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elease Your
osmic Power
Michael X
- by - '
* * * *
This is an Educational and Inspir-
ational course of Study . especially
written and intended for NEW AGE In-
diViduals everywhere. The following
Seven Sections are contaihed herein:
* * * * * *
Statements in this Course are based
on Scientifie and Super-Sensory Find-
ings. No claim is made as to what
the information cited may do in any
given case and the Publishers assume
no obligation for opinions expressed
or implied herein by the author.
1961 by Futura Press
All Rights Reserved
Reprinted 1969 By
Saucerian Books
Box 2228, Clarksburg, W. Va, 26J01
Printed in the U.S.A.
THIS BOOK with urgency!
The time for mere words without any
action behind them, is past. All of
us must now go into positive ACTION.
To assist and guide you in this
present time of, turmoil and confusion
that is now gripping the masses of
Mankind on Earth, this book with its
unusual message has been written.
YOU will find in these pages a
positive new "\vay of Life
based on
the Cosmic Secret of BALANCE. This
Secret is vitally essential to you
and to your world - at this
!'f!.ANY NEW AGE KEYS to peace, pow-
er and poise in todays mixed-up world
are contained herein. All of these
ideas, suggestions and practices are
simple . yet packed with POvffiR.
This is a HO\'l TO book, for the
Time for intensely practical instruc-
tions has come ... and you are needed.
joy and freedom will be yours.
Although the masses of humanity
on the Earth will make of this planet
an Arena for their Mad Scenes . none
of the violently destructive actions
of others will be able to influence
you negatively IF you continue to
travel the NEW AGE PATH of SERVICE.
I urge you to be strong 1n your
faith that a Higher Destiny is equal-
izing the great World Karma, and that
he who serves his fellows is guided,
protected and strengthened .. a
magnificent COS!'filC LIFE, LOVE, LIGHT!
Part 1
"Chaos Ahead For The Masses!"
No question about it. The "Time of The Te't'rible
Turmoil" -- the upsetting, miserable time spoken of by
the great French Seer Nostradamus, and by the prophets
of the Holy Bible -- is now upon us.
Watch for chaotic times
to be the "order of the day"
from now on, until this Time
of Colossal Confusion passes.
You have sensed it, felt
it, realized this fact . a
deeply disturbing, chaotic
vibration is now taking hold
of the masses of mankind. In
this book I shall reveal what
is really back of this great
confusion now gripping the
world. And I shall point out
a highly effective way where-
by you can avoid, side-step ,
and by-pass the Terrible Tur-
moil and its dangers.
As I am sitting here at my type\'lriter clicking out
these words that -become sentences and and then turn into
stimulating ideas, I am thiru{ing strongly of you. You
are my New Age Companion, my trusted friend. The fact
that you are reading my ideas is proof that we are trav-
eling what we know as the UPWARD PATH together.
YOU then, are my inspiration . my purpose and my
reason for writing at all. I could just as easily be
doing something else, but that would break my contact
with you, and I've come to treasure your friendship
even thougm we may never have met each other.
My friend, we must stick together in these times.
All of us "New Age" souls are part of a tremendously
important and beloved family. We belong together. Of
that I am convinced. For it is up to us to carry the
Banner of Life, Love and Light into a world.
- 3 -
So I am going to tallt to you heart-to-heart; and
mind-to-mind and soul-tosoul in this book. And you
will soon find that we are thinking and acting one
instead of as two ihdividuals. But mark this:
It is not a weakening but a strengthenihg condition
our acting as one, because we are unifying our powers
into a greater power and it is a power that acts.
THE GOLDEN LEGION is the name given to that great
Legion of souls on earth who believe in Truth and Jus-
tice and goodness. It is a mighty power because all
of the individual members of the group are unified by
right thought, right feeling and right ACTION.
You and ,I and all the other magnificent members
of Earth's GOLDEN LEGION of awakened souls are now "on
the march!
now for the betterment of our world and ourselves. I
am not one of those fellows who believe that things
are destined to happen in just ONE HAY, and that there
is nothing we can do about it to help matters.
I believe that our ACTIONS can change a lot of
things. I believe that people like us, who are truly
dedicated to GOLDEN LEGION ACTIVITY, which is simply
activity of a practical, positive kind that uplifts
the vibrations of our fellowmen and ourselves, are en-
abled to tap Godlike powers when we REACH UP FOR THEf\1.
I am not a fatalist. We CAN make amazing changes
in ourselves and in our world if we make
up our minds to do just that, and then move together.
But let us talk plain "turkey". What is really
back of all the mass-minded riots, the inter-racial
mistrust, and the crime rise and violence today? That
is the first thing we ought to discover in order to
properly interpret this Great Turmoil that is
out" all around us in every part of the world.
WHY are dozens of opposing factions such as the
Communists, anti-Communists, anti-Catholic, anti-Pro-
testants, anti-Jew, anti-Negro and anti-white groups
arising now in every city of America? Why is there a
great CONFUSION in the minds and hearts of people all
over the world? is humanity so very bewildered?
We must know this -- the why of it all -- so that we
will understand what is taking place in this Time.
- 4 -
The explanation for the "Colossal Confusion" we
see in our world today is this: There has been a def-
inite rise in vibration in our Solar System. Planet
Earth is now-absorbing many thousands of times more
"Angstrom Units" of light than she previously did. An
Angstrom Unit is the term used by scientists to meas-
ure the length of light waves. It's a tiny unit of
length equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimeter.
A centimeter -- according to the Metric Table -- is
equal to 0.3937 inches or about 40/lOOths of an inch.
In a previous book, "YOUR PART IN THE GREAT PLAN";
we told you that the Solar System you and I live 1n is
now receivirtg a greater stimulation. We
pointed out that this stimulation is a positive one,
a form of Cosmic tight energy bombardrrient from outer
space. Its origin? A much larger sun than ours, a
Central Sun called Vela (around which our Sun and its
planets are orbiting) is sending its energy to us,
The Holy Bible speaks of a "first rain" and a
"latter rain". It does not mean, however, that Earth
is to be drenched with drops of water from
filled clouds. That kind of "rain" would not be es-
pecially noteworthy for it happens quite regularly.
No, the "first rain" really means the first rise
in vibratory stimulus that the Earth and all the other
planets in this Sun System would experience when the
Great Central Sun Vela is close enough to influence us.
This has already happened! vie are now -- all of
us -- e,;..-periencing this faster, stronger, vibration.
We have been reacting to it ever since 1960 which was
the year when the definite vibrational rise took place.
No man, no woman, no child living on Earth at this
time can resist this positive new vibration, for the
simple reason that it is
irresistible". It has a fre-
quency far above any material frequencies, hence the
Cosmic Vibrations are now affecting ALL LIFE levels
upon the Earth and elsewhere in our System.
Many, many individuals are, however, very UPSET
by this "NEW AGE" vibration they are feeling now. They
cannot understand why they should be so CONJt'USED, so
utterly "mixed-up
in all their reactions. You and I
realize that the "mass-minded" are RESISTING the Light.
- 5 -
Resistance simply means that a person wants to
cling to the old set of values -- strictly material
values which one can see; taste, touch and hang-onto
- ~ in spite of the scientific fact that Mankind
e1itire set of values IS RAPIDLY CHANGING!
Materialism -- to those who know -- is becoming
obsolete, passeJ outmoded. New Age organizations in
all parts of t h ~ world are pointing out this fact
that "the Old Ot'der passeth away" and has never com-
pletely satisfied us even at its best. Not that we
desire or need to turn our backs on the comforts and
conveniences of the modern way of life No. But in
order to live up to the increased demands of a step-
ped-up vibratory environment, what must we do?
Drop all that is negative. All that contracts,
restricts, limits you or me or any man; .must GO "The
only sin," said Emerson, "is limitation''.
Life, Love and Light are the three great positives
that are to be accented from now on. But the masses
of humanity do not yet realize this. They have been
held back for "lo, these many years" by what? Is it
not the organized !'Forces of Negative" on our planet?
YES! The "Forces of Negative
are no mystery if
we once define who and what they are. The best way I
know to do this is by contrasting them with the Forces
of Light. Then we can see the basic difference.
Darkness (Ignorance)
Light (Understanding)
Nov; you will at once see that the nNegatives
opposite conditions whi ch manifest whenever and where-
ever the "Positives" are lacking. We call the Forces
of Positive the ''Christ System
and the "Negatives"
make up what we know as the "anti-Christ System".
The "Anti-Christ System" is built upon the false
notion that man is
nothing but a hound-dog" -- a well
developed animal. So why not keep people chained in
Darkness, hating each other and killing each other?
The "Money-Changers '' have found this "System
- 6 -
out most profitably for them, and the greedier they
get for money the more Ignorance, Hatred and Death
they cause in the world. ~ l l i a t a systeml
Christ System
on the other hand, is not at
all based on greed for mere dollars. Instead it is
Its goal is to free men and women into a greater
awareness of Life, Love and Light and all the other
Positives which automatically follow these basic three.
You are not looked upon as a
super-animal" under the
"Christ System". You are recognized as being a spir-
itual expression of God the Creator, and as such are
entitled to your freedom to travel the UPWARD PATH.
Now here is the important point. Both of these
two world-wide systems, the "Christ-System" and the
"Anti-Christ System
are now being intensely stimu-
lated by the influx of Cosmic Light from outer space.
This Light -- or ultra-high frequency vibration --
is no respecter of persons. Like rain, it fallsupon
the just and the unjust alike.
It -- the Cosmic vibration from Vela -- augments
or increases the negative or
vibrations in hu-
manity even as it stimulates and increases the posi-
tive or "good
vibrations in people every-\'lhere. The
first rain" therefore, has stirred up the evil as
\'well as the good qualities in human beings. This is
the reason, then, for the MASS CONFUSION, RIOTING and
VIOLENCE that has suddenly
let loose
in the world.
This is the reason why we may expect more CHAOS
ahead for the masses of humanity who are under the
iron grip of the "worn and weary" Anti-Christ System
but who are not yet strong enough to rise UP and OUT
of it. Under the Cosmic Plan now in action in our
Solar System, many shall be assisted to avoid all that
is now upsetting the unwary.
Your GOLDEN KEYS to use now are three: (1) Balance,
(2) Positivity (3) Love. I shall explain how to use
each of these keys, as we advance page by page. God's
unqualified promise and
guarantee" is this . that no
harm will come upon you, no confusion will enter your
consciousness, no violence will beset your path now or
in days to come IF you will use these keys.
Part 2
"How Is Your Cosmic Balance?"
We have stated that the first GOLDEN KEY to the
actual achieving of peace, power and poise during the
Time of the Terrible Turmoil on earth is BALANCE. In
this chapter my purpose will be to acquaint you with
a most important discovery
2 pertaining to the human body.
It has long been a com-
mon otservation by photographers
that many of the people who
have their picture taken are
not in physical "balance".
For instance, one eye is quite
often higher than the other
eye, that is, not "level" with
the other eye. Frequently a
leg is shorter than the other
leg or one shoulder higher than
the other This is
a common complaint of tailors.
When the physical body is
carefully measured, it is of-
ten found that one arm meas-
ures actually much longer than
the other arm, or one leg longer than the other leg.
Sometimes there is a variance of several inches between
the length of the limbs. Why is this so?
Because the physical human body is not at all as
or as "static" as it appears to be. No matter
how mueh of a
you might be physically,
your body will -- within certain limits -- shrink or ex-
pand instantly depending upon how much or how little the
amount of Cosmic Life Fo-rce or Cosmic Electricity is
permitted to enter into it.
What I am saying is that your physical body is
designed by God and Nature to use Cosmic Electricity
for its motive force. Every time you take a breath of
air your right nostril extracts positive electrons out
of that air, and the left nostril extracts negative
- 8 -
electrons. This is Cosmic Electricity. Before it is
sent into all parts of the body, the "c.E.'' has to
pass through the
in your brain. It is
the purpose of this Life-Switch to send a BALANCED
SUPPLY of Cosmic Electricity through your body. If
the Life-Switch is not cramped, it sends an equal
amount of current into both sides of your body.
BUT if that little Life-Switch -- which is actu-
ally the Pituitary Gland -- if it is cramped or depres-
sed in any way, it tends to twist. wben twisted, the
Life-Switch is unable to send a balanced current into
the body. One side of the body -- right or left, depen-
ding on how the Life-Switch was cramped, gets a much
reduced supply of electricity. This immediately has a
detrimental effect on that particular side of the body,
shortening that side considerably.
Naturally, that is not good. }Jhenever the body
is allowed to get out of electrical balance we can be
sure that the physical body will show distortion.
But that is not the half of it. Body and
always "rise and fall'' together. He have found that
much of what we consider
evil'' and
negati ve
destructi ve" in this world is caused by people \.Yho
have gotten out of
electrical balance" and remained
that way so long their acts became negative . evil.
Fortunately for you and me and all humanity, the
principle also works the other way. \'!hen people who
have been "out of balance" for years are taught the
COSHIC BALANCE SECRET and become able to balance them-
selves, they speedily
eliminate the negative" and be- .
gin to make great strides toward constructive living. ::::::::.
::f::;;>.. THIS, in fact, is the one great HOPE of the world
and mankind today. All men must discover BALANCE and
::;::: \;. when they do we shall have the Milleniurn of Peace. ::::?:./t
\::t\ Perhaps the greatest revelation in regard to the ':'.:::::::
positive need for human balancing today is this: God
made men in a perfect mould, electrically balanced in
negative and positive. IF that mould is kept in per-
fect condition -- balanced -- then all that comes forth
from it will be perfect and good. But if we let that
balanced would become unbalanced, all that comes forth
from it in the way of forms, ideas and acts is bound
- 9 -
to be "out of harmony", "destructive" and "negative".
Before I ask you the big question (How is your
Cosmic Balance) it is necessary that I explain how we
--all of us in. the human race -- can ~ n d do get out
of electrical balance and how we can avoid doing so.
1. Negative Emotions. All negative emotions, par-
ticularly hate and fear, cause the brain-case or cran-
ium to tighten and contract upon itself. This causes
the Life-Switch (Pituitary) to be cramped and low and
twisting. This is one *ood reason why you should have
nothing to do with the 'Merchants of Hate" who Will be
especially active in the Great TUrmoil now begirlning.
Even if you don't join them, refusing to have any part
of their hate mongering they are still dangerous to
you and me. Their hate vibrations are filling the e-
thers of space and the negative vibrations can affect
us detrimentally if we are not in balance.
2. More activity of one side of the body. Most
of us use the right hand oftener than the left. The
"Balance technique" practiced often, can equalize you.
3. Shaking hands. ~ 1 h e n two right hands meet, the
result is harmful to both parties. This is true be-
causethe right side of the human body is positive and
the left side negative, electrically speaking. Imag-
ine what a CLASH occurs when the positive electrons
of your right hand contact the positive electrons of
my right hand. We are both
Shorted out" on the right.
Instead of the CLASH method, let us use the NEW
AGE handshake. \fuen you meet a person and wish to
shake hands, reach out with your right hand as usual
but just before your hands meet gently grasp his right
hand close to the wrist with your LEFT hand. Then shake
with right hands but lceep your left hand on his wrist.
Release your right hand first when greeting is over.
TO CHECK yourself now for Cosmic Balance, place
your hands together (See Diagram 2), making sure that
the lines at the base of your palms are lined up per-
fectly even with one another. No\'l put the hands to-
gether as if you were praying, and test to see whether
one hand is shorter than the other. If so, you are
out of balance
If both hands match in length, you
are in good "Cosmic Balance:r.
ooooo- 10 -ooooo
Part 3
"The t.:osmic Balance Secret"
There is a simple, but highly effective Secret
that you should know about at this time. We call it,
for want of a better name, "The Cosmic Balance Secret"
. . . Once have learned
.... .-:: :..: this Secret, you
11 be
.. .. ..-- ..-:-:::::;..: ... .0 to re-balance yourself in a
.. ... :-:.::::-........ __ _.... . matter of seccnds. By that
:. '.l I I V
.. - ....... ..... .. ........... ,. .... .. ... ..... .... . ...... ' t
:\{{{:\ o.:.:..... }Jfr.j:: . .,f .: . balance" simply by using
.. :::::::::::::::: .............. ::< .. ,. .. : :-;, .. .-: this Cosmic Balance Secret
,,, -=-
t h; AGE"
J sahnackeed
u to make use of the Secret.
Of course, I have mentioned briefly some of the good
effects you may expect from this technique, but I now
wish to assure you that it is a simple and safe pro-
cedure. It is not the least dangerous. On the other
hand, the good results are worth "shouting" about.
First of all, you have "checked" yourself by put-
ting the two hands together so that the line on your
right wrist (at bottom of the palm) exactly matches
the natural groove or line on your left wrist. If you
found one hand was slightly shorter than the other, it
indicates "electrical imbalance" of the body.
What did you find? Were you "in" or "out" of bal-
ance? If you are one of the extremely few persons in
the world who happen to be "in balance"--good1 BUt in
order for you to learn the wonderful technique of re-
balancing yourself, it will be necessary for you to
let yourself get "out of balance" for a few moments.
Only by first being out of balance, will you be
able to see how easily and quickly the Cosmic Balance
Secret works wnen you put it to the "test". So if you
are certain that you are nin balance" all you need do
- 11 -
to throw yourself out of balance is to shake hands
with somebody in the usual way (right to right). Be
sure you don't use the NEW AGE handshake for this ex-
periment. Simply shake right hand with your
right hand as vigorously as you wish.
After doing that, check yourself for balance
again by placing your two hands together in praying
position with wrist lines matching. You will now dis-
cover that your right hand is not as long as the left
hand. Shaking hands right to right has "shorted you
electrically" on the right side of the body. If per-
formed just as directed, this experiment is proof or
how easy it is to "short-circuit" the body, causing
it to become perceptibly "crooked" instead of straight.
You know how politicians are forever shaking the
hands of the good people whom they hope will re-elect
them? Why, I've seen some of those politicians shake
hands with several hundred persons at the end of their
political rallys. Imagine, my friend, how . "crooked"
those politicians must be by the end of the meeting!
All right. You are now ready to learn all about
the "Secret" and put it into practice at once. Here
is what I am going to ask you to do.
Step 1. Stand or sit relaxed, face looking di-
rectly ahead of you.
Step 2. Open your mouth slowly as wide as you
comfortably can, in a big "make-believe
ymm. If you
wish to cover the mouth with palm of one hand you may
do so. It does not matter which hand you use.
Step 3 While mouth is still open wide, lift your
eyes upward as high as you comfortably can, as though
you were
lifting up your eyes to the mountains, from
whence cometh your help " . Try to feel an expansion of
your forehead above the eyes as you do this. Do not,
however, let the head tilt back. Keep your head level,
with face pointing straight ahead. Hold this position
for 6 seconds, then close mouth, lower eyes to normal
and relax.
You have just performed the "Cosmic J3alance Sec-
ret" and are now numbered among "those who know". I
shall have more to say a bit later as to your vital
- 12 -
role in our great cause -- helping the whole world of
humanity to know and use this Secret -- but right now
the important thing to see is how successful you were
in re-balancing your body. At this point, please
check yourself for balance in the customary way. How
did you do? Are both hands now the same length?
Excellent! Good work! Nine out of ten persons
are able to put themselves into perfect balance the
very first time they try the Cosmic Balance Secret. I
trust you have been successful also. If not, practice
the three steps again until you notice the desired re-
sults. Also, remember that the real "secret" of this
method is to bring about a sufficient "expansionfl of
the cranium, especially the forehead area.
This expansion -- gentle as it may be -- is very
beneficial because it instantly allows more room, more
space for the brain and for the little Life-Switch --
Pituitary -- to function. When the skull is cramped,
the Life-Switch is also cramped. Practice of the Cos-
mic Balance Secret acts to "uncrampn the skull bones
and this releases the Life-Switch into freer action.
As you lift your eyes upward "to the high hills
you are lifting the cranial bones which in turn lift
up the Pituitary Gland, freeing it from its tension
and twisted position. It then instantly "untwists
from abnormal cramped position to normal uncramped po-
s i t ~ i o n . It is then able to send a perfectly balanced
supply of electrical current into right, middle, and
left sides of the physical body aligning every cell
perfectly from the top of your head to the tips of
your toes. All this in a matter of seconds.
Now I have a little story to tell you. It's a
true story, and will give you something of the back-
ground of the COSMIC BALANCE SECRET so you will know
how the idea came into being and where it started.
Many years ago in a little red schoolhouse, a
wise and kindly teacher was giving a talk to the grad-
uation class of very eager, very young students.
''Some of you," said the teacher, "will go out in-
to the world and become skilled workers, such as Car-
penters, Machinists, Auto Mechanics, Draftsmen, Sten-
ographers, Secretaries and craftsme.n of all kinds.
- 13 -
"And some of you will become professional people
such as doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, a c t o ~ s A
and other professions of your particular choice. You
might even decide to follow my vocation and become a
teacher." At this point she smiled broadly.
"All of those vocations and skillful services are
needed by humanity and are good, worthy and important
pursuits for you to follow in life," she said.
"But there will be a few of you who will go one
step beyond those things by discovering some principle
-- some universal secret -- that will BLESS THE WHOLE
I do not know how many children in the class that
day were impressed enough by the teacher's words to
really take them seriously in the years that followed.
One little boy, however, was impressed. He never for-
got the teacher's prediction that "a few will hit upon
something that will bring BLESSINGS to the whole world".
The little boy grew uo and became a Doctor. But
in spite of all the good he did in
mending the broken
bodies" that carne to him for help, he was not entirely
happy nor satisfied. He had not yet found the SECRET.
Then one fine day the "Father of All Blessings" --
whom we call God -- revealed the Cosmic Balance Secret
to the Doctor in our story. In case you haven't al-
ready guessed, that Doctor is the very one I refer to
as "Dr. c" in a previous book: Venusian Health Magic.
No amount of money or material wealth could ever
Dr. en for the health, happiness and joy that
his COSMIC BALANCE SECRET has already brought about,
and ..... will continue to bring about in the world.
We can, however, give him full credit for the dis-
covery of the Secret, which is blessing us right now.
When I first learned the Secret from "Dr. C", I learned
at the same time that he wanted me to teach it to others
so that all humanity might be blessed also.
I have taught the Cosmic Balance Secret to you be-
cause I wanted to share this blessing with you, that
you may be fully equipped with the positive means of
coming safely through the Great Turmoil of the World.
After the lecture, a young man -- a student in
the local College -- came up to me with a question.
"I was interested," he said, "in your story of
how you assisted the little dog by raising his Life-
Switch at a distance. It seems to me that if you
could do that for animals you could also do it for
humans, and so help them, right?"
I admitted, "It is possible for any
awakened individual to do for himself or others the
same thing that was done for the dog IF one knows
how to do it and is motivated by a Cosmic Love."
"You may balance me," the young man said, "but
only on one condition. That is, that I will not lose
anything in the process. That I will retain my indiv-
iduality! I cannot afford to lose that!"
I at once reassured the student that he would
lose nothing by being balanced, that his personality
and individuality would express itself better in a
balanced body. Upon learning this he was pleased.
I then showed him how he could determine whether
his body was balanced or out of balance. Upon check-
ing, he found himself shorter on his right side. The
right arm, when compared with the left, was more than
one inch shorter in length.
Rather than have him rely or depend upon me or
anyone else to "balance" him, I taught him how to bal-
ance himself .. and within seconds he had grasped the
technique -- the Cosmic Balance Secret -- ru1d put it
to work bringing himself into perfect balance.
The "Mental Technique" which Violet and I used
to assist the little dog, is one of the advanced les-
sons in re-balancing others. It should not be tried
until you have first mastered the Self-Balancing prac-
tice. This comes first and is basic. It is of little
use to attempt something on a mental level until one
is able to perform a physical exercise well enough to
bring about perfect balance within himself.
By the way, both techniques -- mental and physic-
al -- accomplish the very sane result, which is the
expanding of the temporal bones in the cranium . so
- 16 -
that the Pituitary Gland (the Life-Switch) has more
space in which to "uncramp
itself and restore normal
physical balance in the body.
Here is a variation of the Cosmic Balance Secret
which you should know about:
Step 1. Sit or stand in relaxed position, with
face looking straight in front of you.
Step 2. Place your hands together (like two
platesr-fn-front of chest, fingers pointing forward.
Step 3 Now press your hands together as tightly
as you-cari; resisting one hand against the other firmly.
Step 4. While pressing both hands tightly togeth-
er, 1rrr-your eyes upward as high as you can. (Eyes only,
not the head.) Hold this position for 5 seconds, then
lower eyes and relax yourself. Do not hold the breath.
If you did this correctly, you noticed a feeling
of expansion in the area of the forehead above the eyes.
That gentle expansion releases the "kinks
and tension
in the Life-Switch and gives it more space.
Simple as this Balance Technique may appear, it
should not be under-estimated as to its virtues and
beneficial effects which are exceedingly marvelous.
The method ypu are now learning required many thous-
ands of hours -- years in fact -- to refine and sim-
plify so that any human being could use it easily.
When you keep yourself "in balance" continually,
hour by hour, day by day all through the years, you'll
experience for yourself the "proof of the pudding
have listed some of the observable effects you may ex-
pect to realize in your life when you put the Cosmic
Balance Secret to work for you every day. ~ v e , of course,
understand that other factors must not be neglected, if
we truly want to be good examples of a NEW ERA.
First of all comes (1) Balance, then (2) Physical
purification, (3) Vital Food, (4) Moderate Exercise,
(5) Fresh Air, (6) Sunshine, (7) A tranquil mind.
How would you like to improve your "good looks"
and hold back the hands of Old Father Time, to the
- 17 -
extent that your family and friends are constantly
amazed by your youthfulness and natural pep? I'm sure
that youJ being intelligent, are as interested in that
desirable condition as I am. Well, let me assure you
that the COSMIC BALANCE SECRET is the one biggest step
in "turning back the clock".
Let's take a look at the following list;:
1. A Straight Body
1. A Crooked body
2. Ease and wellbeing 2. Dis-Ease & Discomfort
Expanded cranium
Cramped Cranium
4. A Clear mind
4. A Muddled mind
Positive thinking
Negative thinking
6. Positive emotions
6. Negative emotions
8. Dynamic Power
8. Weakness
Retarded Aging
Rapid Aging
10. Self-Confidence
10. Timidity
Given a free choice, which conditions would you
choose for yourself and your loved ones? Ahl -- you say
you prefer the good effects of balance? That is splendid
and of course you know you must stand by your choice and
that means you must use the BALANCE SECRET daily.
Recently I stopped in to visit with a machinist
friend of mine and was deeply impressed by something he
told me. He pointed out to me that all good machinists
take extra special pains to make sure that the precis-
ion machines they intend to use are "on the level" when
installed in the shop. If the machines are not setting
perfectly level on the floor they soon begin to
so much that they are quickly worn out.
The faster the machine runs, the faster it wears
itself out -- if it is not level or "balanced". This
idea also applies to human beings. We know that the
universal law of Equilibrium (Balance) is vitally im-
portant to all of us NEW AGE people now, because of two
things: (1) The stepped-up cosmic vibration that be-
gan in 1960 and will gradually increase, and (2) The
Great Turmoil of clashing mental cross-currents in all
parts of the world today. cannot afford to let these
"mass-minded" vibrations throw us "off-center"!
Part 5
"Each One Reach One
-- NOW
So vital is the COSMIC BALANCE SECRET to the prog-
ress and harmony of the whole world, it cannot be kept
a secret any longer. This is where you enter the pic-
ture in a most IMPORTANT way. How? Like this:
As soon as you master the
technique of "self-balancing"
pass the secret on freely to
one other person within seven
~ from the day you yourself
learned how to do it.
This simple "chain-reac-
plan of spreading high-
ly important NEW AGE knowledge
has already been started by
myself and others in dozens
of NEW AGE groups all over the
country. Nobody on earth can
stop it now. It is sweeping
like wildfire from one
awakened" individual to another
and cannot possibly be halted until all those who are
intended by the Creator to know the SECRET have eeen
told a'h>out it. No "Anti-Christ" force can stop it.
EACH ONE REACH ONE -- NOW! That is my objective
and yours. I am acting under
higher orders'' to pass
the SECRET along to you, WHY? Because this knowledge
is needed by all awakened mankind -- now -- in order
that we may set the world stage for A GLORIOUS LIFE in
which is no disease or death, in the millenium that is
just ahead. Will you march with us my friend, towards
the magnificent GOLDEN SUNRISE we are all heading for?
1 II
'Is it permissible for me to teach more than one?
you are wondering. The answer: YES! The more you
feel impelled to instruct regarding the COSMIC BALANCE
SECRET the sooner we will all be enjoying a healthier,
happier and nobler LIFE here on this planet.
BUT please use your best judgment! I do not
want you to rush out and tell the secret to someone
- 19 -
who is not open-minded to NEW AGE ideas. You want to
reach some sincere soul who will listen to you, not
LAUGH at you. No matter what you are attempting to
do, if you "cast your pearls--" you know the rest of
that story. You must not run the risk of having people
SOUR you on the whole idea by laughing at it.
This SECRET is, after all, a sacred thing. We
who have been given this priceless information about
the "Life-Switch" and the Balance Law are convinced
that the whole tremendous question of vrnY YOU LIVE
and WHY YOU DIE is wrapped up in it. It is, at the
very least, the best answer that exists right now.
So use your very best judgment in deciding whom
you will reveal the Secret to. Sometimes a complete
stranger is more sympathetic and appreciative of our
ideas than are members of our own family. However, I
am leaving it up to you and your "intuition" to choose
the ones you will tell.
Here then, is what you are to do:
1. LEARN the Cosmic Balance Secret yourself. Be
able to demonstrate it easily and smoothly, at any
time you may be required to do so. Practice the secret
immediately upon arising each morning. It is a good
idea also to practice it once every afternoon.
2. TEACH the Cosmic Balance Secret to another
person within SEVEN days (7 days) after learning it
yourself. In teaching others, simply go through the
actual motions yourself and have the friend or student
imitate what you are doing. It is not necessary for
you to touch the other person in order to instruct
him successfully in the use of the SECRET. It is leg-
ally wise, in fact, to make a special effort NOT to
touch your student when -teaching this technique.
I once read a statement made by The famous artist
Bob Ripley of "Believe It Or Not" fame. Suppose you
tell some person a "Secret
and ask him to tell another
person that same secret right away. On that basis of
each one telling the secret to another one, and assum-
ing there is no break in the chain your "secret"
would travel all around the world in seven days! That
-- according to Ripley -- is a FACT,
believe it or
not!" Well, Bob, we DO BELIEVE IT!
- 20 -
That's why we've got thiS COSMIC BALANCE SECRET
started on its way around the world by the "person-to-
person" chain-reaction system! And -- to prevent a
failure somewhere along the line -- we've started a
great number of "chains", thousands of that
even if there is a "break" in one or more chains, we
know that at least ONE will NOT BREAK. It will carry
this supremely vital NEW AGE knowledge to all people.
YOU, my friend, are the head of one of these all-
important person-to-person chains. Perhaps the chain
you start will be the one that spreads out through all
the world, helping countless numbers of human beings.
I hope it is. And here is a helpful suggestion:
3. EXTRACT a promise from the one who learns the
Secret from you, that he or she will in turn pass it
on to one (or more) others within seven (7) days. Once
you secure a heart-felt promise from another, it is a
pretty good sign that he will do what he says.
Why the SEVEN DAY limit? That. is to motivate in-
dividuals into positive and definite ACTION. We can
write and talk all we like about the "Secret", but un-
less we go into real action and actually demonstrate
to others HOW TO DO IT, .. ???
EACH ONE REACH ONE -- NOW. This is your test, as
it is mine. If we, because of insincerity or laeR of
courageous daring for the "Cause"-- FAIL in this little
test -- the door to our own greater good and the hap-
piness of all mankind -- may close, not to be reopened
by some of us during this crucial Time.
Neither words nor excuses can really make up for
things we fail to do while we are here. It is like
the case of the absent-minded carpenter who showed up
on the job without his hammer and as a result the house
did not go up that day.
On the other hand, by going into action at once
for the Cause of World Balance and you will
be assisting the Forces cf Light in a wonderful way.
Certain "Karmic Debts" you might now have hanging over
you will be
written off" as paid in full. This is the
time for clearing the Karmic records, and though there
are other deeds we shall perform before we reach the
GOLDEN SUNRISE, this action is BASIC.
Part 6
liYour Cosmic Power Program
In this chapter of our book I am going to give
you a Program for increasing your supply of Cosmic Pow-
er, so that your power for GOOD- will steadily increase.
I have found from loqg
experience, that a d e f i n i ~ e
and practical Program is an
absolute MUST for individuals
who really want to make rapid,
positive progress on THE PATH.
Your Cosmic Power Program
is very important to you, be-
cause it organizes your body,
mind and soul for a specific
purpose. It points out to you
what your purpose really i s ~
then outlines the steps that
ought to be followed in order
for you to accomplish that purpose in a positive way.
This, then, is a Program designed for a Purpose.
Your Purpose -- and it's an Eternal Purpose -- is
to think, feel and act for the highest good of the Cos-
mic Uhiverse and all of the living beings within it.
That is your "Cosmic Viewpoint
, the attitude you
need to have and hold if you desire to live into the
Golden Age of Peace, Power and Plenty on this earth.
Cosmic Power -- and I shall define this term in a sim-
ple way very shortly -- will flow into you and through
you to bless the whole Universe only when you SEE the
Eternal Purpose in your life.
Your greatest strength lies in your purpose. If
you see and know your purpose, your objective, you are
going to succeed in realizing your spiritual destiny.
Seeing your purpose gives you a powerful incentive to
move in the desired direction. When you do that, you
will see positive results and that will release your
enthusiasm and you will continue making progress.
No purpose equals no action. No action equals failure.
- 22 -
Now letrs define "Cosmic Power". If we are going
to "release our Cosmic Power" we have to know clearly
what we mean by that term, and then we have to know
how best to accumulate the Power and send it forth.
Cosmic Power is the universal energy, or solar
force which fills all space in the Cosmos. It is the
living light of the Logos -- God -- which is sent out
into our Cosmic Universe from the "Sun behind the Sun".
Because this power comes from a Sun infinitely bigger
in size than our own physical Sun, it is also termed
the "Super Solar Force" and "'rhe Universal Fire".
Super Solar Force (Cosmic Power) may be described
as living, conscious electricity -- of incredible vol-
tage -- and hardly comparable to the form of electri-
city known to the human race.
This Force can be governed by manj and when gov-
erned is the immortal energy which the soul uses to
build up man's "Solar" or Spiritual Body. It is this
Cosmic Power which every spiritual Initiate must use
to strengthen and perfect the "Golden Wedding Garment".
- --
If you will agree that all life upon this planet
is directly dependent upon the energies sent to it by
the Sun of our Solar System . and science now admits
that our physical bodies are nothing less than"concen-
trated sunshine" built up into forms . then the truth
is at once realized. .ve are Sun-powered beings l
Mystics and students of the "Greater Mysteries
have long kn9wn that the Sun is supreme within its own
system of planets. But they also knew of a greater,
Sun behind the Sun" -- a massive central sun that is
situated at the very hub of this Universe, and which
influences and controls all other Suns. It is some-
times referred to as the "Supreme Star".
The energy from our physical Sun is known as Sol-
ar Force, while the energy from the great Central Sun
is known as "Super Solar Force" since it is of much
greater strength and positivity.
A time will come when, as you continue progressing
on the UPWARD PATH, Super Solar Force will awaken
- 23 -
the higher spiritual centers in your brain, into ac
tivity. Then you will experience "COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS
which is higher illumination by the GOD-Spirit.
I would feel terribly remiss in my duty if I did
not, at this point in your study, CAUTION you regard-
ing the physical hazards of attempting to force your
spiritual progress by "forcing methods
of any kind.
These include: "Sitting in the dark for Development
"Concentrating on the Solar Plexus
, "Alternate breath-
ing to arouse the fiery Kundalini energy" (Solar force
which lies sleeping at base of man's spine). These
"forcing methods" are almost always DISASTROUSJ
Rather than "forcerr -- which is always destruct1ve
-- my counsel to you is to use "Love" and "Balance" as
your spiritual guide-posts. If you seek first the true
Kingdom of Heaven (Harmony, Love, Balance) all these
things (which are good for you and the universe) shall
be added unto you.
You can, however, and should store up a larger
supply of Solar Force within your body cells and with-
in your nervous system as this will in no way hinder
your spiritual unfoldment nor endanger you. How may
you do this in the most healthful and positive way?
Here are two ways I have found highly effective
in storing up solar power within my body. (1) By us-
i n ~ an abundance of "Solar Foods
in my daily diet;
(2) By a definite practice of consciously in-drawing
Solar Light Energy into my body for 15 minutes or more
three times each week.
sunflower seeds are Mother Nature's one "best"
Solar Food for "stepping up" man's vibrations, and in-
creasing his bodily supply of solar energy. I have
obtained wonderful results by including Sunflower seeds
in my diet each day. I recommend them to you.
Here is how I have benefited from them. Firstly,
my energy level is considerably higher both physically
and mentally than before using Sunflower Seeds as food.
Secondly, I find that I now have more COSMIC POWER to
use for assisting other individuals near or distant.
You too will derive "Super-Power" from this Super-Food.
- 24 -
Because the Sunflower turns its head and "follows
the Sun" all day long, the Seeds are simply drenched
in SOLAR ENERGY at its maximum maturity in a food. I
find Sunflower Seeds very delicious as well as highly
nutritious. But the reason I am recommending them to
you now is mainly for their high SOLAR ENERGY CONTENT.
How much should one eat per day? I personally
use not less than 2 ounces of the Seeds daily. I like
to sprinkle them -- in coarse meal form -- on top of a
dish of fresh apples or peaches and add a little fresh
cream and n a t u ~ a l honey. Simply delicious!
If chewing the seeds presents a problem to you,
just place the seeds dry in any good electric blender
(we use the Osterizer) place lid on, then turn on .ruo-
tor to low speed for about half a minute. This will
malce a l'londerful flaky meal of your two ounces <yf hui-
led sunflower seed, ready to eat. Never cook solar foods.
Health Food stores are your best source of supply
for Sunflower Seeds. Ask for
HUlled Sunflower Seeds"
but be sure you do not get chemically treated seeds. I
use EL MOLINO brand hulled Sunflower Seeds, packaged by
EL MOL!NO MILLS, Alhambra, California.
It is best to buy the hulled seeds rather than the
packaged Sunflower Seed MEAL. The ground-up Meal may
have been on the shelf long enough to turn rancid or
slightly bitter. If you grind your own Seeds you are
always sure of having sweet-tasting delicious fresh
Sunflower Meal that is wholesome and flavorful. Grind
only as much as you plan to use in one day. Or., you
may prefer not to grind them, but to chew them whole.
1. SYSTEM. Every athlete soon discovers that he must
be systematic in his physical exercising or the results
are almost nil. The same thing is true in the spirit-
ual department of life. Spiritual "muscles" have to
be exercised regularly on a systematic basis.
Bodybuilders usually "work out" at least three
days every week, on alternate days like Monday, Wednes-
day and Friday . or TUesday, Thursday, Saturday. The
weekend is left "free
for relaxation and diversion so
that the desire to exercise is not diminished.
- 25 -
My suggestion to you is to follow a similar plan
for building up positive SPIRITUAL POWER. You are go-
ing to find that this will be tar more INPORTANT and
VITAL to you than physical body power from now on.
You must not, however, allow yourself to use this
as an excuse tb"neglect your physical body. Remember,
body and mihd rise and fall together" and your mental ..
ity must be kept keen, quick and alert. Here is one
effective way to SCHEDULE your Personal Power Program:
1. Monday ... Physical
2. Tuesday . Spiritual
3 Wednesday . Physical
4. Thursday . Spiritual
5. Friday . Physical
6. Saturday .. --------
7. Sunday ...... Spiritual
On this suggested schedule, you devote special
attention to the care, feeding and exercise of your
physical body on three alternate days that are most
suitable to you. Follow whatever mode of exercising
appeals to you: hiking, climbing, swimming, calisthen-
ics, weight-lifting, eurythmic dancing, tennis, etc.
In physical exercising always strive to better
your previous attempts. Don't be satisfied to remain
on the same physical level forever, but keep doing a
little better each time and improve yourself.
Spiritual development follows the same law of im-
provement and "progression". By setting three definite
days in every week for spiritual exercises and NEW AGE
practices, you will build power quickly.
You may now begin to think of yourself as a "Spir-
itual Athlete" in training for greater work with the
GOLDEN LEGION of awakened souls everywhere. I shall
give you four (4) special practices to follow, im the
next chapter of this book. Before you do the practices
I want you to write down your SCHEDULE now, of the 3
days you will devote each week for realizing and in-
creasing your COSMIC PO\VER. Write your SCHEDULE on an
easy-to-read sheet of paper or on a card and post it
on your home bulletin board, or where you will see it.
Part 1
"Releasing The Cosmic Power"
THE COSMIC POWER that runs the universe, spins
the planets in their orbits, and which fills all space
-- is the same Cosmic Power that gives you LIFE. If
your contact with that "living, conscious electricity"
is positive, you will express MORE ABUNDANT LIFE. In
this chapter I shall reveal
FOUR (4) special practices
you may use at once to "re-
: .. , charge
yourself with Cosmic

W JOY and HI\PPINESS not only
to you but to the Universe.
THE BIG KEY, the basic
secret of attracting Cosmic
Power to you is to work on a
principle known to all mystics as "the law of Corres-
pondences". More simply, that means "Like Attracts
Like" in the mental and spiritual realms.
We make use of that basic principle by realizing
in our mind that we are far more than mere physical hu-
man bodies. We are SUNS. Just as the Solar Sun in the
life, love and light to all its plan-
ets, ao do we
outshine" our life, love and light into
world -- and even beyond.
THIS IS THE SECRET. You must begin now to think
of yourself as a "Sun" that must out-shine and nat re-
press any of the natural aetivity of life, love and
intelligence. The more you realize how much of a "Sun"
you really are, the greater will be your affinity for
LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT from the great "Sun behind the Sun

To prepare yourself for the practices that follow,
check yourself at this time to make sure you are in
good BALANCE and HARMONY before you proceed.
- 27 -
Sit or stand in a comfortable, relaxed posture,
with body straight and back of head in line with your
spine. Let your breathing rate be somewhat slower than
usual. This helps to reduce excessive speed of the
mental action and keeps you calm and poised. Time dur-
ation of each Practice may vary according to needs.
Repeat the following affil"'llation silently, 3 times:
This strengthens your mental and spiritual affin-
ity with the Cosmic Power of the universe. Now you
are ready for special practice Number 1.
(Practice No. l)
(1) Quiet the mind by breathing slowly 3 times.
(2) Tune-out all negative thoughts by telling
brain and body to "Be still and know I AM, I AM I,
(3) Raise your arms, extending them toward the
Sun or the heavens. Spread your fingers fanwise,
close your eyes and feel the vibrations of LIFE F'ORCE
beginning to flow into and through your body.
(4) Say silently (or audibly if with a group):
I AM LIFEl (3 times)
(5) Now bring both hands together above your
head, closing fingers together so that hands are in
praying position above you. Then keeping hands lock-
ed together, lower your arms to your chest exactly in
front of the heart. Point fingers straight ahead.
(6) Keeping your thumbs and fingertips together,
turn your fingers so they point to your heart. This
is very beneficial, and strengthens the Cosmic Light
Circuit between heart and head. EXHALE for 7 counts.
As you exhale, direct the Cosmic Life Force to enter
the heart, recharging it and the brain centers. The
- 28 -
secret of this and all the other special practices is
to do them in a manner. Know in your own
mind what you want to accomplish and then do it with
your thinking, Willing and feeling, in concentration.
* *
* *
....... .o..;..;..;..;;..
(Practice No. 2)
(1) Take in Cosmic Energy as in Practice No. 1.
(2) Speak to the Father Within, your Higher Self
and say:
Thy Will, not mine, be donel
This elimin-
ates the little self willPUts you in tune with the
Cosmic Will and lets in PbWER, LOVE, WISDOM.
(3) Extend both arms straight in front or you
and slowly fill your lungs with air, taking a breath
of air to each count while counting to 7
(4) Point your arms in direction of the person
to whom you wish to send the Power. If you do not
know the exact direction, spread your fingers fam;rise.
(5) slowly while counting to 7, and as you
are exhaling, WILL the Cosmic Energy to instantly trav-
el to the person whom you are visualizing.
(6) Re-charge yourself w1d relax.
* * * * *
(Practice No. 3)
THE Cosmic Green Light is the BALANCING ray, and
exerts an exceedingly potent effect whenever it is
used. It stabilizes, balances, quiets and relaxes.
In the color spectrum, green is mid-way between the
highest and the lowest color energies. You will find
abundant use for the Cosmic Green energy as conditions
grow more turbulent, chaotic and violent in the world
from now on. Each member of the GOLDEN LEGION on Earth
is expected to release the clear Cosmic Green Light in
full strength during all times of crisis and discord.
So let us read on and learn how to do this effectively.
- 29 -
The Practice is as follows:
(1) Close your eyes, relax and visualize a large
white sun sitting in the sky above you. Keep watching
that sun-mentally until it appears very white. When
it does, look at the exact center of that Sun.
(2) Now bring to mind the memory of the color
GREEN as it appears in most traffic signal lights . a
brilliant clear green. l f ~ n t a l l y see a narrow beam
or ray of that COSMIC GREEN LIGHT emanating out of the
center of the Sun, and entering your forehead.
(3) While you are imaging the charging color
mentally, you must begin the Master Breath: Inhale
slowly to count of 7 and hold for 1 count.
(4) Now you have breathed in the COSMIC GREEN
LIGHT on your inhaling breath. You have charged your
own centers of balance and brought yourself into har-
mony. Next step is to send out the charge to others.
(5) Hold a mental image in mind of the one you
desire to assist, and slowly EXHALE to count or. 7.
At each count you must think, feel and will the force
of the COSMIC GREEN LIGHT to project out from you in-
stantly and charge the one you are thinl{ing of. SEE
the light raying out in a beam from your forehead and
entering middle of other person's forehead. This must
all be done with a transcendent feeling of high Love.
* * * *
{Practice No. 4)
Your closing practice is a powerful meditative
invocation. \Jhen you are entirely alone and undisturbed
and in a very peaceful state of mind . gaze for 60 full
seconds at the illustration of THE DIAMOND on page 32
When the image of the diamond is strong, clear,
and vivid in your mind, close your eyes. Now see the
diamond mentally as being directly in front of you
and EXPANDING IN SIZE rapidly until it is large enough
for you to step inside of that diamond. As soon as it
is that size you must mentally step inside and begin
- 30 -
to perform the Master Breath (Inhale 7 counts -- Hold
for 1 count-- EJmale for 7 counts-- Hold for 1 count.)
On the inhaling breath, which is done very slowly,
will that your vibration be raised with each count. Make
a-IDental request of your High Self (Spiritual Guardian)
to protect you by keeping your vibrational "uplift" with-
in safe limits for you at this time.
Affirm: "I AM LIGHT!
with each count while inhaling.
When count of 7 is reached, hold for one count and
realize mentally and emotionally whatever change you are
experiencing in your personal vibrations. Notice also
how tremendously BRIGHT AND SCINTILLATING the Diamond
sphere, in which you are standing (mentally) has now be-
come. This realization increases with each practice.
Begin now to exhale slowly to count of 7, and at
each count send out your increased LIGHT, LOVE AND LIFE
into the UNIVERSAL Ethers to bless all living beings.
After finishing the count of 7, hold breath for count
of 1 and relax. Conclude by directing mentally that the
Diamond recede in size to its original size.
Open your eyes now and look again at the Diamond
illustrated on page 32. Meditate for a while on the
spiritual truth that a CENTRAL LIGHT or DIAMOND STAR
dwells within you and within all mankind. It is your
"Divine Sparkn or Spiritual Light. This Light is the
Star of the True or Divine Will of the Universe. It is
of the most intense brilliance, like a great Diamond.
You and I and all men may freely place our own little
personal wills in line with its Guidance.
There is a wondrous MYSTERY and glorious purpose
to the above Practice of' the DIAMOND STAR MEDITATION.
I must not reveal this to you now, but to all those who
faithf'ully do this Practice regularly, will come the
full and complete revelation from within.
Will you, my Friend, unfold the sacred mystery of
the DIAMOND STAR? I believe that you will, because I
have deep faith and belief in you as one of the
Golden Legion.
You can use these Cosmic Power Practices to aid
other human beings, to bring healing LIFE to others.
- 31 -
At long last the TRUTH about the most astounding
mystery of our time can be told without unneeded psychic
trimmings and destorted editing. Direct from the pen of
Timothy Green Beckley comes the book that is officially
approved by Richard Shaver himself.
In this volume you will learn the amazing truth as to the
actual origin for the Flying Saucers and why they are
coming to Earth.
You'll read some of the most hair-raising and chilling
accounts ever put down on paper. Such as the disappearance
of Steve Brodie and his capture by the Dero. Of attacks on
surface people by various creatures whose existence cannot
now be deni ed.
Chapters and comments by such researchers as:
Dr.. T. Lobsong Rampa- Dand Howard- Rev. Frank Stranges
See actual maps showing the EXACT location of the mys-
tical city of ice "Rainbow City" - Rare hand paintings of the Jersey Devil - Never before
published photographs of Pre-Deluge Artifacts.
Introduction by the author of THEY KNEW TOO MUCH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS - Gray
Appendix by Ray Palmer former editor of AMAZING STORIES who first published Shaver's
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THE SHAVER MYSTERYANDTHEINNER EARTHisa large 8-1 / 2 x 11 volume of 125 pages,
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voices, etc ..... $5. 95
7. DOCUMENT 96 by Frank Martin Chase. Lavishly illustrated volume suggests some
saucers may be built by terrestrials - maybe the Nazis! ..... $5. 00
8. FLYING SAUCERS IN THE BIBLE by Virginia Brasington. The Bible contains many
accounts of visitations of space people; Beautifully and inspiringly written ..... $3.95
the God of a Planet Near the Earth and Others. Space communications of particularly in-
spiring nature ..... $3.95
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