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My time being a leader_______________________________________________

My Responsibilities

Aspects of My Experience
Positive Negative

Personal growth or changes________________________________________________________

Connections to Shannens Story

Additional questions or comments from my experience


Write about a time you were a leader. Describe your role and responsibilities as a leader. You may reflect on the positive or negative aspects of being in a position of power. How did the leadership experience affect you? Did you notice any personal growth? Do you have any new questions? You may also reflect on Shannens story. Your reflections may be neatly hand-written or typed.

DUE DATES Girls Boys Friday September 20th Thursday September 19th
You must include Name Date Paragraph form (5 sentence minimum) Think about the following RAFTS ROLE AUDIENCE FORMAT TOPIC STRONG VERB Write a reflection paragraph Ms. Kondratiuk Paragraph structure with indentation Leadership Connect

Reflection Rubric
3 2 1 Fully meeting Mostly meeting Not yet meeting grade level grade level grade level expectations expectations expectations My response My response My response is I am having thoroughly adequately beginning to trouble connects connects explore the connecting leadership skills leadership skills connections leadership skills to personal to personal between to personal experiences. I experiences. I leadership skills experiences. I support my support my and personal am able to make responses with responses with experiences but one or two relevant and details. I am I am missing points but I am engaging able to clearly some ideas having trouble connections to explain my which show supporting my important ideas thinking and how deep this ideas with from the text, reasoning. I connection is. I details. I am lessons we have could spend a have some struggling to studied and little more time details to communicate personal thinking deeply support my my thoughts in a accounts. I about this topic ideas but I am way that shows obviously have a and how it missing others what I know. deep relates to that may help understanding of leadership. me to make this topic and its reflection more importance to clear. I need to overall explore leadership. leadership skills a little more. My reflection My reflection My reflection My reflection fully exceeds the fully meets the has neglected to failed to meet following following include one or the following criteria: name, criteria: name, more of the criteria: name, date, and date, and following date, and paragraph form paragraph form. criteria: name, paragraph form. and displays a date, and Room for deeper paragraph improvement. understanding form. for text forms and techniques. 4 Fully meeting expectations

Content USC 9.1 Develop informed conclusions about the importance of leadership skills . CR 9.1a View, listen to, read, comprehend, and respond to a variety of texts).

Format CC9.9b Experiment with a variety of text forms and techniques.