Jurnal Ilmu Hukum, Jilid 7, No 3, September 2012

Status hukum anak ...(Syamhudian Noor) 30-44

STATUS HUKUM ANAK AKIBAT PEMBATALAN PERKAWINAN SEDARAH (Kajian Terhadap UU No.1 Tahun 1974 dan KHI) Syamhudian Noor Universitas Palangka Raya (MKU) e-mail: syamhudian@gmail.com Abstrak: This article discusses how is the legal status of children due to cancellation of inbreeding marriage, and how is the relationship status between them (parents and children) are reviewed from the perspective of Islam. The writer considers it’s important to study this issue because up to now the writer have not found any studies that discuss the same topic. Cases of inbreeding often happen in society, though it is considered rare. When this happens, then the husband and the wife inevitably must be divorced (difasakh) because of their damaged marriage (fasid or not eligible and does not meet the principles of marriage). However, the problem does not stop there; the problem of the children then arises. How is the legal status and the relationship status of these children, who are incidentally “victims” of their parents mistake, from this damaged marriage?. To examine this issue the writer tried to analyze the presence of the Marriage Law No.1 1974 and KHI as the executors. From there the author came to the conclusion that the legal position of the children resulted from the cancelled inbreeding marriage according to Islamic law is like "subhat child" who were born out of an aqad (marriage).These children only have a lineage relationship with their mother and their mother's family only. However, due to government regulation that mandated by the law specifically regulates the position of subhat children has not been established, then to obtain their civil rights from their father they had to go through the recognition of children from their father. But then the law excludes the recognition of children resulted from inbreeding marriage. This indicates a legal vacuum on this issue. Thus, for the sake of those children and for the sake of filling the legal vacancy before the rule of law promised in article 43 (2) is made, the writer concluded that the status of those children as a legitimate children. Kata Kunci: Status Hukum, Perkawinan Sedarah, Anak Subhat, Hukum Islam

LATAR BELAKANG MASALAH Menurut hukum Islam, perkawinan dikatakan sah apabila secara kumulatif telah memenuhi syarat dan rukunnya. Karena pada dasarnya perkawinan adalah suatu akad atau perkataan untuk menghalalkan hubungan kelamin antara laki-laki dan perempuan dalam rangka –

mewujudkan kebahagiaan hidup berkeluarga yang diliputi atas rasa cinta dengan cara yang diridai Allah SWT.1 Perkawinan dalam rangka membentuk rumah tangga sebagai salah satu unsur
Kamal Muhtar, Asas-asas Hukum Islam tentang Perkawinan (Jakarta: Bulan Bintang, 1974), h. 9.

ISSN : 2085-4757


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