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Limited Edition Papaya Punch (A mixture of papaya and peach) Limited Edition Glitter berry, a drink usually available around the Christmas period (cherry, grape and spice in addition to glitter) Limited edition Pear Gold

Fruitopia had rather unusual commercials despite the simplicity of the product behind them. They featured animation using imagery of fruit arrayed in colorful, spinning kaleidoscope patterns. This was accompanied by idealistic aphorisms reminiscent of hippie poetry of the 1960s, such as might be found in advertisements which ran in underground press newspapers of the period. Background music on several of the ads was provided by The Muffs, Kate Bush, and the Cocteau Twins. Ad copy would run as follows: There is a beautiful person living inside you! Please share a Raspberry Psychic Lemonade with him or her.

New fruit juice in innovative packaging

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Refreshment Republic Inc. , the newest and most dynamic and exciting beverage company in the country, recently hosted a press event to formally launch its original juice drink called Chooga.

Present are (from left) Refreshment Republic Inc.'s Jeffrey Go, vice chairman; Charlene Claire Ang Go; Ann Go, finance and administrative director; Wilson Go, chairman and president Willy Arcilla, director and head of marketing aka Chief Refreshment Officer. Chooga is made from the puree of Philippine fruits as well as from imported fruit juice and comes in five delicious flavors: Mango, Sweet Tamarind, Orange, Pineapple and Pomelo, the companys best seller. Chooga is available in 250ml packs and is sold at only P9. Compared to other juice brands, it offers higher juice content and is healthier and more nutritious. Chooga is a creative spelling of the English phrase chug-a, which means to enjoy and swallow without pausing, as in the expression Chug-a-lug, Chuga-Juice. This is what happens when a person tastes Chooga for the first time, said company chairman and president Willy Arcilla. It is the first beverage brand to utilize the Wise Pack, a patented invention designed by RRIs indefatigable founder and president, Wilson D. Go, he added. With lower-priced packaging, consumers pay more for the juiceand not the bottle. The Wise Packs are 100 percent recyclable and RRI has committed that all plastic packaging that they are able to recover after use shall be made into school chairs. RRI formally presented these school chairs during the press conference and called them, appropriately, Wise chairs.

A refreshing choice for the Middle East

If you're looking for a refreshing and healthy juice drink, you're spoilt for choice with Pfanner. The Austrian family drinks company delivers more than 75 unique tastes of healthy fruit juices and ice teas to retail and hospitality outlets. Since its inception in 1856, Pfanner has been one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of juices and ice teas in the world. Its focus on quality, taste, natural juices and great service is behind a production of more than 235 million litres per year. In its partnership with Merchant Star International, Pfanner Juice is experiencing significant distribution growth throughout the UAE. The highly popular products come from five different ranges to select from, suitable for the hotel, restaurant and cafe (HORECA) sector, hypermarkets and petrol stations. Pfanner Juice is a topseller in retail, currently stocked in large supermarkets in the region, including Union Co Op and Almaya. Merchant Star International continues to develop the position of the brand with plans for Pfanner Juice to move into the HORECA market, where it expects similar success.

If you'd like discuss how Pfanner Juice might fit into your retail or hospitality establishment, please call Merchant Star International on +971 4 252 5533 or email your enquiry .

Evolution Fresh produces a line of super-premium juices and in 2010 Evolution invested in new form of pasteurization equipment, known as Pascalization or High pressure processing (HPP). Using HPP, the bottled juice is subject to thousands of pounds of pressure, effectively wiping out any potentially pathogenic bacteria without exposing the product to heat that can damage the juices flavor, color and [5] nutritional value. In 2011, Evolution produces five types of juice with the pascalization or High Pressure Process, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemonade, Apple and Tangerine. This process now allows for a 40-day [6] [7] shelf life for fresh juice. Evolution products currently go from the tree to shelf in less than 7 days.

It is not sugar free, contains mainly spring water, only 10% fruit juice and each full sugar 200ml bottle contains 23g of sugar the equivalent of almost five teaspoonfuls. However the vast majority of Fruit Shoots sold are now of the Low Sugar variety. Fruit Shoot is not recommended for people with PKU (Phenylketonuria) where amino acids cannot be properly broken down, because the aspartame and sweeteners are a source of phenylalanine. t was available in the following flavors: Orange Grape Cherry Lemon Lemon-Lime Blueberry Raspberry Fruit Punch Root Beer


Some consumers may choose Fuze products over other drinks because they wish to avoid high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which has been tentatively linked to obesity and diabetes; the alternative sweetener used in Fuze is crystalline fructose, which is chemically distinct from HFCS, although it is produced by allowing the fructose to crystallize "from a fructose-enriched corn syrup".[14] Since crystalline fructose is about 5.0% sweeter than high-fructose corn syrup, it adds fewer calories to a sweetened food or drink compared with table sugar or HFCS,

resulting in Fuze products' lower calorie content than other bottled drinks.

Taste not waste