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General Information

Name: Celeste Jimnez Castillo Profession: Geosciences Engineering Professional Certificate No.: 7255362 Cell Phone 045 (833)183-93-84 E-mail: American VISA: Yes (Available for change address as a require)

Work Experience
PGS Mexicana S.A de C.V. Northern Alondra 3D Seismological Study, February 2010 to March 2010, Professional Practices. PGS Mexicana S.A de C.V. Furbero-Presidente Miguel Alemn -Remolino 3D Seismological Study, March 2010 to April 2010. Professional Practices. Geokinetics de Mxico Furbero-Presidente Miguel Alemn -Remolino 3D Seismological Study May 2010 to March 2011, Jr. Geophysicist. QC Activities and Field Processing: First-break Picking, Geometry Quality Control, LMO and Filters Application, Amplitudes and Frequencies Spectrum, Load and Drilling Programming Performance corresponding to Field Logistics. Field Activities: Seismograph Data Quality Control (QC) using the SQC-Pro Software (geometry, signal/noise ratio, lying evolution) and checking and QC of acquisition material from field, as well as Evaluating Shot and Receptors Recovery. Topography Work Group Supervision at Field (Source and Receiving Lines Staking) in Drilling (Well Lithologic Sampling, Test Lines Well Drilling) and Well Loading Groups; also, QC in Testing Zones and Blastmate III Particle Accelerator Monitoring. Sources and Arrangement Parameters Testing. Camp HSEQ Supervision. Geokinetics de Mxico San Luis 3D Seismological Study, November 2011 to November 2012, Jr. Processing Analyst. QC and Field Processing Activities: First-break Picking, Geometry QC, LMO and Filters Application, Slip Sweep Technique Application on Data Acquisition. Schlumberger Schulumberger Information Solutions December 2012 to August 2013. Trainee geophysicist working with Petrel platform. Interpretation and generation of geophysical models and velocity models.

Academic Studies
Professional Practices: PGS Mexicana S.A de C.V. February 2010 - April 2010. Professional Studies: Geosciences Engineering, Instituto Tecnolgico de Ciudad Madero 20052009.(average grade 8.6) Public Defense: Locality IV Field Testing in Furbero-Presidente Miguel Alemn -Remolino 3D Seismological Study and Blastmate III Particle Accelerator Application.

Extracurricular Activities
Sponsorhips and Stands Committee Collaborator 3er. Congreso Nacional de Ingeniera en Geociencias (ITCM- May 2007). Organizing Committee President of 4th. Congreso Nacional de Ingeniera en Geociencias. (ITCM-September 2009). Primer Congreso Estudiantil de Investigacin Multidisciplinaria. Speaker (UVB, Junio del 2006). XIII Congreso Nacional de Investigacin Educativa. Speaker (ITCM, October del 2006). Studio: Conceptos bsicos del procesamiento (ITCM, September 2009). XVI Congreso Internacional de Investigacin Educativa. Speaker (UAT, November 2009). Arc Gis 9.3 Basic Course (FAR 3D, February 2011). Arc Gis 10.0 Basic Course (San Luis 3D, August 2012). Technical School in Schulumberger Information Solutions Training Center, in Abingdon UK. Seismic Processing Training with Promax Platform, Bogot, Colombia from 23 to 28 August 2013. Basic Trainig Software Seismic Design MESA Version 11, 29 to 30 August 2013, Bogot, Colombia.

Courses y Conferences


Spanish (Native), English (Basic) Stratus Integrated Refractions Statics Program, Versin 2.6.0 ArcGis Versin 9.3 and ArcGis Versin 10.0. Ethos 3.3 Software de Proceso de Geokinetics. Petrel 2012.6-2013 Techlog 2013 MESA Software Seismic Design MESA Version 11 Promax Seismic Processing Platform


Areas of Interest:
Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation.