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Gas chromatographs

3 products SIEMENS Sensors and Communication

Process gas chromatograph+60 C ... +165 C | MicroSAM

MicroSAM , the newest on-line Process Gas Chromatograph from Siemens, brings a new dimension to the industry - small! Using modern silicon micro-machining techniques achieves miniature size while...

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22 products Agilent Technologies - Life Sciences and Chemical

Gas chromatograph7890B GC
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Step up to the next level in productivity, performance and confidence with the new Agilent 7890B GC with Integrated Intelligence, built on the industry-leading Agilent 7890 series...

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1 product YOKOGAWA Europe

Process gas chromatographGC1000 Mark II

A Gas Chromatograph analyzes a gas or volatile liquid sample by separating components for detection. The discrete separation and positive identification of components and measurement of the composition...

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4 products ABB Measurement Products

Process gas chromatograph

ABB on-line process gas chromatographs (PGCs) are comprised of three series: The PGC1000, PGC2000 E2 and the PGC5000. The PGC1000 is a field-mounted PGC and measures C1 through C9+ hydrocarbons, inert...

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11 products PerkinElmer, Inc.

Gas chromatographClarus 680 GC

Our Clarus 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that require fast analytical cycle times. It maximizes throughput with the fastest injection-to-injection time of any conventional...

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1 product Thermo Scientific - Process Monitoring and Industr

Process gas chromatographProGC+

The Thermo Scientific ProGC+ Laboratory and Process Gas Chromatograph is a robust,...

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8 products Bruker Daltonics Inc

Gas chromatographmax. 600 Hz, 170 C/min | 400-GC series

Brukers new SCION GC platform provides the ultimate capability for todays analytical laboratory. Available in two models: The space-saving SCION 436-GC and the full-featured SCION 456-GC. New...

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13 products Thermo Scientific - Scientific Instruments and Aut

Gas chromatographTRACE GCxGC

Thermo Scientific* TRACE GCxGC Gas Chromatography System is configured with a special setup consisting of two columns displaying...

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3 products STF BACS Ltd.

Process gas chromatographMAG

MAG is the newest process gas chromatograph developed by BACS to simplify and improve the process of natural gas properties detection. Usage of an advanced MEMS technology allows to reach great results...

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8 products Shimadzu Europe

Combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometry system (GC/MS)GCMS-TQ8030

Chemists need to measure chemical substances quickly and accurately, but sample pretreatment...

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3 products AMETEK Process Instruments

Gas chromatograph0 - 2000 BTU/scf | 2920 series

The Need For years, the natural gas industry has needed a highly reliable, field-ready, on-line BTU Analyzer. The analyzer needs to be easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain...

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3 products Rosemount Analytical

Gas chromatograph1500XA Gas

1500XA Gas Chromatograph The 1500XA Process Gas Chromatograph combines the proven analytical components of the field-mounted GCs with the larger oven capacity of a traditional air-bath

oven design. The...

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6 products AMETEK Process Instruments

Gas chromatograph for natural gas0 - 2 000 BTU/scf, 0 - 74 500 kJ/m | 292B
Easy Operation The production and custody transfer of natural gas require accurate measurement of the composition of the gas. Many contractual requirements define the desired composition, heating value...

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8 products GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

Gas chromatograph for custom applications

Our Series GM 816 High Performance GC is a system that will take you to the next level of applicated GC performance. Readily adaptable, the GM 816 is an essential tool for research and quality control...

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3 products U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited

Gas chromatographCH-GC-01
Gas Chromatography is widely used in power sector, corporation that produce oil immersed electrical apparatus-Transformer factory, wire cannula factory and enterprises-power plant, power supply bureau....

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8 products AGC Instruments Ltd.

Process gas chromatographNovaPRO Process

Introducing the latest On-Line Gas Chromatograph for the Process market from AGC Instruments. The NovaPRO Process Gas Chromatograph utilises the most up-to-date technology and systems available. The NovaPRO...

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1 product Galvanic

Gas chromatograph
The PLGC II is a compact and low cost gas chromatograph equipped with...

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6 products CHROMATOTEC

Gas chromatograph for natural gasenergyMEDOR

The energyMEDOR is an automatic and isothermal gas chromatograph dedicated...

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1 product B.A.G.G.I. Srl SensEvolution Division

Gas chromatographBA-GCA
The BA-GCA is a micro chip technology Gas Chromatograph Analyzer, for fast and reliable gas analysis. It is designed for ease of use, reduced maintenance and low gas consumption in on-line applications....

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2 products Koehler Instrument

Gas chromatographK8610-6584

K8610-6584 Free and Total Glycerin by Gas Chromatograph Ambient -to-400C temperature-programmable column oven Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) of all GC system...

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2 products PerkinElmer Optoelectronics

Gas chromatographClarus Series

As the cornerstone of PerkinElmers diverse and extensive portfolio of gas chromatography solutions the Clarus 680 GC and its sibling models the 580 and 480 provide a solid analytical foundation for...

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Gas chromatographGC600
GC600 Cold Septum Purgeless Injection Technology Low Thermal Inertia Oven Full Range of Detectors User Friendly Interface Maximum Versatility Cold Septum Purgeless Injection Technology Guarantees...

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2 products RMG Regel Messtechnik

Process gas chromatograph5.5 bar | PGC 9000 VC

Application Can analyse 11 different components and calculate calorific values, standard density, Wobbe index and density ratios of natural gases on the basis of standards & weights legislation The...

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2 products COSA Xentaur

Gas chromatograph for natural gas

The HGC 303 is the worlds smallest gas chromatograph for C6+ analysis of Natural Gas. It digitally publishes 20 derived parameters, such as Calorific...

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2 products INFICON

Transportable gas chromatography and mass spectrometry system, GC/MSHAPSITE SMART PLUS
Reduce out-of-pocket operator training expenses with the new HAPSITE Smart Plus Chemical Identification System. HAPSITE Smart Plus makes it even easier and faster for users to detect, identify and quantify...

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1 product Leopold Siegrist GmbH

Transportable gas chromatography and mass spectrometry system, GC/MSHapsite ER

The handheld Hapsite ER delivers quality results in less than 10 minutes. Extremely small values are calculated in PPM (parts per million) and PPT (parts per trillion)....

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8 products GERSTEL

Multidimensional gas chromatograph (GC/GC)

Multi Column Switching MCS The most advanced column switching system available, providing unsurpassed flexibility for gas chromatographic analysis. The multidimensional heartcutting chromatography...

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12 products Buck Scientific

Isothermal gas chromatograph with TCD detector

The Educational TCD GC system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes with labs. Configured on the ultra compact 310 chassis, the Educational GC includes...

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4 products Teledyne Tekmar

Combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometry system for pesticidesAutoMate-Q40

The AutoMate-Q40 is a revolutionary system specifically designed and optimized to automate the QuEChERS sample preparation workflow. The...

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5 products OI Analytical

Combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometry system for pesticides

OI Analytical is uniquely qualified to offer complete solutions for determining pesticides in food and environnmental samplesfrom post extraction cleanup using GPC, evaporation systems...

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1 product Lablogic Systems Inc

Gas chromatograph for radiactivity measurementGC-RAM

Radio Gas Chromatography The measurement of radioactivity in gas chromatography eluates offers more challenge than might be expected; many radio-labelled compounds encountered in pesticide residues etc....

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1 product Waters Corporation

Combined gas chromatography and mass spectrometry system (GC/MS)

Extend the capabilities of your LC/MS analytical instrumentation with Waters Atmospheric Pressure GC (APGC) Source. This source makes analytical instrumentation more universally...

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4 products Alpha MOS

Thermal desorber for gas chromatographyPR1350

* Desorption, Re-concentration, Injection * Desorption by flash heating (40C/s) programmable from...

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3 products Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

Gas chromatography columnAlltech Econo-Cap

Best value in capillary columns anywhere Batch tested to dramatically reduce price Ideal for aggressive applications Available in the most popular phases Weve taken our most popular capillary...

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1 product Oxford Instruments

Gas chromatography injectorOmniGIS

The OmniGIS supports three on-board gas sources and two additional external purge/carriers and yet only occupies a single GIS port. It includes a recipe mode for the mixing...

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2 products GE Measurement & Sensing

Humidity generator and calibration system10 - 90 % RH | GC - 1, Humilab

The Humilab Humidity Control Chamber is a NIST traceable relative humidity calibration system...

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1 product Parker domnick hunter

Hydrogen gas generator for gas chromatography160 - 500 ml/min | H series

The Parker domnick hunter H high purity hydrogen gas generators offer the optimum combination of safe operation, reliability and performance. Utilising field proven PEM cell technology,...

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1 product Environnement S.A

Gas sampler400 x 600 x 200 mm, 15 kg | SONDE SEC

* Permeation-based drying system (no condenser), avoiding the loss of highly soluble gases such as HCl, SO2 and NO2 * Direct span gas injection...

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Ultra pure nitrogen gas generator for gas chromatography

Space and noise are more and more an issue in the laboratories. The HP-N2 generator is small in size and includes - as an option - an internal oil-free compressor (HP-N2-C). It works on the PSA (Pressure...

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4 products Claind

Zero air purifier for gas chromatography5 - 20 Nl/min, 0 - 10 bar | ZeroAir

In the dual Bench-top/Wall-mounting version with outputs...

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1 product EnvironTec GmbH

Gas cooler100 - 6000 Nm/h | GC series

Biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas always contain water vapour in an unsaturated state. During combustion, the water vapour results in considerable corrosion damages to the gas engines and turbines....

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1 product REMKO

Gas air heater10.1 - 78 kW | GPC series

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1 product CENTER TECH Armaturen GmbH

6 products Markes International Limited

Thermal desorber for gas chromatographyTD-100

The TD-100 high throughput, automated analytical thermal desorption unit is a desorption system for up to 100 RFID-tagged (TubeTAG) or untagged sample sorbent tubes. Unrivalled analytical capability The...

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4 products Concentric Hof GmbH

Hydraulic gear pump1 - 161 cm, max. 275 bar (4 000 psi) | GC
To meet specific customer needs, Haldex Hydraulics can design multiple section pump configurations within any of the pump families. These pumps are ideally suited for providing...

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3 products CTC Analytics

Auto-sampler for gas chromatographymax. 294 2 ml vials | GC-xt

Productivity The PAL GC-xt dual injection port mode allows injections from samples, placed in the same or different vials, in a single GC run. This assures high productivity for high sample throughput...

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1 product AEC, Inc. - ACS Group

Water chiller70 - 210 kW | GC

AECs GC Series Central Chiller modules offer 70-210 kW (20-60 tons) of refrigeration; available in either water or remote air-cooled models, you can...

1 product LABOMATIC Instruments AG

Gas chromatography fraction collectorLABOPORT AL-3000

The AL-3000 module can be used alone or in combination with the FS-3000 fraction collector. It is used to fill aliquots of the fractions for additional...

3 products Proton Energy Systems

Laboratory ultra pure hydrogen gas generatorHOGEN GC

HOGEN GC hydrogen generators provide ultra-pure (99.9999%) pure hydrogen for a wide variety of laboratory...