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Overseas Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Supplies/Products/Equipment

RFQ # EGRA-640-01: Issue Date: May 2, 2013 Suppliers Quotation Due Date: 12:00 PM (noon) on May 6, 2013 I. PEACE CORPS POINT OF CONTACT: Name: Ted Peck Phone #: +258 21 499 082 Address: Av. Zimbabwe, Nr. 345, Maputo, Mozamique Email: DESCRIPTION OF THE SUPPLIES/SERVICES:


A. Services STATEMENT OF WORK FOR Engaging Communities to Improve Early Grade Reading through Community Libraries.

This Statement of Work (SOW) further outlines the project description and deliverables for the Community Library portion of the Engaging Communities to Improve Early Grade Reading project undertaken by Peace Corps Mozambique. The performance period for this SOW is May, 2013 through September, 2015. Project Description: In conjunction with the Engaging Communities to Improve Early Grade Reading project, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and their Counterparts will receive training and materials (including books) to establish a Community Library at their site. Up to 25 Peace Corps Volunteers and their Counterparts will be selected and these will be the 25 communities participating in the Early Grade Reading Assessment and Tutoring program. The Community Library will consist of books in Portuguese aimed towards early readers. Volunteers and their counterparts will use these books to complement the Early Grade Reading Assessment and Tutoring program and specifically will be responsible for: Finding a space for each library and keeping the books secure; Finding and training a facilitator to manage the library; Creating a library system which includes tracking and maintaining of books and establishing rules, policies, and hours of the library;

Creating on-going reading activities (e.g. story-time) to encourage engagement with the books and to promote a love of reading; Implementation and Deliverables: To implement the Community Library portion of the Engaging Communities to Improve Early Grade Reading project, Peace Corps will partner with a local organization based in Maputo, Mozambique. The selected organization will be responsible for providing training, training materials, procuring the library books for the Community Libraries, and monitoring and evaluation of the Community Library portion of the project. Specifically, the organization will be responsible for: Conducting a Training of Trainers for up to 25 volunteers and their counterparts as a part of the Peace Corps Project Design and Management (PDM) training to be held in July/August 2013. Developing a manual (in both English and Portuguese) for PCVs and their counterparts to refer to in implementing Community Libraries in their communities; Providing 150 childrens books in Portuguese for each of the 25 libraries and preparing them for shipment to the training sites (in Chimoio and Nampula). Monitoring and Evaluation of the Community Library project including site visits.

Budget: Community Library Deliverables and Administrative Costs The spreadsheet below can be used as a template to prepare a budget proposal for activities outlined in the SOW. Additional budget lines may be added if desired.
# Per Unit Library Cost Manual Development Translation Costs Printing Costs for 106 manuals (4 copies per library (25) +2 copies each for 3 PC Offices Program Coordination (including planning, training, book purchasing, M&E and administration) M&E Travel Costs in Meticais: 1 Northern Trip (Airline Travel) of 5 days: FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015

1 Southern Trip (Overland Travel) of 3 days: Library Books (for 25 libraries) Bookbags TOTAL

Supplier Quotes shall be Firm Fixed-Price. Additional costs to be paid by Peace Corps and not to be included in the budget proposal above: 1. Transportation, lodging, and per diem for up to 2 people to attend the PDM trainings in Chimoio and Nampula in July/August 2013 as well as in 2014. 2. A vehicle, petrol and driver to facilitate site visits for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation. 3. Shipment of Books to Chimoio and Nampula 4. Trunk or storage container for book storage and shipment. III. DELIVERY & REPORTING REQUIREMENTS:

Delivery Schedule: Moz 19 PCV Cohort Purchase of 150 book sets for 25 libraries Manual Development and Translation Community Library TOT Workshop (PDM) Monitoring and Evaluation Site Visits Moz 21 PCV Cohort Introduce Community Library Project at PST Review of Application and Project Goals at Re-Connect Purchase of 150 book sets for 25 libraries Update Manual (to incorporate lessons learned) Community Library TOT Workshop (PDM) Monitoring and Evaluation Site Visits Continued Monitoring and Evaluation of Program Final Reporting on Outcomes Programmatic and Financial Reporting Schedule: Peace Corps operates on a fiscal year beginning on October 1 and ending on September 30.

May 2013 May June 2013 July -- August 2013 October-- Nov 2013

Nov 2013 April 2014 April-May 2014 April June 2014 July -- August 2014 October -- Nov 2014 Jan Sept 2015 Sept-October 2015

The selected organization will provide semi-annual programmatic and financial reports to Peace Corps. These reports will be delivered prior to April 30 and October 31, in advance of Peace Corps reporting deadlines. Reports will include: Financial statements and balance sheets, demonstrating all expenditures and remaining cash on hand. A thorough description of all activities pertaining to the project and progress towards goals during the six-month period. Copies of all materials produced for the project, including training materials and manuals developed.

IV. PEACE CORPS PAYMENT TERMS Preference is given to organizations that can forward funds for project activities and then receive payment in approximately 30 days after receipt of valid/accurate invoices. However, an advance payment of funds method will also be considered, or a combination of the two. In your proposal, please indicate your preferred/required payment method. If it is a combination of advance payment and payment on invoicing, please indicate which budget lines would require advance payment and which would allow for payment on receipt of invoice, including a proposed schedule for these payments.

V. EVALUATION FACTORS: Award will be made after consideration of the following factors as marked below: _X_ Price _X_ Delivery Timeframe __ Payment Terms ___ Warranties _ _ Past Performance/Reference Checks _X_ Other (Experience with volunteer organizations such as Peace Corps) Award may be made to other than the low priced quote. The award will be made to the total quote that offers the best value in accordance with the evaluation factors. VI. INSTRUCTION TO OFFEROR/SUPPLIERS: a. Please read RFQ in its entirety including factors that will be considered in making award in Section VI. b. Return completed RFQ by due date as follows: 1) Fill in prices in Section II. 2) Unless delivery date(s) are provided, provide delivery date(s) in Section III. 3) List/state any other terms or items in Section VII not requested in the RFQ that is believed would benefit Peace Corps and would improve consideration for selection. These terms/items must not increase the prices quoted in Section B. 4) Sign and return RFQ by required due date. VII. OTHER TERMS/ITEMS OFFERED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST:

SUPPLIER AUTHORIZED REPSENTATIVE Name: _________________________ Signature: ______________________ Phone: ________________________ Position/Title: __________________________ Date: _______________________________ Email: _______________________________