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Professor Najoua Hotard, President and founder of the Institute of Critical Languages and

cultural Exchange and adjunct professor of Arabic at Tulane and Loyola Universities in New
Orleans. Najoua is a native of Tunisia. She completed her graduate studies at the Ecole Normale
Superieure in Tunis, University of New Orleans, and Louisiana State University. She conducted
her doctoral research in the area of International Relations/Middle Eastern Studies and French
Literature and Business. She started the French Advanced Language and Literature of the
College Board AP program in High Need Schools (inner city of Baton Rouge) in 1993. She
Taught the College Board Advanced Placement French language and literature as well as Arabic
Honors classes at East Baton Rouge Schools. As highly qualified professional, Najoua Hotard
served her community in many capacities. She served on the committees which developed 9-12
foreign language curriculum as well as the LA State Foreign Language standards and
Benchmarks. Professor Hotard developed the Arabic language curriculum for the public school
systems in Louisiana. She served as a Diversity trainer for the EBRS system and the Office of
Strategic Initiatives at LSU. She works closely with Teach Baton Rouge Summer Institute as
Teacher Advisor, Content Seminar Leader, and co-Director. The institute trains professionals
from the community to teach in high need/inner city schools. Najoua Hotard’s work as
interpreter and translator with the Military Intelligence and U.S. Department Anti-Terrorism
Assistance Program allows her to bring community resources to students. She serves as a French
AP Reader for ETS who grades Advanced Placement French Literature essays. She presents
workshops in different school districts dealing with diversity issues in the classroom and
workplace. Her presentations in professional foreign Language organizations deal with
innovative and effective methods to teach foreign languages in general and critical languages in
particular addressing various learning styles. She has been a major advocate for equity education
program implemented by the College Board. She has been one of their speakers at the yearly
Equity Conferences. Professor Najoua Hotard was a National Endowment for the Humanities
Scholar (Writing Africa: Comparative African and European Palavers and Perspectives, summer
2004), and one of the recipients of National Geographic Grant for a project entitled "Strengths in
Diversity." Her organization, the Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange, is the
recipient of the 2008 and 2009 $99,962.00 STARTLK grant to teach critical languages to high
school students. Her goal is to recruit leaders among youth who will participate in programs
within the context of Intelligence Education.