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Jordan Holmes Peer Assessment:

1. The layout of the blog is accessible and appropriate, the background is relevant to the subject and the text fills up the most of the page. The tabs for the ancillary tasks are well placed and easy to find, the whole layout looks well presented and has a nice colour scheme flawless.

2. Colours are very nice and it matches the theme. The font is a nice size, easy to read on a computer screen and the colour is easily visible. It is constant throughout the blog and the headings and titles stand out in a nice subtle way thats not too overpowering.

3. The welcome post explains what the journey will include briefly. There is no name in the welcome post; the course requirements are not implemented. It could do with a little more to show what the journey will entail. And there is a spelling mistake.

4. The short film has been explained very well, with embedded examples that are clearly explained in accordance to their conventions. Could include maybe some history about short films, or how popular/unpopular they are in media institutions.

5. There are 2 examples that have been contrasted, and they have been evaluated very well in accordance to their conventions. Could do a few more to get a wider variety of short films. A few typos. Random space between Whats Virgin mean and the bullet point conventions. Try and evaluate some shorts that do not belong to the Shot film label to get a contrasting viewpoint.

6. Media journey explained. Pitching explained. Strengths have been explained for the group members, which is good. A few grammatical errors again, space before Would in brackets, question mark at the end of a statement, off not of. Here not her. Make the URL links so that we could visit the pages. Explain your group weaknesses.

7. Lots of work done here, the pros and cons of each pitch have been really well done, as well as defining the actual pit ch. The creativity and practicality of each role has been well evaluated. The whole thing flows nicely. No embedded copies of film pitches. General typos again.

8. Yes, for the magazine review task. Need to embed Mr Hoods tutorial. Place the course commissions at the start in a separate post! Didnt see it at first.

9. Yes, you have explained why it is a good program to use for the task at hand. Provide an embedded image of the software at use?

10. Yes it shows the media journey very well. 11. Yes, and it is per-fect. 13. Flawless. 14. Yes, apart from the welcome posts.