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Year 2 Handwriting Program-Term 4 Outcome: -WS1.

12 Produces text using letters on consistent size and slope in NSW

Foundation Style


Uses correct pencil grip and maintains correct body position Forms most letters of the alphabet correctly and appropriately Tries to write clearly in straight lines, from left to right, using letters to uniform size, shape, slope and spacing Uses lower and upper case letters of consistent size and formation in NSW Foundation Style Writes letters in proportion to each other Uses finger movements to control the pencil while sliding forearm across the page


Students have one handwriting lesson per week. Lessons will be modeled on the whiteboard. During the lesson the teacher will move around the room to provide immediate feedback about pencil grip, posture, letter shape and progress. Students are constantly reminded in every lesson that neatness of work is a Stage 1 requirement.

During Handwriting lessons there will be an emphasis on: -Spatial awareness -Correct posture -Correct pencil grip -Correct spacing -Fluency and legibility -Bookwork and overall presentation

Handwriting rules include: -No rubbing out, a small cross is put on the page to indicate a mistake. -No talking, concentration must be put into each letter. -Students must write only once they have seen the letter or word modeled from the board.





Phoneme /ch/

Phoneme /sh/


Phoneme /zh/

Phoneme /schwa/

Phoneme /ng/


Phoneme /wh/


Phoneme /th/ (voiced)

ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch chop fetch chuck sketch capture Please fetch the sketch of the capture. (Own /ch/ words) sh sh sh sh sh sh ti ti ti ch ch ch ci ci ci ship brush station shelf wish She made a wish on the ship. (Own /sh/ words) s s s s s s s s ss ss ss ss ss ss usual measure treasure television version Ben usually measures the television. (Own /zh/ words) a e i o a e i o a e i o a e i o spider family dollar seven open The spider family had seven children. (Own /schwa/ words) ng ng ng ng ng ng ng ng ng ng hang thing king wing song The king sang a long song. (Own /ng/ words wh wh wh wh wh wh wh wh wh wh whip whisper wham what wheel What did Sue whisper to the wheel? (Own /wh/ words) th th th th th th th th th th there feather other that them


Phoneme /th/ (unvoiced)


Phoneme /kw/

Put that other feather over there. (Own /th/ words) th th th th th th th th th th thing with thick thumb bath Joe put his thick thumb in the bath. (Own /th/ words) qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu quiz quit quick quiet queen The quiet queen was quick in the quiz. (Own /qu/ words)