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INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION AZWAN FARID BIN SEH 910404-02-6155 Firstly, all praises to the God Almighty for giving

me strength to complete this coursework within the specified time. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the beloved Learning and Learner lecturer, Mr. Ramesh for the priceless thoughts, helpful comments, ideas and supports throughout the coursework. Credits to my friends especially my group members Mohd Zaki Zulkafle, Mohd Taufiq Sanusi and Mohd Shafiq Affendy for the full cooperation, encouragement, realistic advice and practical help. Without them, this coursework would not be success. I am indeed grateful to have very supportive and responsible group members as they give full cooperation and involvement. Henry Ford quoted, Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. As a result, we managed to accomplish the coursework successfully. In the first part of the assignment, we have to collect ten samples of essay from the primary school consisted of both KSSR and KBSR. Hence the essay samples also made up of five modes of writing that is narrative, persuasive and blalalaalalala. This assignment was carried out in the school during our School Based Experience (SBE) Program after the midsemester break. The first task requires us to analyse the sample essay of the students that we have collected in the school. In my opinion the collection of the sample is a good experience for us to know the level of each students. For example, there is a huge For the second part of the assignment, we were assigned to produce a lesson plan and carry out a teaching and learning session in our class. The lesson will take 1 hour period and it is consist of five stages; set induction, presentation, practice, production and closure. The lesson plan focuses on the writing skills and at the same time builds other skills that involve during the lesson such as reading, listening, and speaking. Hence, we can also add language arts element into the lesson. As a future teacher, it is very important for me to know the stages of childrens cognitive development. This is because I will be the primary school teacher incoming three years. Thus, I have to be creative and resourceful in moulding the younger generation so that my students will acquire as much input as possible. Throughout this coursework, I learnt that it is not an easy task for a teacher to conduct the learning and teaching process. This is because each student is different whereby everyone is special in his/ her own way. So, teachers may need various teaching skills in handling the students. Other than just chalk and talk, teachers may use other methods such as using games or fun learning strategy in the classroom. This project of board game is somehow like a stepping stone for me as if I learn

INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION AZWAN FARID BIN SEH 910404-02-6155 by hard how to produce a board game, how to conduct with students and to analyse the effectiveness of using play in the teaching and learning process. Besides, this coursework cultivates numerous good moral values in me. I am definitely lucky as I was given the opportunity to study this subject in depth. Plus, the lecturer in charged for my class; Mr. Ramesh is undeniably professional in this particular subject. He is the one who inspires me and burn my passion towards teaching profession. She always encourages her students not to give up in studies and so in school afterwards. Now I realize how crucial the Learning and Learner subject for the teacher trainees. It would help a lot when we become teachers. This subject provides me the skill, knowledge and information about children in a whole. While completing this task, I learnt many experiences and gained new knowledge. Since this task required us to interact with students, I have to plan carefully and ensure that everything goes well. I also have to make sure that I have enough materials and references in order to carry out the board game efficiently. Thus, it teaches me that to be a good teacher; we have to be well prepared physically and mentally in any circumstances. The exposure to interact with students also helps me a lot in enhancing my self confidence. I think this would be a medium for me to buck up my presentation and communication skills. It is not easy to get the childrens attention especially when we conduct the game as if they get overly excited and amused to play. So we have to be multi-skilled and use creativity to grab their interest. To sum up, this coursework enhanced my understanding on the study of Learning and Learner subject entirely. All the new knowledge that I acquire will surely be applied in my profession as a teacher in the future. I hope I would be a great teacher that will make great changes in building the human capital for the country. As Buddha saying goes, If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.