaming mess of a harcore show: Old Gray, Lovechild, and beach bum punks Acidosis @JP Drive In 9pm All Ages $5-$10 sliding scale donation For some local hip-hop thats both experimental and on point, catch STL Gold (Moe Pope & Arcitype, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, Esh the Monolith, Dagha @Middle East Up 9pm 18+ $10 ($5 w/ costume) Get into a mellow vibe with your ghoulish sweetheart with the Authentic Lounge @Midway 9pm 21+ $5 One of the more idiosyncratic pop acts to find success in the 70s Sparks are the brainchild of the Maels brothers who first scored in the midst of the UKs glam rock craze, and later (with the help of Giorgio Moroder) in the disco era. Find yourself a copy of Kimono My House. @Brighton Music Hall 9pm 18+ $26 Thu Oct 31, 2013 Its Halloween, so wear your weirdest outfit and watch out for vampires as you traverse this night bursting with strange music. Tonight the Brain Trust has Thriftworks and local favs Supersillyus unleashing monstrous bass beats @Mid East Down 9pm 18+ $10adv/$15dos Eye Design always know how to throw a party, and tonights no different @Great Scott for Trick or Treat Yo Self! Lineup TBA 9pm $8 Listen to the harrowing, spine-tinglingly intense compositions of Callithumpian Consort performing music by Chaya Czernowin, Czernowin, Helmut Lachenmann, Morton Feldman, & Giacinto Scelsi @Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 7pm All Ages $27/$12 students Sissy-bounce sensation Big Freedia backs it up hard with those frenetic rhythms that drive the kids crazy @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $16adv/$18dos Youre in for fiendish sonic feast as Existence Establishment hosts Autumn Dirges, Sprettro Family, locals Theologian, Compactor, Teloahqaal and Swollen Organs @Radio Its Odd Thursdays Halloween @Lilypad in Inman with stoned rock queens Sleep Crimes, pop miesters Elephants, & Yellabird 9pm All Ages $5 Rockabilly punks The Sprained Ankles keep the undead bop blues rolling with Squallie and The Chaotix, The Radicals, and The Pity Whores and Losers Circle @OBriens 8pm 21+ $8 SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: Submit art and support materials by the 20th of each month. The show and event listings deadline is the 24th of each month.

October Concerts at the MFA

Friday October 4, 7:30pm Angel Olsen, Pillars and Tongues $13, 16
The rst price is discounted for members, seniors, and students; the second is full price.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Use the promo code CONCERT when purchasing tickets online, over the phone, or in person to receive discounted $13 tickets for Angel Olsen and $16 tickets for the Blow

Friday October 11, 7:30pm The Blow, Love Inks $16, 20

The Blow have returned. -Pitchfork

Avenue of the Arts 465 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115

by TD Sidell

issue 3 october 2013

by Angela Sawyer
The future is certain. At least it is once the abstruse oracle Nelcid X. Cirulina peers into his tiny crystal ball. Set your gaze on tomorrow and marvel at the marvels in store for us all.
In 2117, at Henry McNeal Turner High School in Atlanta, a fashion for eating small cupfuls of salted roasted coffee beans will arise among teens who generally disdain adding water to coffee. The practice will spread to the north side of greater Atlanta, where it will be considered a sign of great sophistication, but not beyond. In May of 2055, all Nevadans who make less than $27k/year will be unceremoniously led over the border into Arizonas Mt Wilson Wilderness Area and left for dead. After several allegations of cannibalism cause a mild scandal, those who survive off the land will

form a closely interbred community that communicates by grunting. The group will survive by selling clay pottery to cars that stop along Route 93. Buyers of these pots will frequently re-sell them at a large profit on a website called Canyon Scraps. 3142 will be declared a year of worldwide armistice, which will be enforced when the United Nations Army Corps travels country to country and cuts off all public access to electricity. Wealthy, devious, and especially practical people will have long since built individual electricity generating devices. In Icelandic speaking countries these devices will tend to be sewn into clothes, prompting many people to borrow electricity from each others sleeves. Sleeve touching will quickly become risqu in many large cities across the globe, causing the unlucky to be arrested for public lewdness. Beautiful youths however, will flaunt flash-tattoos on their foreheads or closed eyelids that depict sleeve touching.


In case you forgot, TD Sidell moved to NEW YORK CITY and therefore has seen many celebrities. He figured that you guys were sick of trading stories about seeing Ben Affleck Instagraming a squirrel or Kevin Lemanowicz speedwalking or whatever and that he would ENRICH YOUR LIVES with some tales of all the amazing celebs he got to see with his own eyes RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. (This list should appear monthly or until all celebrities leave New York.)


(Set of Law and Order: SVU)

I was recently an extra on Law and Order: SVU and BOY WAS IT A SAD PLACE! Being an extra is basically like being on jury duty, except that everyone thinks that by being on that jury, one day theyll get to be a judge. Either that or its people who want to take photos with everybodyeven their fellow extrasand talk to Dean Winters for ten minutes trying to figure out where they know them from. The set is this crappy old building where everything looks gross, and if I had to go there for work every day, Id be pretty irritable. Maybe thats why Mariska Hargitay was so whiny about the lateness of the salmon she ordered.

Cormac Mcloughlin

Solving a difficult theorem is one of lifes great pleasures. Just like masturbating in the laundry room. Albert Einstein

IM IN LOVE WITH YOU by Zooey Deschanels Blog

Hi! Did you know that Im in love with you? You were walking down the street with an umbrella that reminded me of a cat I once had and I fell in love with you! But dont be scared, I fall a little bit in love with every single person I meet. Every single one! Thats because there is something to be loved in every person alive, and I can see it when I stare into your eyes because I am a sentient blog that loves you. That boy who was mean to you? I love him too. I probably even love him more than you did, or ever could, because I have access to his familys collective memory and I feel their struggles and still love them very much. You cant see his abuelas weathered hands kneading cornmeal dough, but I can. Its a pity, because her rings are in scattered piles next to a stack of fresh tortillas and it might be the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. Next time try listening to the sound the wind makes through your bangs and you might better understand your boyfriends regal abuela. I love you, but Id love you the most if youd start reading maps like they were instructions to the moon and knitting sweaters for strangers and climbing trees and sleeping upside down in your bed. Make a crossword puzzle about your spirit and give it to your friend and she can solve it with her heart! Ill always love you, even if you dont skip to work or pretend youre an old timey detective for an entire day. Everyone is worthy of love, even the most boring, not cute people alive! So remember to share and grow and breathe deep and laugh and jump and show your heart and forgive yourself for all the things you are not and will never be, because Im madly in love with you! xoxo

JP, on Centre St in front of the Forbes Retirement Community building
May 2005 You were standing in front of your car making kissy noises at me. I was the one who said No thanks! loudly and kept walking. You followed me and said that you were a good man who was going to visit his mother and I was just a cold bitch who couldnt love. Let me prove you wrong.


(Set of Law and Order: SVU)

Lauren Ambrose was a guest star on the episode. Lauren Ambrose has a very cute baby. Lauren Ambrose and I looked at each other and shared a laugh. Lauren Ambrose is still very pretty.

29 Bar, Newbury Street


September 1999 You were a generic middle aged man in a suit. I was a clearly underage girl in Teva sandals drinking an Amaretto sour. That offer you madeto whisk me off to a fancy hotel in New York if I promised to be a good girl and listenIm ready now. Take me away, generic man.

(Set of Law and Order: SVU)

I really wanted to see Richard Belzer on set, partially because I used his 1988 how-to book for a project about comedy in high school. Looking at the reviews of said book, it is no surprise that today I write about celebrities in the back of a free paper for stoners and Im not an internationally famous comedian. But I also wanted to see him so I could see up close how he has managed to look almost exactly the same over the years. Is the dude some sort of vampire? Do those tinted glasses hide the milky white eyes of a some otherworldly wraith? I guess Ill never know, but I did see Ice-T in the hallway. He walked very quickly for his slight height so he escaped before I could tell him I liked him in Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Bills Bar, Lot Six Show

October 2002 Was it your backwards visor or the determined way pushed up against me that caught my eye? I cant remember. But I never got the chance to tell you: you were right. Elbowing you in the stomach was, indeed, not cool.
did acapella in college and guilted you into buying its CD asked your boyfriend to read his animal totem ohhh look at their little feet can you rly trust anyone with such little feet

Quite large Kind of blah about humans, would not need binoculars to get a good look at one Noisy Lumpish Lots of em Kind of galumph around on front flippers Most likely to be lying in a heap sunbathing on or around other sea lions People tend to be medium enthusiastic about them Eat octopus, squid, fish, etc. As best I can tell from the web cam, do a fair amount of burping Dont use tools (Compiled by

Cody Pettengill

Gilmore Tamny)

Big, but not huge Shy, avoid people, would probably need binoculars to see one Quiet Longish Not that many Rarely get on rocks/land to galumph and if they did would be more slithery Most likely to be lying on back in a bed of kelp People tend to be pop-star enthusiastic about them Eat fish, squid, abalone Presently have no information on status and/or frequency of burping Might see them banging at an abalone on stomach with a rock





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Q: How do I deal with an emotionally intense workplace?

KEIRA: If its time to go, its time to go. Chances are you cant afford to walk out tomorrow, so how to cope in the mean time? Workplace drama gets out of hand when everyone gets overly invested. Try your best to stay out of it. This sounds silly, but I once treated a tough workplace situation as an anthropological experiment. So when a routine staff meeting became an epic battle, it was easy to disconnect and act like an observer of human behavior. Get your Jane Goodall on and study how humans interpret passive-aggressive emails. If all else fails, the bathroom is sometimes a good place to hide. RYAN: Find another job and, day one, set the ground rules for how this place is going to be run. Create alliances and flirt heinously with the most sexually deprived employee there. By the time people realize the evil of your ways, youll be so high up the company totem pole, no one would be able to prove you wrong.

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by Mac Carroll
NAME Rondell Sprague Kyle Turnwell D.Y. Washington Tim Wreddywip Henderson Cupple Doug Leisten Trent Duffner Pop Hoodle Tray Funbar POSITION C DE CB LS FB QB XY 7B DB INJURY Wet Knees Too Musky Andromeda Strain Chases Waterfalls Baby Hands Dry Heaves Bad Ankle Attitude Dislocated Everything A Case of the Herps

FOOTBALLZ IS AN ONLINE RADIO SHOW BROADCASTING EVERY MONDAY AT 8:30 PM IN CONJUNCTION WITH MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. TUNE IN AT WWW.FOOTBALLZ.ORG PRACTICE STATUS Limited Did Not Participate Full Participation Coachs Decision Indiscernable Cursory Subsequent On Reserve Ready For Action GAME STATUS Out Probable Highly Unlikely Dont Go Question Everything Overbearing Dad Demands It If The Gods Allow Probable (Not!) In Denial


Q: Plaid or stripes?
KEIRA: Heres some real life stripes/plaid experience from someone who overthinks her choices and wants to be liked by everyone: I wore stripes to work the other day, and so did 4 other people. But the cool girl at work with nice lipstick told me she liked my shirt, so Im calling this one a win. I wore plaid to the Topsfield fair and a show at OBriens in an attempt to fit in. I thought choosing a purple-based plaid was really asserting my individuality, but then I said that sentence out loud to myself. Lets break out of the Fall fashion trend binary together. I did get an airbrushed shirt at the fair I am excited about. Why would I ever masturbate in the laundry room? Who are you? Marie Curie RYAN: I dont know, pick one. I like plaid. Its dense enough no one bothers to notice you. Stripes are bold and inviting. And people will want to start a conversation. Youll talk mindless banter off the batmaking some connection about whatever Yo La Tengo bullshit we all listen to nowbut its all leading towards hearing about their band. Yeah, that band. The one thats been performing in Boston for years, put out these great albums no ones noticing but theyre just making their sound and, dear God, I want to shoot myself thinking about it. Just wear plaid instead.

The Boston Hassle Brief

Recent band profiles from

Cop City/Chill Pillars

Gift Shop 7 Hozac (2013) Something is seriously askew in the world that Cop City/Chill Pillars inhabit. Their strange sound comes across as what your classic underground, shambling and off-kilter guitar pop, punk, and post-punk (think The Clean, Archers of Loaf, etc.) would sound like if played upside down, backwards, and inside out by aliens trying desperately to pass as humans but failing in the most elegant way possible. Add in touches of the most out-there psych, Devos robotic and cold yet subtly human sense of melody, the Urinals minimalist art-punk bashing, and Swell Maps British DIY post-punk and that might give you an idea of what you have in store when you drop the needle down on this excellent slab of vinyl. CC/CP have synthesized decades of only the weirdest rock n roll experiments that the underground has spat out into their own fucked-up and freaked-out mutant sound. The A-side, Gift Shop begins as a psyched-out Urinals-esque punk trip down memory lane before speeding up into an insanely catchy yet still very weird chorus, the kind that you might find on one of those great Messthetics compilations where an off-kilter sense of melody and a sense of amateur (in the best way possible) experimentation existed in literal and figurative harmony. The B-side, Brand New Neighbor Blues, while not as immediately memorable as the A-side, rewards repeat listens with its hypnotic, droney, and angular post-punk. Pick this up from the ever-reliable Hozac Records, who seem to always have their finger directly on the pulse of the coolest happenings in punk music. - Greg Witz

Keith Fullerton Whitman

Recent Lives self released (via soundcloud) (2013) Its tough not to feel the KFW love around here. Weve covered his recent excursions down memory lane and his Shelter split with Floris Van Hoof in the last year. Now, coming off the exciting announcement that he is making an appearance at the upcoming NE Underground Music Fest (!!!!), we might want to shift the focus slightly to Mr. Whitmans live illuminations. Thankfully, the man documents his performances well. His Soundcloud was recently updated to feature three Recent Lives, one of which was the highlight of PAN_ACTs Boston visit to the Goethe-Institut. All bear witness to the limits of control, the interaction between a modular system and its revealer. Whitman, in a dialogue with fellow explorer Eli Keszler, commented that the music we are hearing is essentially eternal and is made significant simply due to the fact that people are listening to it. This is all to say, go see Keith Fullerton Whitman. Sure, he might reveal a piece of the eternal rhythm that pulses through our mechanical lives. But it is a physically unique and thrilling experience. He looms, like the puppetmaster he hints at becoming, and exposes something we might never have heard otherwise. As an audience member, its a lot to take in; think of these Recent Lives as the prep work. Matthew McBride

Black Sites
Prototype EP PAN (2013) Funky wrecked techno from German DJ Helena Hauff (her solo debut ACTIO REACTIO just appeared on WERKDISCS) & fellow German producer F#X, both residents at the increasingly visible underground Hamburg club The Golden Pudel. This EP called PROTOTYPE is the first collaboration by these two under the moniker BLACK SITES. PAN just released this great example of the kind of EDM that has drawn myself and many others towards that general world of music over the last several years. Grimy, and covered in tape hiss, losing its way from the beat amidst noise filled trees, and slowly slipping away into the night. And thats just side A Prototype. Amazing what a squeaking industrial beat, and some well layered scuzzy sounds can do to get the freaks on the floor. A joy getting lost in this confusing array of blip. The other side of this 12 N313P goes further out and away from the dance floor, without ever entirely leaving it behind. Washes of synth patterns folding in upon themselves create a wild syncopated pulsating mass, throbbing along until the beat kicks in slightly more, only to relent to the wickedness of the strange laser-like synth emanations. A weird great start for BLACK SITES. Keep your eye on them. - Dan Shea

True Widow

Circumambulation Relapse Records (2013) Dallas True Widow means business. This album is crammed to the britches with sleazy, fraying guitar tone, minimalistic drumbeats and straight-facedyet-somehow-crooning vocals and the occasional slow tap of a tambourine. But by crammed I do not mean crowded. Space is at a premium for these guys, and theyre always working to create a sense of openness; when they succeed, the results are overwhelming. Even before you start listening to the album, the band is trying to pull you into that expanse the title reflects, uncannily, what the music is going to do (that is, walk around in circles). Even after the album actually starts, it forces you to listen to 20 seconds of what I can only guess are reverb springs being flicked with a mischievous finger, and so the album begins the same way it intends to carry on. But its the little things that make this album stand out as a dark, creeping masterpiece: that terrifying howl of a spinning record and toy piano at the beginning of S:H:S; the way the rhythm of the guitar sort of slips around me on HW:R; the fine balance between static and fluid background vocals that amplify that sense of space. And as LUNGR starts up with that whalehymn of feedback and stumbles into its rhythm, that sense of space creeps back into frame, starts once again to drag me down with those haunting, shifting vocal harmonies that echo like the whimper of some weary banshee. Pick up a copy on Relapse Records and let this thing sink you. Dean Antonio
On Columbus Day Weekend 2006 the first Honk! festival activated the sidewalks, parks, plazas and people of Davis Square with jubilant music that recalls the parading traditions of New Orleans, Haiti, Brazil and the Balkans. Organized by the Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band, the inaugural event gathered together bands from coast to coast to Reclaim the streets for horns, bikes and feet. An annual all-volunteer festival, Honk! exemplifies a spirit of DIY. Without amplification, admission fees, stages or staff, Honk! draws local crowds and faraway talent to dance and play in the streets. Honks spirit is contagious, where audience members return home to form their own activist street band, or occasionally a whole new festival as in Seattle, Austin and elsewhere.

Russian Tsarlag

Gagged In Boonesville Not Not Fun (2013) Providences Russian Tsarlag (alias Carlos Gonzalez) writes festering, cinematic swathes of synth pop. Indeed, with its cavernous drum machine loops, chorusy two string guitar sway, and detached mumble-singing, the title track of Gagged in Boonesville could easily score the denouement of an 80s teen movie (if, as the girl turns to kiss the boy, his face is dripping off and his voice is a tongueless choke). The entire record hovers in murky lower registers at vapid tempos, a soft but constant weight pressing down. Gonzales fixates on shifting two chord progressions like dragging footsteps, full of common tone drones, as if Heroin was written in withdrawal during the Glasgow epidemic. The record tells the sordid tale of a tenement apartment building whose residents are mentally poisoned by an ancient poster of Medusa haunting the basement, and the pace and tonal color provide the perfect setting for these inner-voice ruminations. Gagged in Boonesville is the mind in a vacuum, endlessly spiraling in on itself; the time warp separating closed eyes from sleep. But the record, despite these dark overtones, does show some warmth. The synth in This Waltz opens out like an 8-bit church organ, Gonzales leading the even chanting of an invisible congregation. The warm synth strings on Become Solid break the streak of two chord cycles (by adding a third!), a candle-lit meditation while smashed sentient electronics repeat the title mantra. The analog breaths are a welcome sonic respite, especially the tinny upright piano in The Island of Lost Souls and the flashes of found sounds at the seams of songs. Gagged in Boonesville is immediately non-threatening in its near stasis, but it slowly grows and smothers you, a sinkhole into the vastness of the earth. Stream the first track below, and then buy the LP from Not Not Fun. - Patrick Collins Is noise music? To me the answer is so obvious as to make the question itself reductionist. Maybe its worth attempting first to define music itself. The stuffy textbook definition as I was taught says that in order for a sound to be considered music, it must have: rhythm, timbre (the sound of a trumpet vs. a voice vs. a violin etc.), harmony, melody, and a beginning and an end. But to me, this simply demonstrates the disconnect between reality and certain limited (though surprisingly prevalent) academic perspectives. For example, the expectation of melody is at best totally dated and fails to anticipate the arrival of practically every innovation the 20th century has to offer, or at worst is delusionally exclusive and elitist. Thats why in 2013, with generations of sonic and conceptual revolutions to spare, a simpler, more useful way to define music is as any sound that happens over time. Inevitably John Cage has to come up at some point (like Hitler in a morality debate), because of 433, his silence piece in which a performer sits at a piano for approx. four and a half minutes without touching a single key. Most people assume the point of this piece is that theres no such thing as silence. Cage himself said as much. Read the rest of this months Feedback Loop @







John Bell, Honk! organizer and longtime contributor to Bread & Puppet Theater, described to me the death and life of parading in America: The age of the Automobile imposed a dullness, predictability, and frigidity upon what was a vibrant, thriving musical parading culture. Through Honk! new generations experiment with both a resurrection of a celebratory street life and a retooling of parading as activism. Neil Horsky

I was going to go inside this month, but I think it better instead to savor our crisp and wonderful fall into winter. Autumn is the favorite season of many New Englanders, and as long as if I had the forethought to bring an extra layer with me I would probably agree. Certainly there are many foliage offerings in the White Mountains, Western MA, Maine, Vermont and beyond, and there is no doubt that you should get out and see them if you can. For now however Im going to keep it local, so lets head to the Arnold Arboretum. The 5000 species of trees found here will begin their change in late September, and will take you on their colorful ride all the way into November. The Arboretums 265 acres offer much to explore. Cork and Birch trees along Meadow Road and at the base of Bussey Hill offer colors of yellow. Red Maples and Sugar Maples offer shades of pink, red, and purple in the maple collection between Meadow Road and Willow Path. Beeches and Oaks along Valley Road offer hues from golden to brown. Guided tours on weekend afternoons will take you through the wooded splendor of this soon to be many colored Emerald Necklace jewel. And the Orange Line will take you to the very edge of this vaunted tree sanctuary, at least as long as you take it all the way to Forest Hills. Yes, you could hang here, and be, amongst the leaved throngs. - Dan Shea

Sam Thornley

Hilary Hughes

dylan ewin


The month of the rising sine, shone star. I FEEL ALRIGHT. I FEEL ALRIGHT. I FEEL ALRIGHT. I FEEL ALRIGHT. PERPETUAL SUNBURN. Described as unwilling to decide the Libra will feel at ease under circumstance this month. Meet friends - get them to decide. Balls in your court // BASKETBALL:EMOJI. Really cute button. Maybe youll find practical uses for your left-overs. This is the perfect month for flying. Perfect month for purple.


The strong flavors youve come to learn and love, dont be surprised. Find a baby cooing. round-towners feel the security youre able to supply, often hidden via veil, a coldness. Lucky number 69 this month. Most know what that means, and where. Spooky-witch attitude may creep up nearing the 31st no surprises, here. For comfort, try ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK. Dont be afraid to let the hair out of the bun. No fun in the sun this month. Deal with it.

ryan douglass