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Tennis Tournament In Puerto Vallarta


The ITF, a professional tennis tournament was hosted by Puerto Vallarta. The
following article is an introduction to the events that take place in Puerto Vallarta.
Also, the contenders are mentioned in order to inspire your interest. These
tournaments are a wonderful opportunity for all those who love sports and
specially tennis.

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Mahey Noor
Pino Suarez #210
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico


Who thought Puerto Vallarta does not have its share of sports? The Canto Del
Sol Resort and Tennis Club, once again played host to the ITF Futures
professional tennis tournament which was held here in Puerto Vallarta for the
second successive year.

As the year before, the ITF (International Federation of Tennis) once again, had a
five tournament swing through the beautiful Mexico. The reward for the winners
was $10,000 USD and it drew Mexican professionals as well as players from the
United States. Players from Italy, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand, Dominican
Republic, Canada, Guatemala, Switzerland and South Africa were also the
confirmed contestants in the core draw of 32.

A total number of 18 players were allotted direct entries in addition to 8 wild card
entries; out of which, some were given to the professionals of Puerto Vallarta.
The hard court surface was used to play on, for this tournament. Great things
were expected from Luigi D'Agord of Italy who had made it to the semifinals in
the last year tournament. Another player, D'Agord also made it to the semi finals,
last year but was beaten by the final winner, Marinko Matosevic. Marinko
Matosevic, according to his, Mexican run, the previous year, had moved on to the
tournaments with bigger winnings. Another seed is, Cesar Ramirez, a 19 year old
Mexican who shows great promise as a player and is also termed as the
“youngster in the Mexican pro ranks.”
The battle began on the 9th of May, with qualifying slots available. 8 players out
of, about 64 began playing, in order to be a part of the tournament. This battle
was wrapped up on May 10th. Many of the Puerto Vallarta professionals qualified
for this energetic tournament. There were about 64 players. In the two day
qualification it took three successive victories over the exhausting span of two
days to attain the main draw. However, the turn out was about 32 qualifying
The players that participated from Mexico for the main draw were Cesar
Ramirez, Carlos Palencia, who had previously won a tournament in Puerto
Vallarta and the well-liked Juan Manuel Elizondo. Manuel Elizondo was a finalist
in the earlier three tournaments that were played in Puerto Vallarta and he has
also won two pro tournaments. Also three other national players were a part of
this tournament for the first time.
The game started early in the morning and finished late in the evenings. Also a
doubles component of 16 teams was a part of this magnificent tournament. The
schedule of these matches hopefully became less taxing as the players reached
the quarterfinals, because only the best reached the semi finals.
All the interested spectators were invited since there was charge for the public.
The visitors and the sport lovers got their sport’s gear on and had a lot of fun at
the competition!

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