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What should be remembered from a GREAT societys GOLDEN AGE? Who decides what is GOLDEN? Who decides who is GREAT? Sense a pattern here ? No, this is not a socratic seminar. These are the essential questions that will form the core of your argument when you debate each other in the Golden Age Gauntlet. A golden age is defined as a time of great achievements and cultural enlightening. However, all golden ages are not as golden as they seem to be. So the question for the Gauntlet: WHICH GOLDEN AGE IS THE GREATEST? At stake, the title of the Greatest Golden Age for your empire and for you, should you win, EXTRA CREDIT bonus points on the Golden Age Empires Test that will follow the Debate Gauntlet. In order to win, you will need to be able to prove two things why your Golden Age is the greatest and why the others arent. You will need to tailor your counter-argument to the civilization that youve drawn in each round of the gauntlet. In order to do this well, you will become both teacher and learner; Teaching what youve learned about your Golden Age to your peers so that they are prepared for the Gauntlet, and Learning about the weaknesses and strengths of the other seven Golden Ages so that you are prepared for the Gauntlet.

So, how will this work? The following twelve civilizations are known for their golden age achievements and legacies. Islam (Abbasid & Umayyad) West African (Mali / Ghana / Songhai) Khmer Mughal Mongol Ottoman Ming / Qin China Kiev Byzantine Americas (Aztec / Maya / Inca) Heian Japan (Tokugawa) East African (Aksum / Zimbabwe)

There will be twelve groups one per golden age. Groups will go head to head in debate in a single elimination 12 team bracket. Draws will be randomly assigned with some luck teams earning byes. Each group will debate AT LEAST ONCE. May the Greatest Golden Age win!

The GOLDEN AGE GAUNTLET PROJECT will take place in FOUR parts over the next couple of weeks. Keep in mind the following RULES OF ENGAGMENT. Part 1 KNOW THYSELF 50 points For this part, you are the teacher. You will be responsible for the following as a group: A 15 minute lesson on your Golden Age that includes the following: A. A PowerPoint presentation on G.R.A.P.E.S. For your Empire. Must include: i. Historical map that show that extent of your empire during its Golden Age ii. Important Vocabulary Terms for understanding your Empire B. An accurate scaled timeline of significant events for your empire. Must include: i. Beginning and end dates for your Empire ii. Beginning and end dates for your 'Golden Age' iii. Important turning points C. 5 Multiple Choice Questions about your empire (Good ones)

Part 2 KNOW THY ENEMY 35 points For this part, you are the learner. You will be expected to take notes on each golden age and answer the five multiple choice questions correctly by the end of the lesson.

Part 3 RUN THE GAUNTLET 15 points For this part, you will show what you know by debating the question: WHICH GOLDEN AGE IS THE GREATEST? Debate Format for the Gauntlet: Empires will alternate. Each side will give Argument for your Golden Age Counter-argument for your Golden Age Rebuttal Closing Statement AND NOW WE DEBATE ! Part 4 INDIVIDUAL GOLDEN AGE ANALYSIS PAPER 20 points For this part, you will write a paper with supporting details in defense of your choice answering the question WHICH GOLDEN AGE IS THE GREATEST? MORE DETAILS AND RUBRIC TO FOLLOW.