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Exam Name___________________________________ 1) In writing outcomes and objectives for technology-enhanced lessons, which of the following should teachers always

consider? A) technology skills to be learned B) skills and attitudes to be learned C) teaching approaches to be used D) learning processes to be used 2) BlackBoard and WebCT A) are two examples of this Internet resource.

electronic message centers B) webpage development systems C) interactive videoconferencing systems D) course management systems 3) If a teacher wanted to demonstrate the impact of various decisions on the ecology of an environment, what would be the best software? A) problem solving B) tutorial C)


D) simulation 4) Which of the following technology-based strategies might Skinner have considered an effective way to shape learned behavior? A) using visual examples to bridge adult/expert and child/novice levels B) forming responses through multimedia rewards for good behavior C) drill and practice that gives reinforcement for correct answers D) using Internet illustrations to stimulate recall of prerequisite skills 5) What type of software could provide a structured, step-by-step review for students who did not understand the basic structure of atoms as taught in class? A) simulation B) tutorial C) ILS D) problem solving 6) Which is currently the most popular method of delivering distance learning courses? A) videoconferencing B) broadcast video C) teleconferencing

D) Internet 7) Which of the following can cause site connection failures on the Internet? A) program errors B) firewall blocks C) spam messages D) virus problems 8) Why do teachers need to develop their own rationale for using technology in education? A) Newer technologies continue to require different rationales than older ones. B) Teachers often have to persuade administrators to support technology uses. C) Parents are often opposed to their children using technology in classrooms. D) Integrating technology is time-consuming and relatively expensive to use. 9) What is one thing we have learned from the history of technology in education about the role teachers will play in the future? A) Due to technological innovations, human teachers gradually will be phased out. B) The most successful teachers are ones who integrate technology into their methods. C) To be effective, schools must keep up with new technology-based methods.

D) Despite technological innovations, human teachers will always be very important. 10) A driver education teacher might use this kind of software to let students "practice" driving before actually getting in a car. A) tutorial B) drill and practice C) problem solving D) simulation 11) Which of the following might be a kind of technology strategy based on constructivist learning models? A) Letting students write papers by word processing, rather than by hand B) Showing video-based problems that students solve through small group work C) Giving students a German language tutorial because a teacher is not available D) Identifying skill weaknesses and targeting tutorial and drill software to them 12) This is the Internet protocol that allows web pages to be displayed in a standard format. A) CGI B) HTML C) PERL

D) VRML 13) Educators who come from a vocational background and belong to the ITEA professional organization use this term to refer to uses of technology for teaching and learning. A) technology education B) educational technology C) instructional systems D) instructional technology 14) This capability is especially useful for obtaining large video files that take a long time to download. A) plug-in programs B) MPEG players C) Quicktime video D) streaming video 15) Which of the following is one of the "big issues" shaping the current and future climate of educational technology? A) Macintosh vs. Windows platform usage in schools B) web-based vs. broadcast distance learning delivery C)

cooperative vs. individualized learning strategies D) directed vs. constructivist learning strategies 16) Which software function could give students opportunities to memorize states and capitals? A) drill and practice B) problem solving C) tutorial D) simulation

1) B D 3) D C 5) B D 7) B D 9) D 10) D 11) B 12) B 13) A 14) D 15) D 16) A 8) 6) 4) 2)