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ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE PROCESS Outlined below is the process when an employee is Absent without Leave AWOL.

The school must have records of attempted contact such as telephone calls and correspondence, for example e-mails and letters, before notifying the Regional Executive Director (RED) in the Regional Office. To ensure this process is sound, reasonable and fair and carried out within the limits of authority (as set down by the respective delegations); this process applies to all (IPS and non IPS) government schools. The process for sending AWOL letters is detailed below: SCHOOL 1. The school needs to make every attempt to contact the employee. Records and details must be maintained by the school of times and dates of: Telephone calls E-mails Correspondence REGIONAL OFFICE 2. Records are sent to the Regional Executive Director, and the first official AWOL letter (AWOL Letter 1 attached) is signed off by the RED and sent via registered post to the employee. 3. Allowing for postage time, employee is given 10 working days to respond to the AWOL letter. If no response REGIONAL OFFICE to CENTRAL OFFICE 4. A briefing note is prepared by RED (or their appointed officer) addressed to the Director, Labour Relations recommending termination and outlining:

Employee employment details and ID Number Specific details of attempts to contact employee Length of time away from position Any other relevant details that may assist in making a decision to terminate employment.

5. A second AWOL letter (AWOL - Letter 2 attached) is drawn up by the RED recommending termination, for signature by Executive Director, Workforce. 6. All information, including copy of schools records and AWOL letters are to be sent directly to the Director, Labour Relations with the briefing note. 7. If approved, the Executive Director, Workforce will then authorise termination.


<Employee Name> <Employee Address Line 1> <Employee Address Line 2> Dear <employee name> ABSENCE FROM WORK WITHOUT AUTHORISED LEAVE I write in reference to your employment with the Department of Education as a <occupation> under ID <ID number>. I bring to your attention that <relevant school> has informed the Department that you have been absent without authorised leave since <date>. It is fundamental to your contract of employment that you present yourself for duty in accordance with your roster, or prescribed hours of work. You are advised you have been placed on cease pay (delete if not relevant) due to your unauthorised absence. Please note that your extended absence without proper explanation will be treated as an abandonment of your employment unless you indicate your intention to resume work, or give proper notice that you do not wish to return to your employment with the Department. To that end, and before making a final decision on this matter, I wish to give you an opportunity to indicate your intentions or otherwise provide any information that might persuade the Department that you have not resigned from your position. Please ensure that you address your response to me by no later than close of business, <date>. Should you have any queries in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me on <contact number>. Yours sincerely

<Name> REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR <Region> <Date> cc <Relevant School>


<Employee Name> <Employee Address Line 1> <Employee Address Line 2> Dear <Employee Name> I refer to the letter dated <date> from <name> - Regional Executive Director <region>, regarding your absence without authorised leave from your duties as a <occupation> at <school>, since <date>. As detailed in the letter dated <date>, you were advised to indicate your intention to resume work or give proper notice that you did not wish to return to your employment with the Department by <date>. You were further advised that absence without proper explanation would be considered as an abandonment of your employment. In view of your continued absence without formal explanation, the Department now considers that you have brought the employment contract to an end. Accordingly, your employment with the Department of Education has been terminated from the date of this letter. I must advise you that your employment records have been noted that you are not suitable for employment. Should you have any queries, please contact <name> Regional Executive Director, <region>, on <phone number>. Yours sincerely


cc: Regional Executive Director <region>, Manager, Workforce Management, Manager, Personnel and Payroll Principal, <school>