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Basic nouns

Basic adjectives


Free time activities

TV programmes

Adjectives of opinion

Life events



Verbs of movement

Environment verbs

Materials and containers


Computer games


Physical descriptions


Health problems

Things for summer camp

Holiday problems

Music: The Orchestra, Vanessa-Mae

Literature: Greek Epics, The Iliad

Science: The Universe, Our galaxy

Grammar Bank Workbook page 90

be and have got

there is / there are: some and any

subject pronouns and possessive adjectives

possessive s

Present simple

Adverbs of frequency

Verb + -ing

Present continuous

Present simple and present continuous

Present continuous for future use

Past simple: regular and irregular verbs


was / were

Past simple: questions

Past continuous: afrmative and negative

Past continuous: questions

Past simple and past continuous

will / wont

First conditional

be going to

be going to and will

Comparative and superlative adjectives

should and must

Present perfect: afrmative and negative

Present perfect: questions

a / an, some and any

Indenite pronouns

a lot of, much / many

Curriculum Extra 1 pages 9899

Curriculum Extra 2 pages 100101

Curriculum Extra 3 pages 102103

Word Bank Workbook page 110 Curriculum Extra Word Bank Workbook page 130
EA SB2 Contents 27/4/06 18:00 Page 2
Practical English
Song / Culture

In the classroom

Phone messages

Phoning a friend

Robbie Williams: Angels

Family life


Making arrangements

The Museum of Fame

At the ticket ofce

James Blunt: Youre Beautiful

Mysteries and legends

Tourist information

Asking for travel information

Information leaet


Stacie Orrico: I Promise I Will

Schools in Britain


Agreeing and disagreeing

Signs and notices

Asking for permission

Sugababes: Ugly

World of sport

Health information

Asking for and giving advice

Holiday information

Talking about preferences

Emma Bunton: Sunshine on a

Rainy Day
Wordlist Workbook page 136 Irregular verbs Workbook page 144 Pronunciation Bank Workbook page 134

A description of a typical weekend

Language point: Punctuation and

capital letters

A description of a TV programme

Language point: Giving opinions

A biography

Language point: Linking words

A ghost story

Language point: Time expressions

A poster

Language point: Apostrophes

An email

Language point: Avoiding


An interview

Language point: Order of


A class survey

Language point: Talking about


Describing a summer festival

Language point: Checking verbs

Reading and Listening

What your room says about you

Music and media

Sleeping with the Aztecs

Skills focus: Guessing meaning

TV Guide

Totally wild

Are you a TV addict?

Skills focus: Listening for gist

Young and talented

Celebrity auction

Before they were famous

Skills focus: New vocabulary

The curse of Tutankhamen

UFO sighting

Ghost tours

Skills focus: Specic information

The future of our planet

The ecology shop

The art of recycling

Skills focus: Pronouns

The lucky winners!


Tomorrows world

Skills focus: Preparing to listen

Criminals: Breaking records

Teenage crime

The murdered pop star

Skills focus: Finding opposites

Urban adventure race

The skys the limit!

A nation of couch potatoes

Skills focus: Using a dictionary

Summer camps


Midsummer magic

Skills focus: Prediction

Revision: be, have got, there is / are, Present simple and continuous, Word order, Question forms

Revision: Past simple, Past simple and past continouous, Present perfect, Question forms

Revision: First conditional, Comparative and superlative adjectives, should and must, be going to and will
Speaking and


Talking about free time

Third person -s

Describing TV programmes

Word stress

Talking about the past

Past simple: -ed endings

Talking about past events

Weak forms /w@z/, /w@(r)/

Talking about the future

ll contraction

Talking about future plans

and predictions

Sentence stress and rhythm

Talking about rules

The weak vowel /@/

Talking about past


Recognising contractions

Talking about holidays

Intonation with questions

EA SB2 Contents 27/11/06 14:56 Page 3