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1. Do you know someone who is a pregnant teenager? 2. What do you think are the main causes of teenage pregnancy? 3. What do you think is the best option to reduce teenage pregnancies?

Definition: Teenage pregnancy is defined as pregnancy that occurs in women below the age of 20. It is common that at this age the girl has not completed her education and is completely dependent upon her parents thus unable to provide for the unborn child.


Teen girls are more likely to get pregnant if they have limited or no guidance from their parents. Many parents have busy lives that prevent them from providing the guidance and support that their young teenagers need to make good decisions

Teenagers who are uneducated about sex are more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy. Some teens do not fully understand the biological and emotional

aspects associated with having sex. These teens may get incorrect information from friends, videos, sitcoms and/or movies.

Teens can become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse or rape. Approximately 5 percent of all teen births are the result of a rape


Teen drinking can cause an unexpected pregnancy. Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. Drinking lowers a teen's ability to control her impulses, pregnant teens reported that although they were drinking at the time, they did not originally plan to have sex when they conceived.

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

There are various emotional effects of early pregnancy to teenagers. Confuse: They are too young and many of them have no idea about raising a child. Afraid: They think of questions like, How should I tell my parents? How will I face my classmates? or What is the best thing to do to solve this problem? They are afraid to answer, they feel scared on what will be the reactions of their parents.

There are many different kinds of teen pregnancy prevention programs. Abstinence educational programs stimulate young people to wait to have sex until marriage, or until they are mature enough to handle sexual activity and a potential pregnancy in a responsible way. Educational programs focus on teaching kids about their bodies. It also provides detailed information about birth control and how to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Counseling programs specially involve older teens, who encourage other kids to resist social pressures to have sex, such as tv shows, friends and movies. For teens that are already sexually active, this programs teach them relationship skills and give them information on how to get and successfully use contraceptives.


1. Reading the sentences below and mark with T if its true or with an F if its false Teenage pregnancies occur when women are between twenty or more than that ___ Many young girls get pregnant because their parents are too busy at working and dont pay enough attention to them ___ The incorrect information that provides TV, videos and friends can influence to an unplanned pregnant Approximately two percent of the teenage pregnancies are due to sexual abures and rapes ___ Drugs and alcohol reduce the teens ability to control their impulses ___ Pregnant teenagers feel excited on what will be the reactions of their parents ___ Educational programs can help teenagers to handle sexual activity until they are mature enough ___