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Oct 18, 2013


PREAMBLE: We have been trying to motivate old MMAR growers to support our program and we
frankly have no takers. My suspicion is that they simply don't know trust law, and we cannot convince anyone that all those who successfully got out of the 'under the radar trade' do so, by following a trustee's advice as to how to convert assets into being a legitimate business. [A grower who becomes a grow-op supply store is an obvious example of a trustee legitimizing a business for a client] - In fact it's almost impossible to get out of any criminal liability without going thru a trustee When trustees review my PLAN-A offer, they see minor flaws, I agree that i need to press a Pure trust first and then this will lead to needing a Pier trust [not tomorrow] because putting a Pier trust before a Pure trust is problematic [too much too soon] it's like putting the cart before the horse. As to our Oct 11th posting, our PLAN-B offers a working arrangement that is very close to PLAN-A,. Our Pure trust cannot offer a program for a wholesale distribution network; BUT it can easily protect a grower when all his crop goes thru one EDA. This EDA co-ordinates the activity of either growing all its goods or distribute a 2% ORR to a contract grower, in order to protect this grower under our trust BASIC OPENING OBSERVATION: The old MMAR growers are really getting screwed by the MMPR, and as far as i can see: The 100 [or more] new MMPR providers are also getting screwed, as bad, if not worse than the old MMAR growers. [for example] Most of these new potential participants started growing last January /February just after HC rolled out their MMPR program in December, 2012; 1. 2. That means, they were encouraged /enticed to start growing because these MMPR growers had a big enough market created when [then-IF] they brought on pharmacies [for example] 1. Since then, HC has not been willing or able to provide a real market for their goods 3. 2 to 3 crops later, these growers still can't sell their inventory, because it's accounted for, AND 1. That creates a giant liability, because what's being offered NOW, is 40 to 50% more rules /restrictions that make it hard [if not impossible] to create a viable market for any grower. 4. Virtually every new inductee to the MMPR now has a very similar big problem NAMELY: They simply cannot justify growing more crops, when there is no real customer base to sell too. 1. Personally, i think they are being set-up to fail, BECAUSE these grow contracts are done under a 'blind trust' offered by HC, who [due to the MMAR default] are not trust worthy. The reason there is no info or open descent from these MMPR growers is because they can't really go public about it; due to being stuck with so much liability, which is exactly what their cannabis inventory becomes, when they cannot deliver it to a legal market 2. [in October] HC tells them they can start selling to doctors, which are not made available and to do mail order service to only those who HC calls the most needy MMAR patients 3. Both MMAR and MMPR growers are trapped into a political /legal mess created by HC 5. As we see it. It pays for any MMPR grower to bail out of HC's program because [by definition] when HC can't deliver anything close to the original offer means HC has violated their trust. OUR OPENING OFFER TO ALL GROWERS: Our BC-MMAR trust is also a blind trust, where only a trustee can see this trust [so find a trustee] - BUT i can say what, at face value, our blind trust offers. 1. We are offering a federally sponsored Pure trust so that our trust program can be adopted in any province by regulating this activity thru provincial Co-op structures [similar to the MMPR] 2. This means any Municipality in BC [for example] can accept our offer [thru taxation] to facilitate a lawful ways and means for this City to benefit from accepting our offer to have our members' Charter rights respected, by regulating a basic standard for eligibility to access our services. 1. By accepting a City tax on entrusted goods, means this City's voters are the big winners. 3. Any City that adopts our trust agreement will actually benefit far more than just from this direct tax; it will create happy voters. AND frankly no body else is offering anything close to this fundamental overall protection that our Federal Marijuana Party EDA HEADquarters offer. Under Our BC-MMAR Pure trust, we are offering any grower that has the ways and means to finance /operate a small or large full-service dispensary; to do exactly that, by forming an EDA

ON PRESENTING WHAT A FULL SERVICE DISPENSARY CAN PROVIDE: To open a full service retail outlet requires having a head-shop with hemp fashion as a storefront, AND offer Co-op services like a dispensary, a Vapour Lounge and Remarcable Restaurant that operate discretely in the same building. AND the City will like it, because this EDA is nothing but an asset to the community, because we are paying a City sales tax, and in so doing [under trust law] the City is protected from liability As Carl Sagan said: Bold statements need bold responses, or must be dismissed: 1. So, [for example] let's refer to Marc Emery's 'BC Marijuana Party Headquarters' that operated for about a decade [or so] without even an occupational license, NOTE: All Party Headquarters operate without permits, licenses, fees or taxes for the City, [due to Sec 8 CC Territories Act]. This means no City can obstruct any Party Headquarters, because the majority in power can't force their politics onto any Party Headquarters. - As i see it, Marc Emery was caught in a Catch-22 as a political party, [at face value] he can't collect funds from Americans to fund his political activities and beliefs, in Canada.- As i see it: the crime of Election fraud makes a charge of selling seeds insignificant. So he avoided this political trap by dissolving his Party. 1. As soon as he dropped his Party status, the City slapped him with lots of City ordinances. 2. As an EDA HEADquarters, we offer a much better program, because the City is actually protected from liability by working with us [and] because of our Pure trust; this means the City can collect a sales tax on our 'entrusted goods'. This means, we will co-operate with any City in order to [for example] set the basic standards for becoming a member of our dispensary and regulate the activities of where and how many of our dispensaries operate in that City 1. We simply cannot and will not argue with any City Hall. - We are offering a truly superior program than anyone else. It's hard to refute the efficacy and flexibility we offer with how we deliver our medical platform of using entrusted nurses as resolvors in our dispensaries. 1. These local civil resolvors can adapt to, and fix, virtually any day-to-day City concerns. 2. Also, by having all these cannabis services happening inside an EDA Headquarters means this activity actually happens under federal jurisdiction, which are 'outside' the City's or province's jurisdiction. - Just like the BC Marijuana Party did originally, except we pay a City sales tax, in order to have our members' Charter rights 'to herbal medicine' respected 3. This will result in a situation [as some states are experiencing] where Cities can accept our dispensaries with just being 19-or-over as a standard of being a member [as we promote] and other Cities will not want such loose regulations [and we'll agree].because our Quadra fiduciary trust is in Essence a tool that can be used to introduce a working solution to Death Canada's mess. As we see it, if a City wants new members to have a Doctor's note to be a member, then that's better than no access, which is the case across Canada. 1. We'll simply refuse to operate under HC's standard of being nearly dead to quality, 2. In fact no one can meet HC's standards, when they refuse to set one for dispensaries 4. BY DEFINITION there is no such thing as any federal or provincial Party Headquarters that needs a basic occupational license from the City, and this applies to any Co-op business that operates in this Headquarters, because they are all [under a hardship defence]; therefore, in need of being protected by a Pure trust, because they are a business /activity that is so new that they really have no regulations; This is very valid, especially when the very function of our BC-MMAR Pure trust is for the exact purpose of regulating ourselves,

3. BOTTOM LINE: we can offer a great opportunity for especially MMAR and MMPR growers,
because we offer a ways and means to create your own dispensaries throughout 1st BC, then? 1. This EDA HEADquarters could be a simply discrete dispensary (or) it could be a big capital venture that's done in a professional way, There simply is no better offer out there.

4. When you look further into this offer, you'll see that we're going for more than cannabis rights,
We're holding the Higher ground by reclaiming our inalienable rights to be 'private individuals' under this OPPT UCC challenge. Trust law is all under UCC, and like it or not, no one can win a trust law action, without a biblical defence, especially when we're calling for a make-over Ask any cop. The only solution to this mess is a political solution, and that's what we're offering