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Chat with ISKCON devotee through Hare Krishna. I want to take diksha.

Gopi Gita dasi has joined the chat. Gopi Gita dasi: Hare Krishna Dhiraj Patra: hare krishna Gopi Gita dasi: That's a very good desire Dhiraj Patra: me my wife and my 5 yrs old son regularly go to ISKCON temple at Secunderbad (Hyderabad) Dhiraj Patra: though it is far but we use to go and like very much Dhiraj Patra: now my son attending summer camp there Dhiraj Patra: basically we are from bengal, india Dhiraj Patra: we are non veg and we are sakta Gopi Gita dasi: I see Dhiraj Patra: but we practice chanting in home and use very less non veg in meal Dhiraj Patra: so how we can progress to become devotee and take diksha Dhiraj Patra: what we have to do for that Gopi Gita dasi: You can chant 16 rounds at least every day Dhiraj Patra: ok Gopi Gita dasi: Follow the four regulative principles strictly Dhiraj Patra: and what about the food habit Dhiraj Patra: ok please tell Gopi Gita dasi: Just take vegetarian food and offer everything to Krishna before taking Dhiraj Patra: ok Dhiraj Patra: what are four regulative principles? Gopi Gita dasi: No meat, fish and eggs, no intoxication, no gambling and no illict sex Dhiraj Patra: ok except non veg no other things we n ever have Gopi Gita dasi: please start to be pure vegetarians now Dhiraj Patra: sure Gopi Gita dasi: That's very important for initiation Dhiraj Patra: but it may take little more time as my son is child and very much like especially fish as we are bengali Dhiraj Patra: we are trying as soon as possible to go for pure veg Gopi Gita dasi: Wonderful...yes, please do that Dhiraj Patra: another question I am a software professional and work in corporate Gopi Gita dasi: ok Dhiraj Patra: i always try to keep away from any bad thing of corporate culture including politics Dhiraj Patra: but for that i suffered a lot also as my compensation etc are less than what should be, I can't ask or bargain my price Dhiraj Patra: here it is too difficult if no impossible to follow totally spiritually in corporate Dhiraj Patra: so how i would tackle these

Dhiraj Patra: i want to remain honest and spiritual while working for corporate Dhiraj Patra: how Gopi Gita dasi: Do what you need to do in the work, and offer the result to Krishna Gopi Gita dasi: It's always good to be honest Dhiraj Patra: ok Dhiraj Patra: we always visit temples with our son Dhiraj Patra: he also likes very much on these places and now know what to do there how to worship etc Dhiraj Patra: I hope i would get inner vision from lord Krishna through all of you devotee Gopi Gita dasi: He should just do his best and pray for forgiveness for what he can't do, and for help to do what he needs to do Gopi Gita dasi: Krishna will help the sincere devotees Dhiraj Patra: ok Dhiraj Patra: Since childhood we pray for different gods and goddesses, will we have to be devotee, only for Krishna or we can worship to all gods along with lord Krishna? Gopi Gita dasi: I see Gopi Gita dasi: Just focus on Krishna Gopi Gita dasi: He is the Supreme Lord of all the other demigods Dhiraj Patra: ok Gopi Gita dasi: :) Dhiraj Patra: :) Dhiraj Patra: hare krishna mataji Gopi Gita dasi: Hare Krishna :)