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1. the following subjects combines the study of business studies EXCECPT A. commerce B. shorthand C. chemistry D. book-keeping 2. below are all importance of business studies EXCEPT A. it enable goods to transport where the are not available B. it enable customers to buy goods of there choice C. it enable the dealers and consumers to know what to produce D. sellers fighting their customers 3. Business studies is the study of A. science B. biology C. mining D. commercial activities 4. All the following examples of small office EXCEPT A. chemist store B. medicine store C. pool agent office D. banking hall 5. The following associated with large office EXCEPT A. adequate office aids B. different department with specific functions C. opportunity achieve career D. a desk with one or two drawers 6. The term office means a place where A co-ordination and clerical work is done B. government documents are store C. important business decisions are made D. meeting are held to discuss problems 7. The following are some of the functions of an office EXCEPTION of . information A. receiving B. ignoring C. recording D. processing 8The office that has an advantage of easier and better supervision is A. close office B. open office C. lock office D. opened office 9. Small office have minimum number of A. 4 B. 1 C. 3 D. 5 10. The maximum number of staff in large office is A. 10 B. 11 C. 50 D. no maximum 11. the maximum number of staff in small office is A. 10 B. 11 C. 12 D. 14 12. The minimum number of staff in large office is A. 11 B. 16 C. 19 D. 22 13there are types of office A. 3 B. 4 C. 1 D. 2 14. What one is intending to be in future is term as A. career opportunity B. carier opportunity C. curier opportunity D. camera opportunity

15. The following is one of the example of career opportunity A. to be a thief B. to be an arm robber C. to be a cheater D. to be an accountant 16. The following are all example of career opportunity EXCEPT A. banker B. engineer C. marketer D. thief 17. Business studies is importance because it teaches A. how to embezzle money B. how to steal in office C. how to keep documents D. how to fight very well 18. How many section found in an organization ? A. 3 B. 5 C. 6 D. 2 19. The general office deals with the running of the business A. yearly B. one week C. day-to-day D. one hour 20. Letter coming in an organization it is the duty of the organization to A. reject them B. receive them C. ignore them D. accept them 21. For office to sorts out the information it receive and send it to various section is term as.information A. giving B. recording C. processing D. storing 22. Activities which involves the distribution of goods from manufacturers is known as A. commerce B. computer C. trade D. purchases 23. Commerce is importance because A. it create a way that link between the manufacturers, sellers and consumers B. it create way of stealing C. it create way of fighting D. it create way of helping people 24. The act of buying and selling goods and services is called A. business studies B. commerce C. book-keeping D. trade. 25. Trade is divided into A. 4 B. 3 C. 10 D. 2 26. buying and selling of goods within the country is called A. foreign trade B. export trade C. home trade D. import trade 27. Buying goods from Maiduguri and sells in Enugu this is an example of A. home B. foreign trade C. import trade D. export 28. Home trade divided into

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D5 29Manufacturer is an example of what type of trade? A. foreign trade B. export trade C. home trade D. trade by barter 30. Trade between Ghana and Nigeria is called A. home trade B. export trade C, import trade D. foreign trade 31. Bringing in goods produce in Japan to Nigeria is called A. import B. export C. entrepot D. exporter 32. Buying goods from Germany to sell in Nigeria but later send to Ghana is term as A. entrepot B. import C. export D. entreporter 33. Foreign trade is divided into A. 3 B. 4 C. 2 D. 5 34. Sending of goods produce in Nigeria to Cameroon is an example of A. import B. entrepot C. export D. trade 35. The following are division of foreign trade EXCEPT A. export B. import C. entrepot D. retailer 36. Safe keeping of records which are important to the existence of an organization is known as A. arranging information B. processing information C. storing information D. receiving information 37. A way of writing the spoken words with signs is called A. longhand B. shorthand C. lower hand D. upper hand 38. There are..consonants A. 24 B. 25 C. 26 D. 27 39. How many vowels in shorthand A. 14 B. 16 C. 12 D. 20 40. How many diphthongs in shorthand A.6 B. 8 C. 3 D. 4 41. The first group of consonants are A. t, b, p, ch and j B. p, b, t, d, ch and j C. d, p, b, t, ch and j D. b, t, d, p, ch and j 42. The first consonant is _____ A. p B. t C. ch D. b 43. The last consonants among the first group of consonants is _____ A. t B. d C. ch D. p 44. The first six consonants are written _____ A. up ward B. down ward C. horizontal D. vertical 45. Shorthand is invented by _____ A. His Excellency Pitman B. Sir Johnson Pitman C. Sir Isaac Pitman D. Sir James Pitman 46. The first edition of shorthand was established in ____ A. 1837 B. 1838 C. 1890 D. 1818

47. When Sir Isaac Pitman died who succeeded him____ A. sir George Pitman B. Sir James Pitman C. Sir John Pitman D. Sir Joney Pitman 48. One of the advantages of shorthand is _____ A. to keep private record B. to expose private record C. to help people getting money D. to write in slow motion 49. Among the first group of consonants, which one maintains a third position? A. ch B. d C. t D. b 50. an open office could be regarded as______office A. large B. small C. department D. unit 51. Close office can be term as A. large office B. department C. facaulty D. small office 52. college administrator office is regarded as ______ office A. close B. open C. unit D. department 53. How many channels which facilitate home trade A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 54. _______ buy goods in small quantity from wholesalers A. manufacturer B. producers C. retailer D, petty traders 55. Commerce divided into A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 2 56. To ignore the use of English alphabets while writing is term as A. long hand B. shorthand C. lower hand D. long and lower hand 57. The type of document usually prepare at the end of the day activity is called A. cheque B. cash register C. debit note D. credit note 58. Supervision of input and export trade on behalf of the government is the duty of _____ A. customs B. soldiers C. police D. prison 59. Collection of information on international trade is the duty of ____ A. soldiers B. prison C. police D. customs 60. Prohibition of goods NOT to be imported is the duty of _____ A. police B. soldiers C. customs D. civil defense 61 The body responsible for collection of statistics and international trade for the ministry of commerce is _____ A. civil defense B. customs C. red cross D. soldiers 62. Return in ward affect which of the journal? A. sales day book B. purchases day book C. returns out ward D. journal 63. A written order to the bank to pay on demand is through

A. cheque B. check C. invoice D. cash 64. The difference between invoice and receipt is A. invoice contain only one item B. receipt contain two items C. invoice can contains many items while receipt normally contain only one item D. invoice is a source document while receipt is not 65 One of the following is division of commerce A. chemistry B. physics C. banking D. engineer 66. Returns out ward has relation ship with A. sales journal B. returns in ward C. journal D. purchases journal 67. Transportation is division of commerce A. true B. false C. true or false D. division of biology 68. which of the following document can be issue either on cash or credit transaction A. credit note B. debit note C. invoice D. cash register 69. A document which a seller of a product issue out when sells take place is called _____? A. credit note B. purchases order C. debit note D. invoice 70. A document sent by a seller showing under charge on the invoice is called _____ A. credit note B. debit note C. invoice D. receipt 71. A document that contain details of the sells made is called _____ A. invoice B. cheque C. cash register D. purchases order 72. Transaction in which payment is delaid until a later date is term as _____ A. cash B. credit C. register D. ledger 73. Sell journal is also called _____ A. return inward journal B. purchases journal C. returns outward journal D. sells day book 74. Purchases day book is otherwise called _____ A. purchases returns B. sells day book C. purchases journal D. returns inward 75. Returns inward is also called _____ A. returns outward B. purchases returns C. sells returns D. sells day book 76. Returns outward reduces _____ A. purchases valve B. sells valve C. debtor valve D. returns inward 77. The principle of double entry stated that, Any debit entry must have equal corresponding _____ A. debit entry B. credit C. debit / credit D. debit system 78. The first book in which we record transaction is called _____ A. journal B. sells journal C. purchases journal D. return inward journal

79. Journal is also called a book of ____ A. ledger B. original entry C. cash book D. cheque book 80. Return inward reduces _____ A. sells valve B. purchases valve C. creditor valve D. loan